Denton Record-Chronicle Nov 19,1968

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Denton Record-Chronicle Nov 19,1968 - AREA DEATHS Mr*. Neva Riek LAWTO.Y S*k, 59. cJ...
AREA DEATHS Mr*. Neva Riek LAWTO.Y S*k, 59. cJ ·esidert of 1 The He was born on April ti, 1S91'il Alvord, where he grew u p attended s;hool t:nd lived. "The . ,^ Wi.*e County most aH of his system M a,j, f f y or lhf p^j fcw ,. ears j, e [nuiadj, must V " " m the Home "for the [agreement Cunter, Tex. He mar- (Countries. Berime Urgent on not **« . - Mrs t ·. Mr. Baptist (torch dead on arrival at a Tulsa bos-' General Convention ol Okla-;c rr! , ** ,,,, ,, Mis. RitlL the wife ·f'» h f tak 7 r * I'" ' . .!'.. H .' Br! i -^ ^gnii^ 1 «*·« flf "««·» Dcntoa, "Sjof^the"^^^ Churvh of pita! after she was stnckea m;^' ^ $ A!vort MlSOric her hotel room at I am SCT-; ', .' ' . . . liits were held it It a.m.t. S l J m v o ". J 1 * 11 * 1 * ° n « son Saturday in the Northside r.ap-; Jaoj " Whitakcr of Decatur. list Chunh ia Lawton; bunaJiTM" «*"SMer Harriett J u n the Plainview Community | JsTM*. ' rvm £- I:ve ^ rail ^'iJ u ^J, t * f -J'" Cerrctery near Dentoa. M r s . 1 ^-a-^- one si.ster Mrs. Ella , ,«,,£%,,,?" was born Feb. 1. 1111 a' M ?"~ t ' A!varajl0 - '»-·.·«. s.r. Leads. Ala., and moved to Den-i FuneTal services will be with lier parents at age | ( Wednesday at J p.m. in Alvord | ir.n,« muvcd to La* "~ " ' " ago. docsn't Mrs. . . ton six years'Clnn'ch cf Christ with the ·ister R L Roberts of Ab mLn "' Wrlrh SANLlE MOMCA. Calif. l *, A ! vprt C ' mtfr 3 »"» »"«i Mrs. Inez dark Welch of Los| christlaa Fune "' t!ome ln : CoFiii^ : and assisted bylfJ'TJ JJIIJ Scott of Decatur: buria'l !c»i.r* ii*.*. v i « i K O C . I V M v* i'Ua J v ' rmo Angeles died Thursday m St. tllar E e of ^'"Stments. TM John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Calif. Pallbearers include Joe Whit- 1 Ray Freeman, Raymond Mrs. WeKh was born on April^mkcrton, Olho Xivens," Clay^J;" 1500, in Collin County. She R^aey, C. B. Xivens. IT.,., i^^t-W:... to California w i t h h e r ! . , ,, ., . [i",n is a small child. Mtv'J°" n ' · tarls UKM en « c.m.": married C. «' t Welch ia Joh]) p^,, ^^ { , r ^"S^. u in June H20. Stit-j.^..-,^ -....-j._ : _ .^ s«ur»»« Dr.«n a s a member of the Kappa Alta Theta, and a graduate of the University of Southern Cal- |i include her mother Vary Clark of Fnsto: her father Tom Clark of McKinney: rae daughter Mrs. Virginia 'ce« Earls was bom on Jan li in Stilesboro, Ga. He mar- I Miss A n n a Lee Owens 1!. 151!. He carr.e to Den-|v J7 years ago. He was a^ui of Los A n g e l e s.' 1 " ?rab S r ^ M - An*«w Ctarch : JJST'iTwVi.i ; one sister Mrs. L I o y « ; o f Cpd " r ^« ' J~SJ. \1i S^.''.'.. White of San Mateo, Calif · I Survivors mclude \V.D sons.!«oi«»niTTt grandchildren .Robert I^e torts of Havward.! 1 "" " n " * Tru " Memorial servkes will b e i C s l ' f , James Clifford Earls Wednesday at I pro, in Oakland, Calif.: five daughters.j»»·· Central Christian Churili ia;!'". Annie Mae I.ascnby ofj ' ' » i t h the Rev. Bruce Oakland. C a l i f . Mrs. CKKOtay and Rer. Donald Swain,Faye Taniersley of DaHas.jj,, , ,^,; of Frisco officiating: burial a t : Mrs. Louise Cochran of DcntoaJ» Cemetery with Slaleyi^'". Abtie Wiffiams of S a n^' .^', lf '",,^. Home in iharge of ar-|Fran;isco. Calif., and Mrs. Ruthi* ;SiTS cf Saa Francisco. Calif.; KM. Mjrtlc Duiinrll one brother Tora B Simmons Tennessee: two sister;. Mmie Dor.neH. n. diedl 11 ^,,^ SflanJ of Georgia, i«4 it,, ^arime Hoi* cf · grandchildren. Mrs. D o r m e n w u b o r a i n t h e Many of the late Mr. and Alexander Hanty. Mrs. Senices for Mrs. Graphie Elta ,, " Hner Christopher, n. of Chico, were Doanen oa Oct. H. 1M», in,held at I p.m. Monday in the G '*^ s - . . , XIarris Memorial Churih ia Funeral services will be he!d|rhjco, with burial in Mt. Ouvet 1. pja Wednesday ia the'Cemetery in Fort Wora Imted Methodist Church to Vr , , Saint J», with the Rev. Harry Hardgrave officiating. Burial win be ia where riiri.tntTirr I Thieits \. ly (Special) -- end ia Funeral Home charge cf arrangements. 1S94 She was born Dec. S. BaHinger and was a of the Morris Memorial Methodiit Church. Mrs. Donnea was s charter 1 O 3 *TM' 1 * 1 ? maisters were the member of the Loyal Daagh- j ·f ev · I)oa ^nlberson and t h e ters Sunday School class of tie R*T. CampbeH Roberts. United Methodist Church in w . fuatr * "«i« w Si:nJ j a port was ia charge of arrange- Surrrrors include one diagh-i mtn ' J ' ter. Mrs, Edlh Austin of Sang- Survivcri intlude a dangh- er; three tons. FJdon Donnefl of j '_""·. ^f 5 - . R - L Ctrjstopber leader Weldoa Dormen of New Iberia. La., and Joe Don. neH of Fort Worth; three sisters. Mrs. Susie Bowen of Saint Jo, Mrs. Blanche KsjkendaQ of Atvcrd and Mrs. Lizzie Knykea- daO of Al-.trd. sad two brothers, Bob Harvvy of Drcatur and Harry Harvey of Plaiaview. Arthur \\hilakrr ALVORD -- Arthur James Vcitaker, Ti, died Monday ia Celaa. Fort Worth; s grandson, James Christopher of Lo» Asgtlev, three sisteri. Xlrs. Vera Parrish of Wichita Fans. Mrs. May Baker of Phoenix. Ariz, and Mrs. Manon CoDura of Chico: and nx brothers. R. A . Brooks of Phoenix. 11 33' of FJ P.cno. Okla., W. D. of Chhkaiha. Okla. ed to P. Brooks of Ralston, OMa.' Brookj of Bokchila. was and Abilene. Dennis Crooks of onwanted

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