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ABOUT NEW YORK By KICHABD MASSOCK NEW YORK—Lillian Olsh and Fannie Hurst the other evening were Invited to an uptown school of acting to listen while a young man read Shakespeare. Aspiring youngsters, hopeful of becoming ingenues and leading men upon graduation, also paid close attention when their classmate classmate appeared. For he was none other than the grandson of William Jennings Bryan and the celebrated guests were a couple of his mother's friends. Bryan Junior . The serious son of Congresswoman Congresswoman Ruth Bryan Owen, who has taken the name of his silver tongued forbear and Is known as John Bryan, does not Intend to practice the art of oratory that made his grandfather illustrious. Nor does he Intend to become an actor. . Instead he has leanings toward playwrltlng. • The course In which he was entered entered last November, however, Is not along that line, either. It Is designed, rather, to overcome a natural reticence and to cultivate whatever speaking talents may He Inherent In the shy youth, who appears appears to be 19 or 20 years old. William Faversham and Mary Flckford took a similar course in the same school. John Bryan's talents, according to his teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Alvlene, also run to poetry and paintings. When not reciting Shakespeare, in which he is said by his tutors to be especially good, he reads monologs which he makes up. One of these is a burlesque characterization of a pedantic, sma-11-time professor, which he delivered delivered in class with almost professional professional composure. Alma Mator Others besides John Bryan and Mary Plckford who have been pupils of the Alvlenes are Fred and Adele Astair, Lee Tracy, Evelyn Law, the Dolly Sisters and numerous stars of similar magnitude. It was Mr. Alviene, In fact, who ?ave the Astairs their name. Out n Omaha the sister and brother were named Aueterlltz. The Dolly sisters were named, however, by heir mother. As Yancsi and Ros- zlka Deutsch, they had just arrived from Hungary when they came around to lear dancing. Their mama, mama, who brought them called the pair my dollies and the name tuck. Fay Marbc, another alumna of the Alvienes, had no stage aspirations aspirations when she first took up danc- ng as a young society girl. Now she is in Hollywood. Mary Pickford, on the other har^i prepared for ultimate success as an actress by hard professional study. While playing bits at the Famous Love's The Story of a Wife's 1 By ADELE Today—Mr». Cosgrove Brother's There was something In Mrs. Cosgrove's Cosgrove's restrained calm a« she apoke of the uncertainty hanging over her household which brought home to me the Imminence of Robert Robert Savarln's death far more forcibly forcibly than the wildest hysteria could have done. "Ho—Is so near the end, then?' I asked. "It Is his heart," she explained "If It were not for that there might be hope for .him. But—as it Is— they have warned us—it may stop at any time." _ "Then," I asked fearfully, "will not a sudden shock, like Lillian's appearance " I left my question unfinished, but Mrs. Cosgrove answered answered with decision, The Doctor's Precaution "It's. just as likely to give him a false strength for a little time," she said, and I remembered Kath- erlne's dictum, "And then, ' of course, his physician has left powerful powerful stimulants for use in an emergency. He has instructed the nurse to give them to him If anything anything should happen In the household household which might be a shock to him." She stopped and looked at me meaningly. "I told her just before you came to administer one," she said. "Does that mean," I asked, "that you wish Lillian to come over at once? I'll go after her Immediately." Immediately." "No," she said. 'The nurse said not for an hour. I had to tell—her —something of the circumstances." She stopped and looked at me appealingly. appealingly. "Of course," I said quickly. "She advised"—Mrs. Cosgrove'was picking her words slowly—"that you come to see Robert first, saying that you bring a message from Lillian Lillian and then prepare him gradually gradually for her appearance." I hoped that Mrs. Cosgrove did not see me wince at the prospect of this unexpected ordeal, and I made my answer hasty and fully approving. approving. "Count on me for anything," I Players studio, she attended night classes, often practicing her lessons without rest from dinner time to bed time at 1 a. m. Nor is John Bryan the first to attend dramatic school as a non- Broadway aspiratn. A long list from the Social Register includes Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney,' Mrs. Gloria Gould Bishop, Princess Obo- lensky (Maurel Astor.) Frank J. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Baruch, Baruch, Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt. And equally celebrated if not socially socially prombinent, Is Edward W. (Daddy) Browning.

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  1. Corsicana Daily Sun,
  2. 14 Mar 1930, Fri,
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