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PREMIUM LIST(Continued LIST(Continued from last »e -k -k ) lot xxxm.-HorjssHpxn xxxm.-HorjssHpxn xxxm.-HorjssHpxn implements. For best sewing machine Diploma Frr beet half-dozen half-dozen half-dozen brooms »For »For best chum •» „ For best cheese press - vn- vn- >w>«t wh«:iiuk machine For For best sp. lining wheel f>r flax * For best spinning wheel for woo- woo- * Fur best clo-nes clo-nes clo-nes norse.-w norse.-w norse.-w X^.'L"ll, Awarding committee »bbw LOT XXXIV.— ENGINES. STOVES, KTC. For best ate .m engine for farm Diploma For beat drain tile maeniuc Dip oma For best self-regulating self-regulating self-regulating wind-mill. wind-mill. wind-mill. « iploma For beat wo-«l wo-«l wo-«l cooking atove S1^™!1 For best coal cooking 6tove Dip oma format parlor stove..". Dip oma For best iron fence For best specimens un ware. • For .best specimens earthenware.. For beet specimens' atone ware. For best drain tile*—.. — For best'Brifilrs For best specimens lime F >r best specimens dressed stone Awarding comuuttee same as lot XXXII LOT XXXV.— VEHICLES. For best two-horse two-horse two-horse carnage. - - A. Babnsdack. wilmam.T. Brows. john pvle Johns. Bewev \". J . COLMAN George w. kinder- kinder- SAXlOKD PAYNE .Troy ..Kiwardsviiie St. Jacobs Trov St. L*""-1 L*""-1 L*""-1 . .Kdwardsril e B :nkerlull Diploma 2 Forbjst top busjy • " « _ . > «.,<... Kn»i>V - • » For best open bu: For best two-horse two-horse two-horse wagon AWARDING COMMITTEE .1 A. PIUCKETT ■''•f^tTi-S ■''•f^tTi-S ■''•f^tTi-S C. KlNNlE. ..Alhambra i: u*i?"if22E,i ::::::: "V.VBethai UenbyHaut M,on LOT XXXVI.-CABIXET XXXVI.-CABIXET XXXVI.-CABIXET WARE . For be-t be-t be-t dreeing bureau For be^t sifa „ For be>-t be>-t be>-t dining table * . ... l.hU ...... <* MrOWCeMlCI VOI/ir „ For best work staud £ For best war Irobe _ For best half-ioze- half-ioze- half-ioze- half-ioze- parlor cnair For For best half-doze" half-doze" half-doze" kitchen chairs * For best set parlor furniture ° For beH net eottaKe furniture * For best *et bedroom furniture « Awardinit ommittee iame as lot xxw. LOT XXXVII.— COOHF.RS' WOnK What K h to be ao Editor. Fl3 cher, of the Ce ltralia Sen tinel, thus truthfully discourses on the trials of an editor: "It is to be a mirror to give reflec tion of the outer world to your read ers," says somebody. All that is true, but if anybody wisiies io see ana know the balance of the story, :i very little experience will satisfy liim for a life-time, life-time, life-time, unless lie is a harder easo than the devil himself. To be an editor editor is to be soundly cursed ami temporarily temporarily at least once a week. We have almost gone crazy trying to invent some process by which every man's advertisement could appear at the top of a column . We are expected expected to puff for nothing and take a cura-in«- cura-in«- cura-in«- cura-in«- if we don't do it to suit the party puffed . If we tell tlie trutii aooiu imy body, and it do<-s do<-s do<-s not happen to be complimentary, we are in danger of a cow-hide. cow-hide. cow-hide. The most miserable life is that of an editor, lie is expected to do his work at half price ami live on promises to pay. It there is any person abou"; town who would like la trv trie business there are plenty of chances. of to -s -s d ! Isaac lUu- lUu- J A. CAMHL.E- CAMHL.E- the Jeff retorts: and that Iowa For bint specimen* pmc ware*For ware*For be>t specimens cedar ware... i-.. i-.. i-.. «r...iMmpiiK Hour barrel*-.. barrel*-.. barrel*-.. For bc!>t (.pecimetifi tiglit b.irrcU 2 For best butter lirkius * For bebt <rt grain m -asu -asu e. £ Fur bci-t bci-t bci-t window sha<le< * For best window blinds ~ ...nnl rtnnra I I or in-'i in-'i in-'i y ■ j For best window sd'ii For best split baskeU * .. . . .-ima^ .-ima^ .-ima^ hiut-.lq hiut-.lq hiut-.lq * roi oeai»i>iu- oeai»i>iu- AW.VRDIXG COMMITTKK- COMMITTKK- XavEIR SUPriGER Superin-enlent Superin-enlent Superin-enlent W J Kosebekky Lamb's Point W. WEIFH\M>IER ;.\ , ".Yl . r A Woi.r Kdwdrdsville M. c O11.1.HAM .V''.?l5°n( J M. NlMEBItK LOT XXX VIII-— VIII-— VIII-— SADDLERS' WORK, (kC Km best wacon bartiesn. S5 Tor fret camape barne-s barne-s barne-s (douMe) o F .r be^t bu<K> harness * For be t saddle • For b.-M b.-M b.-M si le saddle » For be>t ndmg bridle • * For bt>ht trunk { For be->t be->t be->t carpetbag J K..r he-,t he-,t he-,t cj >rse boots 2 For best fine b >ot F F ii bt>-.t bt>-.t bt>-.t ladies' boots ' For best men's buck -kin -kin glove* 1 Foi bP»t 1 idles' buck-km buck-km buck-km gloves 1 For ber,t ladies' gaiintle'S 1 Foi best soleloatber 1 For best upper lea'ber 1 AWARDING COMMITTEE- COMMITTEE- X vvEin SrppiOER Supennteiidenl Lewi* Kicks ^i1"\u,,1,r^ H STOCKI-IN STOCKI-IN STOCKI-IN , The Raleigh (N. C.) Sentinel, of the -20th -20th ult.. says: Quito a number 2 ; o "the mechanics have left tor Illinois, ailU Olliera .uu wim."'i-»— wim."'i-»— wim."'i-»— n - nioval. The are industrious Rood citizens, but the situation so straightens straightens them that they have determined to seek a better country. A Man cannot an-wer an-wer an-wer for his courage courage who has never been in danger. An unfortunate Kentucky editor thus addresses hi< delinquent subscrib ers: "Friends, we are almo«t penniless. penniless. Job' s Turkey wa-. wa-. wa-. a millionaioe compared with our present depressed treasury. To-day, To-day, To-day, if the price of salt was two cents a barrel-full barrel-full barrel-full we could not buy enough to pickle a jay bird. Agents wanted to sell prize CTtincates for gold ami silver watches, laditB j welry, diamond rings, pins, etc , oi'v $6 ; each for any article drawn; retail piae from-|$10 from-|$10 from-|$10 to $230 All goo Is wairantcl genuine [ pi ire of cerUni-a'es cerUni-a'es cerUni-a'es 2o cents each Liboi »l urc-I urc-I urc-I nunms and commission allowed to agents. Smi-pie Smi-pie Smi-pie cortittcates sent free. For circulars and | terms address Messrs nAYVVARD & CO , 229 Broidwaj New York jan.'a 3m Edward-\ Edward-\ Edward-\ lllo .Ridgiey Bethalto jghn a. GIBSON. CITIZENS' PREMIUMS. Citi7Cn- Citi7Cn- of E'twardsvillc offer tbe following Prims, io be competed i-r, i-r, i-r, suLiecl to mcli WM. QUITZOW, Corner of Colliusville Plank Road a- a- d,,, East St. Louis. St. Clair Co. Ill , DEALER IS HlRDWlRE, CUTLERY MILS. a \ ariety of SUCH AS iuIcs as miy be prescribed by the Awarding Coinmit'ee TO BE EXHIBITED WEDNESDAY For bent road-ter road-ter road-ter stallion, in single harness $25 TO BE KXniBlTKI) THURSDAY. the fastes* trjtter m sinqlc harness — hoise. mire orgeUing— best two m three heats (ot , r'WT I TlflTOlI^ Vtt> four times around the ring e.ich). and it ■. ( PliOIrS) CsU I ■ » A I VICSj XifC ^..mmiiiM is not then satisfied, best smcle . heit of sinio length against time $25' Special attention is c illei to TO BR EXHIBITED FRIDAY. . r,,-, r,,-, r,,-, .= haiim ,ib awr* For the fa.test p.cer in single hame^-horse, hame^-horse, hame^-horse, ' IN I AU-> AU-> AU-> ft, v. sj. o mw » • ;o aw maie or ge dinj— b>st two in throe tie its ( I i KKAfrjtto. wuuttn n i death sevnty-bree in four times arjuad the ring eac'i), and it the committee is not then satisfied, best sinjrir-heat sinjrir-heat sinjrir-heat of same leng'h, against time $:5 AWARDIVG COMMITTEE. t ir.tti.M mvm-mnv mvm-mnv mvm-mnv T o\ Allot thft latter four machine i o warrintcd B.W. BlTCKM \STER Alton Dy tnc suo^crioer. \ no itirr C- C- n. rt\TciiER Ridgiey customers THE EAGLE FAN MILL, THE SUOKER *r\TE CULTIVATOR1-. CULTIVATOR1-. CULTIVATOR1-. nm-eroug nm-eroug nm-eroug JESSE Stanley Upper Alton J ocli'06 ly ill Madis in counts V'j*. Ql'iTZOW.

Clipped from The Madison County Courier10 May 1866, ThuPage 7

The Madison County Courier (Edwardsville, Illinois)10 May 1866, ThuPage 7
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