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THK MOUJCH VAVB WOKKK. WHAT A PEKMOMAL «r THEUKCAf ImtTtmlmt Hkelrh •' th* B»IU«M •I a ('••rrrB KHotklBf M oar Untbrred tkat will b« Iwlul HI the Oprra Moon* M»tll«« Tonight. Tfcc B art! HniHll • > will Derive by .trreptlng- I be Proposition *•<)<• Tneu*. Tonight's meeting at the Opera House will probably determine wnether or not Hamilton is to capture a coveted prize— a prize -veil worth putting forward the most strenuous exertions to secure. The Mosler Safe and Lock Company and The Mosler Bank Safe Company are two concerns, officered by the same men, thai stand in the same relation iu their business as the Nilee Tool Works does in thil which has become famous all over the United States. It is an immense concern, and very little idea of its extent and nature can be gained without a personal inspection of the works as they now exist iu Cincinnati. It was lor the purpose of presenting to ther*adersof tne DEMOCRAT and the men who will attend the meeting tonight some idea of this concern, the kind of safes it manufactures and the scope of ite business, that a reporter yesterday afternoon went through the whole establishment. Tbe assertion is made unreservedly that since the day when this city secured the Niles Tool Works no opportunity equal to the present las been offered. The Mosler Safe and Lock Company is now located on Elm street, Cincinnati, where it occupies three five-story bnild- ngs, one four-story building, extending back more than 200 feet, two two-story an'd two one-story buildings. Its capital stock is 1300,000, every dollar paid up and a surplus on hand. The Mosler Bank Safe Company is located on Front street, between Park and Smith streets where it occupies one three-story building, several of one-story with railroad switches running into the yard. The capital stock of this branch of the business is |200,000. To this must be added The Mosler Safe Company which is tbe selling department located in New York City and which is rated by all commercial reports at ?200,000, thus making a total of $700,000 capital invested in the business which it now sonsht to remove to Hamilton. Mr. Mosler frankly stated that the firm wanted to move; in fact such action i imperative. The necessity of bringing the two works together and moving them to some place where tbe rapidly increasing business can be handled grows upon the firm daily. It is an absolute neces- sitv, and if any doubt could exist in the minds of the people of Hamilton who are urged to see and recognize the opportunity offered them, the firm stands ready to put up a forfeit. Kegardless ol the fact whether or not Hamilton will accept the proposition made them, the cost and character of the buildings required are now being considered and the plans will in a few days be put in the hands of an architect. This much of the work will be done and ready, so that wherever the Safe works go that much of the work will be done. If it is not to Hamilton it will be elsewhere, for Mr Mosler says the determination has been made to get out of Cincinnati. If Hamilton accepts, the contracts for the new machinery necessary will be ;iven out at once so that the firm can move as soon as the buildings are completed. This will be done if the shops ire ready by November 1st, but it is net thoueht that they could be erected be fore January 1st. In the shop now ar< found tools from tbe Niles Works, thi Long A Allstatter Co., the Hooven Owens A Rentschler uo., and Bentel •> Margedant, and almost all the new tool will be bought in Hamilton. When the size of the works are con sidered, and the cost such a removal wil be to the firm, the bonus of f35,000 askei becomes a small matter. Mr. Mosler says that if any one wil agree to put up the buildings he want and move them for that sum he woul sign a contract in a moment and let th party handle every do'lar of the uioiie<\ It can't be done for thBt and that expeu diture, large as it seems, will not repre sent thee xpendituro involved. Iu muv ing the Mosler Bank Safe company ha buildings with fouudations for machiu ery which will be a total loss of ove $25,000 ; the Mosler Safe and Lock com pany about the same. The new ma chinery that will have to be bouKht an the time lost is estimated at from fort to fifty thousand dollars, so that the ex pense to the firm will be in round num bers, J100,000. Hamilton is not alone m this contest Sidney and Canton, Ohio, Aurora, I nd and several other places are in the fiel and are oflerini? liberal inducements None of these enterprising towns are t be ignored. They are zealous and ener getic. The writer was shown a lette press copy of a letter to the people Sidney. It stated that the firm was ue /otiating with Hamilton parties but ask Ing that at the same time information be furnished relative to railroad facilities taxes, etc. Mr. hosier states that Ham ilton Is his choice and that he prefers above all other places. A walk through the two establishment shows that they are greatly cramped fo room and the wonder is how they do th business they do in tbe limited space The machines are jammed up agalns each other and tbe men work with elbow a)mc*t touching elbow. In the depart meat where " " are' made the ordinary there areflve sal floors of a whole building with tales In differ ent »Ug«* of completion *o clove to gefMr tbat there remains hardly room 1 for t^rtr

Clipped from
  1. Hamilton Evening Journal,
  2. 13 Jun 1890, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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