Woolem Mill Bombarded With Rocks

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Woolem Mill Bombarded With Rocks - '''CMS. : BOYS MILL IS sf WITH ROCKS. l i,, l e...
'''CMS. : BOYS MILL IS sf WITH ROCKS. l i,, l e The strike oi (c.vlile worlicrs at ried ;: serious aspect Fri- .'dock. d in maiTnr.ro c n t y - family . ' uvunmn-s OL .7-ivi.uiju, a not was narrowly ,. ll( '.. . . , ,. , .,, 'ii'-c ami administration a l a c k was nude on Iho hu.1,1- ,, i|o ,,,,, ( ::;i:r,±'" h ! M : p-ent ty (he a served u l l y i l n r of i l r y . l of H h f u l litis- band war, paiienl be leaves Mid ^ Koberts, Penick of i n l - in.LT. Greenwood ro- i i m n a f t e r 7 o'clock e r leav- Home Ki-oneleld. t h e two lie h c r and son. hecamr- in-it who cut lh" f found Monument a crowd of about 1-ilHIO persons .:rm£ri'c:sat«d, nrotind the plant. The rt'oivd was composed of striking textile worfccis, machinists, molders and strike sympathizers. Tlic win;; of (he woolen mill eon- lainiiiS Ihc office iodny has scarcely .1 window w i t h a whole pane of '.ilass. windows' were actually riddled, leavinir n msiss oC debris 0:1 the inside. . S h e r i f f l-ank K. Pepper and hi., today issued a s t a t e m e the (rouble. "It was slated t h a t about Sr.'jO lasl n t h t a riot cajl i n t o ( h e sheriff's iicnd|iinr(ors, h e person jiving the call saying t were needed al once. 1'cp- pcr'.s three deputies happened f o he consultation w i t h him al t h e the three i m m e d i a t e l y proceeded the scone of (he Irou'tde. Hearing t h a t a man had nearly been killed. Di\ if. F. Vcrckor, who «-IIK met. was also taken w i t h (he and his deputies. Upon arrival nt (he plant. Sheriff Pepper made an inveslRation of t h It developed that seventeen airls had been boused in iho plant. 1 and thai they desired f h c i r freedom, they had no way of communioal in*,' (heir desire lo those outside, not knowing Ihe senlimcnt of the crowd re- 1 , i L » m.i i i n M ' i n i l L l r i l 1 I L C l I 1 W ( 1 had r-oiii;i-ei.itrd a! the plant.I I ""''''" S of I h e irirls manured*|o leave (he and lohl (hat (lie Rirls desired to he t a k e n from (he plant, .Sheriff determined w h a t was wanted i m m e d i a t e l y addressed the lold ( h a t atrangeinents would he (o ;i:l (li(vi;irls -Mil. Delay ill securing the police palm! was a cause of unrest and impatience in the crowd. Pondim: (he in-rival of Ihe patrol, Sheriff Peppni oi'_'!inixcd a committee e.n which were members of various unions to escort (he cirls to their home, it was fully (lirec quarters- of an hour before t h arriven. The girls' were (hen laken to their respective homes and upon order of t h e s h e r i f f , thr: Deputy Sheriff Oorjre \V. Slonckei lodny staled lhat the stones which broke tho windows of the plant wer-.' t h r o w n over Ihe heads of the crowd persons who hid themselves and who il is believed, had no conned ion incidental to .Miami t ' -- ' . . i n u l l u n f h e slrikers.. Xo nr.-e.sls were.hu- a.s the. judly perfons could not'appeal that h The trouble had its becimiinj w h h e strikers and sympathizers organized n committee, to assist the uirls from the tmildin?. It happened Hint , i i iie_, \ \ i i n u m »· a s l l n s w a s d o n o , some m tivtil XI I'MVrii-c (-Imiii tV.nl- i\,jt r.\ij**.. fired. elnim t h a t the rfiowj,,,.,. fired Irom (lie inside of the miildimr. \vliile officials of the company deny tho report. It was tit? shots .that n l t w t r d Ihe large crowd ser.ne. lcj;e il I h a l \Villir,ni Kinder,! c 1 ...... ' '' nn offieinl. of Ihe company, hnd .

Clipped from
  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 16 Aug 1917, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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  • Woolem Mill Bombarded With Rocks

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