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H the SOME EXHIBITS AT THE FAIR. What Our Various Manufacturing Concerns Will Show at the World's Fair. AMILTON would no longer be Ham ilton if it were not present at the World's fair, In all its glory. Hamilton's manufacturing interests, which are so numerous, so large and so varied will be fully.represeuted, some directly and some indirectly. At the liead of the list stands the famous Niles Tool Works, the products of wbicb are known and used ia every part of the civilized world. This company could not secure the space desired and therefore the exhibit will not be as extensive as it would otherwise have been. The Niles has only 3,100 square feet of space. Into this they will crowd four of their finest and best tools. The first will be a lathe with a sixty-inch swing and a thirty-foot bed. The second will be a six-foot boring and turning mill. The third will be a horizontal boring and drilling machine. The fourth will be a twelve-foot planer, weighing 150 tons. This will be planers eyer one of the built. The largest exhibit of the Niles, is now in charge of the company's regular Chicago representatives, although during the fair Mr. Willis C. Hall from this city will have charge of It. The Long & Allstatter Co. will have five punch and shearing machines on exhibition. They will be some of tbe very finest ever produced by any shop. Various representatives from the firm in this city will be present at all times dur'ng the fair. The Hamilton Tile Works while having no exhibit that can really be called an exhibit, still In the Ohio building will be found an abundance of the excellent work done by this firm. Ritchie & Dyer will have no exhibit. Hooven, Owens & Rentscbler will have no direct exhibit on the grounds, although several of this company's finest Corliss engines have been purchased to finish power required by other exhibitions. The great rush of work at tne Present time has prevented the production of an engine that would fully and satisfactorily represent the Hooven, Owens and Rentschler company. The H. P. Deuscher Co. will occupy about 16x35 feet floor room and will make a strong showing. They will exhibit In their display—two corn planters, one having steel and the other wood frames; one check rower, two harrows, one each of wood and steel frames; one steel lever harrow, one soil pulverizer, one favorite churn. The display will of courie be made In tbe agricultural department, It has not been decided who will have charge of the exhibit. The Kahn stove foundry has been very unfortunate In its attempt to secure floor room for an exhibit, hiving applied tor lOOxtX) feet to the World's fair committee, but being unable to secure anything like that much space. In fact they will be so crowded that they will be absolutely. unable to make the display they had at Snt Intended. They will have only about eight square feet. The future of this exhibit will be a stove built to represent a knight of King Arthur's time In full armor. The stove li Indeed a work of art, the various parts, contlstlnf of breast plain, helmets, gauntlets, etc., being perfect In all their appointments. Tfc* exhibit will to ID ciarf* of OB* of tt* Kahn Bro*. of In R.

Clipped from
  1. Hamilton Evening Journal,
  2. 29 Apr 1893, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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