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BUTLER HE STRIKE NOW ONLY QUESTION OF A SURVIVAL. lanufacturers And Machinists Determined Determined Not To Yield Any [From Monday's Dally DBMOCUAT.] , The third week of the machinists' Itrike In Hamilton dawned Monday lth practically no change Jn the sft- pation. On Monday and Tuesday, rtay 20 and 21, the machinists of the S'ilcs Tool Works Co., the Hooven, )wens Uentschler Co., the Bentel s Margedant Co., the Long and All- Itatter Co., the Black Clawson Co. Ind the Hamilton Machine Tool Co., ent on a strike demanding ten hours' lay for nine hours work and a |ecognltion of the union. EFFORTS irere made to settle the strike through levoral meetings held at the Miles and |inally the manufacturers conceded 0 hours' pay for 583 hours' work, the Ibops to close at noon on Saturday lurliij; June, July and August and laborers to be advanced from 12J to 15 perils an hour. This proposition was rejected hy the |uen REFUSING l.o return to work last Monday, where- lipon the manufacturer. 1 ; issued an ultimatum ultimatum that all men who did not re- l.uin to work this morning on the luirae conditions existing before the j;trike was instituted would stand dis- |:hargcd. This ultimatum from the manufact. lireresdld not have the effect that many lihoughtit would, as very Tew men re- Burned to work, while the UNIOS MEN [tnd the union sympathizers remained y.from the shops. Scarcely suiii- |;ienti men returned to work to justify l:he operation of the shops, although |;everal are running. The union men Jjad pickets l.tationed at each of the lihops to watch the number of Jnen who returned to work and report Ijhe same to the uniou. All were quiet |»nd orderly, however, and no attempt Iwasmade to insult any one who had liccepted the manufacturers' ultimatum ultimatum as Una). SURVIVAL OF STRONGEST. The situation has resolved Itself into into a survival of the strongest. Ko |ther conclusion can be drawn from lib. The manufacturers are fixed in ·their purpose and will never grant the lienmnds made on them. The men lippear equally determined BO it will Iba a long contest and the side that jan stand the losses the -best will bo ·the final victor. The idea that cither Iside was bhilling has been exploded. lEacti side appears to be fully in carn- lest. The contracts the manufactur- lers have are protected by a strike [clauseand this relieves them some. The time Is tip today for all men to Ireturn to work or stand discharged. [This notice posted by the shops will · be enforced. One of tho shop owners I today said the men who do not want I to work must get their tools by tonight las the Shops will not ha responsible | for them after tomorrow. STKJKEK9 SAT TUB CONDITIONS HAVE MOT CHANUZD. | A DKMOCIUT man talked to the I leaders of the strike about the sltua- I tion this morning. They all said that I theconditions remained the same as I they had been since the walk-out, that I no more men had gone back to work Itoday and that so far as the union was [concerned there was no change In the (strike. The men seemed as contldtntas ever land declared that they were prepared I for a Inns siege. Said one of them: "I guess it's a case of wait til) some| some| b ' t l y yets tired-saw wood and say nothing." About 300 strikers gathered about I Trades council hall at Second and | Court streets this mornini? and about .11 o'clock formed in a long line and headed by the bind marched about the principal streets and past the shops. All day groups of strikers have standing or sitting about the streets discussing the situation and all seem determined. THIS COM1HT1IJN OV Al'PAlllB AT BItOI'd TODAV. At the Niles it is reported that machinists returned to work.One of members of the company said to the DEMOCRAT this morning that not many men had returned to work company had hoped there would. shops however will now he kept and running and no concessions will be granted the strikers. H. O. and B. CLOSBD INDEFINITELY. INDEFINITELY. The iloovcn, Owens ,t Rentscbler Co. made no effort, to open its this morning. "We are closed indefinitely," indefinitely," Raid Col. J. C. Hooven, president president o( the company, to a DKJIOCHAT man today, FIVE AT BENTBb MARGE- DAKT'S. At the Bentel Margedant Co. shops live men reported for work. this was an insullicient number -to justify the operation of the shops, names of the men were takan and shops continued closed. Those who reported for duty today will he noti- !icd as soon as the shops are MORE ATL. A. At the Long Aiistatter shops more men reported for work in the machine room. It Is said that 18 are now at work in this department. This shop will continue in operation More men have promised to return work here tomorrow. At the Black Clawson shops condition remained unchanged today. There were no more men at work bad been at work last week. RUNNING SHORT HANDED. The Hamilton Machine Tool Co. shop is in operation with about 55 men at work in all departments. shop will be continued in operation despite tho strike. BIO MEETING Otf MACHINISTS HELD SATURDAY NIUIIT. Under the auspices of the striking machinists of Hamilton another of those large, public .mass meetings which have marked the machinists' strike in Hamilton was held in the Globe opera house Saturday evening. Jacob Homier acted as chairman and lifter calling the meeting to in the name of the International Association of Machinists, he Introduced the iirst speaker of the evening, J. Bruner of the Jung Brewing Co., Cincinnati, who made an excellent ad dress. Henry Kettcr, always eloquent, the next speaker and made an of a half-hour's length. He handled the trusts without gloves and brought out the point that the trusts were responsible in large part for the necessity necessity of a strike. He urged the men stand together for all the demands. SMALL FIRE In Cellar of C. D. Malhes Might Have Been Serious. An alarm of lire from box SI at o'clock Sunday morning called the entire city lire department to the big dry goods house o[ C. I). Matties Co. on High street, where much and excitement was caused by a blaze among some kindling and about the furnace In the rear of cellar. NH damage resulted to the store as the llames wera extinguished without the use of the hose. JohnOlde^rlngof fJUiclnnatl spent Sunday the guest of FA Hingsberger.

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  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 13 Jun 1901, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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