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success- \Vring- so simple o t h e r deice from in 100 possible Ihe business, i n g of greal. as and two addi- past storage of a feet, for Ihe iron casl- t r u c t e d en- splcn- en- wood used ii contained in Ihe New Foundry, Niles Tool Works Company. First in i m p o r t a n c e union!* the i i i u i n f a e i n i i n g c o n s l r i i c l i o n s of 1!)11, the new foundry of Ihe Niles Tool Vorks Company. This building, the alest ;nl, to the company's greal voiks, is not only one of the largest nindrics. in the middle west, bill in ·onvenicnce of arrangement, facili- for the h a n d l i n g of work and ualerials ami general a d a p t a b i l i l y o [lie class of work for w h i c h it is in- ended, it lias perhaps no eipial anywhere. The b u i l d i n g proper is -l;i!2 feel on;; by ISO feel wide, and consists if three bays, each u'O feet wide. Ii: Us construction were used 18(10 turn if si eel, 'J2UD yards of concrete, and SOO.OOO brick. ' '[Tie cupohis and core ovens are of I b e l a t e s t design. There are three cupolas, one 'IB-inch, one liO-inch and one (itt-inch, having a coinbined capacity of -10 tuns per hour. The t w larger cupolas are sewed by charging niacliiues, which are operate! by compressed nil 1 , t h u s eliminalint pracii'c'ally all h a n d l i n g of the ma terials used in charging. There are four laiM core ovens a p p r o x i i t i i i t e l y !).\1U.\:IU feel, also small day oven for drying smat cores. These ovens are healed Ijj coke fired from outside the build in;_'. One of Ibe mosl reniarkidilc feat lire's ol' the e q u i p m e n t is (lie coin plete service provided, t h a i which i here is iiolhinx more import ml the lighter jnonlds on (lie snap-' er and fnnill mncliine floors, t h u limiiiatin;,' a lar;rc ,amounl of hard 'ork and inerensiti^ the o u t p u t lalerially. A n o l l i e r unic|tie fcalnre of onndry is the extensive use made .iniillin; niaehiues--in line w i l h uost up-to-date praclice. There arc even moulding niacliiues of t h e omnionly known as "sijnce/crs," ·aryuig in size from IS to 30 iuehes. If the type known as" "jarring ina- 'hines'' there are: four, (be lathes! vhitdi is a three-cylinder machine Hiving a eapneily of f)(l,OCO pounds. I'liis h i t l e r machine is Ihe Is type in existence. To iiive an idea of Ihe shock of his m a c h i n e il mi^ht be o remark t h a t Ihe concrete .ion rei|iiired for il weighs approximately -IIJO.OOO pounds. ~ Kleclric power is used exclusively, bein;» conveyed from the power house to a four-panel switchboard located in t h e sonlh end ol" I lie building. Besides Ihe main receiving panel, t h nrc Ihe li.slit panel, m o t o r panel switch panel, each of these Iliree panels liein.i; equipped wilh foni switcdies and four circuit breakers lints d i v i d i n g the power nulls for distribution. The liLrhlini,' is done bv ."/2 elnsler; of Mazda tamps, eaeh cluster consist in;; of foni' lamps. An indiviclna s w i t c h is provided for the each cluster, so I hat il is possibli lo use any n u m b e r of clusters any one lime, from one to the i'nl number.

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  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 18 Jan 1912, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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