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Y, SEPTEMBER 13. 1917 ALL SALOONS AM ORDERED AS MOLDERS WALK OUT. Strike Situation AH saloons are ordered closed. There will ho no martial law in Hamilton--No soldiers. 'iho local authorities have the situation well in haud, All molders in the city loava their employment in sympathy vrith the Niles molders, Sheriff will co-operate with city authorities in preserving order. Several arrests followed a disturbance on Horth Third street early Monday evening. - THE WALK-OUT OP THE MOLDERS IN OTHER PLANTS THAN THAT OP THE NILES TOOL WORKS TODAY WAS SIMPLY OF A SYMPATHETIC NATURE AND IS TOR THE ONE DAY ONLY. MOLDERS IN ALL SHOPS EXCEPT THE NILES WILL RETURN TO WORK TOMORROW MORNING AS USUAL. AH Molders Out Oji a Sympathetic Strike. All union molUers ol t h e city went out this morning in an effort lo i j i ) short l i m e people were excited Ihe report. Advices from the sheriff's o f f i shortly before noon loilay were Unit m a r t i a l law would not be declared unless it is absolutely necessary and then il is probable thsit troops will not hi! called in. I'niU'i- the law, when miu-linl law is declared, Ibe s h e r i f f becomes iiiander-in-cbiof and can enlisl men o assist him in keeping order. Five Police on Duty, Five police were kept on duly sit e of Use Xiles Tool works ill riling wilh a view to prevent ing my disturbance al (bat plant. Last Night's Trouble, During I lie disturbance al (be foundry of (he Xiles Tnol works company Monday evening twenty-six special officers- and twelve patrolmen were prcscnl when the rush was made by strikers iind t h e i r i/ers I'or the five mqltlers «ho wyttt lo work during the last t'eiv days. When the rn.sli w a s matlo William West, alias "Bum" Wosl, threw .several bricks and one of these .slnick Curl Weiss nnd John liciche!, both of whom wen! hurl about the head. The. police witli the assistance of Ihe special officers, nrs-csted West and he was taken (o llic police station charged w i t h assault on Weiss released on » :100 appearance bond w i t h William Sclmlk us surety. Later in the nk-lit West was arrested I'or (he alleired as=:iult on John Hie ladd ers sit Hit Nilos Tool works been in win their strike which li progress for some weeks, al the.'plants exclusive of the Xiles is ol! n sympathetic, nature and will be of d o u b t f u l duration, their aim be. ing lo assist the workers now on strike al tlic Xik-.s. Plants affected by the action of Ihe molders include the l.onij and Alstatter Cn., tbe Hamilton Machine Tool Co., The Hamilton Foundry and Machine Co. and (be Peerless foundry. Probably the only exception in this respect is Hie Kslalo Stove Co. where ·officials slated thai (heir moid- ers were at work as usual today. The Kslnle has' been one of the best organized shops in (he city for some time past. ' To Prevent .Disorder. Determined (o prevent f u r t h e r disorder in emmet-lion ivitli police departine-nl this Ucichcl and lie imuin released on a ifiiOO appearance bond signed by James Hninnoii. At llic fame lime thai West was arrested the first limi James Shanks and ,l!en S. Penniiig- lon, special officers, were arresled for being armed w i t h revolvers later released when it was learned from the minis that iliev had bee, appointed and given Iinmi us off! cers. The bearing of West was con tinned from Tucsdav morning to slock.' AMERICAN DESTROYERS SUNK SIX U-BOATS WASHINGTON, SEPT. 11.-- SECRETARY DANIELS ANNOUNCED LATE THIS AFTERNOON THAT of is THROUGH A TYPOGRAPHICAL!! a ERROR IT WAS MADE TO APPEAR THAT SIX SUBMARINES HAD BEEN DESTROYED. A CLOSER SCRUTINY OF THE REPORTS strikes-, tin inornin- is- DEPARTMENT INDICATE THAT (he ONLY ONE SUBMARINE WAS ule- DESTROYED. sued orders t h a t all saloons cily :iml all lirjuor houses lie finitely closed. Xoliee.i were nt once served upoi. Ilie. ssilooii keepers and proprietors of the liquor stores who immediately' coni])tied wilh the request. Officials Meet. The acjion'of closing the saloons as one of the means to prevent disorder, was determined upon at si meeting of oily ami county officials and members of (he Law ami Order league held last night. At the meeting which was held in tin; mayor's office hist night and which conlinuetl until nearly midnight, besides tlie mayor, Chief of Police Strieker, I-',. C. Under. (Ins Woods, Sheriff Frank K. Pepper, Deputy -Sheriff George 0. Slonekcr were present. It was originally de'.ormined to establish si /one in I lie vicinity of the plant of (he Xiles Tool works ami upon the least proviicatton, lo order l!io saloons north of Dayton street closed. Will Co-Opcrate. Sheriff Prank I-). Pepper lasl nigh! offered lo ei-o|icr.'itc w i l h the mavor and city officials in m a i n t a i n i n g order ami will alltnv uu coiurreM.-iliii!.' at t h e Xiles planl. The law will be carried out to Ihe fullest extent. Acconliii'.' to llic law. (be .sheriff' or city officials can order any crowd lo disperse and U)HII failure can designate llic crowd a mob and commandeer people in Ihe vicinity to as- sisi in disvK.-r.sing tbe crowd. This will be useil in case of disorder in the future. Arrests Made. There was considerable excitement at the Xiles Tool works last niizht rtt closing time w h i c h was about 5:30. Several hundred people congregated in Hie vicinity of Hie plant and several ill-rests were made. Cue of the niohicrs of the plant who has been employed there for some thirty years was followed by , several men and later taken lo his j'-'unrdcd the merchant ship. . liomc in (he police simbulance. This ;-^""'"''"'·' v;;vl ' ships have :i!l morning it was found thai his home was being picketed. Another wan who had gone into wovk was injured. Several men were arrested, one on Washington, Hept. 11. American destroyers are believed lo Imve .nmk six hostile submarines IT the coast of France September t ,' while convoying a fleet of merchantmen from the United Stales. Two ot! Uu it is reported without loss ol! li... Meager reports lo (be navy department loilay give a brief account of lin: fight Iraiismitteil from t!:c .·riciin l a n k steamer Wcslwc^o,- one ot the ships which sur-ivcd Ili-j a t t a c k . The merelmnl .-hips, of which' i'k- 'eshrcyo was one, were cnroiite lo Kiirope from I lie Untied Stales wiicu allacked. The vessels wen: nnder convoy but no details of Hit- fi'M were included in Ibe reporls received. No loss of life was rcporlfi! nor wens the names of the two sunk included in the ilispalcb. I t not k n o w n whether they were American ships or no!. The navy sicpar'- mcnl h;;s cablcil for aihlitiomil inform a t i o n . The Weslwego, au oi'. lank steamer i merchant ships were lost lint u i a n i i t n iicisdiinl under the minus the Stcami Itoinana. l.sitei 1 her reyi.i- try was chan-j;cil to American anda 1 .'',- crv^'ariU Iiev name was made We^t- "(.-go. The vessel u a s of .'i.Oo'.l lyi? net and she carrieil a crew of -12 m-ji 1 . L.-ilCii rf|iorl.i slitor she was in -\~ Aim.'rican port. Ausnsl t and lad.'r sailed on a Iians-Athin'.ie voy.i^t: cimimatnlcil by Cii|)l. Mnicoy. Wbil- the stalciiicnl iloi-s 1101 aclimlly t h a t American destroyers were convoy ins; I lie ships t h a i is believed be the It was announced of leets oi' merchant convoying across H Atlantic hail been adopted and .--iucc' the AVestwcgo other merclinsii were t h e objects of it- era ft whic submarines attacks were bound Kurope, it is ngariled as more probable (hat American war , l«-o iliffercnt clial^cs while several of the guards were also taken iu. Miles Ordered Here, fieoiso I-', .Miles- of Columbus, state mediator of Inbor troubles, was immediately ordered to Ibis cily lo make a f u r t h e r investigation of Ihe . situation, receiving bis orders to report immediately to Uovornur Cox. Mr. Miles has been here several times recently in tbe interest of adjusting Ihe troubles of the moldcrs, but wilii- out success. No Martial Law. Humors ran wild this morning that the city was to be placed under martial law and that troops were lo bo impelled to nniintaiii order. The word passed quickly and 1 within a heeis with death hombs tor f;g!(- iii!} sttbmarines. This weapon !ns been highly perfected by Aiiwriean ordnance experts and provc.s very deadly. If d(-tniloi) report:) hr-ar out (lie first ilispslclirs they wii) sigiiali/e tlie most notable action against Mib- niariuos since the war began. In v.o other case has such si wholesale des t r u c t i o n of l r -bonls been reported. U also will mark a most sinking for the\Aiiierieati n a v a l forces. MRS. S. M. ABEL OPERATED UPON. Mrs. S M. Abel was mnoved ( n the Jewish hospital, Cincinnati, she nmlerweiil a severe operation terdny. This is the soeond operation "lion Mrs. Abel. The reports are m , wsc tbat she is domcr nicely and will fully recover. The Abel jewelry and slore will In; closed for a few days,

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