Gilbert Devall charged with horse stealing tries to escape and is shot and may die - Times Picayune - Aug 26, 1894

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 - A BRUTAL DEED AT BATOU'EOUGE. OanuHeBoucliell -...
A BRUTAL DEED AT BATOU'EOUGE. OanuHeBoucliell - irderediii His Little . Store. Tbe Deed Done Thursday and Dis coTered Yesterday. He Was Supposed to Hare Ooii&iderable Money About. AaAlle - red Horse Thief Shot While ? Fleeing from the Constables and Hay Die Baton Rouge, "La., Aug. 25. (Special.) A horrible murder was brought , to , light in the eastern saburbs of the city this morning. The dead body of Mr. Camllle Bouche was discovered in his store near the agricultural experiment station, and from its .decomposed . condition, had evi dently lain there since Thursday night. Mr. Bouche was a single man about 48 yeara of age. . He lived alone' in h.s little store, and was supposed, owing to bis frugal habits, to . have accumulated. a snog little sum of money, whicn was popularly thought to be Jtept woaen on the premises. 1 : it, via tuAn'as nsual tl urine Thursday, PridT the store remained closed throughout the day. While this was noticed by the neignoors , no puucuim attention was paid to at, os the occupant occasionally went off peddling chickens and other articles. This morning ensi toner went to the store with something to sell, and finding the door : closed, knocked several times. Hearing ho response response he . seized the "door, : which was unlocked, ana pulled it open. A ghastly sight met hi gaze. On the floor lay the dead body or uoucne, witn xace npiurueu and blood spattered In erery direction. An examination disclosed the fact tha th Kknii. lust over tbe nose and exactly between the eyes, hal ' been - crushed . in by a rounded instrument that "penetrated at least an inch. Two fearful gashes were cut In the throat on either side, which almost severed the head, from the body. - - - ' - - - - :. - - r - - .r - r - .j,.' On the' floor near by were found two razors and a dirty white handkerchief. One of the murderers naa eteppea in the blood' antf the bare footprints could be plainly seen leading towards the rear room. - Bloody finger - marks were also seen on the front door where the murderer murderer laid his hand in closing it - A search about the store showed that the small stock of goods had not been disturbed, disturbed, but In the bedroom a trunk con taining tbe muraereu man s ciotning naa been opened anil the contents upset. No one knew how much money, if any, the deceased possessed. - It could not be told whether the murderers . succeeded In obtaining obtaining any booty. - Everything indicates that the murderers gained entrance to the store just before bed time Thursuay nlcht under the rulse of purchasing something, and struck their victim down. The light were still burning this morning morning and ' the bed, which had been prepared prepared for the night, had not been occu pied. ; , - ' - ' ir. K. K. Jones, . tne coroner, was at once notified, and . neld an inquest, at which the : above facts were developed. The verdict was that the' deceased came to his death at the hands of parties unknown. unknown. So far there Is absolutely no clew lead ing to the guilty parties, but the matter is in the hands of tbe. sheriffs - , office. and from the success that has - rewarded their efforts In the past, it may be judged that the case will be handled tin the most skillful way and the murderers brought to condign punishment. . This morning constables Abner Dnn - can, Henry Hopkins and Joe Pujol apprehended apprehended Gilbert Devall, a young white man, about 22 years of age, at the home of his brother in the Tenth ward of this parish, ten miles from the city. Devall is charged with horse steallne and is considered a desperate man. ... The officers had " surrounded the house during the night and waited for Devall to come out. wnicn ne uki, snoot o o'clock. He was taken by surprise and placed under ar rest. He watched his chance, however, and made a break for liberty. Refusing to halt at the command of the officers. me? : urea upon mm, witn (toe result that one bullet made a 'flesh wnnnd n the right arm. while another entered the back - at the point of the right shoulder ana - toagea in tne lung. , Devall was placed in a birrv and brourht v town and Jailed. coroner Jones waa at 'once summoned, and after examining tbe wounds pronounced pronounced the man Inlurlea If not fatal.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 26 Aug 1894, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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  • — Gilbert Devall charged with horse stealing tries to escape and is shot and may die - Times Picayune - Aug 26, 1894

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