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Mr Reiss of Niles - PAGE SIX, .· WHEN RUN DOWN Hood's...
PAGE SIX, .· WHEN RUN DOWN Hood's Sarsaparilla, the Rel.'abl Tonic Medicine, Bui!ds-Up. The reason why you feel so tire 'all '(he time a! -thin season ,is thii your blood is impure and impovor i*lied. It lacks vitality. It is .no the rich roil blood I bat gives life t t h e whole bmly, pcrfocls digeslioi and enables all the organs to per lorin Ihi'ir I'mictions as they shonli · tlc'l lloml's Siirriipnrilh) from an. druggist. It si-il| make you f w bolter, look belter, eat and slet| bi'ller It is the uld reliable trier mid Inn- .-ill-tlic-year-roiind hloot purifier ami euric-her, tonic and 'aji pctizer. 1( revilnlixes the blood, nne is espfciiilly useful in building u| the dvliilifated and run-down. Hood's Sai-sapnrilia is helpini, tlioiisands at t h i s time of year. |/j| it help you. (let n b o t t l e today aix begin t a k i n g it at once. Ik- sure t tel llooil's. iVotliing el* acts l il.-Ailv. SPEAKERS AT MEMORIAL FOR GEORGE T. EEISS. For tlie Elks--Allen Andrews. Tor the Chamber of Commerce- Judge Clarence Murphy. For Niles Employes--Henry Wilier. For the Y. M. C. A.--Judge I.- A. Belden and E. a. Buder. August H. Wittman read a p;.per p;.per on behalf of the office force, of.the Niles, prepared by Augustus Woods. . · ' ' - , ..:. HAMILTON PAYS WORTHY TRIBUTE TO THE MEMORY 1 OF THE LATE GEO. T. EEISS. High and worthy (riljulcs wei'e paid to the memory of the late George Theodore lieiss at the V. M. C. A. last iiij-hl. Words ut praise for (he noble life lie lu-ed were uttered In- business, fraternal and social asso'- ciaie.s. Tlie remains of Mr. IU.J 3S Imd been taken frnm his c o u n t r y home on t!i« Mitlikin road to the Y. M. C. A. .Friday .Friday aflrrnooii, so t h a t Iliesc services so deserved !,_ v the deail man, could be held. The body of Mr. lieiss, reposing in n handsome couch caskel, was placed in tin; lobby of tlie Y. M. C. A. biiild- "ig, was surrounded by imposing palms and floral tributes O f Cincinnati Cincinnati friends. ·Before the vcrriccs of last os-cning .·(»«( Jollosving (hem, ninny friends of Mr. Keiss were c:i(lors at Hie Y.-M'. C. A. (u look for the l lls t lime oii tlic lace ami form of one they loved and respected. Al promptly 7:;!0 o'clock the first service of Ihe evening was lield, |bat ii'liritufifiil. desoi'i|ilion of life ami There is no-monument uiou .beauti dcalh, holding ( h u t death is but the opening of a new life, a life filled with greater possibilities, with swctl- ''i',jys ( ,w.itb perfect peace. And tlio life Mr. Keiss hud lived upon t h i s earlh had but opened the door lo this greater, truer, nobler, purer life, Pythian Services. I'V))l«u-i(ig (he services of Elks' tlic ritualistic service, of (he Knights of Pythias were impressively performed I he officers of I,one Star lodge, ·V. 'i'J, of which Mr. Heiss Imd -long been a member. A. K. Morris Spoke. Following a selection by fli t . fjiiai-v Idle, A. K. -Morris, general secretary secretary »f (he V. M. C. A. took charge; itid nl'tci- the J{ev. Harry (ilenn Fin- m'.v, pastor of (he Westminster Presbyterian Presbyterian cluirch bad offered a fer- rt'iif and helpful prayer, spoke es- iieeially jf Ihe work of Mr. Heiss in ·oiniectioii w i t h the Y. M. C. A.. Mr. Morris said t h a t w h i l e I here is natur- dly » feeling of sadness at tbe pass"- pass"- '' "r. Heiss, (here still ought ci-ling of gratification that Mr. He-is.? h;id lived-n feeling of ratification for siic-h it Iff.:. Mr. foiTi.s said (hat jf (he y oln ,g niell f Hamilton would study (he life, the hai'nctcr of Mr. Keiss, they would ind (hen- the foundation of succe^. \rising from poverty/working du'riii? he day a n d ' s t u d y i n g ' during , the wilh a sincere devotion to bis men, Mr. lieiss had bci-omf ill e worthy of, emulation. Mr Jeiss had not "only 'been interested n tlie Y. M. C. A., .biit'in every in- l i l u l i o n of merit'iii the 'city.' Judge Murphy's Tribute. Mr. Morris Iht-ii introduced as ; (lie opresc'ntativc of (he Hamilton Cham- of Commerce, of which Mr. lioiss ·as the first president, 'Judge Clnr- nci-'Murpliy. .judge Mnrpiiy said ' par!: . . · ' ; All Hamilton is in sorrow and i-mourning, and it is but jusi that ·e should be, because one of ils forc- losl cili/cas and benefactors lies in t.-rnal. slcrji. In recent years'no ne man has givoii more of. money in! of lime d the benefit of Harn- coi-ge t. lieiss, and fnl t h a n the one which he Ims ereclei in (he beads-of his fellow men. Henry Miller's .Words. Henry Miller spoke on behalf o Ihe employes of (he Niles Tool work Mr. .Miller slated that be had knowl Mr.-lteiss for more tlmii thirty years but bis elevation to wc-allh and tc success had nindo. no. difference' in tbe man. He ivus always tlie saint Mr. lleies was an honest, straight forward man. If you were jii dis tress and you were ivorlby, no n-iis.uiora ready to help you Iban Mi Keiss. The workmen of the X Tool works should congratulate them :·» .(hat, such a man as MiylJeis had been with the Niles, bccrtuse bunas,,COUNTY \vlthoiit 1C. H a m i l t o n Lod odge, No. 03, ISenevo- Order of Klks was n ch Icnt and Prolocti of which Mr. ·He nu-mber j.n.l n past exulted ruler Tin- services of Ihe Klks, always deeply 1 impressive, were more so Han raia'l last m-lit conducted l,y t M U ,,fti c( . rs ot tlie iorln,. nill! ,,,-((, ., fl , mi . |( . [( i ··"·isistiii" of Messrs. Bbu-kbiirii, Kae- [·'·, AVeislosel and Fisher, rendered Uic («- 0 musical numbers, "Nearer ai.v O o r t t u T I , r e , ' ' a l l d " T b c Vacant ( hair." entey for the Kiks was de- A l U - n Andrews, rewa spoke nmsl ferli,,'.-! iieks, fr, 'intni'j out how forty-one- lie bad ( ,,,,ic- to Hamilton ·inn.-iti and i,i those foriv- o"eyc, r . s ,,,, ( i s , la ,, ;0( |,,(|,v I, is ,,,,,;,, "I'', his devotion |o (lie city of his '"'"I'tinn, in- had ln a,lc i,;/ impl . oss "pnn lli- community. Mr. Andrews 'OKI ol II,,, ,,, any ]mMc benefactions oi Jlr. Ifnss. ,,r hi s vvor |. f o r ^[,; r( . v hospital, ol' w ln,.], ],,, ,,.,,.. president' nnd f.n- many years' a trustee, of his work for Hi,. Y. M. C. A., ,,)' |, ls fl, iiHH-p,freely of his advice, based up a wide experience than had he. Theic stands wilhin the city of Hamilton, more, monuments that luive upon them tlie, .inipress of his life imd influence than that o£ any other man. HR was tiio ui.t iiresident o£ Hie Ciumber of without Jfimet i. Tool, works \youh lot be what it is today. , The nieuior of Mr. Keiss will long linger will llic workmen o f ' t h e Niles. Words From Mr. Wood. A tribule to Mr. Keiss by Augustus Woods was read by August J. Witt mini. In this, Mr. Wood told of llic time when he was with a concern, 'a riv.-i! of the Xilcs, which later be caine associated wiih (h[. Niles anc how Mr. Ijtciss had sidered a genius in construct ion wtirlt seeking., ever,, to., get the most machine constructed i'rl'iUlnviit'-Bim- ple,: 1111111110.1;,' ··Ajter.ilio/cori'.-ern which. MivVVood had-bepn-a became .a part of the "' tibn, Mr: -Wcioil fold of bis clow cihtion with Mi 1 . nnA"l\e ' fulness of Mr. Keiss' life. »:·!' recognized by the,, constructing engineers j,l ( r,i a, nyui of wide.'Knowledge and. great merits'. Mr. Keiss 'believe.! lh iais- sion in. life w a s . t o be nsofnl and far as within him lay,''m!'tried io £".!- ! fill that mission. Judge 'Be'lddh Speaks. · Judge Kdgar A. Beldeii was -tlie next sjicakerl lie, said .in part..'We part..'We do well'to honor such a man as George T. Heiss. ' H e ' w a s no ordinary ordinary man--he was,a man controlled i-ojisc-iciice. We, on the directorate directorate of the Y. M. C. A., will recall ie of our meetings in the old liiiiMin:;, Mr. Keiss informed' us one night timt he had arranged with i f r i e n d ' t o ' l a t e " il'^10,0(10 loan of [be 'association, at'only four per cent, lie iicvcr lold who Iba't friend 'was, ml we Imve always ·suspieidncd it Mr. Keiss. He saved .the Y. M. C. A. when it wiis in (lire distress, foiindly broadly syinnathelic. that no effort failed {o'coinfeand his support. V l l i s unfaltering 'pouragc iilaliii-e judgment filled him for crahip nnd gave -i-onfiilcuec and to his ffssoc'iiileK. Wy cannot loo liighly csfimiito I ho 'worth of 'Jiis forts 'for : il)i s liorly. His was the spirit of -'service arid of Hucrificc.; '" The death of M^r. Itciss :js coiiimiinif.y "loss; Ini't in 'reflecting "I'Ph his common Joss all Humilio'i lias 'siisfaiiied; we are not unmindful of the porsonal sorrow his death brought to each of us. 'He wn| t r u e aiid heliitul'fribnd jtist ts! ( v.-as n Bi'erit and pullir-spirlcd"dili'' zen.M · · . .., ,, · , Y. tt. 6: A, 'Action on the fteatli ' ' The folloivillj,' resulntioii was 'fd by : lhe 'bdaivl-of trustees 'of-'tlic; if. C. A, upon the death of the ' ' ' s. , Whereas, Whereas, .tt'';Iia's '^CascB Almig!ity ; ' ' God'in His wisdom ,1'b call from iniilst 'Mi-. 'George T. Reiss, n and former'president of tlic'Hamilton Y. M. C. ,A and' '' ' Wlibre'iVs,"iii' his 'death 1 ; the Hamilton Hamilton association has lost one 'of' most 'faltlifui' J friends niid stamicbest supporters, a trusted whoso counse was always eagerly soiigh't'; the Ke it '(·elycd: Tlia't wli(ie' w'b 1 Jw n'siilirnis'sioti 1 to the .will 4f-tlic : lDi i-in'e 'HuVs'j-' iii removiiig "·'liim' ifroni niiong ·ii's/bb" it iicrel)^ ordered' he secretaVy Iransnut'to '(he u^reave ·el!itives"'e'xpr(-ssion of 'our ; 'deees besb 'expr(-ssion o 'our ; deees; y niid' gric'f ,'witli ' ' : l!c'it 1; i'nfr'licrres6-ivc t (T: Ttint"a'c'opj Jf these respliilioiis be.spreud on records. iETTER SEED ;WHBAT FOR BUTL-EE COUNTY. The Hamilton Chamber · of Com- it-rc-e will cuiidncl nnnuifl contests ·r fhe development of. a better seed whoa) in Hullcr c-oiinly ditriin; Mie years lOloj-lDUi, 1317" and 1918. ' These Boiili-sts are' open Ho ''all boys -arid .girl's,' in the schools of Bat'-?' ler county -tontside; -Hainilion ini/l Aliddletown who are members of tlio f i f t h grade or-upward and are 20 years of-age. Hoys and girls-mii : in school must lie between (he ages 11 and 20 years to be eligible '.'to COIlteSt. ;: ' -. , . ' A t , the. end of, -the foiirtb ..year' ly du wbeiein he lies now -to receive the ·lute of bib friends, -is lurire- ilue (o him. lie did,things wilhoiit the hope O f reward in tbis'wo/id-j-be .'in berauso he Jiii iliii'y-- fellow ;iia«. '1'iie T. liciss belonged lo (hat o do what tliey do sense, of duty to Hieir f-l|,,w, |, oc ., llsc oE ll|cir l i n e for m a n k i n d . II was the combin- "tioiis of iliesc acts Unit resulted in . -s tbe people »l ilamilloii in niDiirniug for such a '"'in. The mcinnmciits which he "has ''·It may w i t h s t a n d tlie ravishes of lime, Iml the meuu.ry o f him will' "·main ; ,s l.eaulif,,! 1)S the green t lowers t h a t surnnind him. A p a r t : " I n such an hour nS Ibis, we recognize recognize the fact all men -are" "brothers'.' All distinctions men may make, end at the grave. It has been' said that nil evil comes from Jaek'oi adapta-; tion. George T. Kciss was' a man n-lio could nda])t himself to any condition condition in life, biit-be Used his"every opporfiinily and he made his life Hint which il was. 1'Y-w men have lived a cleaner life, few men have gained wealth more honorably;'few man havo used their wealth for"a'greater, npb- Vr purpose. His life "IS" an in.spira- tion io us such an infliu 1 . Triily' this life with 'ncp bail 1 ils well-spring i n a'divine'source." - · · · ' · · · ' . ' . ' Taken Back' Home.' ··'·'.·. "'·'A'fier ^ . ·- 1U " "" ""'Oi"ry cl ihn ^ ave you. ik a.r mone/^in e * ;·.;;* * ii you j'peiicl ; a* muck u earn t you ire no only lo.viii^' money; ,Lui You, Are di/couniin/ f ruiure, BANK lici Private funeral services for Mr, re held Saturday afternoon i-onducied by Ih'i- liev. Hen- Kersl a,,d H, e JJev. Gcorjc ld. The ronwiiis were laid to rest in Greenwood. 1 ' Chamber of Commerce Tribute to George T. Reiss. T l i ' - b o a s i l o f tnwl,.^of t l i f l C h a m - b'-r if Coinmercn at n 'special meeting '"'Id last "lihlit, adopted the folloxv- ·"- ·"-·iuiirial to 'lh c late fiiorgc '.T by «f Messrs. C. dei,, C.I). M y ;l committee com- s and C. - , . e'boy. or arl ivho bus finally devnlopcd tbe.bqst.^vlmit iu J'.ip,entire .contest. This prize \vilf ho, in,ad|liti(i/i ^o.-the casji,'prizes (o' be given anmially. , ; . : . . T|ic,'. eontcsfi', for,.this -year 'will for. (he best 150 heads oC red-'wheat- of- any one variciy..';rowii in Bullcl- connly. Kniries must be. sent '.o'the (.'liainlier uf ponimerce of Hamilton before June 1"^ .AJ], wheat,submitted Llca^t two foe'i . ,^'19.,W!i'«'s'./9.r 1 n'cxt year, will.;fo based on tlie^be^^Oft heads, of grown from ^wli'eat .'.cnfflreil'iri i'i'ih con'iest of lijlo. ..rh^'coiitosJt'Qf 1,017 will be on 1U -' 1 - i -1 -1 -' -- · "' -· '· - growii' fn " M r . (iconic Thpodorc Keiss died at his lionir nenr Jl.imiHnn, fiftb,j)ini-|ri'n t h e M x l - s i x t h .-UK! fifteen, in »f hi,- ||f c . "Mr. ttriss was (he first president "1 t h e Chamber of Conimorcc o'f I Urn'" ilt..n. He rt-as olecicd in May, riinc- inndred and ten, an,l was re- ry, nineteen hundred served as lh c chief i . 1 · -. «·!«,·!., in "·"I eleven. chamber nn- nnd to sorv its lion I "·"'.v. nitictocn hundred ";· :mtimied u n t i l 1 I b i s chamber as a member of "' of Commerce of the "!'«'! St:,to s of AmoricM and as a '»;«''" of n t ! l f r committees ' I" the de.ith of M^r cl '«'«ber 1ms -differed, th, anil i' Mlc e.per- » »!iril atcrnly;rcsplutc yet nto- ^^. n · " ...s. ' the l-'o'rl Tiamil l .bn i ;[il|iiis"ro.tlw Prince Milling Co. Cliarjes I)iofeu- bnch is lhc don'or bf. llic' watch given as "a speciaj prize iii tbe final contest. "-'··'.' ' " -' ' Two thousand'cnCrj' cards for (he contest ibis .Veai-'aro fcci::-/ 'liitribii- tod tbrongirtbc spools 'of the county county by 'CoiihV"'' Superintendent ficluvarlz. Any boy «.- girl in tie fontily who desires','to en'.er may do so by filling out flic lollowing con- poil and mhilin^ if tip the Hamilton Chamber (if CdiiimeVo'e b?fdr'c : 3vine 1, ' ' EKTKT CARD.' ' Hamilton Chamber'' of : 'Comn|erce · Wheat 'Contest, 1915. : ; I''hereby (Inter'lil'e Butler' Coiinty Wheat Contest of '1015, con.luclod tbp, Hamilton' Chamhcr of Commerce. I agree to-'select' 150 heads of ; wheat : tf one vfiti'ciy irrown in Bn: County and to "cxhibil it at a Seed Wbe.-ir show to-be held at the Hamii- ion C'lanilier. oF Contmcrcc on Saturday, Saturday, July 31, 1015." I a?rec lo tak'tf'part in (ho con'o^fs of 1015, lf(l(i, 1017 ami IfllS, as or- plained on '.he 'back of Ihis card. P. O.'Ail,)rc5s.' f '..'::. Scljool Age ..,....-.. ;.·;... (Pill ont' niid mail'to Chamber of, Commerco, Hamilton, Ohio, before ; IJOENSED TO Hugh M; JJiehardvBo, clcrky (aud. ^tart!is...Hpukeiv;;e/)iJ) Jthidle- loirn. Hev..Arbn , For commencement-invitations

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