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Edgerton appointed by Pillsbury - as a Edgerton's the its St. ol that when in But...
as a Edgerton's the its St. ol that when in But for the fight made against Dunnell Dunnell last fall he would to-daj be an United States Senator, That fight was rendered necessary by his arrogant and shameless attempt to snatch the Republican nomination for congress jy fraud. Had he even after the Waseca invention retraced his steps and undone undone the wrong which his adherents :iad committed lie might have been appointed in place of Gen. Edgerton. We should have been opposed to him ust the same, because of what wo conceive conceive to be his unfitness for the place, jut he would have stood a good chance to secure the prize. The county commissioners of Mower county adopted ttie following resolution at their last meeting: Resolved, By the Hoard of County Commissioners, Commissioners, of the county of Mower, that this hoard will audit and allow all bills necessarily incurred incurred by the county attorney of this county, in procuring the attendance, and for the expenses of all such non-resident witnesses as shall be deemed necessary by him in the prosecution of the case of the state of Minnesota vs. Join A. Riley. At the January session of the board Constable Minette put in a bill for service in going to Winoua after Riley at the time he was arrested. The board disallowed the bill and Minette took an appeal. We understand that one of the defences put in by the county county attorney for the county is that Riley was not arrested by due process of law, but was kidnapped ! Evidently that county attorney is a very fit person to prosecute Riley. to will one in recorder, of the town might are the to Mahoiie of Republicans, the and the , for it implies We i m e n t if we u t h we h a v e yet-to presence Ward's citv and Wells. He Dunnel senator in the we Dun Minnesota only to Judge Wilson of Winona gives the following constitutional reasons for his opposition to the bond bill: First--It violates section 2, article 9, which provides that "no law levyiug a tax or making other provisions for the payment of interest or principal of the bonds * * * shall take effect or be in force until such law shall have been submitted submitted to a vote of the people of the state and adopted by a majority of the electors of the state voting upon the same." Second--That it violates section l, articles, winch authorizes the legislature to establish courts by a two-third vote, when this act attempts attempts to establish this court by a mere majority vote. Third--That it violates section 5, article 9, of the constitution, which provides that "for the purpose of defraying extraordinary expenditures, expenditures, the stats may contract public "debts but such debts shall never, in the aggregate, exceed S250.000. Every debt shall be authorized by law for some single object, to be distinctly specified «ic«:r., 884 no «uch law shaa take effect until It shall have been passed by the vote of two- thirds of the members of the legislature," etc. Fourth--That it violates the constitution and well-settled fundamental principles, In that it does not, by Its own terms, state when and under what circumstances it should go into operation ; but, on the contrary, submits the question to a "tribunal" unknown to the constitution, constitution, thus attempting to delegate the power and evade the responsibility which the constlu- ilon lias conferred on the legislature and forbidden forbidden to delegate. The joint resolution ratifying the Seymour; Sabin Co. contract was signed, but before he would approve, the governor required the contractors to sign a supplemental contract---drawn up under the supervision of Attorney General Start--the legal tenor of which is as follows: All the prison machinery machinery is to be repaired at the expense o: Seymour, Sabin Co., and they are forbidden to remove the same; they re lease all claim and right to the appropriation appropriation of $6,000 per annum for the first two years; the state is released from all claims for damages on the part o: Seymour, Sabin Co. by reason o: non-payment of said appropriation for the time specified; if Seymour, Sa bin Co. make any improvements to machinery, etc., they shall have no claim for remuneration therefor. By the above contract, and by th disapproval of the "higher education' bill, the governor saves the state the sum of $21,000. Senator Edgerton. Gov. Pillsbury on Monday last com missioned Hon. Alonzo J. Edgerton o Ka=son as United States Senator in place of Senator Windom, resigned The contest for the positon was ex trcMiiely warm, the principal contest an!s being Gen. Edgerton, Gen. Gordon E. Cole and Mr. Dunncll. It was knowi all flic time that the personal prefer encc ol Gov. Pillsbury was for Mr Edgerton, but the greatest outsid pressure was in lavor of Mr. Cole. Mi Dunncll attempted to get up a "boom for himself by telegraphing fron Washington lo his henchmen to "tele graph the Governor to appoint me. Ilemonstrances poured in from al parts of the state against his appointment, appointment, and, wo understand, a numbc of telegrams sent by him were hnndei over to the Governor for his inspec (ion. The latter never had any idc, of appointing Mr. Dunncll, and if h had entertained such a proposition th unseemly conduct of Mr. Dunncll ir the matter would have strangled ii Dunncll followed up his telegram 1) lightning express from Washington t Owatonna, iron) which city he sent delegation headed by the postmaster t press his claims. Senator Edgerton is well known ii this county, and stands deservedly high. He is not a politician and h:u a deep-seated contempt for "the ma chine" in politics. He is independent as was shown by his opposition t Dunneli last fall, and is a man of gooi ability, strict integrity, and command ing presence, who will honor the pos ition. He was born i« Rome, N. Y in 1827, graduated at Middlcton Uni versity in 1850, studied law, remove to Illinois in 1853, and to Dodge county Minnesota, in 1855, where he has live ever since. He was elected to the slat senate in 1858, as a Democrat. In ISO ho was a delegate to the CbarlesU onvention where he supported Breck- iridge. In 1862 he enlisted as a prirjile n the 10th Minnesota, was soon pro- loted to the captaincy of company B," and in 1864 was made colonel of colored regiment. He was a very flicient ollicer, and was frequently omplimented in the reports of his Liperior officers, lie was not mustered ut until 1806, and was brevetted brig- liier general. After the war he prac- ced law at Mantorville until 1871, ·hen lie was appointed rail road com- lissioner by Governor Austin, and was e-iippoiated by Gov. Davis. t. Cloud, Mankato Ai^jit iiail Road. The St. Clotid Journal-Press of the Oth says : At the session of the Legislature of 1879 a iccial act was passed reviving a grant of mils made in 18W to the St. Cloud and Minue- polis Kailroad Company provided it should onsolldate with the Mankato and St. Cloud ompany. It may bu said, by way of explana- on, that the former company, by its original harter, is authorized to construct several ranches, to each of which a swamp land grant ttaches. A number of attempts have been lade during the past two years to bring about iis consolidation, but without success until last Thursday, when a meeting of the officers and ending stockholders of the two organizations vasheld at the Merchants Hotel. The St loud and Minneapolis Company was represent- d by Mr. J. F. Wilson, its president who ontrol of the charter, and Mr. Sidney Mills, oth of Minneapolis. Messrs. Oilman. Boniii- veli and Baker, whose main interest was in the eeoud company, were also stockholders in this, die Mankato and St. Cloud Company was epresented by Senator Honniwel! of Hutchinon. Hutchinon. the President, and Gen. J. H. Baker of lunkato, the Secretary, and by Senator Camp- ie.ll ol Utchfield, Sena'tpr Officer of Austin, a-.tl Jeutenant-Governor Oilman. Capt. Collins and V. 11. Mitchell of St. Cloud, and other stock- ·olders. Almost the entire stock of both com- anieswas represented personally or by proxv, lessrs. W. P. dough and R. B. Galusha, of J aul two of the ablest railroad lawyers of the tate, were present to draw up the necessary apers. The consolidation was then formally formally made, whereby the "Mankato and St Jloud" and the "Minnesota and Iowa Midland iailroad Company, a branch of the Minneapolis ind St. Cloud Company," were meified in one ompany, to be known as [the St. Cloud, «\tp nud Austin Kailroad Company ; with a *upital stock of 82.w»,ouo, to build and operate a railroad from St. Cloud via Mankato to Ausin Ausin ; ttie principal place of .business of the K i i i y t o l i e a t Mankato. The first Board Directors is composed :is follows : C. A. Gil- nan, N. P. Clark, St. Cloud ; W. M. Campbell Jtchflcld ; W. T. Bonuiwell, W. J. Ives.Hutch- nson ; J. H. Baker and J. A.Willard.Mankato W. H. Officer, Austin; J.T. Wilson and I U- vater, ^Minneapolis ; L. Emmett. Ortonville The executive committee is : W. T. Bonniwell '. H. Baker, C. A. Gilimin. J. P. Wilson and w. H. Officer. A meeting of the Board of Directors has been called for March 19, at the A'icollet House, Minneapolis, when new stock vill be issued to the stockholdere entitled to ·eceive It. Five hundred shares will he Issued, our hundred going to the stockholders of the old Mankato and St. Cloud, and one hundred he stockholders of the »ld Minneapolis atid t. Cloud branch. This consolidation, which has been greatly desired by the friends 9f the Munkatoand Si. 3loud road for a long time, is of much impor- ance.and puts the new company In condition secure the early construction of the line the full ength from St. Cloud to Austin and still south- vard to the boundary line of the state, At east three of the most powerful and vigorous railroad corporations of the west are desirous o secure the rights and franchises of the COM- sany with a view to building the road, and lomething will be done in this direction before ong, we are confidently assured. Shall We Have Another Kail Boad! Red Wing is moving in the matter of building a rail road to the Iowa mines and has opened communication with Owatonna on the subject, the last legislature having passed an act permitting certain counties to vote bonds to aid said road. By looking al the map it will be seen that a road from Red Wing to the Iowa coal via Owatonna would necessarily pass near this city, and would make its connection with the coal mines here. Now, the one thing needed to complete complete our rail road system is a road from here to Owatonna via Geneva, and we have not the slightest doub that it will be built in the near and we ought to at once open nication with Red wing and Owatonna Owatonna upon the subject. Our Geneva friends are also inter ested in this subject, for the fact tha the C., M. St. P. road is about extended north from Mankato, in our opinion, destroys all prospect of build ing the proposed Austin St. Clouc road. It needs little argument to show that a road from here to Owatonna the best thing for Geneva. It gives the people these direct connection witr Minneapolis, where their wheat wil soon all go, with the coal mines they must get their fuel, and witl their county seat, which is no smal consideration. They ought to interes themselves in this subject and taki some action at once. We propose that a meeting bo hclc lit Owatonna soon to talk the prqjcc up--Since up--Since the above was written we learn that Gov. Armstrong has receiv cd a letter from parties at Kcd Win in relation to the projected road, ii which they wish to know what Lea will d'o to forward the enterprise The letter wa.s laid before the Board Trad'' 1 on Monday evening and wa referred to the secretary, who has re plied to it. The Red Wing Republican of la.- week says: Arrangements have been made to have th nioneur party of the Kcd Wing Iowa rail start out on Monday next to take a prelimiriar view and observations preparatory to the per manent siirvej'. That is, this party will loo? over the ground with the view of detcnniuin_ the most 'feasible route. Letters from prninliien men in Dodge, Steele, Olmstcd. Frecbom. Kill more, and other counties interested, give th mo^t eiiconra£init promises of liberal aid, an manifest a de»i interest in the enterprise. Have Ton Ever Known any person to lie seriously i] without a weak stomach or inaeliv livcv or kidneys ? And when thes organs are good condition do you fine their possessor enjoying good "health Parker's GingerTonie always regulate these important organs, and' never Tail to make the blood rich and pure, an to strengthen every part of the system It has cured hundreds of despairing invalids. Ask your neighbor abou it. See another column. Potatoes TTantco. Highest market price paid for choice clean Early Rose and Peach Blow totoes at R. N. PAKKS. 4d Second-hand seeder for sale by Dr Burnham. tssam ELiSTIC TBUS3 Hm PiiddUhrim from k cup it»p«, with 8«lf- Ballin e«tiler,Kl«lTkltM!fto«l KKlIfeni ot the bodsv-wMIe th« f B«l II n tt« om front bttfc InMUiHjuiu»»nMw(Kil4 ^r *lm *° Flnfur. with light ^7 poacretheHeniiafabeldKcurely IsTSTvl night. BTidn faiHr-al euro certain. Itlfi Me?, doiabfj ·ad chaap. Sent by mall. Circulars frw. EGOLESIOS TRUSS CO., Chicago, IU. $£ f n tf|0ni icr 'hiy at home. Samples worth -j J!t) lU (WUfree. H I I N S O . V ic C\, ror'tlitml. A Ie

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