Duty and Opportunity of Union in Hamilton

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Duty and Opportunity of Union in Hamilton - but up to t it has life. he the the made to...
but up to t it has life. he the the made to influence The Duty and Opportunity of Union Labor in Hamilton n g e r '' ·'"' **"' """^ bv by bus attacks IE FIRM of Slniler and IJcnningholeii yesterday brought to the people ol' Hnmil- ton a complete and dispassionate statement of the labor troubles at their woolen mill. The Journal commends the tone and la nonage that Hie firm used and \vo i'cel sure the words will find a sympathetic response pretty sencrally in Hamilton. Since the labor controversy has arisen in Hamilton tlie Evening-Journal lias made some investigation on its own account and as organized labor has been employed in making- of the Evening- Journal for M years with tlie relations entirely harmonious profitable, we feel we can talk to those unbii men in Hamilton who are thoroughly in sentiment and yet conservative enough to see the difference! between unionism as principle and disorder and lawlessness a.s a practice. Let no one proclaim that Hamilton has a monopoly on labor troubles. Other industrial industrial cities have labor disputes, as a glance at the daily newspapers show WHATKVKK LABOR TROUBLES THBRK ARE IN 1 HAMILTON THK CONSERVATIVE CONSERVATIVE MEN W THE HANKS OF UNION LABOR CAN AND MUST CORRECT. Let there be no misunderstanding of the position of the Evening- Journal. \Ve no words against union labor organizations. Labor has. a full right to organize; has a lull right ol collective bargaining. The organization of labor is just as proper as the organization, of manufacturers. Samuel Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor, a man of lar"c ability, in a recent public statement said:--"there i.s no more potent force for democracy democracy than the organized labor movement." John P.^ White, president ol 1 the United ?.line Workers of America, in a recent statement statement said -"Kvury legitimate endeavor should be exercised before a lie-up in any results. We must keep pace wiili the times. Go fonvard and not backward." With these words by notable leaders of labor before us, the livening Journal to talk lo organized labor of Hamilton. One "of the city's big industries (Sluilcr and Benninghofcn mill) is closed. Anothev of the city's big- industries (the Niles Tool Works) may be compelled to close shortly because of the strike in the molding department. In addition to closing there is DANGER THE CITV MAY LOSE BOTH PLANTS. Other cities are seeking "them ' o f f e r i n g big inducements. At both Shuler and Benmnghofen's and the Niles Tool Works the ONLY OUFS- T!?nn a U S | U nn S ,^ E ^ GJriT10N ' ° F TM R U N I O N ' T H R K B IS N0 COMPLAINT AS 1U llUUKo OK \\AviEo. Is the recognition of the union a really vital reason for a strike? That i.s when other conditions are satisfactory? The Evening Journal believes it is informed correctly when it says that the bulk ot organized labor in Hamilton does not approve of these tivo strikes AND EMPHATICALLY DOES NOT APPROVE OF ANY DISORDER OR VIOLENCE. It i.s now up to organized labor to redeem Hamilton. \Ve believe that organized labor--90 per cent of it, IS OPPOSED to a resort to VIOLENCE to attain any end There are hundreds of conservative union labor men in Hamilton who own their and who have an interest in the welfare of the city--these men must now assert opinions and let it be known that they do not and "ill not stand for the FEW RADICALS in the molder.s' union and among the textile workers who put to shame the o! union labor by lawless practices. The great world war of today is being FOUGHT FOR DEMOCRACY Samuel Gompers .says "there is no more potent force for democracy than the organized labor movement." What is democracy? THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL. Then it is for organized labor to respect the rights of individuals The Evening Journal has reason to believe that two-thirds of the molder.s' union two-thirds of the workers at the Shuler and Benninghofcn mill desire to work If this is so, then THEY SHOULD HAVE THAT RIGHT. THAT IS DEMOCRACY And should be privileged to work free from any fear or harm. That too is DEMOCRACY In Hamilton there is the law. There is the mayor who took a sacred o-itl- The sworn duty of public officials is to preserve peace and order at all hazards Twenty five radical trade unionists with I. \V. W. tendencies must not be permitted to peace of the city or to take from any man or woman his or her DEMOCRACY HUMAN RIGHTS. The duty of the public officials is beyond m-gmnmi Rut the Evening Journal does not want to see tho Hamilton situation cleared up city officials alone. \\ e prefer it be cleared up bv THE REAL MEN WITHIN R A N K S OF UNION LABOR. ' v » n u i i s nil, Organized labor in Hamilton, that is the part that is free from I. W. W and socialist taint, has the opportunity of its entire history to come forward and by its action save Hamilton. Will it do it? The Evening Journal hopes it will. BUT IN ANY EVENT LAWLESSNESS MUST CEASE. T H E R E MUST END TO CONDUCT THAT CAN NOT BE DEFENDED OP. TOLERATED

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  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 23 Aug 1917, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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  • Duty and Opportunity of Union in Hamilton

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