Hamilton Quiet Today Efforts to Settle Niles Strick Are Made

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Hamilton Quiet Today
Efforts to Settle Niles Strick Are Made - l e -- $ on from and Ken- today held t e r s t...
l e -- $ on from and Ken- today held t e r s t a t e pa m\(m QUIEI TODAY As Efforts To Settle Niies Strike Are Made ALL MOLDERS Except Those At The Niles Go Back to Work-The Dismissal of "Bum" West. (Icorge F. "Miles and C. O. Cooke, of Columbus, stale mediators sent here by (iovernor Cox lo take i.'haigo of Ihe strike s i t u a t i o n are now in the city and are pull ing- f o r t h an e f f o r t to adjust the troubles of Ihe molders oo s t r i k e at the Niles Tool works.' The mediators arrived in t h i s city Tuesday and . i m m e d i a t e l y took steps to nrrani^o a conference. The mediators .went , l o Ihe plant of Ihe Niles Tool works t h i s 'morning aiid a l t h o u g h n o t h i n g was ^'iveu out ro- .yardiiii^ t h e i r mission, it was ostensibly ostensibly I'oi 1 :.'*!.« purpose of delermiuinji .wluii;eri'ij'd In; done in the way of n'd- .jiisKipj; 'ty-.' ditTet'cm-i's heiwccii t h e nio'/lors a n V l . i h c company. No Developments. Conditions relative I n (lie sti-ike of t h e inolders resumed nutch t h e same shape as they have hreu for t h e pust several weeks, w i t h (be foundry at t h e Niles Tool works closed closed and no effort made by any of (ho men to r e t u r n to work. All o f t h e excitement prevalent . i n t h e c i t y Tuesday over t h e reports of m a r t i a l law and the i m p o r t a t i o n of ae.^ro troops to nuc'll a n y disorder whieh iniifbt arise. The reports CIHI.ST ed u ijrcat deal of unnecessary anv 1 icly ami worry 0:1 Ihe piirt of sonic people 1 but t h e i r fears were put ' a t an end when the reports were foniid lo be untrue. Molders Return to "Work. .Molders of all o t h e r shops in (ho C O JVIan For Your Orders . . . $12.98 Blue Blood . . . . . . 73c Blood Special . . c i t y who weii'j otii oii -a sympathetic, strike Tuesday,- returned to work again -today. A moc.liui; · of Ulo moTders 1 : i i u i o u w a s - h e l d 1 and-dip' men were ordered back lo work iodav. 1 - - / / No Trouble Today, icro vyas m i - e x r - i t e m k i n d i i ' i I h e p l a n t of works last night and., (here was IK; I rouble of any kind today;'·· : Saloons Permitted To Open. About 1(1 o'clock Tuesday liig'ht u iii»'ll'«('fi' : iiioUloi-fc which was up- pointed at the request of "Mayor to report- whether tho molders would return- to work again AVfMesday morning called at tho i t y building to see the, mayor, was'"a'sbseuf at t h e time b u t ' i'in'nlly .located and informed of tbc i n t e n t i o n of""the* men who to ·return to' work Wednesday morning. After this tbc police department sent out the notices t h a t the saloons would be pel-milled to resume business at 5 o'clock nijjhl when the .11 o'clock shift was lined up in the municipal iioiii'l room Mayor John A. Holxlior- ;er gave the pa/rohnc.u sOlne very .strict instruct ions "regarding llu.- operation of the saloons t h a t wore u u t t c f d : lo he'opened a.(^ain on Wcd 7 nesday morning, lie told the o f f cers t hat they Should impress it t h e mi.hd of the saloonkeepers to ref u s e - l i q u o r t o any man : ho allowed any evidence o'f hein£ drunk' nod they disobeyed t h i s order to the saloonkeeper anil "close his place. They were lolil lo see t o it t h a JHJV b u t ' t h e best of order is and to arrest any v i o l n l o r order oi- stand the chance of beinc;·'ilis- missed from the pollee force. The Prosecuting Witnesses Tailed Appear. [''ailarc ol' the prosecuting witnesses witnesses to' appear leil t o - a ' dismissal W i l l i a i u ( M u m ) .West ip court Tuesday afternoon, 'flu; decision decision ,w.as made .by Judge .Shank a I h e , c o u r t had wailed for M half hour for the witnesses lo put: in llit'ii 1 appearance. -Mien Andrews, represeniiu'^ - the Law ami Order league tis well as prosecuting witness put a question .City,i Spl'c,i(or lCm;hler and was asl; e.d t o - tell who he represente.d. replied t h a t hi: represented the secutiti'A' witness and was told to produce his . c l i e n t . , .This he to do. -T|ie failure, pi", the. witnesses f i appear was not explained a n i l ' e of the police department hi locale witnesses -.were of no avail, , , .Tohn Keichel and (-'art Weiss were the w nesses. . . . " ' .; W e s t , had been arrested on accounts iii.comipctjo.il w i t h the at the Xili'ti Tool works for allegedly! thron'tiis; rocks .which struck IJciche) Weiss. dgp. -.Shank, a f t e r awnitiujj 1 for quite a t i i u c for ihe witnesses appear, asked City Solicitor Ivoehler if lit 1 had any' evidence, a^,-ainsl the Koehlcr "replied ( h a t be had whereupon Sliank dismissed both eases on a motion made b y ' A Haines, who represented Wesl. It was found in connection w i tbe t r i a l that I b e . warrants arrest, of West'had disappeared: iii.i; the proceedings Wesl snt in a chair "calmly sleeping, bcint; iuter- ruplcd at times by various persons the eroSyd wbic'h filled every nook of (he court" room. ' 99c Readers of The Joiminl are in Hamilton.

Clipped from
  1. Hamilton Evening Journal,
  2. 12 Sep 1917, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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  • Hamilton Quiet Today Efforts to Settle Niles Strick Are Made

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