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 - of weather and also when compared ped at eleven...
of weather and also when compared ped at eleven minute, put ten It wu Infer- to with the same period of the previous year, red that he hart been in the water several This Is no doubt due to the fact that while hours ,, a stumbling-block lo lhe rest of the profes- tbe range of the thermometer has been un The body was taken from tbe stream at accompanied by once and brought to Ur Eberenz'n home your immediate-charge ' Perhaps *» atmosphere much dryer than Ia usually In this borough the same night. The fn- prevalent at Upls season of tbe year A neral was held on Saturday afternoon, Hev. 1 good warm atmoaptfere accompanied by damp James A Boyce, of Stony Fork, official other or rainy weather would, no doubt, have Ing Toe Odd Fellows'Lodge had chargi brought a very different state of affairs, of Ibe services at the house, and the Onl It ia, however, no evil results have fol- formed Degree Camp acted as escort and degree of cold so far conducted the burial services Mr Ebcr experienced in this latitude. enz was a member of bothj organizations --Now jnat listen to this Every now · · - · - - - - - · · - '· ·· -- ·»·. -- - At Ihe time of hja. fteath Mr Eberenz , then the newspaper reader comes was in the sixty second year of hla age acrosa an announcement of a buried human having been turned lo stone, and per few statements gain more credence He was born in Deimar township, and some years ago be moved from his farm to this borough Two children--a son and failure If you of sound sound and ers We must every our If, then, than these. Tel a medical Journal takes a daughter, Mrs. Brubaker--survive him. can Bo "n»l has never been known, and it Is off i flafe lo E ? never hu takeQ P lact the question and asserts In the most di A strange fatality seem, lo have attended and unequivocal manner thai the him. Three or four times he had hair they in "pelriflcatlon of the body of a warm blood breadth escapes from death by runaway make accidents, and once--some years ago--he sports, we was badly injured by being tossed, gored with a and trampled by a vicious bull mean business, The deceased owned a large farm in thnsiastic Delmar and considerable property In this laughter borough He also earned considerable school boy tissues of the body give off ammonia, and 1'fq and accidental insurance, the amount, and lhis,coming into union with the fats in Jie being variously stated at sums ranging ing $0 000 lo $19,000 on that sick calf nerves! my condition of the body which leads to a misconception is not that ot petri flcslion but of saponiBcation " The ex planation of the phenomenon is tbat the ere t which is almost identical wuh a hard church ediflce just completed by the Free heatinR Prothonotary's officer $190, money refunded on accounts o^erptid, $8816 costs etc, refunded, $13504 -making a total-of $17 200 S9 Tho orders paid during the month amounted to $13 99503, leaving a balance on hand of fc3. 20586 The Collectora paid" ID $2^89 cboir Re? A. £ COY of Games, made a prajer, and Rev Mr L oyd, pastor of the Methodist, Episcopal Church uf this borough, read selections f-cm tho Psalms appropriate lo the occasion After the Bmglnt of a hymn ftev Dr 0 U Ball, of Buffalo Delivered a long t,nd very interest if she is dent as observed essary aod those Without a aale , BU(|eB nd Wftgh QU , g paid out on orders lanving $2 55 of shc,ep much thought in the bearers funds OD band ' At the conclusion of Ir Ball's sermon --The heavy rams of yestcrcUy and Rev Mr Hills, who bas bad mucb to do Sunday raised thp streams rapid-y nnd with building the new ' L --*- tbe water reached ita htgbest point lat night Our brooks wersi turned fnjo tor rents Several small bridges in thisnei^b borbood were carried away and oany LC| lars aresttll flooded this morning ajthough the water is falling There were several the Pine Creek railway, and tram No 0, which was lue here at 3 p tn yester lay, in ^till de .hurcb made a statement of the financial condition of the society He said that tie cost of tbe church including the lot and tbo furni lure, was about $4 000 Much of this had been contributed by members of tbe Church living elsewhere bin there still re mamed a debt of about $1 200 which he requested those present to help wipe out Matters WHAT A IIAS ^ CL-iMER markably Mr well 160 windmill Mr of greensw* bushels Calls were then made for eaWnpHons to a11 lhe work caoyon pcar Tiadagl^nn The cancel this debt Mr H.lls himself re lost passengers secured fool at Ihat point There are lh"ce land elides nnd a wash out reported rjear Walerville r.nd sponded b subscribing |1CO aod lac La diea' Vul Sociely of the Chjrch agreed lo raise the eame amount Several other years of Mrs died weeks Tbis years. by this this l w o or slides Lelow An«un a. All trains are^abandoned on the Pine treek railwaylto day Coo lucl»r Copp went to Corning yesterday on tram 6s time and be had water, on the return trip Ibound train from Corning due here at 8 0") this morning is delayed by a flooded ad some difficulty! on account of high ;r, on the return trip Tbe 8( ul'urn tention to lhe inscription on tbe wall of the alcove at the north end of the church Steevens Memorial Church, 1885 He track and a wash out below Lawrenceville 'explained it by saying la u Mr B H Steev i-Acertam man in ahis boroufih pwr f 0 8 _ an ,*f etl m e f n b «iO f li e Church, liv butbocrst was met upon the strc t a rw dajs neo by a ncwlj Hedged juurnehst who with SGod bless3ou my friends nile offered the former a pair of Second 1 hi-n I trousers which our impccuniou* fn nfi was to gtl u^on going lo the edi'o 'G resi dence Now, it is a very magnjin THUS thing in itself for an editor to give f.vay even an old pair of pantaloon" f t r if be .,,.,,,, .,,,, v...TM^ v.^. U v.^, u^.nui ukuvi j · · bume of podges were made for smaller eum^ and township a clillection waa taken up for the same ob tbtir ne 'fi b ject, so that at the, close of lhe meeting Mre ^m «a about $350 had been £tven or pledged her During his remarks Mr Bills called at mia'ritci; The fox «jmi|e $1 them for ,the fur Lkst Oakley taut and his horses ran away Mr O-iAley claimed but be tt am has been m business long bia old ones will be tbe beat he ha i But tbIP act u to be excused in thi=i ca«e on account of the iu HIM UH*B itu tujv verdaDcy of our knlgill of lhe last W D J house near ar t the through m was ac that s hfo of T h e * trousers were curried bo Tie ru 1 in ih» quiet evening bour of Mio niyhl t f r e Christmas when all the family we- at tending lhe festival a! onr if In" *\ ur^j e s our friend brought forth tbo c trumerfl and donated them iu oruer to ^ « Low mucb to cut off the legs b fore tliev vi ^uid be of v*e lo him HP wad h u i m r t n ab sently 'The Belles of New Orleans ' aod unty bad sent him $500 toward the e ection of the build ing und in gratitude f r th s generous and timely gift the mscripti in tid been placed n a the wall of the church The prajer of detlic \Uon was mude by Rev O J Moon oT I out Troy Pn , and the people were dismissed with the bene diction by Hev S Bulki* of Deertltld township ^^k The new church is n JttUBomc gothic structure standing on the n irthwest corner of Bust avenue and C^ne 31 reel U neas urea dti by 08 feet on. t » ground The front is marked by two toners the one D Jbe weal corner being S f t e equate and 07 feet high and the olhe- 10 Ifiet square and surmounted hy a spirt St) f el high There 13 an tnlrance through eai I of iheae ton. ers and another betwein hem directly m to lhe auditorium Vt tie other end of the building is an alcove re ess 1 feet deep man like thrust his haodMnto the pool ets f o r lne accornmodatio-i ol the pulpit of the trousers His handasiruek sone thing that caused him to straighten up ind in astonishment he pulled out a roll if hank bills which ho found tocortam $50 1 hmk of it' fifty dollars in an editor 8 ol \ irons ers --forgotten and consigned to the dark recesses of the clothes press! Weil the sequel to nil this is that the mouev was re turned lo tbe owner and uow the a di CT is frequently seen in a brown Btudj, pens ve ly chewing tbe end of his pencil a^d won The church is lighted by three pointed windows on each air'e hDd two at eich end and tl esc aifj handsomely decorated with colored tM 38 T' e seals are very handsome, being of h trd *ooJ finished on the grain with oak ends trimmed with black walnut They f u r r i ' b accomtnoda lions for 21fj persons The ceiling IB flat, with a slight curve wb n H joins each side wall \ very bar tlnne chandelier is mspended from the middle of the ceiling faring whether in hi? editorial eStaejrifnce and the fioor 1B coverel wi h a Qne carpet he will ever meet with another i this kind of Drowned in Pine Creek, THE BODY Of MR CHARIER E U r R i , % 7 FOCND UPON A UAH IN PINE ChFt.^ AT A \ S O N I \ LABTTOLliSDAT Last Tueaeliy Metars Charles! El ren/ ind his son William Thomas The building and ila itppo atments are every respect most ere lit^Wc lo the socie ly The work on the chi r* was earned on under the- superv su a of Mr. L R Decker, the wejl known milder 1 of this ITEVS Whillock, old frier Hon ^ Cl rolaiives Prof j grtssmg! Mr Geo tnggallcry liable folks, men The school la Ftonk alock to shortly The new 13 a ground fore it tiocal tbe wiah Mr and spent tives borough and lne leading loembirs of the ______ 6U » u ..... ,, .V^.M^.M^^.O u . , uc Several society express mucb ri ralihcation with the were m result of bis labors f u l 1 of - ind M ^»PPy a^ We undcrsland tfapt ]tev Mr Cox of I h e Albert Tipple started from tbi^ borougU Games, will preach in tb · church on each for Games upon n buutingexpediti n Ut er an «^c/cc,sful hunt on Wedu sday alternate Sunday \ V - a e also informed that Rev II Payne evangelist of Bam day served evening lhe parly atarted io returt bridge N Y will hrld a series ojT meet w Mr tjp r 6 c ^randall of hul M ^ wa9 la i le ' whca thev arnve(1 at 'Qgs in the church or ihe nex.( three Y ia ID t o w n Hemngton's hotel it wa§ decided t ) (retrain there o\er night DuHng the evening a «horf chase was planned for the ne t morn ing no the mountains across the creek from \nsoola Accordingly the n e x t m o r n i u ; loul half past eight o clock Slesprs Geirge W HertiDgtrtD Ilartles Tipple and William Eberen? went, across the rnjtk and up Ihf mountain while Mr Charles Ebercnz w e n t down the stream to Flat rock a run vay well known to hunters 10 this reg on which point is about a mile and a half be low Uernngton a and near the "Manchester farin Mr Eberenz said tLat he m t t n l e d lo witch Ih'eSrunway there for a ti n n ind ia case he Beard the hunters upon ine mountain he might conclude to cros 3 j jd join them It waa mutually umlerdtiod tbat all were lo return at ooon ia M- Eb weeks, preacl evening :hing every afternoon and The Teacher's Work A liEIM \ TO I OU \ SMI m * LBTTEH BY A OTHEU UBUI1ER OP VHE, FAM1I \ fo the £tti(or of Ihe Agitator Forty laughing romp ng joatliB cominij thro tht door God hlcas them how I wish I might tuiijh forty more! O er their preclou* yearn nt, enn!a I am set tojulc W hat a glorioue prmlegc to ttacli a pnblic cchool liLOSSMDRa Januar 1 1886 --Oh ' my poor deluded victim of faUe pedagogery may the fates b^ve mere) upon you' 1 can t Wake up 1 Rouse yourselE out of this state of foouah aesioidcncv, do not go groping about in tbe uark, as you un doubtedly bave been ID the past light your candle --be careful uot to put it out wuh your own breath --go search for the Mr "i ear a The der C ing was olher Mr B employee four for R ti\ea wa^ H F Prof pirly In iQK j The church largely ed by

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  2. 05 Jan 1886, Tue,
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