The Cincinnati Enquirer - 28 October 1881

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The Cincinnati Enquirer - 28 October 1881 - ,4 J. CHEAT CfUESTS. of the Von , Steuben,...
,4 J. CHEAT CfUESTS. of the Von , Steuben, pMetaAuts f ths Famous Broa Who i Aided TTukiarto ' b BaUafl u Anmr Ost sf ths Rabbit That i At YaHe Forge, asd Who Foupb Srarely .. us xorxtown. , A Trip Through tha City, With Ban-, Ban-, Ban-, nU at the Qtieen Clty.-Ouh Clty.-Ouh Clty.-Ouh ; . ' . ., ana th Big-bland Big-bland Big-bland HOu. Graphic aceoants have been -given -given In these Inmnsot the magnificent reception! ten oered in tk Eastern cities to ths diatla nlihtd Omnia mnd French official wbo ' Mm to this country to take part In the ooa- ooa- .teaalal of tbe battle of Yorktown,. tbe eon- eon- elan Ing mat In a treat straggle for freedom ila'wbleb their ancestors had fought aa bravely aad had siren no moeb needed mili tary and ' Onaoolal aid. ETry-wbefe ETry-wbefe ETry-wbefe they vent tbey were lionised and most royally en- en- -terUlned. -terUlned. Yesterday the German delegation -' -' kbnored Cincinnati y&ih their presence, and " eaost warmly were they recei red. Baron Von Btenbeo came to this country with a brilliant reword, baring refused the princely offers of ereral Kingdoms In the darkest days of the K relation. When the army was at V alley alley Forge, a mere rabble, thinly clad, shoeless, disheartened and aboat to desert desert the great Washington, a model .tsctMlan and a finely educated soldier, Btea- Btea- ': "beta, took hold of the American army, txooght order oat of disorder, and placed , (ham in eondlUon to battle the ' n - aaay. AS Xnspoetor-Oeneral Xnspoetor-Oeneral Xnspoetor-Oeneral of Wash- Wash- . fogton ' his vaine was - almost immeasurable. immeasurable. In erery trying hoar bis ' skill ;mb . to the aid of the untrained , Col-, Col-, Col-, ulal omcers, and many a rletory was . seen red thereby. At Jforktown he dlstin- dlstin- ' -suiahed -suiahed himself by his valor aad yafa-ble yafa-ble yafa-ble aeslstauce to Washington. He died leloved by the eoantry, and mourned by those who had been honored with hi acquaintance. It Is. ' therefore, plain why America should feast and esteem his descendants. There are seven of them; all-members all-members all-members of the Uerman army. They wear (he uniform of that body, and are a stalwart, Boole lot of men. who thit akA The party to whom such an ovation has been tendered in the cities which they have boaond with a visit are the descendants of that noble Baron who aided Washington ao greatly as an InspectorAieneral on his staff throogh hla brother. The bead of the family 'Is Colonel Arndt Von Steuben, of the Heveoty-iath Heveoty-iath Heveoty-iath Beglment. He Is sixty -six -six years or age. -?fcat -?fcat moves aboat with remarkable rapidity, -mad -mad evidently baa the visor and energy of a ' yonog man. He la a Baron, and within a short 'time will be elevated to the bis;h honors of 'a lieneral In the Oerman Army. He is very tall, being over etx feet high, of decided military military bearing and, aa Is noticeable of all, is 'Wonderfully polite. He is accompanied by his three sons Knno, 'BerndX and Anton who are Lieutenants in Oerman lafankry Regiments. Kuno. the old-oat old-oat old-oat of these, is thirty-two. thirty-two. thirty-two. and Anton, the youngest, celebrated his twenty-third twenty-third twenty-third birthday birthday while at Baltimore. The Colonel baa four Mtier children, who did not accompany him on the trip. The children are of rather short stature, and the Baron says that they are the Brat of the family that have ever been under tx feet. - ' Captain Frederick Von Btenben is a brother ml the Colonel'sand is twelve years the lat-J lat-J lat-J ters Junior. His nephew, Eusene, also a Cap-In Cap-In Cap-In in of Infantry, is with him. The other meraoer of the party. Major Richard Von rtieuuea, is ue overaeeroi tne imperial ior-eta. ior-eta. ior-eta. and is a enanin of the Colonel and the ' 4-aoealn. 4-aoealn. 4-aoealn. Ail are healthy-looking, healthy-looking, healthy-looking, and typical UrrnuM. Tbey a ftp pear to care litue ior cei ItUe for cere- cere- moor, ana there la not the least sign of sti as TM-es TM-es TM-es about them. They are evidently a loll a t of men. and are determined to let uothl ling interfere with their enjoyment. Aeoompaaying them are the Baron Von Beast, the Oerman Charge D' Affaires at Washington: the Hon. Walker Blaine, son of tle aooretary of Btate, and Third Assistant Hecretarv of the same, and Mr. John Davis. woe is counsel for the United Htates before the yreneti Commission now in session at Wash in gloat Mr. Blaine is about thirty yeass of si, of medium height, with a black mas- mas- .taahe aad striking tea lures. He speaks Kreuch aad English fluently. Mr. Davis is about Aweaty-eight Aweaty-eight Aweaty-eight years old. and is of the State De-wsrunent. De-wsrunent. De-wsrunent. He has been connected with the fetal Department and Foreign Hervice for .some years. He was Secretary of the Alabama cuurat lommiasion, ana wiui uecremry Mi me . Com mission which assembled in OeneVa to make the award by arbitration In those Mime. . Mince leaving the Yorktpwn celebration tt -nartr -nartr have viiU ted Richmond. Fhtladelphi aad yesterday came from Baltimore, where ' they were tendered a very hearty reception by toe uerman ana American citizens, ineen terialnment consisted of a bananet. a torch Hunt proceastoa and a serenade by the Qer- Qer- man Hinging Societies. Wednesday night they received h telegram from the students of -the -the Athens University, asking if they could not formally receive the Von Steubens. As the latter bad retired, and were very wenry from the festivities of the day, the kind offer sea te oe aeotraea. ' A'lAAK WITH TBI BABOS. . . Bating the dsy a representative of the Ex- Ex- aoiaaa had a talk with Karon Von Steuben, lu reference) to their receattion In this country i aaiei that It waa more tbaa he and these blm had a right to . Wo. rl Isaaw Moaww, J. - M. IUmn1ihara and Rev. Thoa. I - lio, ia Major J. A. Bemley. He v. Mr. BehoU, and Messrs. Krohn and Brand. No. 13-A. 13-A. 13-A. J." White, Thoa. L. Iee,. IV. W. Da Itaolr and Ed Ward J. Baffin. Ainntadoian other csrrlasres were filled up with other prominent and well-known well-known well-known eitisens. ...... Tbe.Flrst Regiment Ohio Nations! Cnsrd-- Cnsrd-- Cnsrd-- and they never presented a more spleudnl ap-nearance ap-nearance ap-nearance with Colonel ' Hunt and staff mounted, led the procession out Fifth lav toe, tned north to Liberty, where the military formed, fsced to the front, and the auesta and Committees paused In review. The carriages then continued north on Vine to una lay. thence to Elm. and sooth to Music Hall, where a short stop was made and the guests aiiowea a chance to visit the Hebrew Fair. The ladles were in full dress, presenting a very attractive annearanee. Mr. tftaine remarains i bsd never seen a more beautiful lot of ladies.' The nartr then returned OD Elm. dismount ing long enough to .'allow the visitors to ride np and down tne ueiievuc iu-aiina iu-aiina iu-aiina plana, aftvr whiah thev were driven out to BprinsT Orove Comelerr. where the Bu- Bu- perrnu-odent, perrnu-odent, perrnu-odent, Mr. Adolph Strsnch, had a moat tempting lunch In waiting. Due luetics having having been paid to it, the beautiful City of the ueaa was inspecieo. ie j up.-.. up.-.. up.-.. v el uners expressing tnelr admiration repeat edly. Leaving Spring Orove, the .drive was eon nnMi ihmkioh tSiat anl Aim id avenues of VI 1 plendid avenues 01 ton. Burnet Woods, w alaut Mills Wal nut. Hills Park to the Hicbland House, where the citi- citi- ) huinnrt was reacLv The tables were finely anraJogi ln the shape of a Maltese cross, with one -smiUler -smiUler table en the south side for Hon. John fciinpkinsttn. Count Von Bsust, Colonel pa Steuben, Judge Stallo. Krall iCotne. loious A. c. Juuia auu Major Von suiubeii. At the bead of table-of table-of table-of No. S was Hon. Walker Blaine. Assistant Secretary of Stafe nf Itta ITmlaMl Hiates. Ho. 8 Hon. John avia, of the State Bepart- Bepart- ment. . No. Oeneral Edward F. Noves. No. K Colonel Withers, and the remainder of tne Mats to the number of shoot one lion dred and nftv ware oceuoied bv the re mainder of tbee-uests tbee-uests tbee-uests and many prominent citizens. After a hearty repast, Mr. Blmpkinson arose and aaid that, owlns to the absence 01 His Honor Msyor Means, the guests would be welcomed to our nomes ana nesrw oy nou. Judge Stallo, who needed no introduction to the people ot Cincinnati. Judge stallo responded ln Oerman and was heartily applauded. Responses were raaae to 4 aage ctaiio s wel come by Count Von Beust and Colonel Von Sleaben. who- who- were both greeted with loud cheering. A he next toast was "in unitea oiw, btch Oovernor Kovee responded as follows: Mil PmiDiKT ikd 6BNTUMEH t Ths toast to which a hare been called upon is somewhat broad in Its application, and au ex-offloe-holder ex-offloe-holder ex-offloe-holder ex-offloe-holder ex-offloe-holder bas not the same facility of expansion aa one actually In position or ss a candidate fnrnfllm. Rnt it la not ao much our ourDOse to-day to-day to-day to glorify our institutions and to extol the graudeur aud prosperity of our country, as to extend a hearty and cordial welcome to our distinguished guests, the relation of ne whose name has been incorporated into our history, whose memory Is dear to every A meri-esn meri-esn meri-esn and to whom our lathers were greatly in debted for important services rendsred to them during the war whlcn esiabitsneo American independence. The name of Von Steuben is never mentioned among as bnt with gratitude and reverence. Thrice welcome welcome to our State and city .those who beer that honored name, and who in peace and war sustain the distinction of their illustrious ancestor. As we grow older we are getting over the notion that oar country monopolises all the virtue, InUsliigence and excellence ot the world.. Indeed, we have .every reason to believe believe that there are other nations which possess possess much that Is attractive and useful. But whatever we have and are we are under in finite obligations to the German people, whose sons contribute no Inconsiderable part of our most intelligent, enterprising snd patriotic population. In complimenting the United States we honor the Oerman father land and the children of the Oerman Empire Empire wtio are a part of us, snd who share our labors, our successes and our happi- happi- Could toe great uerman Aharon, wno the friend and adviser of Washiifk- Washiifk- ton a little more than a century ago, accompany accompany our honored guests in a Journey ticross the country from sea to sea hew would his honest and patriotio heart swell with satis faction and pride that he had been rn- rn- strumental in establishing the liberties and promoting the profcixrlty and develop- develop- t of such a people and such a country! And what luiaziiui ciionees would lie are! Instead of ths struggling Colonies and the impoverished impoverished people of itcvoiutiouury times. scattered along the rocky shores of the At lantic, be would find flity inilUon of people distrrbated far and wide over plantation and prairie und farmx. eueaiced iu ten thousand evocations of civil life, buildina- buildina- cities, as'if by magic developina; their multiform Industries Industries and reasons, educating the world's teachers, teachers, accumulating marvelous wealth, f urniah-Ing urniah-Ing urniah-Ing employment, support and comfortable homes to all those who crane to our shores from other lan da a country happy, prosperous, prosperous, peaceful, powerful and free. And we could say to him, a part of all this fs yours and the result of generous, self-sacrificing self-sacrificing self-sacrificing la-bors la-bors la-bors of yearn. We honor the memory of Von Steuben, and wish health, happiness and prosperity to all ot-hiS ot-hiS ot-hiS name and family. Hon. Walker Blaiue then answered to "The Young Men of America;" making a telling little speech, bristling with pungent bits, all of which were rapturously, received. While Mr. Blaine was speaking a gentleman made the remark. "He has therbrains of his father." which was the occasion Ot a general outburst of applause, t - d Mr. Hsksaurek answered to the sentiment "America and Oermany," keeping those Tn-esent Tn-esent Tn-esent laughing, cheating and clapping their bands. Colonel Jones resDonded ln a happy manner to a toast proposed by Mr. Blaine, "i'be City of Cincinnati ana tier wood reopie. ? tie loiiowing were present Edward F. fioyea. Joliu B. Oibson. Max Hammelrath, -Aug. -Aug. Kassau. A. L. Oellentien, Aug. Klausmeyer, . William Steuben, C. Brandt, Oeo..A. Schneider, . Leonor Waterman, Adolph Strauch, H. Frenkel, C. H. Avsry, S. Biegler. Oeorge Wust, Psul Herrmann, H. Mtahlraeyer, W. L. DeBeck. Jtermann Knout, bktph Buddeke, K. Mens. Eugene W-. W-. W-. Lippert, H. A Rattermann. Leopold Burckhardt, w. 1. ATunxey, Kufus B. Smith, Jaieph Sief ert, F. A. Orever, . i a - w. .a t .rwhsBtaa ituvim.j. nri . w iiLBa i - - - - . - w - a Cicasbors. teruxn uoppr, v jr. ah, . i Calhnith. . .. .1 - - TkMHAMrjHlk.1 They will leave this morning for Ht. Louts, devoting one da to the big bridge and its attachment. attachment. 'Thev thea go to Chicago, where they remain one day: From tlt city th-y th-y th-y ..n.Ki.n,vlli.ilm to Xaw 1 orlc. West Point snd bostou.returalngtoiiewYork, from which point they sail xiovcruuer mm. vna nnitxttiuiM autltorities in Washington nave made apnltoatioa to the Oerman Oov- Oov- ernment for au extension of their leave or ab-an- ab-an- ab-an- ab-an- haL aa the BarouSaave. their leave la a military one-, one-, one-, and they are anxious to .be punctual to report to the borne Government at the appointed time. . , , ' . ATT! CAstE. Tfe Charge af II leg-all leg-all leg-all ty la tka AMtera . Warraat staled Oat af I be Caaa. Judge Avery yesterday decided -tha -tha motion made by Mr. A rapt ln the salt brought agalaat blm fbr moneys, which are alleged to bave been Illegally paid to him by certain county offloers. Mr. Ampt objected to the charge "of illegality of the Auditor's warrant, as made in the claim . of the county. The Court decided the point . in hla favor.- favor.- and. ordered- ordered- that - tha ' - charge --- --- --- that the Aadltor's warrant was lllessl. unauthorized aud void, be stricken from the 'case. The Court also directed Mist the charge made In the county's claim that the warrant waa made '.withoat tha - s-nowlMiira s-nowlMiira s-nowlMiira or eonaent of the fTDunty, and without its acquiescence or noti- noti- ideation, 00 sirioveu out. The charge of dlle- dlle- gal it y being d la Boned of there appears to be' liiuo or tue ease leiu probably the bottom as tne election is over. 01 the ease will soon drop out. AaaejaeBBeat Jfatea, THKgg was ant Ucraaaed attendance at tha Orand last evening. lit Jam as Boaniadir, the .celebrated bi back rider, is In the city. Bijsimbhs' AonrrCox leaves for Chicago to- to- oay, in aavanceot rieaost otrogoff. THkas wasalara-e wasalara-e wasalara-e audience at Robinson's last Dlfut Miehatt Btroooff Is a success. E. D. Paicx. advance agent for John MeCttl- MeCttl- lough, leaves ior A'llUburg this morning. Mahaoxk B.fiLSAltB was reported somewhat better yesterday, but la still very 111. SHELBY. HAMULTOlt 4 PTtl-XAN'g PTtl-XAN'g PTtl-XAN'g ClsCUS clone their season la Louatwllls on Monday next. 8.11LSAKR1 MajksTIks are drawing larae audiences at tha Olympie .Theater, Chloago.J in is weea. Ml Fiixe ASAia ia fn the city, quite 111, ana nas-oeen nas-oeen nas-oeen aavisea -oy -oy nis puysician to spend tne winter in taeaoutn. Bcssiii RUN2TKI.1A. of Ieavltt's Company. is one of the best of our Oerman comedians. and is an Immense favorite with hia audi ences. . . , . Lxavitt's Spbct AtTT Coar aht at Heuck's is drawlne larse aualenoea.and tne entertain mentis equal to any la tk novelty line given in our city. . - , - . Yon will find one of the beet bills ot the season at the Vine-street Vine-street Vine-street Opera-house Opera-house Opera-house this week, and one dessrvina of the natronace of toaiovers 01 tne variety stage. It was reported In show circles last evening that the well-known well-known well-known performer, Jeppo De lano, died in fhriadelpnia yesterday, wnicn we sincerely hope will prove not to be the case. Mt. JoHlf H. RnwtLL. business man afar of John R. Rogers' Comedy Company, arrived lu the city yesterday, on his way to ew Or leans, leaving for that city this evening. He reports a boom for Mp Sweethtart. Joan MoCuxiyOCQH played Viroiniut before the delegates to the River improvement Con vention at bu aois last nignt. ine tocai Committee on Entertainment bought the house outriKht for S1JMX). and no tickets were sold, the audience being made up entirely of tne invitea guests. JLadiea Tea-Meetlaig. Tea-Meetlaig. Tea-Meetlaig. Mrs. W. M. Ampt, at her residence on Bay- Bay- miller street, yesterday afternoon, from 2 to 6 p. m.. gave a reception ln honor of tbe York street Methodist Missionary Society. She was assisted by Miss Annie E. Schaeffer, Mrs. Zim merman, and Miss Aull, ol Laurel street. An interesting essay upon Japan was read by Mrs. W to wart, and a letter from Mrs. Bishop Ciark, who was ' unable to be pres ent. The subject of tha - Japanese Tea soon to be held at - the Children's Home, and which ia to be one of the events of Hie season, was tne tbeme ot conversation. It hao been the custom of York-street York-street York-street Chureh to give tiiese monthly tea meetings during the past year, and they -have -have proved so suc cessful und entertiuniag that they are now a feature 01 west rana society, otnercnurcn have followed the example. At Mrs. Ampt's meeting yesterday sfleruoon over fifty ladles were present, among whom were the following well kuown ln the social life of the city: Mrs. Mrs. T Ta... Ura TV- TV- Cnmiva UH r'n r. a A. R. Clark, Mrs. Dr. Hoyt. Mrs. James and Wm. Flttou, of Hamilton; Mrs. R. Croe- Croe- ley and daushter, Mr. Dr. W. B. Davis, Mrs. Malar. Mrs. Oetchell. Mrs. Crary. Mrs. F. C Ampt and Mrs. Robert Smith, of Wlnton Place: Mrs. Dr. Herron. Mrs. Sherwood. Mrs. Rankin. Mrs. Mitcliel. Mrs. Wm. Gamble, Mr. Dr. Brcinand Mrs. Holtxingsr. Miss Julia Aull acted as pianist for the occasion. To Ea-Catlef Ea-Catlef Ea-Catlef Geaaert. The following touching lines are respectfully respectfully Inscribed to our' lamented Ex-Chlefof Ex-Chlefof Ex-Chlefof Police by a sympathizing friend: We called him Chief, but did not wall To give him moh a title great. A few short month's, alas, he fell And not a mourner for his fate. What grand devotion to a friend t For "Wappy's" cause "Jake" waa a prop. With mighty force he did contend To make that friend a "big By cop." Such love, such friendship, ah, how rare! Another case tis bard to find. For when he got "Friend Wappy" there His mission ended be resigned. of I a of of up

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