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 - Pretty Girl Trains, Exhibits Dolphins By...
Pretty Girl Trains, Exhibits Dolphins By Carolyn A. Bowers NEW YORK (UPI) -- O'pl, ~A\l and Flip are entertainers. The'three -- all females -are dolphins. Their trainer, another female, is Jerry Watmore, a 26-year-old marine bi. ologist. "It's a great job," Miss Watmore said. "The female dolphins are great to work with. They don't fight as much as the mates," she said, adding with a smile, "I guess it's because there isn't that male ego to satisfy," Miss Watmore, a shapely brown-haired beauty, puts the dolphins through their routine six days a week at the Coney Island Aquarium. Dressed in a red floral wet suit, she raps on the rail with a steel bar and the dolphins dive out of the water. A blast of the whistle and they jump through a large black rubber hoop. When Miss Watmore flicks her wrist in the water, the animals shoot up from the pool in a "tail walk." "Although the dolphins learned to do the tricks on cue, I like to keep the tricks in order so they don't become confused," Miss Watmore said. "This species -- Pacific white-sided -- Is not as intelligent as the nose dolphins, which are seen a lot on television." When the animals perform on cue, they are rewarded World Jurist Group Faces Money Crisis GENEVA (AP) -- A financial crisis is threatening the Interna-: tional Commission of Jurists published reports on violations of the law and human rights ..Ithroughout the world. | - Most of its budget of around $380,000 has traditionally been ...guaranteed by grants from ^foundations intheUnitedStates. this source has suddenly L cut off. But its secretary-general, ean MacBride of Ireland, sak oday the organization - will ease functioning in about two months if a new supply of cash oes not start, flowing. The commissionis a private rganizatkm with United Nations consultative status and Iraws support from many thou- ands of lawyers and judges all iver the world. with large hunks of either mackerel or herring. Miss Watmore estimated that each dolphin eats from 12 to 15 pounds of fish a week. She tells the animals apart by looking for distinguishing marks on their bodies. "Another way is their personality," she said. "Dolphins have personalities just like people. AH is shy and unassuming. She'd rather go without food than fight for it. Flip and Opi are aggressive. They're the bullies." Miss Watmore said her only -problem during a show occurred when she used to go out in the audience and work from the side of the pool. "The people thought they knew all about the animals," she said. "They were always giving advice or asking questions, which distracted from the show. "And sometimes you get an audience that can't be pleased. The kids may boo or start screaming for an encore. This makes the animals .nervous and harder to work with." Miss Watmore's responsibilities also include the general keeping and care of the animals, such as giving them their vitamins or medication. "Dolphins catch the same diseases as humans," she said. Miss Watmore said visitors In the water that makes the animals sick," she said. "They think dolphins can eat whatever they eat. Some objects they throw in, such as pencils, can even kill the animals." When Miss Watmore isn't keeping the dolphins in line at the aquarium, she's studying marine biology at Long Island University. She said she hopes to do research on the behavior and intelligence of whales and dolphins. "I'm keeping notes for future use on what I'm doing here," she said. "I'm recording such things about the dolphins behavior as how much food they eat and how they respond to weather." Miss Watmore has worked with dolphins for about a year. Before she started her career, with the animals, she was studying sociology in California. She got her first job in San Diego by answering a newspaper, ad looking for girls to swim .in a pool with whales. "I had always done a lot of swimming and diving," she said. "So, I decided to give it a- try." From there she began training killer whales. "The first time I went in a pool with killer whales I was scared," Miss Watmore said. "They looked 10 times larger In the water. But they seemed to be get acquainted with them. At first I threw it out so they would know I had it, then I started handing It to them. After they got over their initial fear, they seemed to really like human attention. "they turned out to be sensitive animals. They liked me to pat and scratch them, and got very jealous if I attentive to any of the other animals in the pool with them." Although Miss Watmore now works exclusively with dolphins, she still lists her occupation as "whale trainer" and hopes to work with them again one day. She said she'd never heard of a killer whale eating anyone, but they still have a great potential danger "Mainly it's their size," .she said. "If they are provoked frustrated, they" can butt you or hit you with their tail, knock you down to the of the pool. Or, they-might grab an arm or a leg." Generally, she said, whales are trained as dolphins are -with a cue and a reward fish. The tricks she taught them, included how to shake hands, make a noise through their blow hole and stick tongue out and give her a kiss, A kiss? Right. And that's

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  2. 29 Jul 1970, Wed,
  3. Page 40

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