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Book about Van Nest Murders - Fleming's Past Explored By JAN CAMPBELL...
Fleming's Past Explored By JAN CAMPBELL FLEMING-Sheila FLEMING-Sheila FLEMING-Sheila S Tucker, Tucker, mother of vie, a teacher, town historian and newspaper correspondent, somehow managed managed to find time in her busv schedule towriteabooK The book titled "The Township Township of Fleming, Cayuga County, County, New York, 1823-1973," 1823-1973," 1823-1973," was written during a five-year five-year five-year pen od Mrs Tucker and her hus band, Dr William Tucker, live on Silver Street Road in Fleming Fleming They have been residents of the town 12 years The material for the book was complied from original and family sources Volumes of the "Jesuit Relations" were used cxlensivclv for the Cayuga Cayuga section Mrs Tucker researched census census records deeds mortages, church records and diaries. She says many of the family sections were supplied by members of the families themselves themselves A large number of old photographs photographs were loaned for reproduction reproduction Others were from the author's private collection The publisher is Brunner of Auburn One of the most afscinattng Radio Station Set Up lis MARSHA PURNELL MjRORA — ' One good thing about going to a women's college college is that \ou don t have men around sajing things like, 'Don t be silly, a girl can't build a radio transmitter'," says one woman who should know She is Marcia Baranowski, a student at Wells Cohege, who did just that She built a radio transmitter and established a radio station that will start broadcasting on campus this week The blonde sophomore is a psschlolgv major from Utica who plans to go into zoologv sections of the book cover the Van Nest murders in 1846 A triple stone erected in the Sand Beach Cemtery in Fleming for George. John and Sarah Van-Nest Van-Nest Van-Nest is inscribed "Persons buried here were victims of a murder — a Negro — who lived in Auburn, New York, whose defense pleaded by William William H Seward in the fist case of its kind — not guilty by reason reason of insanity. Insanity doubt less brought on by the cure-lit cure-lit cure-lit ies suffered while imprisoned imprisoned for something he was nei er proved guilty of doing " William Freeman, the murder murder also killed Phebe Wyckoff dnd stabbed Cornelius Van Arsdale. who survived Freeman Freeman died in jail in August, . The author writes, "A plaque DEATHS other Edwin D Gouoh several nieces at the Eaton Tubes Funeral Home* Fa yelie„,iie. we on-id. on-id. on-id. iv 7 lo 1 urn w Thursday 1 1« J and J lo » p m ComTlbu •ions may be made to the Diaspora Youth Center, feyeltev.lle United Church Mr* Eluabeth F Henry, Syracuse. N Oew.fl Cemm.,- Cemm.,- • - Church 117 N Saline St »"r;5on Funer-l Funer-l Funer-l H ester She <s survived 6y one Gi^enie Mahji;«*ii \n sort! J MaTusiewsH, Ontario. N V Staph*-.'- Staph*-.'- Staph*-.'- Staph*-.'- Church, Oswefjo, lormer ass.s , tani ot »»cr*j Mean ano M Mar oarers Churches in Syracuse, Valerian. Beroare ar.c MetuswsM, three inters, Mrs Helen veroeiete Ml js Frances Ci«- Ci«- ralJ at the *«ft»ra (., Felers*. Fur*r*l| wlien she graduates So what is plugged in to the college s pow- pow- she doing assebbng a trans- trans- cr circuit and will not reach miller 1 beyond campus 1 was concerned about the As the founder, engineer, lack of communeation on general manager and top DJ of campus and my older brother radion station Wells, she had asked whv someone did not «»t it« nnlir-v nnlir-v nnlir-v "The Gtattnn unit start a radio station at Wells be run for the students of dedicated to Seward in front of And I thought, 'Well, why Wells, by the students of Welts, the Cayuga County Courthouse not'' independent of the adminis- adminis- and te four graves at the Sand With that attitude, she set tration " Beach Church Cemetery will out to establish a radio station To fulfill her goals of making constantly remind future gen- gen- for Wells. The first step was to the station a central means of eralions of the terror of 1846 in build a transmitter which she communication on campus, Fleming " did with an electronic dia- dia- she had planned program pro- pro- \ famous Fleming resident gram, a collection of wires, gramming to include regular the author discusses is Harriet tubes and dials, the advice of a college announcements, news Tubman faculty sponsor, minimal from neighboring colleges, and „, f d d ^ j b funds and a lot of optimism programs produced bv various f 1 Uouid ^LThome After waiting six weeks for a allege organ.zat.ons ™S n ^ North and X cnstal, she built the trans- trans- The station, m the basement , „rJ "*L ™ * u °! muter and the first step lo of one of the dormitories. ^ b* p!n« mf,' L*?u ^™f „ ,„j ,„„„ „.„»,„., , „ .. ,A. uem an nere, was names a reality wat completed. Since J Tw«lh students acting as 1"^^ SS2? S tivities One night in 1849, 29-year-old 29-year-old 29-year-old 29-year-old 29-year-old Harriet decided to be free and tne station win oroaacasi oniy djs [0r two-hour two-hour two-hour shifts on carrier circuit, it does not Advertisements will be free need to be licensed 0f charge . . . "But we don't The station's AM signal can refuse donations," she corn-only corn-only corn-only be picked up by radios mented. Easter Rites to Feature Interpretation for Deaf she walked away from her owner and his planation. She decided to assist blacks who CORTLAND — 1 a religious first for Cortland County will take place Easter Sunday, according to announcement announcement Tuesday by the Rev Thomas H, Ranney, pastor pastor of the Christian and Missionary Missionary Alliance Church here, where interpretation for the deaf will be presented during the regular 11 a m. Easter service Sign language simultaneous interpretation of Mr, Ranoey's sermon and service will be given given by Allan "Bud" Pabstof 53 Clinton St , Homer, a teacher at Homer School, make 19 hazai trips into the salve South during during the next Uyears. Sh« ffnidftd her na rents. touch with him or with Pabst brothers, sisters and more to make arrangements than 30 other slaves to the Pabst will present his trans- trans- north and Canada to freedom, lations in sign language sim- sim- Mrs Tucker also discovered ilar to that given on cable m her research for the book Channel 4 educational TV at that some of her ancestors 7 30 p m , each uay in its news hved on Silver Street Road, on for the deal program, a re-run re-run re-run the opposite side, but near her of the 7 p m ABC Network family home news The dedication of the book is Pabst, who learned sign lan- lan- to three senior citizens of goage becuase both his mother Fleming and the Tucker chil- chil- and father are deaf mutes, at- at- dren - Heather, Elizabeth, Ja- Ja- tended adult education classes sol,( Julie and Jonathan - in Syracuse in order to im- im- "That they may appreciate the prove his translating ability future more by understanding Manfor the deaf the present and the past."

Clipped from
  1. The Post-Standard,
  2. 10 Apr 1974, Wed,
  3. Page 54

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