Owens Lane Dyer at the Butler County Fair 1873

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Owens Lane Dyer at the Butler County Fair 1873 - staaclw- n- Hsr-kar. forCIn-eiaaali. souodlng...
staaclw- n- Hsr-kar. forCIn-eiaaali. souodlng of the alarm. HAMILTON. The Butler County Fair A Good Opening and Good Prospects. It Is on of ths peculiarities of a County Fair- Fair- one ot those things which no reporter can Dad out that nobody seems to know beforehand ex actly what the fair ia likely to amount to. From the,Presldent and Secretary down to the stable boys do one appear to have the remotest Idea whether the fair will be a glorious succeisor an Igaomlniou failure. It wa very much tho same way with the Butlor County Fair this year, though credit should be given to it officer for keeping a stiff upper Up and encouraging allwo- allwo- qulrors In tho belief that success wss assured and failure Impossible. Their sanguine expectation were yesterday realised. There wa not as large an attendance a there ha been lo tome ot tne past years wbea Butler County msde displays worthy a State Fair, but there wa enough to show that the old Interest In tbe county fair ys- ys- torn is reviving. In all department there were rroou cxuioiiion aa to quunuiy, ana rnoet excel eut exhibitions a to Quality. Old fair.stiera tbe stand-bys stand-bys stand-bys ot the county united in savins- savins- that LhAV hill SMS, imi. Iwlur. A nit I tiA.. up right In one single class that of single lighri mmiwv wnw '""is woi, m il v y - in I mi entries, which is not often equaled at a btatu Fair. The entrance money was about the same amount as for tbe corresponding dsy or last year's Fair, while the receipt lor the first day (Tuesday) were In advance of last year, it is impossible to g.To an sub entries, aui increiore ouiy Hio-e Hio-e Hio-e are given to-day to-day to-day which could be most readily ob- ob- The display la tho ring beggn at tea o'clock. lhanrtt contest to elicit remark waa that between between the horses In single harness. Class . Tbirtv-ihree Tbirtv-ihree Tbirtv-ihree entries. Judges-Peter Judges-Peter Judges-Peter du.ilt, vaieo mom peon, nin. Anderson, bam gwiaiiiuu, fBTIU C 1U (J I C irss premium, asast v nipple, BItllville; IOC-ond, IOC-ond, IOC-ond, J. W. t arr, H aui 11 ton. Class . Single mare. Ten en trie. First pre- pre- Diiuiii, n u. umiui., mauison lowusuip; secomL I ' u .u l.ittlh I In AFTEnsrUON. General Purposes Class 1. Sncklni mare collet first prswiuns, Jaa. Bsckotl; second premium, premium, none. Ciasa t Fillle, one 'year, three entries: first premium, n m. rrest; second premium, Sam. Denneen. , Class A Fillies, two year, six entries: lint pre-mium, pre-mium, pre-mium, Geo. acbulla; socood premium, Morn Timbcrmsn. Class .-Brood .-Brood .-Brood mares three years, nine entries: first premium, Goo. Suhulu; socoud premium, J, ti. Biowa. s . Class &. Sucking horse soils; five entries: first Eromium, 1). W. Osbora; socood premium, A. J. aboytcaux. . class 6.-htallions, 6.-htallions, 6.-htallions, one year; four entries; first remium, Itoburt Revs; second premium, James ccketu ClaU 1. Stallions, twoysars; serea entries; flrt premium,A. J. Laboytvaux: second premium. Win. Prest ' Class ((.-Bullions, ((.-Bullions, ((.-Bullions, three years; two entries: first prcmiuiii, James Xhotnss; second premium, Wesley Lucrcay. I Class licliliogs. one vear old: three entrle. first premium, l'uliock Wilson: second Dremimn Class 10. GelillnES. two ream six antri. first premium. Allen Fleuimn: sacond n Taylor Grern. Class 11. licldlngs three Tears, thirteen en. tries: nrsi premiuai, Josa Wulsh; second premium, premium, J. B. Hughes. Draft Horses class 1. Brood Marcs three years: nrnt premium, lieu, scnullz; secoud pre- pre- uii.iii), "i.u r. oiwa. u Class L Brood Mares four yearn, three entries: first premium, Geo. Su Clair: second urumium. Frank SilL Class I Pair Draft Horse or Mares, tlireo entries: entries: lint premium, J. W. Carr A Boo; second prciiiltiin, P. tiersls. Class 4. Single horse or mare: fifleoen entries! urst prcmiuin, niinain Aimer; second pre- pre- Hlllini, rf. II. IltlRIIC?. Alul.ssnd Jacks Clau 1. Sucking mule colt: none. Class 1 Mules, on year; none. Clast 3. Mules, two tears: first nremlum. Sam. uel Denneen; second premium, none. Class 4. .Mules, three years: throe eulrlcs: first premium, Samuel Denneun; secoud premium, Lewi Braut Clas A-1'alr A-1'alr A-1'alr or mules, three entries, first, David Gray A Co.; tocoud, Louis Braut class A-J A-J A-J acks, oue entry; first, b utler Dencco ; socood, none. cisss 7.-jenneU; 7.-jenneU; 7.-jenneU; no entries. . This ended the ring- ring- disulsr for the dar. Thsra woro soiuo excellcut subles upou the ground. Grorgo bt Clair showed ia the following classes! Best single gelding, one entry; beat single mere, two entries; best drsfl brood .... f,.,!; year old. and over, one entry: best gc-nura, gc-nura, gc-nura, purposes, ruur Tears old, on entry; bosk gelding, four years old and . ,,1''. roausiers. two sntriee, tor best laiiiuu luareara oiu ana over, end for best nitre of tsme sge: best buggy horse or mare, two eutriee; beet racking, troumg or walking! one each; saddle horse or ma.ro of any or. all Va its. one entry; fastest trotting tuilion, oneeutrr bust sUIUoa t any are or breed, oner entry; oU mare, two eulrlea. lbs sulliea entered la wbst is know a among Bortcinta a Suad old stal- stal- K Ii ii oi 48-100 fitt Ill til firs V W.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 09 Oct 1873, Thu,
  3. Page 7

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  • Owens Lane Dyer at the Butler County Fair 1873

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