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THE VICTIMS OF ICE CREAM. AIX BUT 0X1 OF THE KEABLT 100 iCT-. 7EBEKS OYEB THEIR SICKNESS. All tha persona wbo war made sick July 4 by Mting to cream which earn from tha tore of Ernest A G. Jntemaaa, 63 Sixth-ave-BQe. hare ao far recovered m to b about and attending to their regular businssa and dutlM xcept Mrs. C. 8. Wright, of S40 West Fourth-street. Eh la still very sick and prostrated from tha effects of tha tlolant retching and vomiting from which aha Buffered Monday. Ba 1 under tha ear of Dr. 3. W. Banner, and her recovery la aot doubted. Many of tbo who have recovered are still weak, but . there ar ao dangerous symptoms la any of the rases. So far aa heard from tbe following shows th number of auflerers: Stevenson Taylor, 8 Van Nese-place, 5 member in family: J. Banna, 49 Yandam-atreet, 5 In family; J. Fitzgerald. 91 Bank-street, 3 children aad 2 servants; G. Wagoner, 20 Bank-street, 7 members of family ;C B. Msxwell, 40 Barrow-street. 6 members of family: CbarleaB. Hedden. 219 West Fourth-street. 3 dulu; Dr. B. CL Mclntyre, 22 1 West Feurth-treet, with hi wife and baby ; Herman Ahreoa, 682 Brooroe-street, 3 children and 2 adulta; C 8. Wright. 240 West Fourth-street, 4 adults; G. Hanna.514 Broome-atreet. 4 adulta and 1 ehlld; L. W. Thompson. 189 West Tenth-street. 4 adult; 3. C Wheeler, 30 Leroy-atreet, 1 neraons; Charles IT. Hausley, 47 Macdongal-street. 13 persons; William H. Davis. 53 Mae-dougal-atreet, 12 adulta; Jobs Ken ner, 49 Van-dam-etreet; James J. Thompson, 59 Clinton-place; 8amuel Putnam. &51 Broome-atreet; 3. Kevin. 40 Vandam street; C. Buckingham, 54 King-street; Mrs. Caroline T. Bancroft, 34 Charl-ton-street; Babert G. Thompson. 168 West Tenth-street, and J. W. Gardner, 40 Vandam-atreet. Tbe severity bf the sickness was controlled, apparently, br tbe period of incubation. Those who became sick soon after eating were better off thaa thoscwho were affeoted later. The period of Incubation wm from one to three hoar. The symptom a were alike in all tbe cases. First cam dlittnesa, followed by pain iu tha stomach, and violent retching. One old man said that he thought his head waa going to split open and he fell to the floor as though attacked with vertigo. Then he vomited and wm greatly pros trated. Severe diarrhea followed, and In th majority of case there were severs cramp In tb muscle of tb extremities. Mny of the pa tient vomited blood, but all war out of danger witnin 24 noura. A sample of th lee cream wag given to Prof. L.C LaFetra, a chemical analyst anil mieroa- coplst living at 3o Bleerker-street. br Capt. Copeland, of the Ninth Precinct. Tbe sample was subjected to a microscopical examination, and yesterday Prof. La Fetra said thai ha had discovered a peculiar formation of vegetable fungus which partook of the character of ptomaines. Tbe fungi were plainly exposed bv the microscope, and were of a vivid green color and empticai in rorm. xnis rungoia growtn is spontaneously generated in milk under certain conditions and is poisonous- It is often found in pur milk, and in soma cases with in a snort lime after it bM come from the cow. Dr. Ed son did not receive th report of Dr. Martin, the chemist of the Health Department, to whom specimens of tbe icecream had beea given for analysis, but believed tbat tbe fungoid growth discovered by Prof. La Fetra I of the specie known as Prnicillium alaueum. the result of the decomposition of tba mux. ne aia not minx tnt tne suspicion or Mr. Intemann, that some malicious person had poisoned the ice cream, wm well founded, but tbe trouble was caused by the condition of the milk, for whloh Mr. Intemann was not answer- able.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 08 Jul 1887, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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