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TO "GRASS WIDOWS" HE LAYS HIS WOES Aged Defendant in Divorce Suit Declares Boarding-House Boarding-House Boarding-House Inmates Inmates Educated European Wife in American "Alimony Game." ONCE LIVED IN CZAR'S HOME; NOW DESTITUTE, SHE PLEADS Plaintiff Alleges Husband Took Her From Russian Court and Made Her Live in One Room in Chicago Without Comforts. Rnroiirin women are beliin spoiled morally by Amrrlrt'i army at urra irldnna. Dlvorrrd and "wpm(fl- "wpm(fl- maintained" maintained" women nuaht to be m-nrfglled m-nrfglled m-nrfglled (rum other married women In bward-ftnir-hoates. bward-ftnir-hoates. bward-ftnir-hoates. bward-ftnir-hoates. bward-ftnir-hoates. Divorced and "separately maintained" maintained" women wreck other peritonei' lives by r in kh e rx led account of their auecess in ittaklnit the separate maintenance maintenance Hame a business. Ksrupfan women believe all Americans Americans millionaires and think It Is typically typically American to marry the first one of them who happens to come' aloun anil ciarute soon afterward with a maiittr uaucc' Income. My wile played cards from M a. m. to midnlsrlit every day and thru told lue 1 did not Rive her enonirh liberty. She aever dreamed of separation until she met a wtniun who Is said to live on alimony front four nien. Edwin J. Cublry . AurU 7. Who Is lie liiu Su"l for Divorce by His 23-Year-Old 23-Year-Old 23-Year-Old 23-Year-Old 23-Year-Old wife. Accustomed to the pomp and luxury of the Imperial Russian court Mrs. Edwin J. Cubley, after meet lug and marrying her 67-year-old 67-year-old 67-year-old 67-year-old 67-year-old husband In London, found the comforts of an American home far below her expectations, and in her suit for divorce Bled In the court yesterday she declares she Is utterly destitute and has never beeu otherwise since her wedding, three years ago. Mr. Cubley, a venerable looking man with flowing white balr and beard, contends that he maintained a home as comfortable as an" In America. He filed a suit for divorce shortly shortly before his wife, as an answer to her demands demands a year ago before the late Judge Tuley lor separate maintenance. Mr. Cubley blames the "swarms" of "grass widows" In American American boarding-houses boarding-houses boarding-houses for the clsrui-tiou clsrui-tiou clsrui-tiou of his and other men's happiness. Wife Was Court l.a d y la Waiting. According to the complaint of Mrs. Cubley he was a lady In waiting for Princess Baratlnski. a daughter of Alexander III., and met her aged husband, a retired machinery manufacturer, said to be possessed of a large fortune, la London during one of her vacations vacations from her court duties. She complains In her bill that she was brought to Chicago by her huBband and was forced to live In a small room In bis residence, 2715 North Lin- Lin- coin street. She says her husband was amply able to provide a much better and luxurious home for her, but that her eighteen monies of pleading were In vain. We were happy until my wife began to listen listen to' the stories lold by a 'grass widow" who boarded In the same house with us." aald Mr. Cuble. "I understand that 'grass widow" was gelMng alimony from four husbands. husbands. My wife thought she saw a great chance to get money and took the advice of this woman and others and started a separate separate maintenance suit without a single affidavit affidavit to show cause. Judge Tuley refused her demands for alimony and I responded with a suit for absolute divorce. To :his she Is now filing a cross bill. Husband Intends to Set Example. "Like most European women, my wife thought it perfectly proper to sue for separate separate maintenance and live independently on the income. I am going to render a service to American men traveling abroad and also to the women of Europe by setting forth in my suit that the American men cannot be held up by the separate maintenance game. "My wife told the court she was a subjort of public charity and had to go to neighbors" houses to 'get warm." She has an Income of several thousand dollars a year from Manchester. Manchester. England. Before our marriage my wife turned a large sum of money over to her sister in Manchester, because I declared I would not have her If she had money of ber own. European women believe all Americans millionaires, and when they see that American American men are -not -not as big fools with tfheir money as American women they try to gt It by the separate maintenance game." Mrs. Cubley Is now said to be at Fond du Lac. Wis., where she conducts a hotel.

Clipped from The Inter Ocean18 Feb 1906, SunPage 5

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)18 Feb 1906, SunPage 5
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  • Cubley,EdwinJ/divorce/ 18FEB1906/TheInterOcean Chicago,Ill

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