The Exposition The Cincinnati Enquire 2 Oct 1872

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The Exposition
The Cincinnati Enquire 2 Oct 1872 - THE EXPOSITION. ADDITIONAL AWARDS MADE...
THE EXPOSITION. ADDITIONAL AWARDS MADE YESTERDAY Tb. sttendanee at the Exposition yesterday iu Urge. 'ih. receipt, amounted to $1.(70 8ft. A Urge number of .ward. war. mad. at follow.: CLASS MO. 1. STEAM ENGINES, BOILERS, 8TEAM PUMPS, STEAM HAMMERS, ETC. ' Best automatic cut-off cut-off cut-off stationarr engine (this premium is ft Ten to promote the Introduction of , tlassof .team engine calculated to reduce the consumption of fuel), gold medal, Delametor ixun works, New York City. Best stationary saw-mill saw-mill saw-mill engine, silrer medal, I. A E. Greenwald, Cincinnati. Bett portable saw-mill saw-mill saw-mill engine, silver medal, Owens, Lane A Dyer Machine company, llaniil-tuu, llaniil-tuu, llaniil-tuu, 0. l)et Tertical boiler and engine combined, bronze medal, Owens, Lane & Dyer Machine Company, Company, Hamilton, O. Best reTersible steam engine for hoisting par poses, etc, bronze medal, Lighthall, Beekman ft to., Brooklyn, L. I. Best steam pump, direct action, Illrer medal, Top. A MaxweU Manufacturing Company, llain- llain- nun, v. -' -' Best steam pump, with crank and fly-wheel, fly-wheel, fly-wheel, bronze medal, Cope ft MaxweU Manulacturing Company. Hamilton. 0. Best independent boiler feeder, bronze medal, Cope ft Maxwell Manufacturing Company, Hamilton, Hamilton, 0. Best automatic boiler feeder, bronze medal, Automatic Boiler Feeder Company, Duluth, Illinois. Illinois. Bait .team hammer, illrer medal, March and A Morgan, Alliance, 0. Best rotary steam engine, silrer medal, Light-hall, Light-hall, Light-hall, Beekman ft Co., Brooklyn, L. L Best portable farm engine, bronze medal, Robinson Robinson Machine Works, Richmond, Ind. CLASS NO. tt WOOD WORKING MACHINERY. Best band .aw for lumber (thi. premium is given to promote the introduction of machinery calculated calculated to lessen the waste in sawing sxpensfr lumber), lumber), gold medal, J. A. Far ft Co., Cincinnati. jjest ban a .aw lor scroti work, surer medal. J. A Fay ft Co.. Cincinnati. Besl t reciprocating saw for scroll work, broute nedal, J. A. Far ft Co., Cincinnati. Best .tare machine, bronze medal, X. W. 3trange ft Co., Taunton, Mass. Beat earring and frizzing machine, silrer medal, Burnham ft Hyde, Battle creek, Mich. Best hoop machine, silver medal, Harlan ft Powers, Lexington, Ind. Besttennoniug machine, bronze medal, Silver ft Doming, balem, Ohio. Best general wood-working wood-working wood-working machine, - Hirer medal, McBeth, Bentel ft alargedsnt, Hamilton, Ohio. Best molding machine, silver medal, J. A. Fsy I Co., I incinnatL Best dovetailing machine, silrer medal, Knapp DoreUiling Machine Company, Northampton, Uaas. Bestbllnd wiring machine, bronze medal. E.F. Dunaway, Ciuciuuati. CLASS 69 BIRDS. Best collection of liring- liring- birds, .liver medal, Chas. Espicb, Cincinnati. CLASS NO. .24 COOKING AND BEATING STOVES. RANGES. FURNACES. KTfi. Beit coal cooking stove, allver medal, Cham- Cham- vt-rmu vt-rmu vt-rmu a, vo., cinciunau. Best wood cooking stove, silver medal, W. C. Davis ft Co.. Cincinnati. Best combined wood and coal cooking store, told medal. Bedwar ft Burton. Cincinnati. Best beating stove for coal, .liver medal, Fuller, Warren ft Co., Troy, N. 1. ; b. Fares, agent, Cin- Cin- Best open front .tore for coal, silver medal, C. Harris ft Son, Cincinnati. Best parlor cook stove for coal, .liver medal, uiw7, ouiuuie a to., Cincinnati. lor, Warren ft Co., Troy, N. Y.j 8. Fare., agent, Cincinnati. Best parlor .tove for coal, bronze medal, Wm. Besor ft Co., Cincinnati. Beat school stove, ventilating, silver medal, John Grosslus, Cincinnati. Best cooking range, ailver medal, Bennett Hot Air Furnace Co., Cincinnati. Best portablo range, silver medal, John Van, Cincinnati. Best hot air furnace, silver medal, P. F. Waters, Cincinnati. Best .tove furniture, bronze medal, S. Fares, best gas cooking apparatus, silver medal, Dr. II. B. Musgrave, Cincinuatl. CLASS NO. 33 HARNESS, TRUNKS, TRAVEL ING EQUIPAGE. ETC Best set coach harness, ailver medal, John Reid, iacionau. Best hone collars, bronze medal, Langeaurun uer ft Co., Cincinnati Best trunk, lady's, silver medal, Leonard ft Cook. Cincinnati. Best truuk, gent's, silver medal, Sboll, Keen a v.u., Cincinnati. Bust valise, bronze medal, 8holL Keen ft Co. Cincinnati. Best assortment traveling equipage, bronze medal, M. i. rlynt, Cincinnati. Best draft hames, bronzo modal, 8, M. Ferris A Co., Lluwood, Ohio. CLASS NO. PICTURE AND MIRROR FRAMES, MIRRORS. AC Best mirror frames, design and workmanship, silver medal, Mitchell ft Kammelsberg Furniture company, Cincinnati. Best display of mirrors, silver modal, Mitchell ft Banimel.berg Furniture Company, Cincinnati CLASS NO. oil. CONFECTIONERY, CANNKD FRUIT. JELLIES. PICKLES, AC, Best ornamental confectionery, silver medal, npper Bros., ciucinnaiu Best fine candies, silver medal, Keppler Bros. Cincinnati. Best chocolate candles, bronze medal, Kepplci Bros.. Cincinnati. Best assortment canned fruits, .ilvcr medal Albert Fischer A Co.. Cincinnati. Best assortment lollies, brouze medal, Albert Fischer A Co., Cincinnati. Best Sbsortmont pickle., bronze medal, Albert nscner co., cinciunaii. CLASS NO. 12 FURNITURE AND UPIIOL- UPIIOL- STKRY, ETC. Best sot of furniture (deaign and workmanship considered), gold medal, A. c. jucnarus, cmcin uati. Best set of parlor furniture, silver medal, Mitchell A Kammelsberg Furniture Company Cincinnati. Best set of dining-room dining-room dining-room furniture, silver medal, Mitchell ft Uaiunielsberg Furniture Company, Cincinnati. Best wit of library furniture, silver medal, Mitchell ft Bammelsberg Furniture Company, Cincinnati. Beat easy chair, bronze medal, Street ft Schmidt, Cincinnati. Best extension lounge, bronze medal, A Richards. Cincinnati. Best hat-rack, hat-rack, hat-rack, bronze medal, A. C Richards, CincianatL Best assortment of wood scat chairs, silver medaL Delaware Chair Comoanv. Delaware. O. Best assortment of cane seat chairs, silver medal, Sheboygan Manufacturing Company, She boygan, wis. uarrett, Loie Co., cinuatL Beit assortment of school furniture, silver med 1, t'xoelaiur School Furniture Manufacturing ComDanr. Cincinnati nest loiumg insures s, urouze ineuai, . .. ' . .1.1 . . 1 -, -, g. r, scrota. Cincinnati. Best sorina- sorina- bed bottom, bronze medal. National Wire Manufacturing Company, New Britain, ' connecticM. Best musqulto bar frame, bronze medal, J, Hirler. Cincinnati. Best wood carpet, silver medal, C. N. Emery, Cincinnati. CLASS NO. 43 PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES. PAPIER-MACHE. PAPIER-MACHE. PAPIER-MACHE. ETC. Best display of paper hangings, bronze medal, ixmu voigni, Cincinnati. Best spec imen of decoration In paper hangings, etc. silrer medal. Louis Volant. Cincinnati. Best display of papier-mache, papier-mache, papier-mache, bronze medal, cisuanau a in sna japan Manufacturing com canv. Best window shsdos, bronze medal, J. A E. H. 1 II K, .III..."- .III..."- Beat window shade fixture., bronze medal, J, SL U. Kirk. Cincinnati. Boat disvlay lace window curtains and trim minrs, bronze medal, Mitchell ft itumiuelsberf s urniiure company, Cincinnati. CLASS MO. 46 CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, AC. Best assortment of glassware, .liver medal, Hemingrav Gias. Company, Cincinnati. Best white granite ware, .ilver medal, Rmnkman A Co.. Cincinnati. Tempest, Best cream color ware, silver medal, Frederick Dallas, Cincinnati. of glass, china, porcelain and fane ware, silver medal F. Schultze ft Co Cincinnati CLASS NO. 47 CHEMICALS, SOAPS, CANDLES. Hnii unrtmni of chemicals, ailver medal, Charles Phixer ft Co., New York; A. B. M.rriam ft Co.. areata. Cincinnati. . Best assortment of Dharmaoentical prepare Ham .ii... 1 nH,rt Th, 1 I n 1 Km bridgeport, Mass. j W . C ILumilton ft Co., Agents, Cincinnati. . Best Glyeerins, silver medal, W. J. M. Gordon, cincinnsii. Best photngraphle chemicals, bronze medal, J. LanJr. ClncinaatL Bert fro it eoMoces and gsroring extracts, bmese medal, W. C. Hamilton ft Co., CincinnatL sesi giue, oronze medal, ilaeder, Aoamson Co.. CincinnatL Best writing fluid, bronze medaL X Fromhert, Cincinnati. Best baking powder, bronze medal, H. M. Anthony. Anthony. New York. Best assortment of splcee, bronze medal, X. X Wilson ft Co, Cincinnati. Best yeat preparations, bronze medal, Fleiscn-m.n Fleiscn-m.n Fleiscn-m.n A Ca CincinnatL Best assortment of toilet sosps, hronze medal. Western 6oap Co- Co- ClncinaatL ) Brot aswortmsnt of staple soaps, bronze medal M. Werk Cet, asclaaatL Best assortment of lauadrr SOSps,broQXS 20(41, CI C M F.

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  • The Exposition The Cincinnati Enquire 2 Oct 1872

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