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TheInterOcean/Chicago,Ill - present and past United States deputy! marshals...
present and past United States deputy! marshals at the Grand Pacific hoteL - ; Judge S. H. Bethea of the United States District court .was the guest of the. evening. Mr. Ames takes up the duties of collector early next week as successor" to VVirliarn Penn Nixon, who retiree after eight years service. - Mr. Hoy takes up the-office the-office the-office of marshal, resigning from the appralsershlp. Thomas O'Phaua-hnessy O'Phaua-hnessy O'Phaua-hnessy qualified yesterday succeed Mr. Hoy in that position. - kludge Betbea, in answer to a toast, te Mr. Ames, declared tbat the marshal had gained for the Chicago office the distinction In Washington as being 'the heat office in the country."..:.' '---.'- '---.'- '---.'- '---.'- '---.'- '---.'- .- .- -'..,-.-- -'..,-.-- -'..,-.-- -'..,-.-- -'..,-.-- -'..,-.-- , A, similar affair in "honor of Mr. Nixon was given at Roon, at the Great Northern hotel by his foricer business associates. Mr. Nixon was "presented with a. gold watch and chain by the men In the office as a token of their regard.., t .. ' .Those who' attended the dinner In 'honor the Incoming and outgoing marshals were; ''-JudffVg. fiRetk. Klretlon Pommlwtoiwr A. Bach fiherift! M. Vow. -frm -frm enutturn Illi-p-le: Illi-p-le: Illi-p-le: Illi-p-le: rotmas:er Jrb Q. ffuel. train oo:hm county; IJ.-putv IJ.-putv IJ.-putv Marhls E ('. Mrilts. T. H. Currier.: W. H." Griffith, Jr.. "Wtlter Welnwifrhf. Oeorre O. Alton. Christian F. Ouerthr r. H. H. Cv. M. C. W le. J. T, Bnekner. Edu'Ti K. l.l !nloti. Thmtni MiJrileoh. W. H. Crletr.n. W. T. Fotvler. Anil 1'd.H. Chrl Rlghflmfr. and O. K. klersrson: fTTfinT, Druuiy Mtrshtlsi IJ. A. Fialejr. Kuwr ii-l ii-l ii-l t. Oair. an-J an-J an-J Chief Driuuy Mirilutl M. E. Pt-t Pt-t nrm. h rr with .Mr. Ames ai conWru:ial s.creiary In the collector's office. . Mr. Hoy announced that, he will retain ihe present office force for a time at least, and refill Mr. Patterson's position within a few days.'not havlDgyet decided upon a man..-. man..-. man..-. He not'rady at this tim to announce his pol- pol- JUDGE OWESDEFUNCT BANK CHETLAIN-ASKS CHETLAIN-ASKS CHETLAIN-ASKS FOR DELAY ON HEELS OF EXPOSURE. AMoraey for Bar Aasorlatloa Aa-aoa'acea Aa-aoa'acea Aa-aoa'acea lateatloa to Klarht Poat-oaeaaeat Poat-oaeaaeat Poat-oaeaaeat of laaalry. Judge Arthur; H- H- Chetlaln. under Investigation Investigation by tbe Bar association, through bis attorney, attorney, John S. Miller,-practically Miller,-practically Miller,-practically asked yesterday that the Investigation of his conduct conduct as a Judge be dropped.. This action as taken shortly after It was discovered that cotes for an amount aggregating $1,045 purchase purchase -value, -value, with a face value of $HK. drawing drawing Interest at per cent, had been purchased, purchased, by the Bank of America. There notes were made out by Judge Chetlaln, and read, "Pay to me at 733 Stock Exchange bunding." Tola was the number of the suite occupied by Denison and Curtle, with whom It is aid Judge Chetlaln bad many interesting transactions. The two -notes -notes are for each, and are vouched for by William E. Dodeon, 159 La Salle street. Attorney Baldwin, who la conducting the examination la behalf of the Bar association, objeeta to any delay la tbe caee. The declaration declaration of his stand in tbe matter was called forth by a letter received by him from John S. Miller, counsel for Judge Chetlaln. : In tbla letter are many criticisms of -Lbs -Lbs way the Bar association's attorneys are handling the Investigation v -.?-: -.?-: -.?-: -.?-: Ftarata Aa-alaat Aa-alaat Aa-alaat Delay, r'. "The postponement of the Investigation at this time,, as requested by tbe Judge' attorneys, attorneys, would practically mean the end of the inquiry," said - Mr. Baldwin. "Mr. Miller would not return until the end of the week. I leave the first part of next week for an extended trip through Europe. The defense ir aware of this fact. "Should the investigation be postponed at thia time, it could not be resumed until fall, and that would be practically useless an far as actual result are. concerned... I ehall oppose the continuance strongly, I have postponed many legal cases which I lad on hand In order to carry on thia work, and H. would right to take the time of seven members of the Bar association because because one lawyer cannot be present." Sarprlpee Are Proaaleed. - Unices the Bar association decides to grant the continuance. Judge Chetlaln will again take tbe stand tomorrow. I Attorney Baldwin : : Wmtimm- Wmtimm- m divorced !r 1 FORMER . COMPANION - OF DIVORCED BY much damaging evidence against the Judge ir- ir- the so called Illinois "tunnel steal," and In addition had Information which would show ibat Chetlaln. knew the nature of the business business transact ions which be carried on with Denison and Curtis, la expected te give his testimony Immediately after Chetlaln finishes. finishes. -;- -;- -;- - . ' -.,. -.,. Attorney Baldwin admits that Silverwton has much evidence ef value to-tbe to-tbe to-tbe committee. committee. ' . . -. -. -.;-, -.;-, -.;-, -.;-, '. BASEBALL LOVERS UNITE TO . BACK ANSON FOR SHERIFF .Meet I a- a- Called to Orgaalse Caaaatalara , la Behalf of Vetera Caetala of Cfcaaaarea Tea as. ;' . ;' ' . ' .To boost the candidacy of Captain Anson for sheriff a meeting of baseball players and fans haa been called for Monday evening at Oriental -hall, -hall, 122 La Salle street. Many of the prominent baseball lights of the city have. -united -united In backing the movement for this testimonial to the "grand old man." at which It la proposed to adopt resolutions formally Indorsing him for tbe shrievalty. When tbe veteran was forced Into the race for .city clerk a year ago last spring, it was bis old admirera on the diamond that did It, and the general public helped the cause along because they were mindful of tbe day when Anson set his foot down very firmly on the proposition te raise a purse for his benefit on the occasion of hi retirement from the management of tbe Chicago league team. Both President Charley Murphy and President President Charley Comiskey have Indicated their Intention to be present and say a word for Anson at Monday night's rally, and Jimmy Callahan and other famous baseballists are on the list of speakers. The meeting will be called to order" by A. R. Tearney, wbo has been president of tbe Amateur Baseball Managers league stnee Its organization six years ago. :" "'-:. "'-:. "'-:. -. -. - . , COLLEGES TO BENEFIT BY ' v CARNEGIE FUND ARE LISTED Mar .Westers laatltatloas AaMsg Those Ad ami tted to OPrlvlIevos of V i'SISl41tlBU';V?.:-yr: i'SISl41tlBU';V?.:-yr: i'SISl41tlBU';V?.:-yr: ', '' : ' NEW YORK. July 7.-A 7.-A 7.-A provisional Ht of colleges snd universities which are to be admitted admitted to the benefits of the Carnegie foundation foundation for the advancement of (caching was made public today.-The today.-The today.-The Hat Includes Belolt college. Belolt. ; Wls.j Csrleton oellege, Nortbfield. Minn.: 'Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio; George Waabing-ton Waabing-ton Waabing-ton university. Washington, U. O.; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.; Knox college, Galesburg, 111.; lowe college, Grln-neiL Grln-neiL Grln-neiL Iowa; Lawrence-university, Lawrence-university, Lawrence-university, Appleton, Wis.; Lehigh university. South Bethlehem, - " FORMER . COMPANION -OF. -OF. PRINCESS . VHO wAS : DIVORCED BY HER 'HUSBAND. : I " : PRINCESS . WHO HER HUSBAND. I Mrs. Annie E. Cubley, for Yean ' Confidante; ' of Russian ', Noblewoman, Noblewoman, Is Denied Appeal for Alimony Alimony on Cross Charge of Cruelty. ' Mrs. Annie K. Cubley, for several years companion of the Princess Boraltlnsky, and said te be wealthy In her own right, was dl-roreed dl-roreed dl-roreed by her husband, 'Edwin i. Cubley, In Judge Walker's court yesterday.. , Mrs. Cubley, who wss chsrged by her husband husband with desertion, put In-n In-n In-n cross-complaint cross-complaint cross-complaint cross-complaint alleging cruelty and asking for damages, damages, bat so slight wss her evidence In support support of her plea that the court peremptorily refused the request and gave the decree te the -husband, -husband, r'c'. ' 1;:''jr.-' 1;:''jr.-' 1;:''jr.-' Y-" Y-" Y-" 'V v la her crose-blH crose-blH crose-blH the woman stated that she had for several years traveled all over Europe as companion to Princess Boraltlnsky Boraltlnsky of Russia; and had only left that personage personage when the latter had married. - . . Oary Oae Boobs Faralsned. It was stated that after coming to Chicago Chicago she and her husbacd, having been married married In London,, had. taken : ap their residence'' residence'' is Ravensweod, . hut tbat only, one room In the house -area -area furnished.! - "My husband failed to- to- give me enough money te dress-with." dress-with." dress-with." said Mrs. Cubley, wbo la years of age- age- and yesterday did not seem te . lack .nay feminine finery. v "The whole housa was miserable, and after a year of It I left snd have not since returned." fJobley, who followed his wife on the stand, told snother story. . -. -. . . t-.- t-.- t-.- t-.- . - Tare Prices for Sat Oaraaeat XoJ . ' "I never refused my wife money save on one occasion." he said, "that was when for tbe third time she asked me for money with which to purchase tbe same article of clothing. clothing. I gave it to her twice, but the third time I "refused. - I do - not mind spending money, butt want to know what I am spending spending It for." - Mrs. -Cubley -Cubley had Intimated that she had further- further- grounds upon which to secure a divorce from Cubley. ..' "Ton must produce them If I am to give you the decree." ssid Judge Walker. "Our divorce laws are pretty loose, hat not loose enough to cover the evidence submitted In this suit.- suit.- The grounds alleged are flimsiest I have aeen since I have been sitting la chan-eery. chan-eery. chan-eery. If I am to grant your request for alimony alimony I moat have further testimony." T v Prefers Slleaee Altaaoay, - Mrs. Cubley, who had lletened In alienee, eald that she would go without the alimony rather than reveal the other grievances she harbored against Cubley. - .v . -4 -4 ., r "Will you go back to him?" asked the Judge. 1--,. 1--,. 1--,. 1--,. . .; ... -. -. - ' -."Never. -."Never. she said. ;- ;- " ', It was at last arranged that Cubley was to get the decree on grounds of desertion snd that tbe attorneys were to agree npon what sum he should . settle npon -his -his wife.' The decree will be presented Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday. ..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; ---v.-..jj.,.--..-vf;..; -' -' Ewrepe Bad for Divorcees. '.- '.- "Will you return te Europe?" was asked Mrs. Cubley'. - . - .v --'f --'f --'f - - -i -i - "No." she said, "divorced persons do not readily obtain employment In Europe. Tbey do not Inquire of a woman who seeks to be a 'companion' whether . her divorce was obtained only upon grounds of desertion or whether her morals are at stake. I will not return to Europe." - -

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