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Collector Finley - Texas Mi run Louis Antonio LAYING A WORM FENCE....
Texas Mi run Louis Antonio LAYING A WORM FENCE. AN OBJECT LESSON IN TEE SCIENCE or PBAOTIOAL POLITIC! Senator Ooke and Bia Friend Waller tba Gahtsston Ouitom 3nm» and the Senatorial Election in 1895. and No Trains. orth 9.JQ v\ m. m. 7.50 y. m. Route deeping ChicuRO tho Katy are the that has Kansas , connections M., by tho North. CARS A local politician yesterday accosted a News reporter with the query: "Have figured out tne purpose of Senator Cokc'a Visit to Galvestun?" "To see the progress of the Jetty worK, he said, so he can be prepared to advise, the senate when he is asked questions." "Jelly nothing," ejaculated thu 1. p. jetty contract was duly signed ami sealed between the war department and the con- traeiors during the Harrison administration, administration, an! the appropriation has to come upon the approval of the war department, Coke or no Coke. The senior senator ain'f building Jetties this year, but he'» building something else." "What?" "Fences," politician. laconically replied the local Bt R. R. ond eleventh day Sac Au- go IS* the paper account of de- and of of at named In Barroom at- sworn will "For all "What fences? Coke's term of office doesn't expire till 1895." "\V«H, 1*95 is coming:, ain't it?" well, what's coming to Galveston and Inspecting the jetties got to do with senatorial fences In 1895?" The local politician looked tired. The reporter reporter was»obtUKe and he knew it, but couldn't catch on. He felt like he did back in the old college days in Alabama when Prof. Smith tried to explain to him the fanciful problem in analytical geometry that proves two straight Hues may continually continually approach each other till "kingdom come" aud never meet. The professor covered the north wall of the lecture room blackboard "demonstrations" and reeled off several tomes of Davies and Loomis the bewildered student without avail. Then lie looked at the flountlerliiK youth and said pityingly, not unkindly: "Young man, I can explain a problem, but I can't manufacture brains to comprehend It. You'll never make a mathematician. You'd better switch to the agricultural course and learn how to mix butter rations." The politician looked at the, reporter In much the same manner, and then went to say: "Suppose Coke did come down here to look at the jetties. What did he ietch along Waller linker' for? 'Wully' cion't have to advise the senate about jetty appropriations, appropriations, and he has no HogiC cam- pa Ign to manage.'' "That's a fact, the late Warwick of the car stable ticket was here." "Of course he was here, and he wasn't traveling Cor his health." "Let's quit guessing and get down to buHliK-io. Giw me th« slury--I'm In it hurry. "Well, this is all more or less guessing.- Politics at best Is a guess," and the politician politician looked wistfully at the aky as if to con June the gift of divination.- Coming btu-k to the earth, he continued: "Senator Coke has figured out that there arc seven votes for United States senator in this state senatorial district. There's one senator, two representatives from Ga- VL'ston county, one trum Wharton, one IJruzoria and Matupordu, and two lloatera (Torn Chambers, Liberty, "Sablne, etc-. Of the thirty-one senatorial districts this has perhaps more senatorial votes than any. There are JliH representatives, or un average average of a b o u t four to each senatorial district. So you see this Is a peach w o r pluck Ing." "Hut the poach isn't ripe," put in the reporter. "If you'll keep quiet, I'll read this sign for yon," responded the politician testily. "However, I tlmiik you for that suggestion. IVrlmpH J can now make political husbandry husbandry clcur to you. Did you ever see grapes bugged? Well, the farmer puts bags around the bunches of green grapes to K'?" off the bugM. Well, Coke Is bagslnv this bunch of seven senatorial votes." "Where does Waller J3aker come in?'" "Well, you don't auppusu Coke would ,,,, 'round showing his hand, do you? What dues a mini have friends for?" "1'lease let up on your riddles and slve inu tin- item. If Coke's gut two yeara to run l'n; the somite we've (;ot but one night lo ir«M out to-niorrow'fl p»]»r, nn1 If T 'I^ti't get around to the olllce pretty soon the bunk fallure.H ami commercial cataclysm reports w i l l eat up rfll the :puce, and have to cat this story to two sticks." "Well. . here you are Iu ululn ICnrjlJsh. Whllp .Senator Coke was lulKliiK jutty Waller Waller Halter, was In the Gulveslun custom house Monday evening till 7.SO ' o'clucU. It (Iffln't t a k e all that lime to shake w i t h Collector Klnluy. You have observed t h a t out of some twenty-five or t h i r appointments the new collector has made only four, viz: His son Quitman us chief d o n u t y . Alderman Wren us chief clerk Clifford as cashier and The Ay era as storekeeper. Collector Finlay has not yet made up his mind as to the other twenty or twenty-live appointees, and meanwhile meanwhile Senator Coke's ambassador calls on him. Collector Flnlay was warmly- supported in his candidacy by Senator Coke. If Senator Coku makes recommendations to Collector Finlay, other things being equal, it stands to reason and gratitude tliut the ryCwijiincnJa.ll^u*) w u u M htive some weight. These appointments need not necessarily all be ma'Ie from Galve.s- ton county. Any or all of the counties in the senatorial district--with ita aggregate of seven senatorial votes--grow good o f f i cial timber. KewMes, there's a. deputy collector collector of customs to be appointed at Ve- JUHCO and utiuiher at Sabine, ench doubtless doubtless to be a local applicant. Al] these senatorial votes for 3S3 are to be elected be- twfceij now and then. "Tlire's 'another thing: There's n. Gnl- veston postmaster yet to TIG appointed under tnu new administration. The appointment appointment of Colonel Flnlay waa effected mainly by the influence of Coke and Mills and thereby the respect of candidates and the politcal agents for senatorial influence wflh thu new administration has veen greatly Increased." "But doesn't MHLe have any flmrer In tills nle?" "If he wants It T suppose so, but Mills is fixed for six years, nnd he can afford to be generous and leave it all to Coke There's another point I ' l l give you, then you may go. You remember that Senator Coke was a rabid Hogg man and said the men that snr.irehpa the ticket ought not to live, or words to that effect Moreover, when thp auction of federal appointments appointments came up, he g.-ive It out straight that so far na his recornmenuHtion was wanted no- Clark men need apply. Well. Collector Flnlay was a Hogg man ail right enough, but you will notice that his two principal appointees so far, Messrs. Wn»n and Clifford, are from the Clark ranks In the late unpleasantness. Coke drew tin* Hue on Clark men durinj? the campaign, hut now he's laying a regular oldr-L'aRhloneil worm fence that can crook around a Clark man as easy as not." "I've given you tho scheme. It's perfectly perfectly legitimate, and while I'm not In It I cnn stunt! off and admin: it or go In to block It If it comes my t u r n . "lli-reafter I hope you'll keep your eye peeled when politicians are In town." 3 by a

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 20 Jul 1893, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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