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Merriman Reunion - nni'ii mm k ceeii .'. isU, HELD FOR PAST TiW...
nni'ii mm k ceeii .'. isU, HELD FOR PAST TiW 1E.1 Thirty years ago Jast June the first Merrlman reunion was neia anne James Merrlman home In Welts county. At that time almost or quite all of the pioneer Merrlmans were living - that had settled In the counties of Wells, Huntington, Whitley and Porter In this state. - . .. .This reunion held at that time was the first family reunion ever held In Wella county. It was the pioneer In. the reunion Held. Today reuhlons are being held almost every week. . Seventeen years ago the Merrlmans began holding reunions as biennial affairs! They have always been largely attended and very pleasant occasions Indeed. Thursday the reunion was held at the home of Perry Mounsey In Wells county not far from the village of Liberty Center and in the 'neighborhood of the reunion held thirty years ago. When the Merrlmans came to Wells county the county was almost an unbroken forest and where Mr. Mounsey has a splendid farm was wilderness of brush and ponds. About 250 were present to enjoy the festivities of - the day but only a very few were there thirty years ago. A splendid dinner spread on long tables in the shade of the orchard trees was, as was always the case, one - of - the most pleasing and enjoyable features of the occasion. In the afternoon, with Pres. O. W. Whltelock presiding, a very interesting program was. given. . Wlllard Merrlman of Bluffton led in the singing and Rev. Bruce Mounsey of Alexandria opened with prayer. Perry Mounsey, at whose home the reunion was held, trave words of welcome which was responded to ,by Hon.' Banford Merrlman of Bluffton. A short service was conducted In memory of those of the family who had departed this life since the, last reunion. This service was conducted by Alfred T. Merrlman. Rev. Ted - rick of the Baptist church at Liberty Center reading a scripture lesson and offering prayer. Probably the most Interesting part of the program was the Impromptu addresses by a number of those present. Among these were F.W.Merrlman and Newton Merrlman of Huntington county, Frank Merrlman or Marlon, America Merrlman of Boone Grove. Rev. Bruce Mounsey of Alexandria, Hon. J. B. Merrlman of Bluffton, 0. W. Whltelock of Huntington, Zeph - lniah Johnson of Ft. Wayne,, and Rev. Tedrlck of Liberty Center. These addresses were full of reminiscences concerning the early set tlement and development of the counties where the Merrlmans settled. Dr. P, L Robinson of Bluffton, F. W. Merrlman - of - Huntington Lowe Merrlman of South Whltleyr America Merrlman of Boone Grove.a committee on nominations, reported In favor of re - electing the present officers: O. W. Whltelock, Huntington, president; John - V. - Merrlman, - Liberty. Center, secretary; Dr. P. L Robinson., Bluff ton, treasurer, who were unanimously elected to these positions. Hon. J. B Merriman of Bluffton was made family historian and Dr. P. L. Bobin - son. F. W. Merriman of Huntington, and Everett Merrlman of South Whitley - were named as a committee on program for the next biennial reunion to be held in August, 1911, at the home of Francis W. Merriman In Huntington county. Among those present were: Zephlnlah Johnson and grandson, Herbert Johnson, of Ft. Wayne; Mrs. Anna Luce, Mrs. Samantha Wright, Tracy Merriman, Mr. and Mrs.. Sutan Potee, Mrs. Nancy Thomas, ; Ruth Thomas, Bertha Richards, Mrs. Mary A. Osborne, John Osborne, Rolland Osborne, Nettle Osborne, Nellie Osborne, Zella Osborne, Mrs. Ethel Swain; Ruby Swain Catharine Swain, Jacob Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Merriman, Gurnsey Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Henry, Romiee Henry and Dorothy Henry, Daniel Gep - hart, David Gephart. Marlon Gephart, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Marriman of Huntington, Elvla Merriman, Harley Merrlman and Arthur Merrlman,, Mr. and Mrs. A.' T. Merrlman. Justin Merrlman, Donald Merrlman, Floyd Merrlman and Mary, Merrlman, "Grandma" Buckner, Mrs. Jane Trallskill, Mrs.. J. Q. Merrlman, Emery Merrlman, Homer Cames Merrimanr Mr. - and Mrs. John I. Clark, Mrs. Charles MoCleery, Harry McCleery, Ode McCleery, Claude McCleery, Mrs. Lucinda Poling, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Merriman of Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. Otta Merrlman, Minnie Croasdale, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fudge, . Mrs. Sarah Kingln, Miss Anna Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lieurance, Mr. W. F. , McEl - haney, George McElhaney, Mr. 'and Mrs. Elsworth Wampner, . .Tracy Wampner, Beulah Wampner, Elizabeth Wampner, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Mowery, John Mowery, Leota Mowery and Hazel Mowery, Mrs. Anna McKee, James Wort, Mrs. Rata Shlnneman Clark of Hampton, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Merrlman, Etta Merriman, Clara Merriman, Edna and . Erwin Merrlman of Huntington, Iv M. Merriman, Mr.' and Mrs. Wlllard Merrlman, Ward Merrlman, 'Mrs. A. D. Mc - Knight, Virgil McKnight, Mrs. Rebeo ca Merriman, Mrs. Nell Sheibley, Mrs. Glassley, Dr. and Mrs. P.V Robinson oC Bluffton," Guy Huff mai, Paul "Huffman, Mr and Mrs. Albert Rhoades, Rolland Rhoades, Orva v Musselman, Henry Harris, Everett Harris; Homer Harris, Mr. and Mrs.. F. B. Merrlman, Sarah Merriman of Marlon, Mrs. W. J. Wasson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Mounsey, Mr. and Mrs. William Harris, Dean Harris, .Miss Loretta Moore, ' Miss Mary Musselman, Mr. F. 'W. Merrlman, Russel Overspath, O. M. Hub - bly, Mr. and Mrs. John V. Merrlman, Rev. Bruce Mounsey of t; Alexandria, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Merrlman of Marlon, tfennle Holsinger, M. B. Merrlman, of Huntington, Ruth Merrlman, rrrv Oenhart. Mrs. George Bennet, Carry Bennett, Worden Bennett, Mrs. Elizabeth Crawiora, Becue uoioy, Jacob F. Souers of Huntington, Mrs. F. M. King of Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Huffman, Sylvia Huffman, Cliff Huffman, Herman Huffman, Harry Huffman, Ocle Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huffman, Raymond Huffman, Ward Huffman, Elsie Huffman, Ora Huffman, Mrs. Egbert Merrlman, Jesse Merrlman Byron Merriman, Glen Merriman. Mrs. and Earl Mawhlney, Wlllard Mawhiney, Helen Mawhlney, Hlxon Merrlman of Marlon, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Helm, Inez Helm, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Minnlch, Edna Minnlch, Cleto Minnlch,; J. E. McLaln, Ezra Merrlman, America F. Merrlman of Boone Grove, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Ingrain Merriman, Luster Merriman, Jennie Marriman Mr and Mrs. Harry Rey nolds, Wllbert Reynolds, Doyle Reynolds, Mrs. Henry Roush, Clyde Roush, Maurlne Rousn, Lianas jaern - man Mr. and Mrs. Tedrlck, Lawrence Tedrlck. Mr. and Mrs - A. E. Thurne, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. rayne, uin Payne, Garth Payne, Edna Payne, Gerald Payne, Misses Nlla and Josie Dlboy, Sherman, Davis, Mrs. Selah Harris and Jennie Harris, Florence Harris, Ora Harris, Mra. John Godfrey, Gertie Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. H. Musselman, Roe Kusseiman, wr. mu Mrs. O. W. Whltelock of Huntington. nr rhnao nrpunf Jacob F. Souers of Huntington was the oldest, being almost ninety - seven years old. He stood the trip remarkably well, going from Huntington In the morning over the C. B. & C. and returning at night over the traction line oy. way oi Wayne. Others present - over seventy jeio of age were Mrs. Samantha Wright, Mr. Jacob Huffman. "Grandma" Buckner, Mrs. Rebecca Merriman of South Whitley, Mr. T. J. Mounsey or Liberty. Center, Zephlnah Johnson of Ft Wayne and W. F. McElhaney Those under Beventy and over sixty were Tracy Merrlman, Mr. and Mrs. Sutan Potee, Mr. and Mrs. John. I. Clark, Mrs. Lucinda Poling, of Hunt - i.nn Mra Anna. McKee. Mrs. T. J. IWfc LUU, ....... - Mounsey, John V. Merriman, M. B. Merriman, Huntington, necaie uum, Mrs. W. - H. Helm. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS REPORTED BY The Huntington Abstract Co., E. E. KEL8EY, Atty and Abstracter, Odd Fellow Building Jefferson F." Slusser to Des j sle N. Slusser, hf lot ll, Johnson's add. 100 00 Isabella R. Rlttenhouse to Milton Beck, pt n e qr sec , 4. Salamonle township.... 2300 00 Charles Wire et al to Geo. W. Lawver et al, pt n w qr sec 3. Polk townshiD .......... 1 00 Clara Wlntrode to Charles Fitch, pt n w qr sec 3, Polk tp., 40 acres 1 00 Denies Purchase of Railroad. Mexico City, Aug. 27. Ambassador David E. Thompson emphatically denies the report that he had purchased the Pan American railroad for $10,000,000, acting as the agent for E. H. Harrlman. He declares he is in no way connected with Mr. Harrlman and that be had not purchased the railroad, but Is trying to do so. Mr. and Mrs. George Rogers and children, who have been visiting at tbe W. S Paul home reeturned to their - home at Alexandria, Virginia, today '; It yon have any news Telephone 114.

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