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William Prater b. 1866 in Paw Paw, MI

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William Prater b. 1866 in Paw Paw, MI - Justice Prater Of Paw Paw Urged For Office As...
Justice Prater Of Paw Paw Urged For Office As Judge Of Probate Court h a t ol time, R j p lash Creen a public i o n s «ro p in the forms Ihe to the special Thursday. a the R. Coal Tho tlvo cash distrlcl representatives or the attending g the brother's WHEN 1,011 is f a t a l l y grail? east oi~ gusn- t h o New \VPT»- o a d car a t i n r d r i a n , r d a n d cms a n i l PAW PAW. Feb. 1?5.--"Good Morning Judge," Sincu H*22, £'-17 respondents, charged w i t h c r i m i n a l conduct havo '. been arraigned before Justlco "William "William Prater. Taw Paw. Of this n u m - ber of cases docketed only four ot the j u s t i c e verdicts havo been appealed i In (ho circuit court and rmjy one wan { reversed. During (his same period 48!) c i v i l units were I n s t i t u t e d . O u t of fis'o appealed, the decision of the lower court was sulaincd in f o u r In- Mancen and only one was reversed. J u d g e Prater d u r i n g n long and act act i v e public career t h a t began in 1902 with his appointment as connIy a p p n t (if Correct hi us and Charities. I which post ho held u n t i l February ' H i l l held many responsible positions, positions, l i e has been siiperintendem of Iho poor, administrator of public 1 t bai'illoH, m ana per of the upper l.ciifnsiiLii Prohibition campaign and lias hpon a m e m b e r of several state cnmmislsons that had for t h e i r purpose purpose the investigation of public charity charity and indigency. Succeeded K i l l e f e r Friends of J u s t i c e Prater indorsed his cnmlidney for the appointment 10 Ihn ofllce of probate judge following following tho d e a t h of the lain William Killefer. Ilia name has becir persistently persistently men Ho tied us a candidate for tho same ofllco at (he March primary primary Init despite tlio circulation of bin petitions by bis f r i e n d s ami sup- sporlers, Mr. Prater, however, has w i t h d r a w n fvoni (lie probate raco tn favor of bis opponent ond incuni- honl, Merle 11. Young, .Paw Paw, who w i l l be unopposed for ihe'judgc- Milp at the spring' primary. William Prater was born G3 years ago of pioneer stock on the Old Prater homestead in Paw Paw towns towns h i p Itnown as the Wolverine farm. Ho received tils education in Paw Paw ami later taught In the rural schools of the community up to 1S!)2. Mr. Prater's flrsl appointment lo public ofllcci came in 1902 wlien bo was inado county agent of Corrections Corrections and Charities. During the n i n e years t h a t he was ficrvlng In this capacity bo was made chairman of tho Legislative Committee of the Slate AsflocinHon of Charities ami corrections and us such drafted and was largely responslblo In securing he passage oE the present Juvenile Court Law, the Indeterminate Sentence Sentence Law and tho Mother Pension Law. Mombers serving on this coin- mil te with him wore Judge Harry Jewell, G r a n d Ha plus; Hevereud C j i r o t l n o Uartlctt Crane, Kalainn?.oti; J u d g e M u r p h y , Detroit; Judge llul- hert, Detroit; ,I3lsliop Gillespic, Grand K a p i d s and County Agent M e r r i l l , Kalamnzoo. Air. Prater's most cherished treasure is tlio gold pen (hat was used by Governor Fred M, Warner in signing tbo Juvenile; Court Law which was presented to the c h a i r m a n in recognition of bis services in the enactment ot the Juv- nlie Law. In J a n u a r y 1912 Mr. Prator employed by the Hoard of Supervisors Supervisors of Dickinson County to administer administer Public Charity In t h a t county u n d e r a special commission. In l!)t;{ lie was employed by tho M e n o m f n e e 11 oil rd of Super visors ( lo system Ize Public C h a r i l y lit that county, and in 1Q1-1 was employed by Iho Marn Marn u o t t c to Supervisors Id make survey survey of Public C h a r i t y for Houghton county. Head of P r o h i b i t i o n William Prater wns appointed manager of the u p p e r peninsula m u l e p r o h i h t i o n campaign in l!)]f. and had ( h e pleasure of seeing this i c r r i t o r y voto dry to Die tune of over J . n Q O ballots. Tlio state* legislature of 1915 pro v it led for a com mission appointed by tho Governor lo m a k e a survey ol the s l a t e of Michigan ami report report to t h e legislature of 1017, rcliu- \nK in t h e m a t t e r of public charity ·-i:d iridigenoy w i t h recommenda- i in us f o r tlu! on rl a i l m e n t of HIP y a m n condil ion. He cause pf his sign sign n l w o r k in t h i s field I'raier was * iied to Ml w i t h the commission. !· fllovv rue n i b cry of I lie commission wri'o Dr. C. H. Coolcy, bead 01 ; HiTiolo.iry d e p a r t m e n t U n i v e r s i t y of j M i r h i ^ m : Can-oil Sweet. Grand i K.'.^uts; n r n j i i m U i F. Morrick, G r a n d ] K ; i p i i l s ; l-'rnl G. S lev PUS, D e t r o i t ; M i - r l T. M u r r a y . Lansing- Mr. Prut.. · r w:is i L p p o I n u i d secretary to eon- M n r t i i n d siipi'rvisi* t h e survey. ^ H I vcy rx I ended 10 nil but f i v e l o u m i o s of (lie s t a t e and a personal i n v e s t i g a t i o n of conditions was JUDGE PRATER Pnw Paw man, prominently mentioned as successor of late Judge Killefer as probate judge, who author of juvenile court law, has held many public offices In Michigan, Michigan, but has withdrawn from the spring probate race In favor of Merle H. Young, also of Paw Judge Prat«r last week received notification from Governor Fred G H e e t i ' o f his appointment officer. Young was appointed to out KiIlefer's unexpired term. made in each of these counties orpncial Hiirveys being made In Way no. K e n t , Cnlhouu, Hnnghton, iron and Marquette. Several Several reforms in administration of p u b l i c charity and care of was the result of thla survey. Working with the commit Lea appointed by tbo governor there wens' throe expertly trained caso workers in addition to the secretary and an c t s l n n t . FARMERS AT THREE OAKS TURN DOWN PICKLE CONTRACTS THIIKE OAKS, Feb. 25--Contractfl for pleklea arc beiug turned down by pickle farmers near here, dissatisfied dissatisfied with ( h e price cut being offered them this year. Reports stated that tho dissatisfac- t i o n aroso from two principal Iho neiv price is $2.75 a h u n d w e i g h t , n reduction of 25 below last year's rate, also the specifications specifications lhat the cucumbers bo provided In :i smaller grade t h a n 11)fore required. Both changes in tho entitract, It is ttiiid, would work greatly to d e t r i m e n t of the producer ho would not only receive a lower price for his cucumbers but also must gather them earlier in ordor to have t h e m accepted u n new smaller si7.0 provision, Inns reducing t h u bulk of. his crop. ABANDONS CANADA TO CUBA FLIGHT (I*y Associated Prpss) A N N ' A U B O H , Feb. !.t mi;u-l C. Flo, Aim Arbor Dyer v.'hii bad planned to lake off loduy ;u: a second ·itK.tUpl to make a n · i r p f l i g h t from Canada ;'iiiimuicrcl t o d a y that ho had ilmiod bis plans for the present brv ;iuse of Ihn successful f l i g h t nr.y nf f!»jorge HaiJoman and Jamos

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  • William Prater b. 1866 in Paw Paw, MI

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