Viola Allen + Frank Wilstach NY Times 9 Feb 1904

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Viola Allen + Frank Wilstach NY Times 9 Feb 1904 - . j-OLA j-OLA j-OLA ALLEN IN "fffELFIH SIGHT ;...
. j-OLA j-OLA j-OLA ALLEN IN "fffELFIH SIGHT ; A Triumph of Chrbmo-Uthographio Chrbmo-Uthographio Chrbmo-Uthographio .ji Acting. . H .... .- .- ' ; v. y -.";.: -.";.: jgaatiful Production and a ftUdiocrt -: -: fcart John Blair as MaJvolio. , ; j, Tu om or mor of the seven cges In ' zi . li picture book delight, whereas real 5 i "isl would weary. In which the ladles on . . ev, t M -j-Aox -j-Aox -j-Aox -j-Aox covers entrance iae fni, of pink-cheeked, pink-cheeked, pink-cheeked, rahy-Upped rahy-Upped rahy-Upped Joy. s the cigars would b quite destruc-m destruc-m destruc-m X happlnesa To anyone, whatever his l., kn . tors the felicity of Slvtag In ?U -charmed -charmed age. Miss Viola, Allen' re- re- Villi Ol Duwnw - " - which was disclosed last night, at the Knickerbocker. will brine delight supreme. It is full of the vivid colors, ,the obvious contrasts of the chromo-ltthograph. chromo-ltthograph. chromo-ltthograph. ; The Idyllic sweetness of the character 1. x-ii x-ii x-ii ! r.mWifi With an - emphasis tilt no glare of footlights, no surrounding ' t.Toune of scenery can dim. It moods . of sprightly wit, of delicate fancy, of mua-l!8 mua-l!8 mua-l!8 jrace In pathos, of subtle, half sadcoro-rdy. sadcoro-rdy. sadcoro-rdy. are nil brought out with the unmistakable unmistakable emphasis of Juvenile artT If it I .ejected that never for a moment Is tha ubUa lifellkeseaS of Shakespeare's dainty. dreaming, sensitive, scintuiani m eiothes suggested but hoJd! We had hoped to escape the churlishness of Any such tn-Umation. tn-Umation. tn-Umation. ' . - Miss Allen's Albanian white kilts, her reu and goldZouavs jacket, become her to a marvel. Her masculine swagger empha-aixc empha-aixc empha-aixc every moment the fast that she is a ixcy, iier tips purse wiui urn jjiuuo ku fSass cf conscious prettine. ' Her cheeks wreathe with smiles that it would be brutal ti call smirks. Who would ba so base as fwn to adumbrate the fact that there are looks he prefers to picture books, that any Ktokable cigar is to be desired bfor the ciarms of the lady oa the boat cover? Time sad again this actress has proved her potency potency with the hearts and minds of the many. l- l- , . , ' If the appeal of " The Christian.' has Caiits and -The -The Eternal City ejajoys a li sated eternity, why should she not essay "Twelfth Night"? 'All Calne are alike to n and esmclallv when they take the lxal babitation and the nanra of Shake tprare. Has not the Manxman hiinalf peinted out that be has the red beard, the sable brow, the very form and pressure of tn ipuriuu Chandos portrait of the Bard of Avon? Or. the topis of the gorgeousness of Miss Allen's production Mr. Y. 3. Wilstach has made no end of scholastic advance noticed, is-t is-t is-t has not hesitated ia his attempted Justification Justification of It, to quote Ths Timks, to the effect that there were more scenic properties properties on the .Elizabethan stage than are &aict of in the philosophy of. the mass of it is therefore with extreme) regret tha fn we record . now aaiiy -na -na iniernxy or 143 narrative, has been sacrificed to tha really bf-autiful bf-autiful bf-autiful sts of Me-srs. Me-srs. Me-srs. Krnest Albert Albert and Emens Ml Cnitt. Tbey are really btautlful seta, those of Orslno's palace and Olivia's garden being partlcalarly . har-rsonlotts. har-rsonlotts. har-rsonlotts. It they distract attention from ta acting, as such seta are bound "to do, tfcat Is noi the least rt their Virtues. ' iut wiien it eom to ki r. W'Uatach's 'as- 'as- nereration tnat tne production is iae ncnesi. srd"mst benutirul witli which the play has nrr ben envf lopeo- lopeo- men we cry naiu xmparea to it nr. tseeroonra 1 n-c n-c n-c wvun j far the play at Her Majesty's In London was I ii iml&ht ia to staruuht. as water Is to iinVT . - v- v- f I But then U taust be added that it wa also solider In architecture, vaster and deeper In aerial perspectives than any-min any-min any-min that has ever been accomplished on the American stare, being a fuU lift aoovo even Mr. Belaaco's epoch-making- epoch-making- epoch-making- epoch-making- " Darling the Gods." - All of which does not pre-pnt pre-pnt pre-pnt Miss Allen's production from being aiishtv ine. Kit Miss Allen's support less can be ald. the Malvolio of Mr. John Blair was a mere rnotement. and in spite of Ail its eLibora-itoa eLibora-itoa eLibora-itoa quite without either the breath, of hu-jtor hu-jtor hu-jtor or the vitality of imagination. In Ir-igar's Ir-igar's Ir-igar's form Olivia's steward became an set ere -ana -ana iniciiecroai punuia, duum f-ry f-ry f-ry fatuousnetss was sublime. iThe faintest flicker of a srails in the esmers of his mouth, the least gesture to Micate iiis yellow hone and cross garters, bad the effect of ail Mr. Blair's flourishing-Mnirks. flourishing-Mnirks. flourishing-Mnirks. Kven Mr. Tree infused the part with a top'.oftlcal airiness that was quite a creation in its way. The flutter of the ra-iat ra-iat ra-iat with which he said. " I thank thee, Jyve,!Thad the effect of tho roost familiar h. hal 4Ta-ta!" 4Ta-ta!" 4Ta-ta!" to the Father of. the Gods. But" whr- whr- pflfticuis rise i "The Olivia f Grace Ellison was digni-fb-d digni-fb-d digni-fb-d digni-fb-d digni-fb-d and eharmlnr a. erMt trnnrovement oe her performance as Kathie in Mr. Mans- Mans- f irld's " Old Heidelberg." The Sir Toby I 1-tcb 1-tcb 1-tcb of Clarence Handystde was lntell!-1 lntell!-1 lntell!-1 etiit, but dry, with a dryness that would tire been repudiated at sight by .Olivia's cnary-sack cnary-sack cnary-sack soaking as he rmiRt have cherished his thirst. One was obsessed by the memory of William K. wen In the Daly production. Frank Currier Currier as Sir Andrew Aruecheek distinguished hliaself by creating the character with the , j w va, suiuyuvftji auu J a mub umv ivu Wo It - I ne root 01 rivin nowara caperen ana fl&irirhcd his bauble with more than the usual fatuousriess of his kind on the stage. Kven a tool of an actor must have heard tHat meaningless gestures and action destroy destroy the effect of the cleverest lines and the lines of Feste's part are no tie of the Severest." -The -The ususl songs were sung, Shiikespearean and un-Shakespearean, un-Shakespearean, un-Shakespearean, with U: usual lnek of voice. Zeffie Tilbury played the Inestimable lUria with the Intelligence Five evinced a pie of years aro in Mr. Tree's produce ti'jn: but she seemed to have teas, of the eerie force,- force,- and whether it was she who BulTered. under the blight of her environment environment or whether it was we, her auditors er spectators, the result was tha same. . a a -i ; M '

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  • Viola Allen + Frank Wilstach NY Times 9 Feb 1904

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