Bish. Byrne open letter to cath. women of Galveston 10-8-30 pg3

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Bish. Byrne open letter to cath. women of Galveston
10-8-30 pg3 - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1930. ·FIVE the Mrs, M....
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1930. ·FIVE the Mrs, M. on also 4. W. the Joseph's have organization BE UVES UBl'OKT OF TALK B1AUE BY 'BISHOP HEI115 ToThoNcWB: Please let me request the coul 1 - eay of your columns for the follow- open letter to the Catholic wo- t W. at on of campaign of be Bar morn- the Flagg the to the be of of Hyde, who was In telegram city, former Mr. it's lelchcr's Pens of the People ng upyii jv-nui tu niv .." lieu Of Galveston. Tha =ubjcc- niatler Is my own personal report ot a stirring lecture that was delivered delivered In Galvcston to a gathering of Catholic women Monday night by Rt. Kev. Bishop Byrne, D. D. leather conditions made it impossible impossible for a large number of women 0 be present. Yet the bishop's message message is of such momentous and universal universal Interest that I have requested of him tho privilege of reporting It substantially in the form of this open letter for the convenience ol the hundreds of Catholic women who were prevented from hearing t from the b'lshop himself. The right reverend bishop spoke on the aims of the National Council Council of Catholic Women. He explained explained thai lhat national organlza- Jon is a union composed of Catholic societies of women and Individual Catholic women who have no Catholic society affiliations from all sarts of the United States. It is similar to the National Council of Catholic Men and Is based on the principle that "In union there is strength," and organized in order thai through united co-operation, each Individual Catholic woman and each local Catholic society of women may become a more potent factor in the life of the church and Ihe nation and a more powerful Influence Influence In the defense and propagation propagation of Catholic principles. Very forcefully the right reverend bishop took up and discussed various national national and local problems that are calling tor the good services of Calhollc women. Divorce. "Divorce ," said the bishop, "do you know that · In Galveston County In the years 1928 and l»f« there were 1,806 marriages and in those same years in that same county 770 divorces? Do you know that in Harris County there were 9,869 marriages In the years 1928 and 1829 and 4,043 divorces? Are vou aware that more than 30 per cent of all the marriages In Texas during the years 3928 and 1929 ended ended in divorce-that, though there were 139.13 marriages there were also 364C9 divorces during those years? And you young unmarnei: ladies, and J u u who (tharil: Godl are happily married--you say divorce divorce has no significance in your lives'' Do you not see thai it I' caling oul Ihc hearl of the nation? And Is not Ihc rulnallon of 30 per cent of your Texas homes a tragedy significant enough to appeal to your Interest and arouiic your sympathy? Can you hold your tongues and refuse refuse to raise your voices In protest protest against this national sin of di"And di"And Blrlh Conlrol--I might ..well ..well be plain about it. Do you think for one minute that our Catholic women are Immune from this malignant plague that Is sweeping sweeping the land? They arc not! Many of them have allowed tho vile propaganda propaganda of birth control lo fill tnclr minds and defile Ihelr hcarls. They have sacrificed Ihelr Christian Ideals of motherhood, cast themselves themselves down from the dignity of wifehood. lo become Ihc mere I ".3- trrsscs of their husbands. Here is a national disease devouring our country's womanhood. And wll Catholic women stand apathetically by and utter no word In defense o the honor of Ihelr sex--work--you who have work lo do? Here It It apienly. "Calhollc Educallon--Whal hav- you done personally In this city for Catholic education? We have a hlgl rrhfel for h n y » -- I h f Klrwln High There nrc 110 boys In that school. Do you know that the sisters wjio leach at that school received not one cent of salary for their last year's services. We should blush for shame thai such a disgrace lias fallen upon our Calhollc citizenship. Nuns who have given 50 years of service lo Galveslon children, whose Ijome was a refuge for tho sick and Flrlckcn In the days of slorm and flood an who live In noverly and privation because of laclt of Interest ipon the part of the neoplc whom hey serve--we nsl: these nuns to educate our hove for nothing! Where Is our pride! Why will we Ftond bv Idle and npk what Is there for Catholic women to do In Gnl- ·celon? The Theater. "The Theater--What are you dong dong to better it. to purify It of its filth? Arc you conl'nt with the rctlenneas that producers continue to give to the public because 'that s what the public wants'? Walter Llppman. one of our able para- CTaphcrs. agrees with Cardinal rjnycs In his condemnation of the ow character ot stage performances. performances. But he suggested that the cardinal might have done better liad he gone to the trouble to list the good performances. This Mr. Lippman undertook to do hlmselt. Five was the number of pcrform- mces he listed--only five. The tho- 'ler will become clean only when ncn and women cease to allow hcmselves to be Insulted by theater nagnates. BBC! plays and por.orm- mrrcs will ccare only when the voice if the public rises up against them, s vour voice being heard? Are you ndlvldually and collectively active n doing vour hit here In your own illy In this respect? And you dare ask for woik to do? There It Is How shamefully timid we arc! Onlv the other day our holy father a» Insulted In the public press of our citv hy officers of Ihe Scottish Rite Where were the Catholic men nd Catholic women who rose to ils defense? That same timidity or indifference accounts for the lack ot discrimination displayed in the theaters of Galveston in the sclec- on of our entertainment. The Good Shepherd Nuns--Therr re 20 Galveston girls being carcii )l- by tho sisters of the Good Khcp- n-rt In Houston. These sisters are indcr hcaw current exncnes and lave rccentlv added an ind«hted- less for additional housing t h a t vas ahsolnlelv necersarv for the ·cnllnuancc of their work. Aot a cut do thrv receive from Galves- on or GRlvctlonlanf. Should we i.-. proud of that? Is Iherc anv vork more suitable to ChrlF- ian women than assisting In thn ·rolectlon and education of our un- ler-prlvfleged or unfortunate girls? tau want work. There It Is for "Modeslv In church dress--Your ilnhon was criticized severely for ils stand on this point. Ho knows 1 Very h i t t e r letters also were i-rlttcn to him on the suMect. But ihe regulation:! promulgated were nol Ills regulations, thrv wore the i «prrsrcd command of the holy I (her. Even the specified lenrtli the sleeves for dress at holv corn- iiinion was his. The priest is 01- ,,oied to wenr vestments of ore l::nil anil a n o t h e r at rlmrch ffrv- s. Why should not the holv her i.av what the people mid wear? Who are vou t h a t i should find It verv d i f f i c u l t to unov tho a u t h o r l l v of Ihe vlrnr of Jesus Chlrst on earth?--What !s there for Catholic women to do? Use your single and combined influence influence to promote obedience and lovaMy to constituted authority and to stamp out the modern spit it of false Independence! Support of Chun 1 !]. " K l n n n c i n l ?upnort of r a l h o t l e thln'(U---What ilocs (he bishop, vhat does the prie:l do with all he money ho ucli;?' Thai lias been u.lted oven bv persons whose social landing would Indicate more intcl- 1/,'encc. And If the truth wrrc tnown. Ihe one who lalks after .hat fashion Is the one usuallv who never or but seldom contributes lo nythlng Catholic. Some even coni- ilaineU when they read that in the cccnt agreement between the hurch and the Italian government ur"C sums ot moncv were to be paid annually to the holv fnlher What docs the pope need with noney.' they said. Tho holy father, ·asslng over the facl that the lie!- »n government If It should undcr- akc lo pay back all It stole from he church would go bankrupt Uilh erv day. merely replied gcnlly as ollows: 'Is II not his (the popec) Mcar dulv lo provide now and for he fulure for all those needs for -.-hich the whole world turns to bin. and which even though spiritual ecu not be relieved without the iclp of material means since thcv are the needs of men and human ·elngs?' So with all church things. Nothing can be accomplished without without financial means. Everv organ- ration has Us material expenses no matter how spiritual Us object may jc. We must get away from our little selfish, narrow wavs of thinking and acting. We shall never accomplish accomplish much parochiallv or otherwise mill we learn lhat each one of us must feel a persona' obligation to help along the material side of the movements national and local that have the promollon of Catholic interests interests as their goal. "Catholic women of Galvcston-- r . only I could rouse VOU from vour 6lhr.rgy! We arc sleeping. It is ilgh lime lhat we wake from sleep. We are members of the one true church founded by Jesus Chrlsl. We owe apology to no man for that The world owes its civiliza- ;ion mostly to the influence of the church of which we are members. Her music, her art. the learning j-.reserved in her monasteries in the so it must be the better way If y o u arc looking for a way to restore gray, streaked or faded hair to Ils natural yTM'b color . . don't endanger the heallh of hair or take chances on Its.ap- pearance by experimenting with a new and untried preparation. You Gray Hair No More] 14,579,820 Bottles don't have to. Here's the restorer lhat has been used successfully by more than 4 million women who refuse refuse to be gray. They will all tell you It Is the surest and very quickest quickest way to give hair the exact shade you desire--without harming the hair or scalp In the least. As a matter of fact it darkens tho hail- so evenly and naturally that no one will ever know. So don't take fool- Ish chances with your hair. Just Uavs of intellectual dm kncss--these are the standards according to which Is measured the perfection 0] highest culture. Let us recognize recognize our dignity as Catholics and our responsibility. Mindful of our high calling and strong in the se- curitv of our principles, let us eel awny from selfish provincialism. Ul u's widen the scopo of our vision and o"r efforts, let us unite with one another here and with Catholic women everywhere in promoting actively and onerge( the cause of Jesus Christ and the best interest interest of our country. There you are. Ir.dies--there you arc. You have asked me for*suggestions. I nave pivon you just u few of them. Now let us see what you will do with them!" With this stlrrinir climax, the right reverend bishop finished his remarks enthusiastic and ao- j;rcciativc applause. ' THOMAS A. GARNET. Rector. 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