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Page 8 SOCIETY · CLUBS St. John's Chorus Offers Unusual Concert Program An instant perfection of response exceptional voices and an unusua program marked the appearanc here of the St. John's University Men's Chorus Saturday evening a the College of Saint Teresa unde: the direction of the Rev. Jame: Kelly, OSB. The chorus from its entrance march and opening song, "March of the Peers" from "lolanthe" b; Gilbert and Sullivan sang with finish and crisp exactitude. Th. high, sweet tenor of John McGuire was a highlight of the exotic beau ty of "The Red Sarafan," Russian folk song. Another dramatic pre sentation was offered in the Cha brier dance measures with duo- pianists, Ronald Jaeb and Davic Koshoshek, complementing the voices in an outstanding performance. Sacred music which spanned many periods opened with the purity of the Gregorian chants Palestrina and Mozart compositions and the spiritual "Were You There" made a group of three, all with the theme of the Crucifixion. A Schubert song, the moving "Re gina Coeli" by Fr. Kelly sung for the first time on the chorus' pres- en tour, and Handel music concluded the group. Four Auvergne folksongs were dedicated to Sr. Camille, president of the College of Saint Teresa. The fine voices of the soloists for the four, ranging from lullaby to humorous, were John Phelps, first bass; Phillip Cowles, second bass; Richard Berg, second tenor, and Mr. McGuire. Modern offerings included the "The Gandy Dancers' Ball" and "Dancing in the Dark," contrasts in moods. Climaxing"the unusual in the concert's make-up was an innovation in arrangements for voice, the Po- lovetzian Dances from "Prince Igor" by Borodin with the complete concussion section of an orchestra, a couple of horns and the duo-pianists highlighted by the voices of the chorus, effectively invoking the savage, tartar fete. Mr. And Mrs. Otto Wager, 513 E. Front St., reached a rare milestone in married life Sunday, their 70th wedding anniversary. They were honored at an open house at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Louis Nowicki with whom they reside. They were married in Albin, Neb., Feb. 14, 1884, both having moved to Nebraska from Looney Valley where they were born. (Republican-Herald photo) S For their own portion of the program the pianists, Jaeb and Kos- j hoshek, played the very modern "Second Avenue Waltzes," a far cry from Strauss or even from Fifth Avenue, but attention-de- inanding in mood and interpretation as played by the skilled young pianists. · CIRCLE N Crcle N of St. Martin's Lutheran Church will meet Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Arthur Bess, Bluff Siding, Wis. You'll Swear Otto Wagers 70th Anniversary Seventy years of married life were celebrated by Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wager, 513 E. Front St., Sunday. Although both Mr. and Mrs. Wager were born in Looney- Valley near here, they have been pioneer residents in Nebraska. Mrs. Wager, the former Christina Jacobson, is 88. She was born May 31, 1865, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jacobson. While still young, she went with her served served | j I a in Trim Relax to Ease Pressure of Daily Living By IDA JEAN KAIN To get off the hurry-go-worry-go-1 round that takes the joy out of| gown of daily hving, try relaxing your cles tensions. Try it right where of you are. . sit back in your easy satin chair or in your seat on the bus. The Unclamp your jaw muscles, stop gripping the newspaper so tightly, give yourself to the seat. her of Of course in this pressure age e d I suu young, sne weni wun ner wi- :_ n _ _ hplnd.l tn sav 'Mint j »-·""»"" dowed mother and three brothers £,$, T an it i- to sliblv sav W3S aU ° ° f YOU Have A Brand New Skin and quicker, too! and six sisters when they moved to a homestead in Nebraska. Mr. Wager, 91, was born Dec, 17, 1862, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wager. He was the oldest in a family of ten, and at 17, moved to Nebraska to work. The couplt was married at Albin, Neb., Feb. 14, 1884. They moved to Missouri where they farmed for a number of years. It was in Missouri that they lost their four children who died of diptheria in 1396. They returned to Looney Valley, a short time later. Of the six children born to them in Looney Valley, only three are livng. Louis died in 1925, Ervin in 1946 and a daughter Ella (Mrs. Fred Sam- mana), in 1951. The other ehldren are Marvin Carl, Mrs. Louis (Joy) Nowicki and Mrs. John (Pearl) Peplinski, all of Winona. Mr. and Mrs. Wager make their home with Mrs. No- don't * to re * lax. . . just stop tensing your muscles. While you maj be skeptical that if you simply stop tensing your muscles you can loosen your grip on worries and ease the feeling of pressure. . . it's true. Here is the explanation: Tense muscles continually send messages to your mind that things are in a frightful state; then the apprehensive mind relays sensations which increase the muscle tension. Once you sense that tension and worry and pressure augment each other and form the well known- vicious circle, you have something to go on. Relaxing takes practice. Authorities who have made a scientific study of the methods, advocate Ibis technique: Consciously tense one set of muscles, then let go. You may be baffled as to why you would try to tense an already tense railing baskets breakfast Texas. The muscle. Joseph Kennedy, in a very I day at 306 its ler wicki, 513 E. Front St. Mr. . , , . , . - _ , . . and Mrs. Wager have lived in the i h f ] ? ful . b °°, k , R fj ax *** Ll Y e . Winona vicinity for about 30 years i P lams t ° at held -over tension They have 14 grandchildren and 13 | Ia T§ el y h *° lt a j d ,£°* s on uncoB great-grandchildren jsciously. You don't know you'r About 75 relatives and friends | TM mg lL Wei! - how c - an y° u st °f Lhe moment patented Lanolin Pius Liquid penetrates your thirsty plan, an improvement begins to take place. The very Srst morning after your first nightly uss of Lanolin Plus Liquid, you'll SEE quite on improvement . . . Dryness will seem to have vanished-your skin will feel softer to your touch. It's the abundance of cholesterots and called during the open house helc Sunday afternoon at the Nowicki home in honor of Mr. and Mrs Wager. The couple received many gifts, flowers, cards and letters including a letter from President Dwight Eisenhower congratulating them. The anniversary cake which cen tered the table was made by Mrs, Ben Jereczek. Out-of-town guests included Mr, and Mrs. Fred Peterson, Houston, Minn.: Raymond Pflughoeft, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Stinson, Mr, and Mrs. Garold Stinson and son Paul and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Groth, Ridgeway, Minn.; Mrs. Rachel Decker, St. Charles,. Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. James Hesselgrave and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brostrom, Dakota, Minn.; Wendell Multhaup, Fountain Cit}', Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McHenry and daughter Patti, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thompson and son Tommy, La Crosse, Wis. doing something you do not realiz you are doing? To break the habit you practice conscious tensinj of the muscles. This enables yoi to recognize tension and to get th feel of relaxation. Relaxing is a sensation. It is a physiological lav that^ relaxing follows contraction . . ! and if you start relaxing various muscle groups, nature car ries on. Your thoughts play a part, too Think about something pleasant, see yourself completely at ease, perhaps beside a shady brook or some spot where you found greal peace. Your muscles respond to this relaxed mental image in your mind. To practice relaxation, tense- and release the muscles which make up the key tension points--the brow, jaw, arms, neck, shoulders, abdomen and legs. The method is simply to tense one group of muscles, say the muscles in your right arm, hold and release. . . do this three times. While those muscles

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