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F Manning - .—-r^- ii'n~r '" " n WATER USERS TO BE MADE TO...
.—-r^- ii'n~r '" " n WATER USERS TO BE MADE TO PAY ORJiflJIftTER Wood River City Council to Take Drastic Action Against Delinquents Who Are Behind in Bills. I lABIUTYTPOLlCY ON CITY EMPLOYES Proposal to Dispose of Water Plant to Private Interests Not Given Favor by Council. Radio Conversation MdcMillan Arctic Carried on From Expedition Answers Query of Newspapr Station 9XN—Next Attempt Transmit Vocal Messages, city The city ot Wood River Is having trouble'collecting its water bills buy a tho water from Vn Oil Co. and resells It to th -s taking service from th There has been no hard nn fasTeriforcement of the rule for dip continuanco of service *»*» "» «>£ sumcrs do not pay up. There is to be a change now according to a vote taken at the city council In Wood River at Its regular meeting last night Ho who does not pay up may expect to be deprived of water service service The necessity of borrowing lome money to tide over city finances until the tax money came In brought up the discussion to make an effort to everything duo to the city and . XtSKi tTre'ary. Au B 4-For te n« t Urn, 7n history McGee at the the successful trannnlHlon and re- the same wave ceptton of messages to and from the heard faintly Arctic Polar Area was recorded here graph melodies. ate last night and early this morning I when tho MacMlllan Arctic expedition CHICAGO, answered a query of newspapermen I rn( ji o between from Station 9 XN., The expedition, Ionian Artio located at Etah, Greenland, approxl- a tt c mpt will matoly 3,700 . miles north of Chicago cal measn g CB aa the crow flies, clearly heard th e I -Wednesday at , message and within IB minutes the an ]nnned iiiv,t>i>» b u »tiM -- —- -- . 7n6 pliinneu swer care booming through the Arc- ^ ^^ tie spaces nnd wastes scarcely hind- ^ con( ntlons ered by static and adverse weather ^^ exchanged. conditions,' * , , E F McDonald, Operating on a low-wave length of ^ Radl6 40 metres and 1,000 watts, Station' D dm to XN of tho Zenith Radio Corporation ' h 11 „ J *U«.I** *i*-natflort t' "R. "FV McDOH" I °" _ weighted and prevented called their president, E. F. McDonald, McDonald, Jr., who is with the Mac- . tea tne Millan expedition, at 12:20 a. m., cast- M com ern standard time. The radio crash of 1 WL<1 " international code was Immediately acknowledged acknowledged with "O K McDonald." I able. Despite - among the Items due the city were a number of unpaid, water service bills. The subject of sale of Wood River's water system to outside interests was Brought up after having been laid over from a Previous meeting. City Coun- Mlor Manning explained that he has investigated the matter and found that the city could not transfer its •water system due to the fact that most ot the mains were laid down and paid lor by property owners. A municipal water plant was sug- cested, but no action was taken na the majority of the councilmen seemed to fever the present system of [securing water at a meter rato from the Stand, trd Oil refinery and retailing It to consumers. The Wood River city council adopted adopted a resolution that the city should take out liability insurance for all Us Sty employees, including official. In the water department and the pc.Ice department. Tho rates for the differ- ,ent departments will vary according to the salary paid and the hazard but th- entire Insurance bill of the city will bo something like WOO per year. , Recently Charles Gibson, an em- I employee on .the Whijelaw.. .avenue N street re-pair Job. claimed to have been Injured when a tar wagon wns pushed ngainst him. Gibson's claim n gainst the city was not acted on at last night's meeting on tho recommendation recommendation of Dr. C. N. Pence, health officer, but was. laid over until further inves- g Dr Pence in a communication to the council agreed to include in his duties as health officer the duty of Riving a physical examination to all city employes when they begin working. working. No charge will be mnde ngainst swered Prior to the'transmission of mes-| Arctic VOLUNTARY RAIL MERGER FAVORED BY PRESIDENT Consolidation Regarded as Solution of Transportation Transportation Problems by Mr. Coolidge. CRISIS IN Climax Expected With Conference By Associated Press. X JnK* 1\U %-tun few i» ««• —the —the city by Dr. Pence for this work other than bis regular snlnry. Owing to tho low condition' of the city's finances it was found necessary to authorize the city treasurer to borrow borrow $5,000 until the tax money comes in to be used from time to time as was needed. There was not enough money on hand last night to pay bills Economy wns frequently referred to during the course of the meeting and efforts to collect outstanding bills were mnde. It wns reported that out of 18 insurance insurance men doing business in Wood River, 9 from Alton nnd 9 from Wood , River only one haft paid his Insurance ( tax. It wns voted to send notices to the defaulting insurance men. Wnter Commissioner Hamilton reported reported that miuiy water consumers failed to pay their old water bills or their current bills. He was ordered to send out a ten day notice nnd shut off "the water of nil consumers who do not pay their bills. f The American Legion asked for nn ' exception In paying Its water bill of $2.25 per month. After some discus'' discus'' -Uon the request wns allowed with the, provision that should the I,c K lon brill in tho future be rented to tenants thnt the IcnnntB must pay water bills. One alderman Bald that It wns netting a bad precedent to give the Legion free wnter service as many others would also make claim for free water. It was shown during the discussion that the churches were getting free water service. One councilman suggested that If tho city's funds were low tho street improvement work should be held up. Alderman Getting said that most of the street work undertaken wns ncces snry, and that it should be proceeded Tlio application of Frank Polegrlno for a soft drink license was referred to thu police committee. Bids wens opened for the widening of Wood River avenue between ITcrgu son nnd Lorena avenue by 2Vj feet 01 each Bide. The three bids mibmittet were Jo« Klenstra $984, not Inc.Uullnt, lumcnlte cement; Charles Roll), $00 and A. F. H. Andrews, $1200. It wa voted to delay letting the contract in til th« next council meeting when discussion arose UN to whether the work should be done with or without curbing. Th 1 ? salaries of nbseiit cniincllmen will I' 1 ' pnld. it. W;IH voted, when they lire kejit from iitt'.'iiding meetings through raiiKrs beyond their control, or from illness. The pnlici; committee reported 24 nm-fUi In .Inly. Tim win" I lax o;,liuauee providing f.ir n. license fur Hty motor vehicles was read nnd mlopti'd. The nrrtlnnncR »« pay city workmen Immediately °n rompMlnn of the Jobs ,m whl.-h tiny w- r, ,.,,. : aj;.'d was rem but was not mis:.td. when City Coun SWAMPSCOTT, Mass., Aug. 4.— Voluntary consolidation ot railroads In President Coolidge's opinion, woul pave, the way to tho solution of th transportation problem. While he has refrained from con mltting himself on the proposal th president Is watching with interes the efforts of the Van Swearingen In tcrests to receive Interstate Commerce Commerce Commission approval of their merger plnn. He believes that settlement settlement of the points at Issue will make it possible for other transportation systems, now at sea as to whether they can proceed with consolidations, to definitely proceed with their programs. programs. . . Mr. Coolidge, who In the past has advocated voluntary consolidation where ever advisable, Is of the opinion opinion that In this way the vexing rate problem can bo solved. Transportation charges, he believes could then be fixed at a level which would enable large operating systems to make a fair return on their entire business and would do away with the present conditions, where some lines aro making nn enormous profit, while others are making none. By ATLANTIC Anthracite broken off scale "barring according to for..such Anthracite Two Foreigners Arrested for Transporting Booze StlmacH nnd Frnnlc Benlkl o R i ver were arrested yesterday Rt 1:JO p- „_ by Cme f of ! Police Wllkening on Madison avenue, Wood River, after tho chief ot police police drove alongside of the Buick touring touring car nnd spotted a gallon Jug of whitcmulo which had not been sufficiently sufficiently covered to keep It concealed. Chief AVllkenlng put the drivers under nrrcst nnd took them before Police Magistrate Wilson where they gave bond of $400 each in the Police Court on two charges of transporting the meeting, tion to of their challenge president f America, cheduled his Samuel he and W. of past fohn L. Mine will not them to asserting which them Mr. night would already It Is move gotlatlons Haynes By was white continue despite might Tho ""'" • - I J, HO liquor and having It in their possss- tn f slon. The automobile wns also seized „.„... Iforcement and the owner was required to give a ) R bond of 63,200 to guarantee that it )o would not be used in illicit liquor traffic In the future. Tho trial of the cases wns set for August 10. elor Manning advised against It. He nld it was setting a dangerous pre- edent to pay bills without the action of the council in a body. A motion wns mnde and passed thnt he city should get more concrete losts nnd more street signs to finish he work of putting up tho names of ho streets throughout the city. It wns moved that tha two fire bells formerly used for curfew nnd • fire i-aliH should be taken down from their stands because they were rickety and dangerous. The bells have not been In use for many years, being replaced >osltlon, >f the innds jo shifts >ollcy . by the Standard Oil refinery whistle A plat of tho Mclntosh addition wns submitted and accepted nnd an ordinance ordinance was adopted providing for the the Mclntosh wnter system. An autograph machine was ordered ordered on request of Water Commissioner Inmilton who said that ho needed It n hlH department for a systematic making of wnter bills nnd for num- >prltig and cheeking up on them. The new wheel tax passed by tha •tiuneil Is an Important move mndo 15 tho elty to Jncreime Its revenue. r t provides for an annual license of 53 for rin-H m"'<H' 25 horse power Hiieh as FonlH, C.'hovroletH, etc., nnd ;5 fm-.tliOHc over that horse, power. One ton nnd a half trucks nnd under will be taxed $5 per 5'ear mid those over that tonnage will be tnxod $10. TliiHsos «nd largo conveyance motor vehielc-H will be taxed ut a flat rato of. {10 annually. Arsht The and the Barney Co., building nil Arsht enlarge up to cago market store of the 4.—Greenfield's. wtic ot which wus and Men's Inc., a $40,000, William Rosenberg.

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  2. 04 Aug 1925, Tue,
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