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Eddie Traube - golf pro - m NinSokes Wheri - Twor E 'is MiV A ii i "...
m NinSokes Wheri - Twor E 'is MiV A ii i " fi,jUUIL Ul iJiycCU - - ttlllta i laiuiu wauiwuunu tuuu & itriace, wun jonn oiacK, Lavies ana jspinosa J4f . - i avnaaH aV a m t. . 1 w.. s Tied f6r Third Honors It IV 0 - - )l..' Ii , i aixountur n c By HAT uiArmtn OCK JJUTCW. the Brltlib open churaploB, Added th open chain - I plonsblp ot'northern California to hli UureU retrdy or leaping U wv itlno Attolcea from the Urre ftM In the last thlrfy - lx ho ,',Ti'the Hnk 6fth 84n,frraoeco Golf and Conntrr Club. V ;fc auii - j , - 1 Starting riiterday morntnc - In a tU with4 Eddie ipiwivMv - n .hka k ima ttiM van tniHMi Ian inrif urflvci on tbe morning round and put lis more etrokee between them In the - flslahlan; eltbteea olea. Harold Sampton. another native eop and profei - elonal on Sam Frtnoli'eo'a, Municipal Unke, flnlfhed a etroke behind Traube. and "ohn Black, thk former title holder, who In, the past had awayt 'been a one Bnlther. feu Into the eirhly atreet, winams up in a triple tie for third money with Abe Baplnoea of, Oakland and Leslie Darlea of Marin. Jim Barpea, tbe American open champion, had to be aatUfled with dividing ,ierenth and eighth prltei with the youncater. Dave Trufetlt, John Blaok'a ae - slatant at Clremont. Harold Clark, the home dab profeiilenal. and Bob Black of Sequoyah each had good Unletting round and were a atroke outside the money. John F. Neville 'once more led the amateur talent. finishing ten atrokes ahead of Frank Kales and fourteen fourteen In front of ousg Togo Osborne, the Junior ihamplon'of'Callfornla two years n:o Hutchison's Short ;';;..iUamSOnn, v.kw.j ?& in - ... . - ... .i.km. .i lurvdlv ii In lh. tunitrlor slclll v , iintchlson a oecisive tkiwi " - - - -if... -if... I' . . n..K r.niilntiv outdrove him. but Hctehlaon. even '.v".k h - . - .lonallv took threo putts, waa often down In tonljr one. rj.T"v " .. . kl. lti.h.' I ' idue to tno aoaaunv. r - - - i . . in. ti.i.i. links oroved Itself rt r - . - .ii - t..i of a - olf. The' winner's ttotal was twenty tro"es r . . - .... ..... - A th aventy - fs vj w., t.M.tiiir In th four m : ir.r.i. ,7..,;hT:n had an eclectic E - nr r il. S out and JO In ,t Hutchinson's 7S of Friday, two r k. 4 t hi tha winning ' - ., fnr th aneclal prise for the if i, t...t .iKhteen during the tourna - ' ment till jesterday morning, when l - W. C. White, formerly a Ban Franf Franf Cisco caddie, but now at Marysvllle a rought In a flash ng " .W", fr,r "';". .birdie on the EIb. Th. nth. th. ta fthe tenth were the n'y.J0'" ." t.whlch be failed to register par or Dave Trufelll ho'lfd hW tee shot ..J. .t.. ...... in i ha monlng. bit accumulated a grievous I on the Ba'rnV. again foundl. P - tU - HbUylng beautiful Iron He S "S'SScUe.Ur finish to "r - 1"" , round by scoring an eagle I on h. hom.Tgrn. - "r g ' r v. o the bushes and a truly '""". nt braasla. second. Bampson nd f. " ...t.'.i.rtan their mornlnr c i"i. "". - - - - - - . . - .. as SSw2a - whole eventually cost, mm . Proves UlsPPowiw Dy for Jim Barnes .. ,i...nniniltii day's golf . 'w" " .:Til.h.auently dls - Wrigley Seeking New Ball Field For Los Angeles LOS ANCELES. Jan. 7. A ball park for the Pacific Pacific Coatt League games hen the lease en Washington Park here expires' in 1926, is already being sought by William Wrig - ley Jr. and Ed Hi Maier, owners, owners, respectively, of the Lot Angeles and the Vernon clubs. Some, difficulty is expected in obtaining a site as close to the business district and accessible m it. . - . ... ri..i.,. I vr 116 UIM fV UWIUIgiVH 1 r".C ,J:V.ll.rT by f R1J .. vaa i. Trsabe and Morte Dt C7n.,u;.. divided the honors li.t ,ntMt with smasmng " - - - 1 twu unlimited weight team SSXf 'ill yards, and thera wMJ against the Oaklanders. and they ' - T I ..". hm. Toung ' Drought tne score ud to IT to 11 " . - ...a mr t . .. . xm snooting or Tech was vary Sg? : "wl h Vmasblns - - "k' , L. Cir; S:;s. and thera was flot an , irvvi . v.. - . TMirilll. 'CTJevtrd' hm. - b..7rVyd for Lowell Team Is Winner From Tech Lowell high school basket ball team defeated the team of Oakland technical high achool In the Lowell gymnasium Friday afternoon by a score of 17 to IS. This was Lowell's first practice game of the season, and In the first half the 14E - pound team stacked up against Tech and at the end of that period the score stood II to 11. The second period found the rVKks - SSS: ' lAaevenV within ten - feet from I , pla na ,OOK 4&eivFifrv V Of th. .eventy - four WI jS. .urvlved'th. - g. - g fOTI .. - mm old lPH S fiohs BUck if Suit BntM 1 Hamui " "' F JSfJH "" www - j fosT v"sm . r. i ""?. 'X k.M ...... .... - .' ...f . - . Wkltliu ... ui Dutte ... Xiilm lnfa ... A'. J1" v 'V' - Ml Ceorov . . V, C.Wkie .tf Xltnid rw - r.viiMi niiur Jroreurt tl . it'l urlMWl . ithor WhUJnj . linn HWTU M ball 1KIV " ? JPMfton ; lfJ5 .pealX. '. ii'iRtm let ran4 14 TS SI s J ,! IS S14 ii U H SIS n n T SI T4 SJ TS '' m i io Al IT N ::ttSa :; Jt5 IS K " - SJ SI :: i m i s ;. M M TS 7 "Sum i we SnHM Sm : SS M TS IO JJO 1 M 8X1 1 M II M l . IT S t S4 tS U II U M IM : M M T3 M 5tt , u u II H 111 !. it i w n W .. ti M TS M ,11 H H M .. u ee t st .. tl SI t . S4 M S3 ,, is M si as " so ft w so .. ST it M M ueeot S SUe M tnihM ....... je'ss e ruuwH ...... U " K ZI ill .....luill " rF w ana Ceniil I": J 7 M M 7 nsos prraiLEB sdbAe I a 4 T a lb 140 SU 4 Hi 141 t IM poor, which 'was largely due to the low celling at Lowell. Their team work, however, waa very good, being superior to that of Lowell, but their forwards Were ouuhot, which put over the win for Lowell. The Oaklad team was practically practically the same one which won the O. A. L. a year before last and took aecond last year. The 145s are easily the best team at Lowell, as might be surmised by their better showing against Tech. They are well supplied with experienced experienced material, which counte for a lot. The two outstanding stars are Bacheluptl and McLayne. UeLayne was captain of last year's 110s. 0 O O Lowell 110s and unlimited flayed Ban Mateo high Friday, nlg&t at the San Mateo gymnasium. The 110s were beaten by San Mateo IS to It. The San Mateo boys have been organised longer and exhibited better better team Work. However, the Lowell team' waa able to hold them even until the last second of play. when they made a lucky backhand ahot for the winning points, the bau being In midair when t,he whistle blew ending the game. It was one of the hardest fought games of high achool basket ball ever seen about the bay. Lowell's unlimited team was also beaten, tbe final score being San Mato 14. Lowell 13. Thla game, like the first, was hard fought, the superior team work of San Mateo winning Tor them. From thee results It Is seen that Lowell has soma good teams, but they will have to develop better team play, i e Hi Sweepstake - Entry Blanks' Are Oat INDIANAPOLIS (Ind.), Jan. 7 Entry blanks vers "mailed todsy lot ail ins star racing arivera or America and Europe for the tenth annual 60 - mUe sweepstakes that will be .hold at the Indianapolis motor speedway. May St. Entries will be received up to midnight. May 1. , Bear Quintet

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 08 Jan 1922, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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