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- - - - - - • • •• •• • • •• • • • • • • • • •• Two^Amanllo Teams Enter Softball Tourney; 3 Others Promise To Enter WOHEM'S ANNUAL TQORNEY •tiJUNOttll Neb., Midget Cafe. Denver: Denvei Mcnnrchs, McVttie's House of David. Denver; Leyden. Colo., Miners Eason Oilers, Enid, Okla.; Blackweli Oilers, Shawnee, Okla.; Grand Junction, Shell Oilers; Negro National Ljague All Stars; Holsum Bread; Denver M&O Cigars. Denver; Worland. Wyo.; Ferinington, N. M.; Huber Carcon Company, Borger. ,Tex.; Danciger Road Runners, Pampa: Oretley 'Colo. Merchants, Greeley. J3J PAMPANS TAKE FIRST CAME OF POST TOURNEY Patnpa's slugging Itoacl llunners will enter the second round of the Denver Post baseball tournament Monday night at 9:30 o'clock , (Pampa time), after smashing out | a 12 to 2. victory over the Lcydcn. j Colo., Miners, Friday night. The Huber Blackfaces of BorgT will scrap the Lexington. Neb., Minutemen this afternoon at 2 o'clock (Pampa time). The Blackfaces also j To enter the second round undefeated, the Midget Cafe walloped the Worland, Wyo.. team on Friday afternoon. The Denver Monmr.hs is a Negro club that upset the apple carl in the Denver city elimination series. The Huber roster; Fred Polvogt Oma TucKor Frank Warren Wade Wilson Galan Hubbman Sam Dailey Cecil Easton Simpson Carl Brown Paul Spencer Morris Young- Jim Carrithers Pete Stegman Claude Blair New names in the .Road Runner roster include Irish Thrasher, Jim All II I . 5 1 ) A o won their first game of the tour- " nclle - v ' Luke Coburn, Bob Weir, ney 12 to 2 from the Hemingsfonl. Fr eddy Bickell and Army Littrell. Nefa., Spud Pickers. ' | The box score-: ; As. they did Friday night, the cj"mni"rs 21. Jajrcess will give a play by play iiri<:k l -ii."if . broadcast and blackboard account fWz. ft of"] the Monday night game in the I; 11 !"''!.-, rf city auditorium. Admission will be cox.'il _ — 25'cents. More than 150 persons .1. Lisii., »s". were present Friday night. Spccta- {''• Li!i|1 '' '• -•• toVs praised the account of the game . "/["vart'' n" _ _ n setif from Denver by Harry E. Hoare. Mrciury i stfqrts-editor of The NEWS. A special telegraph wire from Denvei Two Pampa boxers crime out on top of the pile in the light heavyweight boxing division of the annual C. M. T. C. encampment athletic program at Fort Sill, Okla. George J. Nix. end on the Harvester- football team of 1935, won the heavyweight championship with a knockout in the .second round of the title bout. Frankie Watson, also of Pampa. finished with second hcno s in the same class. Other championship events, derided as the throats of 900 young ers 12 days ago, shut out the Boston Red Sox with two hits today and the Chlcagoans evened the series, 3 to 0. Zeke Bonura led a 10 hit attack on Johnny Marcum with three singles. Boston 000 000 000—9 2 1 Chicago 200 010 OOx—3 10 1 Texans and Oklahomans grew hus- y from incessant cheering, included: Bcxingr — Gold gloves for first )!ace; silver gloves for second: Hyweight class, Carl W. Kennedy, Chllclrcss Texas first; Amon Nal- 'et, Kiefcr. Okla., second. Feath- Athletics Win in Rally ST. LOUIS, Aug. 1 CAP')— The 'thletlcs coupled foil- hits with two Brownie miscues and scored four runs In the ninth inning today to bent St. Louis 5 to 3 and even the "urrent four-game series at one ear-h. Mnrcum and Berg; Dietrich and Swell. Philadelphia. ... 001 000 004—5 8 1 St. Louis 100 100 001—3 9 4 Timers .Trnirnce Washington DETROIT, Aug. 1 (AP) — The _ . _ , ...... " I Tigers overwhelmed Washington ans, Paris, Texas, second. Middle- . 13 to 4 _ today under n b ^ age Martin, | C f extra base hits which erweight class, Clyde A. Williams, weight class. Lewis E. Texa.s, first; Aubrey C. Bar- i u _ licit, Lndona, Texas, second. j pj^y Wrestling-—Gold medals for first home Hnyworth by Al also hit a home .every move made on the dia- m'orid,/ . 'iSaiiey- pitched the Pampans to victory Friday night. In the last of the' seventh he suffered a torn ligament in his left side, but physicians Wlieve"he will be able to straddle the..mound when his turn comes arbtuicL . In'the.Road Runner lineup in left fipld.^was a familiar face, Freddy Brlckell, who collected two hits. Glover Seitz led the swatting with bingles, including two doubles. B^ifikeil. rhit a triple. The Road RUrmers pounded out 19 hits to 9 for' the Miners. ..The Road Runners face real trouble Monday night when Harry Burns who pitched on the 1935 championship United Fuel—Pinnacle, will twirl the horsehide at the Pampans. Other big shots on the team include Lefty Lang, ex- Western league pitcher and Art linger, leading hitter of the Elitch league with Holsum. The Midget lineup also includes two Denver high school boys: Butch Scheffel, Louise Pastore. Four other Denver high school boys are playing with Hem- irigsford, Layden, Holsum and Monarchs.' ,The..Road Runners are staying at the fitandish hotel, and the Black- the Sears hotel. The Easoa Oilers are putting up at the Hall hotel. -The ;Midget cafe roster: 3 2 I 0 8 M 1 i 0 '.I ( 2 0 0 I) II 0 place, silver medals for second place: Bantamweight, Cecil S. Manney. Henryelta, first, Lee J. run for Detroit. Roxie Lawson went 1937 TOURNAMENT BE STAGED IN CITY TO Formal entry of two Amarillo team.? anil promise of t-hr e othcrr, atd a notice from Haro'd White, state srftball commissioner, that lie will be here for the opening: of the Panhandle amtVcur taimia- mtnt Aug:. 10, featured developments In tournament plans yesterday. Mr. White, in a letter from Wichita Falls, also assured Pampa that he 1937 tournament will be staged :iere. He plans to be present when the opening ball is pitched, the first night of thi? year's tournament. The teams already entered from Amarilb are the Panhandl: Laun- the route for Detroit. . Res? and Hayes; Andrews and 1 Carler Welcetka, second. Light j Washington QOO 000 103— 4 10 2 J nnd tho Rober ' ; s-Olvsr Lumber "Co. weight class, Robert E. Tallent, Detroit ...... 300 050 32x— 13 18 1 tennl managed by C. E. Burk. Mr. Burk was here yesterday to enter dry, with Harry Daily as manager. Tolnls Loyden Miners— fikc-i-n. of _ llrnilk-y. IT . 42 15 27 If AU H PO A R. Jurat/, ss Hifnin'u. lil> JVlrns. r .... Kut'hli-r, Hi PiKn'orii, rf McTlirui-, 21> A. J'U. us rirnjlu, 2b I 2 Stonii-h. p 2 Colt 1 . i> _ -- „ 1 2 0 3 II ( I 0 0 1 0 12 II !l 1 1 0 3 0 (I 0 1 1 0 o n 8 27 15 Cepil Scheffel Ben Pister Harry ; Bums Ijijigti Mprse Dicfc'.Bock Wilbur Hubbell Marty Lang Hans Malley Cobe Jones Pete Butler Harry Ferguson Louie Pastore Cliff Lee Art linger Marion Payne Bonnie Levine Joe Paulina, manager. in the tournament include trie '.^following: Hemingsford, Neb.; Valdez, Colo.,; Miners; Lexington, Totals ...-. _______ . _____ 35 A. .Viz bnltn! for Mc-TlKuc in firth. McChiry hutted for Danpy ft) ninth. rnmpn . ____________ '__ nil 303 031—1! Loyilen Minors __._ ________ 0(11 010 000 — ; Summary : Krrors: Di Fnmuia', A. Sorat/., Stonic 1'umafnrn. KuhU-r, Cox. Two-has" hits— soil/. 2, R. Sorntz. Cox 2 ,T Lisle. Thri-i-lmsc- hHs— Stonich, ririrkell Summers. Solon onset* — Halo. Cox. Sncri- fitx' — Littrr>!l. Douhlo piny — Hnle to Summers to Ct.x. Left on hast-s — Pnmpa 10. Li'vilon ('.. UMSCS on halls — off Stonich -1. Colo 2. Struck out— by Stonich !), Daney S Colo 2, Stewart 1. Hits and runs — off Stonich, 11 am! S in G inninfrs: Dnncy. 7 and 2 in C. Wild pitches— Stonich 2. f'nlo. Bulk — Cr.lo. I'ussod hall — !•'. Lisle. Winning pitcher — Daney. LoainK pitcheT — Stonich. Umpires — Hi.wthorne ami Unv- nc-ll. Time of Kamo 1.59. CHARGES FRAUD LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1. (fp)— Dr Franklin Th:rpe swore out an affidavit today that his film actress ex- wife, Mary A.? tor, had psrpetratsr' a fraud upon the superior court :•>• her legal fight for sole custody of their daughter, Marylyn, 4. H r "harmed the actress deligerately ant 1 fraudulently concealed from the court the fact that he obtained 1st- i-ers of guardianship of the child If- months age fr:m the court's probate department. 7 MILLIONS ALLOTED WASHINGTON, Aug. 1 (fP)A. prediction that President Roosevel ( wculd allot another $7,000,000 fa. continuance this year of WPAV "people's theater" program war made today in authoritative ad- ministr.iticn quarters. Erit.ton. first. C. E. Krousc, Webb City, second. Welterweight class, Charles Huber, Ponca City, fi'ist: Stephen O. Wyrick, Gainesville, Texas, second. Welterweight, Joe E. Mnttiessen, Paris, Texas, first: Frank A. Casey, Oklahoma City, second. Hubcr and Mattiessen won by falls, Carter and Tallont by time and advantage. IN THE Sluggers Take 15 to 4 Game From Jolly Ten The Pampa Norgs Sluggers l?ok 1 15 to 4 game from the Jolly Ten "ridpy afternoon as the girls' soft'••>!!. teams met on the Sun Oil "run end. Reilley rtarted the game for the Tov;;o pirl.= and was reU:ved by "^luch'm in the fifth. Doris Gee, "iery little catcher, was back in ^e lineup after a thrrr-w: k ab- ^nce. Burlew, newcomer 10 the -am. contributed a homo run in he fifth 4 . • The j Jolly Ten^ is improVin;.' •npidly and the team is expentsd o be a real threat befcre tho sen- •on is over. IN THE Rookie Trips Cincy BROOKLYN, Aug. 1 (AP)—Max Butcher, rookie right hande- up from Galveston this year, pitched his first complete game of the Fencon today, a three-hit master- nie n e over the Cincinnati Reds to give the Dodgers an 11 to 4 victory in the cur ent series opener. Ciii'-innati Brooklyn 000 004 0(10— 430 403 100 12x—11 18 2 Derringer, Stine, Holllngsworth and Lombard); Butcher and Phelps. Yankees Increase Lead CLEVELAND, Aug. 1 AP)—The ^Tew York Yankees stretched their vmerioan league lead to 9 1-2 nines today by pushing a run •fross in the tenth inning for a "' to 4 victory ove" Cleveland. Hal Trosky hit his 31st homer for "he Indians. New York Icveland Oil 002 000 1—5 11 2 000 110 020 0—4 14 0 his .team in person, pay the entrance fee of two regulation softballs, and announce that at least five Amarillo teams will send their list cf players before the deadline, Aug. 5. Jack Kretsinger, district commissioner and director of the tourney, is receiving the lists. • Discovery that teams playing in a tourney at Canadian next week, in which cash .prizes are offered, would bs disqualified for amateur play, brought abrut a change in plans for the Canadian games. Managers there assured Mr. Kretsinger in a telephone conversation Friday Evening that their plans would be changed. and prizes would be offered in some other medium. Several Pampa teams are among the Panhandle aggregations which will play at Canadian next wesk. Membership In the Amateur Softball Association of America is the only requirement for participation in the Panhandle tourney here. Eligibility of players is governed, by A. S. A. rules, wilier confcrm to hose of the A. A. TJ. So there will be no question of player eligibility, Mr. Kretsinger calls attention of team members to Article III of the- A. S. A. by-laws. Suspension under this ' 'article is' effective and recognized in the A. A. U. Causes for suspension are listed, as follows: Competing in any sport under an fraud or other unsportsmanlike conduct. Directly or indirectly receiving pay or other remuneration for playing Softball in any organization. Earning: a livelihood or receiving the principal portion of an income fsr services as athletic .coach, physical director, cr any position where athletic skill is the principal requirement for employment. Competing in a tournament not sanction:d by the A. S. A. or one in which cash prizes are offered to teams. Being under ccntraot to or having played as a member of a major and Harriett's single to left off league or Class AA minor league Cardinals Bow lo Philly PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1 (AP)— Johnny Mcore's homer with two on climaxed a six-run attack in Mie eighth as the Phillies beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 11 to 3, to- dn.y. The Phils were held to five hits, but combined them with nine '-uses on balls and three errors to win. -St. Louis 001 000 020— 363 Philadelphia .. 000 104 OGx-^-ll 5 2 Parmalee, Walker and. Ogrodowski; Passeau and Atwood. Pittsburgh Shut Out, 6-0 NF.W YORK, Aug. 1 (AP)—Lefty <U Smith pitched a five-hit shut- •vut today to give the Giants a 6 f o 0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates. Dick Bartell hit a homer with a mate on base in the third. . 000 000 000—0 5 1 Pittsburgh New York Blnnton, Brown and and Mancuso. 002 040 OOX—G 9 1 Padden; Cubs Nose Out Win BOSTON, Aug. 1 (AP)—The Clli- 'ago Cubs nosed out a 1 to 0 vlc- f-oi-y ove' 1 the Boston Bees in twelve innings today, Tex Carleton holding the Bees to five hits. A single by Hack, another by Herman by a state or metropolitan area of the A. S. A. .' By knowingly competing against a professional Softball team or team on which there are professional players, without the sanction of the state or metropolitan commissioner within whoso jurisdictirn such game is to be played. By violating any portion of the rules and by-laws which call for disqualification of a player or team. . .w Phillips Flyers Wliip Stanolind Pour home runs enlivened the softball game which the Phillips Flyers took from the Stanolind Lassies Friday afternoon with a 20 to 5 score. Owens, Cotton, and Batson of the Flyers and Leiths of the Stanolind team hit for four bases. Phillips' pitching duties were divided between Stone and Smith, while the Stano- lind batteries were Leiths and Taylor. Today there are 1.200,000 tractors on farms" using gasoline and lubricating oil. A feminine air pervaded the Country club links this week, as women players practiced for the annual city tournament that will begin Aug. 10. Qualifying rounds will begin tomorrow morning and continue through trophy now held by Mrs. Swanson, which becomes the permanent property of the woman holding it two consecutive years. Play for the medalist prize will over 18 holes. All matches in the Thursday. 'championship flight wilfb'e 18-hoie Good scores have neen made in [games, but other flights will play many practice rounds, including 9-hoIe matches. Play will be in trie Mrs. W. M. Miskimins' 45 on the mornings in all except the final front nine. Several women are J matches. threatening the title of city chain- i •*• plon, won by Mrs. Arthur Swanson! McNEILL WINS last year and being defended by| DELAFIELD, Wis., Aug. 1. her In this year's tourney. I Donald McNeill of Oklahoma City Twelve women have already given | reigned as western junior tennis their names as tournament entrants. They are Mines. Carl Leudders, L. C. Padden, H. H. Hicks, Swanson. Miskimins, Mark Heath, Joe Bowers, W. M. Murphy, and Del Love; Misses Harriet Hunkapillar. Virginia champion tonight and Larry Dee of San Francisco held the western beys' title after their victories in the annual tournament here today. McNeill downed Julius Heldman of Hollywood, Calif., in the finals, and Cualine Jeffries. j 6-4, G-2, while Dee had to extend The prize list will be announced j'limself to defrat James Wade of soon. Prizes will be purchased with j San Diego, Calif., 6-4, 7-5, to take the entry fees, $1 from each con-1 the boys' crown. _ testant. The city champion will bei "*" given the Pampa-Jarratt hospital 1 Read The News Want-Ada. Every Item Is a Value! Clean Sweep FOR MONDAY! You can make fortunate buys in this Dollar Day Clean Sweep of merchandise you can use right now and also save on things you will need next month. SILK CHIFFON yds. Regular $1.00 quality in printed designs. 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