Oilers beat Huber; Lefty Blair cited in article.

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Oilers beat Huber; Lefty Blair cited in article. - -THE PA/UP A 20-19 Game After! GoOnl '1j»ok...
-THE PA/UP A 20-19 Game After! GoOnl '1j»ok baseball was played at Road Rimner park yesterday V, afternoon AS (lie Pampa Oilers ' played their first game of the season before a home audience. ?Alter shotting tile Htiber Black- faces' of Borger five runs on two ,Wtef6nt occasions, the Otters ftfored a never-say-dle finish to beat ftlie Carboneers 20 to 19 irt as wild a baseball game as was 'ever stated here. Ah4 that old story of a ball genie .is never over until the last rnan Js out in the ninth inning .was reenacted by the Oilers as ' they .went into the last half of the rilntVi inning, trailing by : six runs. With', t!wo men >out and one on ba>e- the Oilers drove Lefty Car- 4 riUiers' 'to the showers ; and continued td bombard Lefty Blair for geVeti runs and the ball frame. T^jk?^ r.' • < •>> • - .--•'«" •>. 'vyfejji^^L \jj:yjyi ' • * ' J^^' , ' j^^ ^^ ,^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^y, ^j^ '„' ^ Score 7 Runs In 9th To Beat Hube Howe Shuts Out Indians Amarillo To Open With Pampans As Opponents •©; AHhpugh-hot'yet at full strength, errors. Three wind-blown balls got away from Mage Keyser although he got his mit under, them long enough to Have jhiscues chalked up against him. one,got away from the veteran Hack Wilson also. . Besides leading the hitting parade, Pietras registered six assists and a putout,, .midway : irt-a snappy double play, with only One miscue. "Muscles" Dlngnian, Huber,shortstop, 'made several.:, sensational stabs to hang up six assists and j '£hlrty-nine,runs, 39 hits and I2|fpur putoute with one error. errors- doesn't tell the story of the ball game. The story was the spirit of the young Oilers who never let tip for a minute. They played sensationally at times and were never buffaloed. Kids Never Crack J 4 ^ . A1U<> l^CVUl VrllVK With'only two old heads in the lineup) Manager GroVer Seitz and Gordon Nell, everyone "expected to " se> the youngsters crack as the Blackfaces got two lucky hits in the opening inning to take a five. •/'fi-un lejitf. But they didn't, and Jn the sixth inning they went ahead by a two-run margin. The eighth and the ninth saw the 'Blackfaces forge away ahead again. Now they're gone, thought the crowd as they began to filter toward the exits. Some left, but most stayed as Seitz blasted a double- to score Craddock, a pinch hitter who had singles and Heiskell who had bagged his third sinele and Nell singled. Carrithers left the mound and. Blair, the third lefthander, took over. He walked Garbee and ^Adair and--then Watson cracked a "'slnctle .scoring -two runs; With the tying and winning runs on 'base,' Johnnie Gyurcson, new »- catcher \ who : arrived- here from Longvjew Friday, stepped to the plate and blasted one of Blair's curves against the left, centerfleld boards scoring the winning;runs. • -i ;Pletras Comes Through . ' Jt''was Pietras, a thirdbaseman converted into a secondbaseman, WliOt stole hitting honors of the day. On his first two trips to the pjate, tife hit singles but it was not un,tll T , his third time up that he got'his- eye on the ball which sailed over 'the left centerfield fence to score" three runners ahead of him. He got his fourth straight hit In the sixth. .Manager Seitz got his peepers on •> the 'Ball to the tune of three singles and a double. Claude Heiskell, youBC Pampan, collected ,,three~singles Md scored:five runs on his six tripa to the plate. ',.• lAdair, thirdbuseman, bagged a timely home run in the sixth to drive ' ( two mates across .the plate and put 'the Oilers ahead for the ' first time. , -' ' Buzz' Ross led the Borger attack with a home run with two aboard, a dpuble and a single. L. Summers collared two doubles and .a Single. , Pitchers Show Promise A 1 strong wind from the southeast was - largely Responsible for A parade of pitchers was in order as the Oilers used four and HUber three. Diick Howard, of Skellytown, got credit for the win With Blair on the ;; 16sine end. Vannoy itgain i .showed.,plenty'-..for the Oilers but erratic Support and couple '• of balls that fell, safe by iches cost him. Cfrls, a newcomer orh Longview, was the victim of itilty support as three, errors. put im *in a hole. He pitched, good nough.ball to.be a good prbsjject. tiort was also effective although ke the others hit. In..-spots and ut in tlie' holevby errors. Howard, ikirig.his first turn on the mound his season, showed a nice, smoke all and a curve, that. might be eveloped. He has been working at he hot comer. , ' T?fl|YlT)tt' Ab n O B Hciskell, BS 5022 ?ietras,.'2b C 4 1 6 Seitz, cf 3b G 4 3 3 Nell Ib 62120 Gin-lies, .rf. If 4 110 Keyser. If rf 2 0 0 0 Adair, '3b 3 1 2 '.0 Watson, cf rf 6 43 0 Gyurcson, c Vannoy, Ofas, • p oruer fencer, Ab h cf. 7320 . SIm'rS, 2b 7 2 2 8i Vllson, . If- 62 20 uffmnn, Ib 4 8 10 0 . Siim'rs, 66351 oss, 3b 681 .i WcMlch'l. rf 51 .0 0 Ingman, 6fi G 0 4 6 reshour, p 4001 orrithers, p 2 1 0 1 lair, p 0000 Totals 01 17 x26 18| Totals 51 22 27 16 x—Two out when winning run scored. X—Baited for'Van.noy in 3rd. • . . xx^-Batted for Orb ih 4th. : XXX—Batted •. for Howard in 9th. .' : Score by innings:' -. , - JORGEK - — G02 400 134—18 AMPA - — -. 102 406 007—20 Summary:! Home-runs—Pietrasi Adalr, ^oas: IVo-base lilts-rSeiti, Gyurcspn, L. summers 2, Ross. Carrithers; Double plays —Heiskell to Pietras to' Gyiircson; 'Hit by itched ball—Heiskell by Carrithers. truck out—by Freshour 2, Garrithers j - 8. Vannoy 1, Short I. Bases oh halls-roff Blair 2. ,Orls 2, Short' 1, Howard 2. Wild itch-^Oris. Paiised' ball^3yurcson. Urn- ires—Hutton and Anthony. R uns _pampa. Heiskell 5, Pietras 3, eitz 2, Nell 2, Garbee 1, Adair 2, .Waton 1, Gyurcson 1, Oris 1, Bauley 1. Cradock 1; Borger, Spencer. 2, A. Summers 2, nison 2,.-Huffman 3,- L.. Summers 3, » - 8, McMich'ael 2. Freshour 1, Car- Ithers 1. • Errors—Pampas Heiskell- 1, 'ictras 1, Seitz 1, Keyser . 3,. Adair 1; Watson 1, Short 1; Borucr; Wilson 1, luffman 1, Ross 1. Dlngman 1. Manager Grover Seitz and his Pampa Oilers w,|H invade Amarillo with blood 'in their eyes tomort'bw afternoon for the official^ opening of the West Texas-New ''MexfcO basebali league. Game time will be 3 O'clock at. Malln Park in the :Amarillo fairgrounds with' admission .$1 per per"on. : ''' '".- : ' '-• On Thursday afternoon. at 2:30 O'clock' the Oiler ' will ' return to Road Runner park for an official opening with the Amarillo Gold Sox providing the opposition. Admission to the local opening will be only 40 dents and an effort, is being niade tio have all stores and business houses, close , so th.at Pampas will have the largest opening day crowd in the league. • ' ' ! The Oilers received a blow that Stunned them.. It was the loss ,of Johnnie Gergley, third baseman who Returned to his : home in Chicago because of the illness of his mother. (Sergley • was > one ;of the best looking third basemen seen -here since the days of Sam : Hale. He could field, throw and hit. Manager Seitz asked the hot- corner .artist to return but he doesn't expect him back. : Loss of Gergley forced Manager Seitz to go. to Uiird base • yesterday afternoon, sending Pietras, a third baseman, 'to; second base where he performed in grand style. Later' Seitz went. to .the .outfield and Adair went to the hot corner. . ','•'. : "We may have a surprise at second base which will allow Pietras to go back to third," Seitz said today. : Milbert Vannoy, stocky fastball itcher, will take the mound for the filers tomorrow with Johnnie Gy- .rcson betiind. the: plate, Manager Seitz .announced today. The fiery Oiler mentor /was-, elated- when he eceiVed word from Amarillo that Ben .Parrish; will .likely be on the npund for the Gold Sox with Manger Neal Rabe behind- the plate. Parrish is the big righthander the Gold >Sox stole. 'from Pampfl anU ?eitz. and his. youngsters want, iioth'r ng. more than to get to, him. -opening 'ame. "•-•'.•. '.'' ' v • :' •'•-.-. /• /. . ; .-,••.! We'll : make 'Rabe' wish he'd got- v h'i$ players, honestly,"; Seitss r'e- marked : grimly today and his boys jacked' him- up. '•'.."• '.- ; - ..... > ; '•" ! j Yesterday afternbpn jn Aftiarillo heN'Gold Sox .won- a 15 to il : ganie rpm the .LubbQck Hjibbers; Doniiari a,nd Millspaugh, .lefthanders, toiled or Amarillo with Sandretto and Grabek on the mound for Lubbock. -® : By JUDSON BAtlJE* Associated Press Staff Hold that Tiger, boys. .Schoolboy Kowe to back to stay. His four-hit shutout of the Cleveland Indians yesterday, as noble a eorneback bid as .sjjort has seen .in marly a,-year, didn't cause the New York Yankees .to lose sleep 14st nlghti but 'It .'certninly raised the betroit..Tigers, into consideration for a spot better than their fourth Baseball Standings TEXAS LEAGUE Results Sunday Houston .17, San Antonio 3. ;. Tulsa 1, Dallas-3., Beaumont 6, Shreveport 8. '-.,Oklahoma National League ,'- •'....'' Box Score :'.'..• -; charripiOn 'Chicago up; an., eighth inning CUBS HIT BALL . ST. LOtTIS, April 24 ;iohal ' ubs broke rally y^sterd&y. to-, ^defeat the : ;St. jouis Cardinilsi 6 ; tp, r 5iv-in a game Matured, by ; three 'home, runs, two iriples and six; doublesi. . • Chicago Ab h o nlStr'.I.o'uls Ab h o a Hack. 8b .3 0 3 1 £n>v/n, 2b 8 0 8.2 Herman, 2b 5 2 1 3 Guttrlduc, 3h r, 1 0 2 ~ SlauBhtr.. rf 40 1 0 .of last year. .i The big Texas righthander, who pitched Detroit to an American League pennant in 1934 and helped less spectacularly in- their 1935 rfe- peat,. showed no trace 'of : ah arm ailment, in his first appearance this season.. . . i He struck out four and walke'd only one man. . j Howe's .arm went 'dead in the spring of 1937, and after he worked in ten gamea with no success retired from baseball and'pathetically traveled up and down-the country ferreting out any doctor, bone-set- er, rubber or _what-not anyone ever heard of. . ; : He failed to come back last spring in four games' with the. Tigers, but a'd a moderately good year with heir Beaumont farm in-the Texas eagiie. Now he looks like the hero f old; Incidentally, he contributed triple and • single towards his eam's 8-0 rout of the Indians. In contrast to Bowe's return whs he rebuff received by Paul Dean, vho also sought to come back yes- et day for the St. • Louis Cardinals fter, having 'lost his pitching feel n 1937. and. spent most of last sea.7 on in the Texas'League trying to et it back. Dean was belted but of the box in le fourth by the Chicago Cubs and harged with the 6-5 loss. He work- d three scoreless Innings on one hit ef ore'the Cubs, crashed through 1th five hits and four runs in'the ourth. - , In the other National League ames Harry Gumbert permitted on- y one hit for six innings as the New rork .Giants- subdued the Boston BeeS, 4-2, the Cincinnati Beds took tieir second straight from the Pitts- jurgh .Pirates, 7-2,' behind six-hit iltching by BUcky Walters, and'the 'hilaldelphla Phillies -took, another if 'their. >r;air-raising' exhibitions rorii-the'Brooklyn. Dodgers, r It' was , ; the Phillies' third extra- nning game-of the, week-old 'sea- on-ani little Heinle 'Mueller won it or them, 5-4, by doubling with the las'es' loaded In. the 12th. '-."--,', The'.New York'.Yankees main- ialned i their, record .of/not haying ost-to a lefthander (against whom hey're supposedly weak) by knock- ng Ken Chase of the Washington Senators out of the box in the fourth and going on to win 7-4. This vic- ory.and Cleveland's defeat return- id;.ttje. Yanks to the. top' of the American "L'sague. . • . : , : , '•.The Chicago White : Sox amassed 9 hits) -including four doubles ; by rfery: Owen'which tied a'major lea- !ue>record,: to wallop the St. Louis 3rowns, 17-.4; and the .Philadelphia Vthletics; reared up with, a six-run lurry-irt the eighth, inning to decide a weird, contest against the Boston: Bed Sox, 12-8; • • leeponi If ..elber, 'cf ilarty, rf '5'1 SO -4'2'2.0 4120 llurvji, - n ., t * * " Medwlck, It Mfctei Ib 6 32 0 4 1 13 1 Houston Wins Doubleheader Sanione (By The Associated Pijess) Shortstop Lake, hiltlng so well he o*rsw seven, walks, aji his Houston Buff teammates clouted San Antonio pitchers for 30 hits last night to sweep, a doiibleheader, 17-3 and 4-2, and write the, Buffs off the red ink side of the Texas league ledger. Such riterllng achievements on other fields as Sal Oliatto's third consecutive pitching victory as Dallas beat TUlsa, 3-1, and climbed into a percentage tie with Shreveport for:the loop leadership, were over- Shadowed by t;he work of Lake and his left fielders temrnate, Schmle!, tyhp got six hits in seven trips to the plate. . . Lake got four hits in four trips, Scored:four runs, two in the second game when the record showed him with four walte and no,trips to the p'late, and handled his end of five double plays, tie batted in one run in the first game. "Schmiel scored three runs, one a homer in the second game, and batted in three ruris. . . , . Meanwhile, Shreveport, bunching ll hits, whipped Beaumont, 8-6, and Oklahoma City downed Port Worth, 4-3, in a pitchers' duel between Jack Brillheart of the Indians and Ed Greer. , ' Dallas Capitalized on its few scoring, chances. from. .i.ts. six.. hits to dlown Tulsa. In trie Shreveport- Beaumont citato, each team used three, pitchers, but only Gorsico of Beaumont was unseored on. ; Gerlach, Shreveport shortstop, had a busy day, handling 10 chances without a bobble.,, . . ; Oklahoma City clinched its win in the ninth, irinirig on a walk to Corbett, Easterllrig's sacrifice, and Joe Bilgere's,. pop fly which landed safetly in right field. • Where they play today: TUlsa at Dallas (day). Oklahoma City at Fort Worth (night).. .,..--. Beaumont.at Shreveport (night). : Houston at San Antonio (night). BITSABOUT .ING Women And Durano-Hill Bouts To Feature Matckji Preliminary, 8:15 p. m. © Ernie Peterson, San Francisco, vs. Sugl Hayamaka, Tokyo, Japan. first Main Event Mildred Burke, Memphis, Tenn., woman welterweight champion of world, vs. Ruth Owens, Phoenix, Ariz., challenger. Second Main Event • (Return) Mickey Durano, Buenos Aires, S. A., vs. Franklc Hill, Wichita, KaS. The season's top wrestling card will be presented at the Pampa Athletic arena tonight at 8:15 o'clock when Promoter Cliff Chambers stages two main events and a preliminary. . There have been some great machines here in the past, but tonight's schedule Is doped to be tops of them all. The Mickey Durano-Prankie Hill brawl should be an evening's entertainment in itself but the little promoter has decided to present itwo of the best women grapplers of the world as well. The bad feeling between Hill and urano hasn't died down a bit. The vo won't speak to each other on ths ;reet and on several occasions dur- ng the past two weeks friends have ad to step between them to pre- ent. hostilities. It all Started two weeks ago when le pair went two hours with one fail. Ill used every unorthodox trick in he bag but could get only one fall i an hour and nine minutes. Since len Hill has been bragging and casting that he'll get Durano next ime in a hurry. The welterweight belt will be at take when the two women clash n a finish match. Women will be admitted for 10 ents. Palestine Defeats Unbeaien Texarkana : Five Pampa .women, representing the Berry Bowling Alleys, took over first place in the "B" division of the Women's International Bowl- Ing tournament last night in Oklahoma City when they rolled a total of 2,040 pins. They replaced the Blltmore No. 8 team of Oklahoma City. Making the trip to Oklahoma City were :Mrs. Bill Murphy, Mrs. Bert Howe'll, Mrs. Charlie Duenkel, Mrs. Johnnie- Weeks and Miss Helen Murphy. Individual scores had not been received here today. . An Amarillo men's team from the Amarillo Garage and Storage hung up a record here in taking three games from a Berry Alleys team. The Amarilloans rolled a total of 2,807 pins. W. C. Hankison rolled a new high three-game total toppling 685' pins. Hieater Pragfams CROWN Sunday, Monday and Tuesday: The Mad Miss Manton," with Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda. Wednesday and Thursday: "The Affairs of Annabel" with Jack Oakie and Lucille Ball. Friday and Saturday: "Law West of Tombstone," with Harry Carey. Bowler Rolls Score Of 686 At Wichita / FORT WORTH, April 24 (#)— George Goff of Houston broke a monopoly Wichita Falls - and Fort Worth had held on leaderships in the Texas State Bowling association tournament by rolling a total score of ,686 here last night to gain the top in singles competition. He beat out Maurice Stanton of Fort Worth, in second place now with a score of 678, while other divisions Fort Worth and Wichita Falls entries retained leads established through the first two weekends of competition. Teams from Fort Worth, Fort D. A. Russell, Houston, Amarillo, Dallas, San Antonio, Big Spring, Goose Creek, Kelly Field, San Angelo, and Baytown are scheduled to roll next week-end when the tournament ends. . The Rock Island Rockets of Wichita Falls, with a score of 3,056 led the class A teams; Cy Perkins and Jack Tavener of Fort Worth had a sccre of 1,319 for first posi- tion in class A doubles, and Ri Wolf of Wichita Falls was class A all-events with a score 1,931. Class B events leaderships included: Singles, Bert Clark, Wichita Falls, 696; doubles, George Blackerby and V. E. Hamm, Wichita Falls, 1,230. Class C teams: Wichita Tire Rubber company, Wichita Falls, 719; singles, H. D. Mason, Falls, 616; doubles, W. B. Huff and D. W. Hill, Wichita Falls, Crown Today and Tuesday „„, SAM I, K VIC IN I'. FKAIXCtfS MKItCKIt Also Cartoon - News MARTINAS MOTOR CO. AN AUTHORIZED USED CAR DEALER AT A FAIR EXCHANGE

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