"Patriotism is in the ascendant, and pacifism henceforth is identified [...] with pro-Germanism"

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"Patriotism is in the ascendant, and pacifism henceforth is identified [...] with pro-Germanism" - a as of a it cover The Intolerance of...
a as of a it cover The Intolerance of Patriotism. Pacifists may be as illogical as they profanely or piously please, but they should retain a saving modicum of common sensev A man like David Starr Jordan, at least, should not be ignorant- of the plainest teachings' of history. The Baltimore incident should teach him and all his kind that this country is in no humor to tolerate any sign of division in its fast closing up ranks. Patriotism is in the ascendent, and pacifism henceforth is identified in the popular mind with pro-Germanism. To be calling for a craven peace with Germany at this time is to be unpatriotic and anti-American. There are henceforth only two elements elements in the American people, patriots patriots and enemies of America. Three years ago, two men who may stand as types of former pacifists, Elihu Root and John Sharp Williams, were conspicuous officials of the Carnegie Peace Foundation. So changed has the very word "pacifist" become, that each would be insulted today if the epithet should be hurled at either. The whole face of the world has been changed by the challenge which "Ger-many "Ger-many has issued against civilization itself. Let pacifists henceforth reckon on the intolerance of patriotism as a fixed force in the United States of America. The American flag which greets the eye today wherever men may turn their gaze is no cheap sign of national unity. The Baltimore mob that burst into the peace meeting at the Academy of Music and stopped the idle chatter of Dr. Jordan about the interests of munition makers was urged to its effort because they were following the flag and a foolish policeman tried to pull it down. As a Baltimore paper remarked, Dr. Jordan Jordan will probably remember Baltimore Baltimore as the original home of "The Star-Spangled Banner." The Pacifists have made their fight and lost. The American people are a peace-loving people, but the facts that have accumulated of Germany's Germany's defiance of American rights, its belittling of American honor, and its destruction of American lives has changed a peace-loving into a war-choosing war-choosing nation. The Emergency Peace crowd who are descending upon Congress today are adding fuel to the flame which they are trying to quench with no apparent consciousness consciousness of the futility of their efforts. The counter demonstration by the Pilgrims of Patriotism was not needed. When the country is in danger, when we are already actually at war, patriotism is right to be Intolerant. Freedom of speech becomes a vain shibboleth when speech takes the form of treason to one's country. The Copperheads of the Sixties may have beeq very conscientious people, willing even to suffer martyrdom for their cause, but they succeeded only in earning the hostility of the Nbrth and the contempt of the South by their conduct. Their identification with the Democratic party in the North caused that party to wander in the wilderness of futile opposition opposition for a full quarter of a century. Let pacifists everywhere learn the lesson. if'reason has not departed from them. What the country requires requires of them now is silence and a large quantity of that. The greatest greatest boon they can ask of on outraged people is forgetfulness.

Clipped from
  1. The Washington Times,
  2. 02 Apr 1917, Mon,
  3. Page 6

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  • "Patriotism is in the ascendant, and pacifism henceforth is identified [...] with pro-Germanism"

    staff_reporter – 14 Apr 2016

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