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THURSDAY DINING, NOVEMBER | IE D BRAVELY SEPT. 26 TELEGRAPH EMPLOYE, WH 0 VOLUNTEERED WHEN , WAR BROKE OUT, QIVE8 UFE 'DEFENDING ( , HIS FLAQ. d cnme to Mr. and Mrs. Guotave of the North Side that (heir ' Walter, was hilled In ac- cc, September 26. The was the first tidings of tho soldier received in some time. true in his case, as In some written by him otters, that aiiy RE VOLITION IS NEAR SOLDIERS AND SAILORS MUTINY AND DEMAND PEACE, SEIZ. INQ PAftT 3ff HIGH SEAS 1F,LEET—SOCIALISTS GIVE ULTIMATUM. Cab'U dispatches received by the United Pre8."fro»h various European point, tell of O re«t dl.order In Qe " many, rioting, mutiny of soldiers and sailors and, demands for peace by the rioters* The Socialists are reported to have fit^hi? 0 * 1 ? 1 ' 011 Chancell <»- Maxlmll- Man that unleis peace Is made at UNITED PRESS SAYS THAT WAR HAS BEEN ENDED nedUpB efmans on Field and Hostilities Ceased— Message Is Unofficial. The War is Over. crnment. Copenhagen, NOV. Bureau, the official 7.—The German Wolff news j Z subsequent to the date jnentldn- I TAB that of liis death hae been re*i so the family crcdJt fully *** I message telling that he had cu up his life on the fleld of battle. P Maurice Walter was one of the best . Moved of any Telegraph employe t •Log the men with whom he worked. «e was an apprentice at the printer's 1 bde » was with the utmost regret I die'Telegraph force saw him leave, as his uniform good* cheer and his willingness to be of service to others mate him a popular favorite uuuJg the employes. Maurice, when -war broke out, could take little inter- t at in Ws work or anything else. ~He [felt that he must be helping In the _ ^ .„„„,„ :; war. Being under age, he did not 1m-1 armistice, and the release of7lieFr"lm^ elude provision whch times has come to VS end to Allies, under a flagof armistice at 1 a. ni. to-day. -' ; r, as! Marshal Foch's tenns are known to in- 'esumption of hostilities, the greatest war of all to Germany, the Kaiser was forced to apply REAVIS MS MAKING UPLKiTiK Jh-lLm 1" peace '• made at «»«* they Will no longer support the 8 ov- an agency, has confirmed reports that great riots have taken place In the great naval base at Kiel. The rioting nnA tVAMAMMl alMft..,. t t*t . ••UI..MJ5 strike at Kiel continues, and i, general strike ' as nillltar y and naval representatives of the co » cl «ded, Gennany was in the throes of WONT LENGTHEN DAYS OPPOSES' SATURDAY SCHOOL LONGER SCHOOL DAY ANQ ; ABANDONMENT OF THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Superintendent of Schools Heavis discussed with the school board Wednesday evening, lhe subject of making up the, time lost in the schools, due to the closing because of the influenza. By United Press. Paris, Nov. 7.,-The greatest war of all time came to an end at 2 p. m. to day. The Allies and Germany signed an armistice on the field of battle The at Lubeck. come Into the Washington, Nov. 7.-Reports of .noting at Kiel have reached Washington through diplomatic channels Independent Socialists held a meeting- and thfcy demanded Immediate . ' Mediately enlist, but gave up his workjprtBOtted fellows. at the Telegraph to take a Job where j Several persons were [ he felt he was directly doing war irork. Then, having taken that one step, he concluded to take another by enlisting his service in the army. Last spring he was back home in Alton. He had been sick in camp in Oklahoma, where he was training. He had a head " for mechanics and he was given some special rank as a repair man for rifles. 1 In the Telegraph office he had shown a*remarkable ability in handling machines of the most intricate kinds. It was th's b'nility that caused him to be called upon to dp repair work. He was shipped to France soon after he recovered from the illness In camp \ and following his furlough ftt home. Those who knew Maurice Walter knew that he would be ready to make' ; th« sacrifice; whatever It might be, • hie dea In liis mind. There is genuine ponra'ng among his family and among killed and many Injured, Delegates of the rioters waited on the Governor of Kiel and an effort was made to restore order. H Is indicated the disorders are continuing. - .."«"" Copenhagen, Nov~7.—The revolution at Kiel has -spread to Schleswlg and Holstein, the two provinces seized By Germany from Denmark a S? ce ,!j tury a£ P-' Revolting Boldiers ahd- sailors have captured the cities or Altona, Klenburgg and Aprenrade .and are hojdfng a portion of the German high seas fleet. Hamburg also Is said to be seething with revolution' The crews of the battleships Raiser and Scbleswlg-Holsteln mutinied and the- ships, .executing about .Thousands of German troops have Sedan, one of the historic cities in l-Europe, was capured by Ame'ricans this morning, after an additional advance of more than four miles. At the t/me the document was signed, the Allied armies were smashing forward on a 150 mile front from the Scheldt to the Meuse, tearing the German .defenses to pieces and driving the enemy in utter rout. " The Americans took Sedan this morning and great gains were made at .through Schleswig. Holstein hands of the revolutionists. several Y.W.C.A.IN FULL CHARGE-OP MADISON HOTEL " P !J?n'!i B to Open Cafeteria and Will Serve Outsiders as Well as Member* of Organization, i One of the outstanding features of the -War Recreational Center to be WAR COLLAPSED ON OUR NINETEENTH MONTH epidemic. Mr. Reavis is opposed to lengthening the school day, to abolishing the Saturday holiday or the Christmas holidays. His view is that any of those Plans would work dissatisfaction among teachers arid pupils. His plan is to put it up to. the pupils to make "?_ f ?. r . lost time by Pushing on with all no pupil STEi>,RATE PROPOSED GAS COMPANY PROPOSES TO STALL SERIES OF NEW PATES GRADED ACCORD. CORDING TO AMOUNT OF GAS USED. ic ore h ore the cases will be heard at the time. The following official ment was made by R F • iii«, Alton Gas & ElecLc'c^- ^ Utilities Board. of speed and, he less than 86 per cent of the Exactly One Year and Seven.Months can do this, making up before the «nd ClH AK \Af _ n_.___ 'M.l » • ." . I nf 41. t . m - • Vi^iiU Since We Became Co-belllge"reht. Hard Terms By United Preis ties. The cafeteria will be primarily I S two lrlln^f»ri^ *v:«t» *..!_- ... . ' ='r of the school year whatever time the} are out. For the pupils who would be unable to do this and might fall be hind their grades, Supt. the deselects that it would be a „ to conduct a-summer school, afteMhe closing of the regular school year. It all points. those who worked with him over the necessity that caused' the loss of a I kight, happy young life that had in it qualities which would have worked for the highest usefulness, had not it (alien to his lot to render it for his country's flag. Besides his parents he leaves two sisters and a'x brothers. He' would lave been 22 years old In December. been ordered t ders there. HOWTHEPEAGEIWS Mjn$m TELEGRAPH SPREAD IT UNITED PRESS/SERVICE AGAIN DEMONSTRATED SUPERIORITY OVER ASSOCIATED PRIfSS/AS NEWS thUS make up world ^.ttte»^»Z%^'Si public also. .confer- 8chool acquiesced in the plan. The scene of that'conferee'will I s "° *£ S f* ct of "opening e either Brussels or •«-«— " «---' upt Reav 'a the summer-montha-thT^oVe^step* *» *Jv£d net Dfir M «.rhf«U *_ i. *^ "There is gas a rate also proposed It has Wilson at- of I In i told the board he though closing had been reopening could not be Health Department gave Doctors, he said, were rates wJU increase some ±,r™' bu < -'» haveTeYp' 3n others. Where cons gas the year around the consumers will be less than the will also patrons • «• T— —— .«i. u ^» ^wiioti uuiiuu. in i « ' »«iui TV cj c in pro each day " " work the field of aircraft production this a ' arme( l over the epidemic than wh% The cafeteria will be in the hid Mn \ T^m" produced 9 - 674 P^nes. I "» e « cl »°°l» »«« closed. He told the ^fr 1 W) " oe ln tiie old din-] In addition we had ar>m,tr»H „!,,.„.,,> I board there had been 29 new cas'es ing room of the hotel, a the addition we had acquired 2i«H •*«« -d_ engines. Our ^Klel to quell disor- w The United Press dispatch to the Telegraph, that the armistice agreement had been signed between the Allies and Germany and that the greatest war In the world was at aa Amsterdam, Nov. 7.—Two companies of abldiers dispatched to suppress!! n<J ' was received with great joy In rioting in Schleswig-Holstein mutln- A" 00 led on the way and threw their guns rato the-sea. Cavalry reinforcements coming from Wansbeck were fired on by sailors. Two of the cavalrymen were killed. EARL qSJJORNE DIES \SS.-Sf £££"£ **™..'2. TGT AXTT> ISLAND Second Bereavement For the Alton Family Wfthln . Six Weeks—Burial In Alton. the Governor 'of The rebels later released their goveraor on his promise to recognize ' Upper their aoeiet. »'el is governed by a oounoU of BOldiers, etilors and work- It was only one other example of the superiority of the news service of the TJnited Press over the Associated Press service. • The message which was sent to the Telegraph, by thei United Press bore the signature of astonished « T . , - the winter months " It is explained by the company " — consumed m the winter '-* very little as and 24 Wednesday, of which,wiui tJi« B ,,m,™ of school age. He opposes re- Intention Tn nr ln ™ th «-««».« «a sKhn n i ,.«AI .,, j . . intention in presenting a /,!.««_ y^£^^^V\ -5^^~*SX-1S h The cafeterTls being arranged ^^^^S^LS^S^^ ±n?± PUrP ° t Se M - taW " e Care Of tho'mately 2,5000,000 ton SK- wSKSi S2fii 0 5S jut t he , ubject , p trol f the 8hjppng boar 38J25, «»as y^vys.:^ »&igLffl^*.«fe>^ in service, a total cided that schools would not be'"open- rrouSd flv< no . ,,.^ »„„, ed untl a special session had been Such a plan is feasible and furnish an additional eating die- 200 times greater than Vhett'^ the started. would place Roy, W, Howard, president of United Press Association, and the by H. Osborn of 2408 Brown men. The ships tramways and stores are controlled by red-flag. announcing Earl w. Osoorne, at C, from an attack of Pneumonia. The a message Nov. 7.-Herr Bbbert, «, ' has notlned C *™ c *' 1wlmlllan that unl ess atTarmls- Up0n the ."So, announcing his sickness. rl was the two 8UPPOrt William Philip Slmrns, the Paris cor respondent of the United Press. President Howard has been in Europe iu general charge of the United Press interests. Simms is known to have more than once put over great scoops of news stories of great interest. When the Telegraph received the same at present being Inadequate for the needs ot the people. If such is put into effect the price charged will be Placed within the reach of all, being very reasonable. The entrance for the men and general public will- be on the Bastou street Bide of the building, easily accessible to the dining room, and wfll avoid the need of climbing a different flight of stairs. A lavatory for the called to discuss it that It was safe. = , , i., Inv9s «eation, however, shows that and make sure there will in general be an increase tho mom. iron i-ofn- *_ iu- "IcreaSe After President Wilson and Secretary Tumulty had been informed of the receipt of the United Press bulletin, Secretary of War Baker was the first to learn that the armistice had been signed. He took it calmly. As the dispatch was handed to him he said, on reading the news, "Is that so?" He made no further comment. A few minutes later when he received- additional details, he smiled and commented, "Good. jers tha^at the closTo'?ffi.« £ ^0^^^^!^ 66 school hours had beep lost.. Unless Quire a big-.citbSS ™ K ' et an? ^ ^v^ u ^ or more we c ^lost.it.,womd rate,; than the *1.2 5 rate X WCr not be tiecfessary to make up anyi lost' "'^ .-.,,'' "«e. e8Bentlal S ° n f ° r the Alien said to-diyThat th,. advance •*•"•*. -_ -------- .»-•*»* u vw* J L\Jt LUt} I CI1 it men will be arranged on the main short 'y afterward Secretary Lan- floor, near the entrance, for the con- Smg recofved the tidings In a reserved venlence of those coming to lunch. 8 » irit Many requests are coming to the of the armistice was no ladies to arrange for dinner service sul ' prise ln Washington official circles. for the public at night, a place where When informed what the terms of a wife can bring her husband for a lne ar « ls tice would be, Secretary Dan- meal, and save the necessity of hav- iels commented, "They'll take it" ing a dinner at home. This would be impractical Official news of the armistice was and being expected from Gen. Bliss and the less be curtailed. [rates being asked Is a lack n"f On supplementary reading courses earning- power of the comnanv he superintendent's recommendation Interest on the invesS 2LXJ e ^ 8et8 °' b0 ° kS ' t0 be cir- Uhe Board of Public U»mi es culated among the various schools, for engineers In Alton going supplementary reading. wa« approved. Plant and that thefhad The books will cost I535..95. Another valuation of, the gas pf important S tep Jwas taken for the 1331,000. They further deci, school board to assume supervisonov- U fair return would be 7 Der er.the spending of money raised by co- the investment. In the operation with patrons associations the average net and pupils. The idea was that the Pany was $4,431.io, iror money should be spent in some sys- be deducted taxes Mr LPmn I in Wit ^r nw*.ll__« .*. ' 1 *j. ***• • left practically iras nlnn* dec Der ten yeaTs said thif be used news, there was a quick effort to' w , ou !, d lnterfer ^ tb the young living the -.heads of the diplomatic and naval spread the Information. The Tele-'*' tne Cent re. but It is planned to corps were expecting information too graph notified the owners of factory • ? ave> *\ "can be urfanjted, to liave The capital went wild with the nrklaf-iA» *u«* it.- . ^r t.Tvn ni exit to a «*AAi. *— A»... I „ . "**M niiu \.nv whistles that the war was at an end,l tor "> e Purpose. news. Extras were sold and throngs - 1M , "- •• —••» •»• **»» v*«Uf i rpu ^ i»i t. — • -».«••••«>•• i -• —- ««.»»>*u TT vti D oi/lU ctUU LiirOllEH Thankt to Clem.nr... J e , r^. d there was a seneral blowing of'. Th * big building is in the hands of of people gathered. Army alrnlnnes 7?r"1r' J t S.?_ l _ ernenQe » u ?"«* Foch. (whistles which caused everyone to in-, deco , rators who h °P<» to have It in in a few minutes were in the skv- quire the cause. , | readiness by the first of the month, ing the loops FtMercrffunni ^as| The telephone operators had - been'I^^^^^.be arranged to ho« E eed and everywhere were shbuts for i?jiS»«?Aa^ was a T.IM4 It. ^ b }* 1S tbe flrSt tlme SUCb W 5 " 0 " uw»nd, I has been taken since the days of Na- ; • ——w- »*» v ff »f«*iMW **«u _ i . , come,but the operators in the ex-| B p some time ago. Changes were unable to answer the D . ~ — ' — : that were showered In pn them. L Polantl '• Proclaimed a Repubtlc. the greatest story that has By United was s 0 / H S^ er ._ 6 L 0 "'<? W«W ADMIT DEFEAT mft n from the young had been ii *»J8 feeling will be brought ?•,!?^L.?. 1 ""! 1111 ** 1 ' Nov - l ~OW» '• ^Par four of from 10,000 «« : • , and to 16,600, Bald L. H. Qibson^manager .. of.ibex-wet organization. been proclaimed since the beginning, . — of the Christian era, the making of a ea a re P ub lic on Monday, official peace on errth, and the Telegraph I "guggenient was made to ; day. was privileged, to be the one to con " vey the tidings to tfee public. army or navy, and their Chairman Hurley was in conference with tho shipping board when he received the news, and the meeting was broken up quickly. New York, Nov. 7—On account of [the pandemonium that followed tho announcement of the receipt of the "-" " the New York Stock Exchange , ---------- , .. ^ „„„,.,. . , The Associated Press was still de- * wed " thefr eyes whlle voices T d at 2:30; The Market was ° ~ "* " " re . d O^y Continue* ' d 01'lf.v. who Pneumonia a enie rBcncy Mud PLANE ,-Tou may begin tallying for, the White- Hussars. One of their members nying the auU»entlc|ty of the story were mutea ' given out by the Telegraph for two Ono glrl hours after the announcement was BWeet heart (strong at 2 p. m. and was very strong in Belle street whose on flom8 peace tlme stocks. Is over there, "went Wu en Secretary Lansing left for i Low. a Hun "** has downed c *tf*\W "ported ' as of and is after others of Lleuenant Harold Meyer ion an* Mrs. Jj&n Meyor, the made; then gave it out that it wasun- s ^ rttigllt up> " 8h00 ^ hands with her-J Iuncneon he had no official word. He official and lacked confirmation. ' elr and ajl others in the store, and was of tli e opln/on the Kiel disorders .Outside of the .exclusive clients of °? nced tw o or thifee Jigs or highland had hastened quick compliance with the -Associated Press, however, there J? IngB or dauce s of that sort before the wmlatlce terms. was no one who doubted the correct- exuberance was exhausted. I — ness of the story, partly because they Mothers whose houses are equip- IT NTITITn al.itn«» nv .. AA i .!.« ii-n~* -n . . I D6d With ialAnlinnna liiiMMfA^ j» *i-_l 1| - JJ - • ** *-<JL/ given in the schools and with the aid of the teachers and pupils, must secure consent of the principal in spending the money. The superintendent reported that an ungraded room had been started at Lowell school and was given perrai sion to secure some supplies for tha room. lt was a|so yoted to hejp ou with some enterprise at Dunbar schoo inaugurated by Principal Cole. Chairman Hewitt of the Finance com mlttee reported that the school fl nances were in better shape than las year, but that it would be necessary to borrow money in December. At the close of the meeting it was reported there would be $1,869.48 on hand always expect the United Press to be)P ed wlt ' 1 tele Phones hurried to the| first in transmuting big news stories, nomes of other mothers who had no from experience, and partly because ? epone8 to tell the news and even of the high character of the two Unit- l , men who have been hiding all ed Press men who sent the bulletin" of feelln * 8 during the last year HJs brother-in-law, O. D. Lemonds, grocer at 1416 Central avenue, Thursday mornlqg received a cablegram Irom'Europe of which the following Is a copy: "Brought down my first bun plaiiu October JO, Confirmed; every thing going flno. Don't worry." It was efgncd by the Lieutenant and that-naeajiB he (was well and all right on which the story was based. and o halt gave away to expressions The Westorn Military Academy ca- of rollef a ^ d absoluto pleasure at the dots with their baud paraded down £ eault *° r wnlch a)1 bJive been sacri- town Jrom the Academy after tho re- £, " Kf * on *' money - Pleasures pf all ca!pts of tha bulletin and Us dlssem- ' food and eve^tbtng that wa* • ., .,..., __ _,werai opinion of all who know Harold Meyer, that he would Hot be over jn the fighting pone very long, before he would at by hl» -work, and that m iraunded o«l fpmei bW been ; f M ' iuatlon In Alton. The posted notices placed by the! Dally Telegraph this morning the citizens their first news signing of the armistice and 1 cessation of fighting In Europe, and tele- at o»i» to cowl tha phonos wero news broadcast. The Information was telephoned to country points and the persons who received it were told to paas it along; that it was good for whatever might be the mutter with anybody, and county telephone lines did their duty in the matter by carrying the message near end Ian* In the city the.i >y,nome w^tu a ' i^ll necessary to sacrifice to win. Jubilee at Hardln, t aavo' Clmrles H - Lwniur the- editor of tho of the Calhoun Count y Herald at Hardln, tol- ephoned down th's afternoon that the town had spent the greater part of tho afternoon in celebrating the peace news that had come from tho front. Editor Lartur Hinted that practically every man, woman an dohlld In the village joined in a parade, beaded by the Hardln band. School and church bells were rung and even hand bells were brought out to add to the peals of glad tidings. Editor Lamar stated that about tbft.only person Jn the vil- TELLS PRESIDENT GOOD NEW Convey. Word To All Government Branches Immediately and Is Flr«t With Tldlnge. By United Press. Washington, NOV. 7.-.pne B |de Wilson wus Informed of tho sign! of the armistice by the United PI-CH The U. P. dispatch brought tho iir news to Waaltlnglon veyed to the State, DopurlmeiiiH 'and to- Con«wu)s ua weliU^H busies. Tho Unltei Wf It WUH CO iiiul Nuv here at m. no to ---- * T— — r the lone tba jail both IIOUSCH tlm various ei preBB ilinpalch reucho tly noon and at 12:15 | word had been toculvec Illley, a native and for mos bu fo fe a resident of Alton, boon living In St. Louis e has arrived for a visit wit Frank, in west Fourth utroet bejn very ill but is recover- ter period of con .. wu vtwtf.ia un liaQu. The Instruct^-\ committee reported it had refused/ accept the resignation of ono teacher and had also refused to grant increased pay to two others. The Rules committee reported It had prepare*! Its work for submission to the members and that, approval woul dbe asked at the next meeting. The speo'al committee on naming the two annex school* said the colored people in the North Side hud chosen xhe name Philip Wheutley. At Wash- a ., — —» than In sum- r time, and it gives a better ate to wholesale consumers than to ordinary consume! s of gas. "'umaiy T\ie,o will be a complete adjudica- on o^f this iato in connection with the application for the Jl.255 rate that is set for hearing November 21. DESIGJVASFFSFvX). designated by the United States gov- ° a Dining school for ds- abled soldiers for vocational training The government will pay all the ex- Penscs of tuition for all disabled Bol- diers that may desire to take advan- of the vocational training offer- The soldier may apply to Principal looro and. he will arrange the details of the payment by the ed. govern- f?r rd u 81 ,"L RU "' Behind Newberry r United Press Detroit, Mich., ., still Indicate that Nov. 7—Returns Commodore New — .-.-.-,,. .. „ ,, ttan~ -.-•»• « *-"*'*ll WUUTc Jngton annc-x they had chosen thoi borr y is lauding Henry Ford for sen name Booker T. Washington, but this utor ot Michigan by about 0,000, , w-ll Imve to be overruled because It would caune confusion with Washington school. The people there made no other si-loot ion of u had saying there wus nono other thoy wanted. Tho board authoriztnl extend, ns its consmtuliitlonB to the foot bull t«-am which had won H victory over Wobsler Orovos team. Tho KtuttomPiit was mado by E 1! Holtz Dim w. n. Iltnor. who Inspem-d niUHl. he annexed to Alton to give tho .school board tho rj K |,t to undertake that re.sj.tiHKibilliy. Mr. Seltz «,,id that II was tho educational advantage), of Alton that hud counted in f«vor of tho "'to on tho Milton road In chooHug «' for muniilonn work- Hitior ilu- PI'H. lew rnn who will live In the uilt euBt of Alton. The Htiil«'ni(;iit inndo that Mr. Ittm-r luid C | m , Sui)erlnt«.-nd.'nl ^\^ r. HcaviK caused d -""°»""» ~«>»««'yji««^i:'^s l .""^", i s '.•Hil-,quuranllm>. lic-foro tlio H-)IIK.|M wero to bf'loIOHcd, BiUU Air. Reavhi, | v , ing a grsjjt many t.«lf.j,iiiiiir ho informutlon it would ho iu>cesury o t-rcct a twelvo room nohool on tho iiHls of 400 rhlldi'Pii in the- neighbor- ood, and thui tho m-hool bnard ;et temporary financial oni tho government, but umo th<». exponHe flmilly. Tho ' niched that the city ^ thut n'rat the u' . mother/w>6 were dc i • .UNMver- •;ill-> f'l'om : tliui IVo B cloned. WnhJu n,,. ] ;ir ^ I have him H.-IMMJ.. .,„ ; ,i. "><5nt eflUal number of rull,, !, () in moll.. *r? ftWUng if i couij 1,11 tiu-iu w i,,i'i the BChOOlH would liln-ly !).• again. They Hukl i heir »'iniilri KO rPKilc-SK iln-v Uii.uci,! n,,. :v bf tier nif jn Hi.' ; i in!ol \,>,,

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