15 Delicate Hints From Skiing Experts

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15 Delicate Hints From Skiing Experts - "go out and ski for yourself" You'll Need • SKI...
"go out and ski for yourself" You'll Need • SKI HARNESS Dartmouth adjustable • SKIS Famous Northland Ridge top Hickory • BOOTS Bass. Ankle straps, screw nail locked leather soles • POLES . Northland. Celluloid covered, pair. . • PARKA McGregor waterproof Shirts, Balloon Cloth, fight weight .45 .50 .95 .45 .00 15 DELICATE HINTS FROM SKIING EXPERTS ON HOW NOT TO DO A LOT OF THINGS I In gliding downhill, don't follow your natural Impulses lo lean backward, unless you want to sit down without further ado. O Don't go into too deep a crouch, even in a very steep descent. Always save a little bend in reserve, or your knees may sock your chin. ^ Don't carry freshly waxed slcis over your shoulder. They leave a mark. /j. Don't get the idea that you can do a telemark on hard snow without skidding like a smooth tire on a wet pavement. You may not hit a hydrant, but a tree is fairly substantial. C Don't "stemm" too wide unless you like to do the ° split. L Unless you enjoy lugging tons of caked snow, don't forget to wax your skis. "7 When gliding downhill, don't lot your legs get crossed, or they'll shortly resemble so much macaroni. O Unless you like diving, never let one ski heel lap over the 0 other. SAVE THIS ... it may save you a ski or a legl (^ Don't get too neighborly when you're making a kick-turn, or you may smack down your running mate. | Q You'll never be able to dig up a good alibi for a spill, so don't bore your pals trying. | | Don't wave your ski poles wildly. They have sharp steel points, and you never know who's likely to be within range. It might be somebody's relative. | 2 Unless you want to end it all, never try to get up after a spill until you've got your body on the uphill side of your skis and your skis at right angles to the slope. man Don't wear over-heavy, tight clothes for skiing, or you'll melt away doing the herringbone up some sunny slope. . Don't wear tight ski shoes, or your feet will freeze solid. It's worse when and M they un-freeze. Unless you like a cold shower on the way home !n th» train, don't put skis packed with snow on the racks over head. ZCM1.

Clipped from
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune,
  2. 20 Dec 1936, Sun,
  3. Page 33

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  • 15 Delicate Hints From Skiing Experts

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