Wykle mule tall tales and Matville news, 1909. Many names, Eccles, Cirtsville and Masseyville news, Clay and Pettry obits.

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INDIGESTION IS ENDED FOREVER All Soinach .Misery Vanishes 5 .Minutes Later. GET SOME DIAPEPS1N NOW. Eat Your Favorite Foods Without Fear of DysjH-psin or any Other Stomach Distre-*. tu mrd home the 20th where she will ai suine charge of the home school. The smiling face of G. W. Qottlc W»B seen on out streets Monday. Maynor Bros, have got their saw mill in running order again, and are pushing it to its highest capacity. Mrs. Pricie Cottle was visiting Milliard Harper Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Harper is very low with consumption. ft hy not start uow—today, and foiv ever rid yourself of stomach trouble and 'indigestion? A dieted stomach gets the blues and grumbles. Give it a good eat. then take Pap'c's Diapep- sin to start the digestive juices working. There will be no dyspepsia or belching of Gas or eructations of un- Bees Laxative Cough Syrup is instant relief for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough.- It is gently laxative and drives the cold from the system clearing the head and throat. Pleasant to take, ftood for hoarsenes, and all bronchial trouble. Guaranteed because we know what it, will do. 25c, 50C and $1.00. Sold by Beckley Drug Co. __ ECCLES NEWS, We hp.d a nice time at Eccles school house on the 22nd. J. A. Thompson, school teacher, and Miss Mabel Beck ner, assistant teacher, prepared a program for the celebration of Washington's birthday which was a complete success. Everybody enjoyed the night digested food; no feeling like a .himp| and many comp i irnents were bestowed of lead in the stomach or heartburn^ on thg _ teacher3 _ and schoo ,, Work is being rushed at Eccles. We have good people to work for here, and we surely wish them success. Our school at Eccles is nearing the Sick headache and Dizziness, and your food will not ferment and poison your breath with nauseous odors. Pape's Dlapep'siii costs only 50 cents for a; large case at any drug storehere, and will relieve the most obstinate case of Indigestion and upset stomach in five minutes. There is nothing else better to take gas from stomach and cleanse the stomach and intestines, and besides, one triangule will digest and prepare for assimilation into the blooc all your food the same as a sound, healthy stomach would do it. When Diapepsin works, your stomach rests—gets itself in order, cleans up—and then you feel like eabing when you come to the table, and what you eat will do you good. , Absolute relief' from all stomach Misery Is waiting for you as soon as you decide to begin taking Diapepsin. Tell your druggist that you want Pape's Diapepsin, because you want to be thoroughly cured of Indigestion MATVILLE. We arejhaving fine weather at present, and the farmers are preparing for large crops. G. B. Rorrer and John Roach who have been out horse trading for several days, landed in town the other evening with a niceilot of stock. Frank Q'jnnoe, the liveryman of Mt. Hope, and little son Elva, passed through town t Saturday. Wilfred Daniel, while out sawing timber Saturday, met with a very bad accident. He had[cut the ?ree off the etump and it still hung to some others and did not fall, and while he was trying to get it jiown ."it slipped off the »turnp, striking his leg- just above the ankle breaking it. Some very bad bruises were received. IIis brother,being with him at the time, after many efforts succeeded in getting the tree off his leg. Drs. Daniel and Williams wete immediately summoned, dressed tie Wounds and the patient is doing well. Lee Daniel, who has been driving for H. C. Bailey, of Beckley, for the past five months, is at home on a three weeks vacation. G. A. Clay, our genial and accommodating merchant, is handling the 3-foot j stick pretty lively now-a-days. Uncle J. W. Pettry who has been confined to his room for the past four months is some better and is now on a southern trip for his health. L. H. Pettry who has been confined to his roum for some t'me with typhoid, is convalescent. Miss Irene Thompson was called (p Paintsville Friday on ••. account of the Illness of her brother. John Thompson. ' We hope he may 'recover soon that she can return to her school. J. C Shumate has moved his biu saw end of the term. We have had a good school. Kev, Harry Walton preached at Eccles on Saturday night and Dr. Cook preached here Sunday night. Charley Campbell and wife, of Lester, were in Eccles Sunday. Sunday school is getting along fine with P. J. Smith as superintendent. EnpchJJarper wasJruKccles Sunday. Mr. Harper is a very frequent visitor here. . Mrs. Sherman Clay has gone to Sand Lick to visit her father, who is very sick. Mrs. Bertha Fleming is very low with fever. Oak Stewart is on Sand Lick on business. . . ' Jacob Webb of'Peach Tree is in Eccles today. George P. Stewart prosecuting attorney of Wyoming county was the guest of his brother, R. H. Stewart, Friday and left for Wyoming county Saturday. We are having such nice weather it makes the farmers feel like getting ready for their crops. A Religions Author's Statement. Rev. .Joseph H. Fesperman, Salisbury, IS. C., who is the author of several books, writes: "For several years I was afflicted with kidney trouble and last winter 1 was suddenly stricken with a severe pain in my kidneys and was confined to bed eight days unable to get up without assistance. My urine contained a thick* white sediment and 1 passed same frequently day and night. I commenced taking Foley's Kidney Remedy, and the. pain gradually abated and Dually ceased n d my urine became normal. I cheerfully recommend Foley's Kidney Remedy." — MASSEYVILLE, The death angel has visited this place and claimed for a victim Mrs. Ira Clay. She leaves a husband, four children and j many relatives to mourn her loss. She | j j • Simple IlHned7f^l7(i,ipii<- i La (inline coughs arc dangerous as they frequently develop into pneu monia Poiey's Honey and Tar n0 l.i u ouly stops the cough but heals and) strengthens the lung's so lhat no seri- was a sweet spirited mother and a devoted Christian. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. T. J. Williams of the M. E. church at this place. She was interred at the Masseyville burying ground ous results nwtl be feared. The nine Koloy's Honey and Tar contains no harmful drugs awl is in a yellow packaL'i'. Refiisesiibstilutes. S'okl hy AI! Druggists. DRY GREEK, Mrs. Willi'im Pettry, of this and the mill from this place to Dameron, where died on the 1U'h inst" he will saw for W. P. Shumate. We noticed hi the Herald a week or so Kgo that French Wykle uwned the animal that hauled the mud-sills for place, | burial j j service W:-s co. ducted by Rev. T. J. ! | Williams at Dry Creek .burying place, ; I She leaves a husband, eight children j j and many friends to mourn her loss i Noah's Ark. We are inclined to think j she w ,, 3 u co . sis .,. rit dlri , tian , ll|d , ()v i this ,s a mistake, /.s best wecsn B «t | ing rnolhari and will , )e mi . s , d b „ i at it Aniua Stover owns the mother of i w ho knew her French's animal, and his i.-: the one that i did the hauling. Woid's Liver Medicine is Boys, gather up your bells and mus-. regulator which aots direcblv kets, and gee ready, lor Wayman Mills i" 1 '.?,?^,'!'"'" 1 ' 1 ^' 1 .'.'* , a " (! (."'"'"ices ,'< ilt ' and Frenchi-i Clyburr, tuv planning for i "j'.'j; h(-ii(l"(-lie '\'''inst,i'|'i-lti'iM] ''''i'r V Hiofni-,,,.., I ness and other symptoms of livers dis- VVisfinan l:as made applica-! orders. Particularly m-oimnenderl tion to C. A. Snow & Co., patent attor-; neys of Washington, J) C., for a patent i on a lemonsquee-i-T, . Mr. arid. 1/rs. G. A. Clay and little girl were visiling friends at Z-.ida Sunday. G. W. Dillon, our genial blacksmith, has trad-:d fur a nico span of mules The work is being pushed on the new church at this place. Most of the ma terial is m,w on ihe site and prospects for a fine church for Matvilli: are en John Wiseman, was visiting at Athas ville Sunday. Lee Harper passed here on his w.-iy to Eccles a few days since. Lee is a candidate lor matrimony and hopes t« be elected eooti. Won't som« kind Isdv speak the euinforting words—"Conn" unto me Lee, ayrl forj;ct me not if aueli bs your desire." Miss Pearli: Si ovi r's school at thin place closed on t^e 19th inst. She re- Co. much us li'y Drill; OIRTSVILLE. ;. A revival meetinp; has jnst closed at! Citie and Peaclilrcf. conducted by Rev. T. J Williams assisted by his wife and othcri.tne meetings resultiu;; in niunly- five conversions. Rev. W. W. Workman ably assisted in the meetings. First Be Sure You Are Right. Italian proverb: it i a unpleasant to turn hack, ihotiyh it bo to lake the rig-In way. How can iiny person risk taking some unknown vouch rcmwly when l-'ole.v's Honey and Tarcosls them no more? Hisasiilc r,-iiii:dy, contains tin harmful di-iijjs. and cures ihi' most, olislliiali-ciiiiglis and (.-olds iWliv ex- perimenl with your liniill.h:-' insist i upon having the L-fiiiiiiio h'tilcy's llon- py and Tar. Sold by All Is j 1 | \ | i:',-! ! j 22 i:M | ! i

Clipped from
  1. The Raleigh Herald,
  2. 04 Mar 1909, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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  • — Wykle mule tall tales and Matville news, 1909. Many names, Eccles, Cirtsville and Masseyville news, Clay and Pettry obits.

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