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Collector Malloy - dr luiuortanco transpin.-U. . Zlun Out Xnto tho...
dr luiuortanco transpin.-U. . Zlun Out Xnto tho G-ulf» At the invittition of Ojneral A. O. Malloy, a of our cltiiftts we-nt out, 3'enturday morning, in the little revenue cutter I'unroso to tbe outer bar. run was made sojrivo tbe gr«tC milllonalru of Nevada,-Mr. J. W. Mat-IJey. an opportunijy to see O.ilvoston from the bar, nnil -also titke a look at what may be sucn of tlio Jett'es. The party bo.-ir.l coii-iUtuil of Mr. J. W. Macke.r. Hon. T. Oi-hillnw. fi-neral A. C,. Jlallov, Colonel S. it. MninllHll. Cuiiini-l lie Castro, Colons! W. B. Sinclair, Captain M. I 1 '. Mote. Captain Robert Irvine, J u l i u s tttlil^f, Iauc Heidniinoimer, Stmson clHulieliner. U. U. Hftivlrty, Hrbort J. ..fohn. J. Gi 'J'r.u-v. I:. Tiernan. r. Tiurnun, Mr. L. Lynch, U. Dubion, and ft XKUS The little stivuiitji'Kli'.lftl Away fr^ui the whiirf about 10:30 o'clock, an.-l over the smooth water in the bay ho rat" of nine or ten mlltuf an hour.The ·wffi tlnliKhcful. alfhou^h ttie sun ahono out Iu ali finlondor. A fter pasniDt; quarantine station tu6 tie «teftmer besan rullin^ aud pltchlm; to the evident disgust of some of thoso on board, treneral ^hil.'oy wi\3 mixing business with pleasure upon th'i oce.uion, for he Int«nded putting an iuKpector ab^'.ii-d of r. nliip thac Uy a long distance off, fully t"n ntlk-rt from tiuai-antme. As the steamer iieared theHliip thu rolling and pitching became no better very f;nt. Hiid ii; suou becatno evijcnt that some tho"parly wero faMtKettint: Into the doldrums, lu-ML of 'them evidently- did. Cem-ral .ll».llory extended an invitation to K° into Uu c.ibln and take limch. JThe acceptance tl.e lnyiu.itlon wns not general by any means, but tho rain soon forced nearlv all tho e-Miers in, strange, to lay, when th*y sat clown tho «ood uprruU befure had a wondroiw effect. yo:ne f«w luul a good uppeticc, and that o^ some of othci-M linproved raindly, so, In a very abort rime, the late unpl^ftKantneas wns almost foreotton. · befo.-o reaching ouurantino tho rah-, hod SI F, W. ce;nu-l, every onu wni/haupy, and,thus tlie wharf w«i« reached about-:?0 o clock, le la but risrht say that no onw aboard enjoyed himself butter thivn Mr. Muckey. ilo Ja too old u salt to be troublwd by no;v-i*ictDosfl, bavins* crossed the ocean iioc ie"» than twonty-ci^ht tf.inea. He is really prood companv--like moatlrtshmeu, hitvioKawltty ttory to lull, H hoi i lil opportunity ofier. He has a blue o^n. a long, tttrai^ht nose, high cheek-bones, flue forehead and light complexion. He Is Melesian In ftvury *BII»P of the wcnl--not only In looks, Iu accent. His (lr*t word tell a his nativity. He ·was born in Dublin, In 1831; went to California iJ^iO; toado moat»y faster than, ht* could count It, and to now probably one of the richest mun on the continent. He thinks Texas has ft grty.t future, atid that Oulroaton can not fall to become a lorjre city. Turning to Major Ochiltree. ho said: "Tom, you must ask Con- grt»« f.r live millions of money, so as to get watri* here in the shorieit po«slbl\ time. The u-tm) approprlutiou vrill accoiui'Ilsh nothing. It n»i*y go on twonty years, and then the object ·ou«iit will not 1-e nccompHsheJ. The r»pi*3*nt»- fvc^ ut the North and East will 1:0 doubt flcht such a measure, and they uiay be s^ccassful for few years mor** in preveutinjr any largo expend]- tur»f of inoncy Por such Im(»rov*iuen*.» In the South or WCJL* but tho lime IA not far distant when ihft Sou:h and West will overw»I^ht th« other sections, and thea public moneys wlli dintributed with someth.'.ij like Jusitlce. %Vhy." *;itJ t»n, contlnuiuR, "I think; we ar« doing Kreatin- in-»t:/:f to ourselves Ia puvins; oft the national debt ti.n ^f i\tt now dr.tng. I would advtaa Issuing 8 c 'tit butitln nr,d hmTt- run from fifty to a ilrcd yyjrp, ^nd Mpftod tho inone:-' oow usotj for ri'd«un'tion of builds In de*ipttRJne: all our principal Jm.-lx'5'Jtaiu'. other wttrks of public- Improvsratnt." J l i ^ hen-J U cortAlnly lev t -i on this nubject. He had Tif \\rri.t to Kity abouLraih'oads, nor was ho spoken to *'-'mr Hiich Aiattem. It ia generally uinl-!^t.;d that 1m Is averse to teln* Int«L'vlew0J, vn !cv..^(iu.)(ic;v when li*j duet «p«at it i^ of his (.',n u- - ' N i i , «n 1 iu: drawn out of him f"- A -i-c.^v/. 'i'.':« hire U . l i« ton!c more pleasur*-. M J , , * . K - i . i :*-. !t: f ./:.«·? .it.i-i'-Hi-sC rjm ttoin^« of (·.-;. ..i i ft« ' i i ' t - t l.j:.i-:-lf in · ' - . . i--..-.'. .·. ··' ·*-; ;i.t *.v ,, r--.;.rlir nlp.trii .^ vt id -New VO.-'K', e. but i-4 v.«ry l i p ye^teltll./. bic ill Iin '-. it ii: tiluag !ie:-e J. few ' i

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 26 Nov 1883, Mon,
  3. Page 4

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