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Edward Kreischer death - , j J I '1 j , h i I ., , c j \ j 1777/ A...
, j J I '1 j , h i I ., , c j \ j 1777/ A BULLET IN HIS SKULL. WEALTHY RESIDENT OF STATEN ISLAND ENDS HIS LIFE lie DEAD BODY OF EDWARD B. KREICHER FOUND NEAR THE BRICK WORKJ BEARING Hlfl NAME. Edward lt. Knii-i,. r. ix well-known realdent of taten Island and senlcr rr. tn!., r of the firm of lt. trelcher <x> Sons, manufacturer! of tiret.riok at irolchervllle, committed suicide rasterday mom if by shooting hi-n^.-if in tha righi temple. I-.-nth ns almoat Instantaneous, Mr. Rrelrher entered is offi, ? about I o'cl ?k in the mornltiK und madf> is usual tour of Inspection. He appeared to be s excellent spirits, and jested \x!ih s vera! of lils mploye-s. I!.- walked down to the i-i?-r. and stood ir un. time watching tl:,- un oadlng 'of a ache i i r - ii:.- laal time he was seen alive. Shortly uft.r :i o'clock, us n Hungarian boy om l'.x.v ai 'h.. Krelcher works was on iii" wa* to bi -oin ? dr nktng na er from a spring on th ? Drake ? 1 1 mth of tho Krelcher he was startled by finding a man l> '.uk ? ar the tree In a 1.'. ff blood with a pistol by ls Hid... The boy gave on*- scream, an.', xx ith.ut topping ;?? Identify the stranger mn 10 the fact >ry I lila fellow-worker* what be had seen, everal of tho workmen accompanied the boy to it ''n examination they were horrlfled - r that the mar: who had shot himself was lr. Krelcher. They placed him on their shout nd carried him t.- bli t!..m<\ a quarter of a mlle way. a doctor wai hastily summoned. Wi.cn be rrived ho aald that death had been instant.., 1 bullet enti red t! ?? rill ?? mi le Its ? ?aa downward, lt lodged al the bo - of the sim,;; ii tlw ;?:; aide The weapon laed waa .1 revolver. ne chamber had I er Bte hen i?. Whitman, t I'orl Richmond, araa I med He . lewed ti." b 1 ly and en pan' Ile 1 a Jui !? gave a burial permit. I'he Inquest \xi.: ba he!d II June 12. ii. ? rx- Krelcher, 1 brother of th.- dead man, aald ? ? waa unable , . give any reason for h ct. He said his l>i ,ther i>.r .1 week had been ? .iaining of aevere pains in the head. Lltt!< atten lon was paid to the matter, ii xx.,s thought 1 ? of ovi rw .rk li li brother's domaatlc relations a ? appy r-.iiur-.-. and that hts business Interests were Fr,-m Intimate friends of Mr. Krelcher, ll ?arned t.-iat n<? had been \x rried for more I ? ? ir ovi r alleged h isii 1 he had ad with his broth r 'V.-r.;. A few years art-r the e_th of Mr. Kreicher's father. Haltha-er Krel ?ho left his estate equally divided among li? ns and tix'.. daughters, i;-",r?-.. Krelcher pureba*. 1 he bi Iness Interesti of hil two sisters, thereby btalning the controlling Interest lr. the Immense u .rk>. Wh( took .'.urn.' fie ll imli 1 ther Charles, wh-. ha 1 been n ? a sal ? I xe ir. nn! Who is HOW xxVli the Weber trick ('? mpany, of l'erth .\n,!?.-. A nea p! >e* .1 is lven to Edward, and a s'rnnR.-r. Willum ben was engaged as superintendent of the xx- ,rks 'lils, sun.- say, had much to lo With I'M ?' "!,e family, however, deny the itory, and relations existing between tha three i.r ? ? rere 1 " the happiest kind. Edward Kreleher .x-v th" third son of Palthaaer Crelcher, r>; on- tim" one of the leading cltlaens of itaten Island He was for minx- yean a -Lr if tbt Staten leland Railroad Company and 1 er . ,!?;,1* Institutions. Mr Krelcher waa born on 'taten Island, al Krelehervtll*. the hamlet named ifter hiu father Ii- xx..- marri. ' six teri ..? wife being a laughter of Mr Wanter, .. Inn firm of Wanter ft 1 f thia He ne aan. Mr. Krelcher a 11 popular n th ! ? es. When th- factory wai ? ti ? irs nc > he fe ! nnd clothed thi v Wi '. they xxere out Of .x- -rk IL- WI - ??: of the Krelchervllle German Church nnd :?? prim ;,. iupp in ll- w is a a prom of th- Royal \- ;a 1 n I:- wai iir- f-r Grand District Deputy Regent ' !: - n-.r 1 ' ninty Mi Kr-: ber's wife hu-- been unconscloua from he si k of her I nd's ti !!? r ron II ir>n last nlirht xx-il. report* 1 Mr. r leaves an esta te estimated at J in No ? rr.ents for tn- fut eral had 1 en n n=t nia-ht. Th? burial xx,;: i? in Greens ' Trie ?.?irks closed down 'mr m^. nent of rhe death of ti. I- head, and xviii remain ?'.o?e>l until after th" funeral,

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