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A TCIXXBUE AJ7KAT. A LBg-Staadlag Wmm Cnlsatnates ta a B1W7 StaeowatsrWssiai Bridges r-tally assess jraaass BarmMS aad 4m , SUnaself Ssvwiolr Haadlsd-arjra. Bar- avatt flsrs s rraetmroel Stroll. -- The TomUnsow-Brld gee-Barn tt feud, which has been stirring the neigbborhood vest of ths Lotans asylum, la Wayne town-ahlp, for ssTsral years, culminated this mora-lng ta a desperate enccmstsr between John 2(riJges and James Barsett, ta which their respect Irs wives also figured. Baraett Is a atoae-eutteT, eaployed upon the new state house, and living upon a Little plat of ground ons mils northwest ot ths asymm. Bridges is & gardener, and bis immediate neighbor. Tke two families nave been at out tor a longtime. Bemstt's work la ths city ns-cesalUted aa early start; hence thit morning fire o'clock found turn doing bis chores, aetr ths edge Of the woods b ordering upon bis ground. Hit story Is, that While strapping a kicking better, so that she could be milked. Bridges appeared upon the scene and fired upon him through the crack of the fence, the bullet missing its mark. He retreated to a tree. Bridges Jumping the fence and following aim up, and after the second shot returned the fire. The two men exhausted their wsapons and cllcehed, and while they were struggling, Mrs. Bridgea appeared upon the scene, aa Burnett claims, armed with a fresh revolver. - Mrs. Barnstt also arrived and there was a scuffle between the two women, ending with Mr. Bridges coming to ths std of -his wife, using a hoe for a club, and felling Mra. Barnett to the ground with a blow upon the head which fractured her akulL Altogether she waa struck three times. In the fight with Barnett the advantage lay with Bridges, for the former i was shot twice, one of the bullets striking Just above the breast bone, grazing ths carotid and subclavian arteries, ranging upward and passing out near the clavicle, while the other lodged to the left shoulder. The first is an exceedingly dan-geroua, and probably fatal wound. He was also struck upon ths head with the hoe. In itself a eve re Injury. Mrs. Bridges hsd her f ace bruised in the encounter with Mrs. Barnett, who is her superior la strength, and Mr. Bridges, from what can be learned, was struck In ths head with a bullet, making a severe scalp wound, besides which he was cut and hammered more or less with the weapon which Barnett Rsed aa a elub when the two men elmched. ' His Injuries were not sufficient, however, to preveut his immediate flight, and at Last account! the authorities bad not succeeded in accomplishing bit-arrest, Ths sheriff and police superintendent drove out -immediately upon receipt ot the news, sad at once organised a pursuit. Mra. Bridget was placed under arrest for her share of the battle, but according to Mr. Barnett's statement she committed no overt act, save coming upon the scene armed with a revolver. This ahe earnestly denies.- A News ' reporter Interviewed the principals this afternoon, but waa unable to get a very intelligible atatement, eave fiom Mra. Bridges, i Mr. Barnett claimed that the trouble bad Its origin over a line fence, but It really dated back eleven years, when be discovered Bob Tomlinson, bit brother-in-law, mousing his wife and called him to account. Bob, Frank and Milton Tomlinson espoused Bridges's side, while Perry and Amos Tomlinson were friendly to him. Originally he (Barnett) faeldslx acres of ground, which be sold to Frank Tomlinson, and then be re-told to Bridges, and when a dispute arose over the line they urged on the trouble. Numerous times Bridges hsd threat, ened his life, end about six weeks ago be and George McDowell, who works for Bob Tomlinson, lay la wait and attempted to hoot him. It la known that the famlllea have been warring f oryeara, and the peace justices of this and Wayne township have tried numerous cases of assaults, provokss, pesce sureties, etc, in which some one of the factions were the aggressor. It was also learned that both Bridges and Barnett have long been anticipating a bloody culmination of their fued and each has prepared himself for the worst by going armed whenever stepping outside the house. Dr. IL F. Barnes, who is the family physician, reports that both tbeBir-aetts are very dangerously injured, and be regarda Mr. Barnett's chances ior recovery aa vert sljrat. While the Newa representative waa at the house, a brother ot the injured mai 2 arrived, bringing with him Dr. J. K. Blgeiow, who made a curjory examini I . and Is locUntd to believe that three bullets altogether took effect. jl reporter aaw Mrs. Bridges at the police' station before her attorneys had. arrived, and ahe talked freely about the fight and the causes leading to it. "For years," she said, "Bridges and Barnett hare bee n at outs; the difference originated over the purchase of a piece of land by my husband, which Mrs. Barnett had inherited, but which bad passed to the possession of one of the Tomllnsons. Barnett pastured his cattle oo our meadow, and for a longtime declined to unite in bulMlng a partition fence. From that time to this Barnett has been lawiug Bridges, and one time shot at him. He wou'd aggravate me by whistling at me whenever I wit alone, and be told bad stories about me; Mra. Barnett and I, however, have been neighborly. t This morning I was going out for kindling! when I heard a pistol shot. . I thought Barnett was eaulrrel lour or nve snots followed rapidly. ItheoJ ran to the spot; heard Barnett call for bis1 wife, and asw bit arm pointing a pistol from behind a tree, 1 1 told him not to shoot, but hs fired, and my husband then jumped over the fence that ; waa between them and the two men came together. I ran up and caught my husband around ths neck and tried to pull him away. I took his revolver away and threw it over the fence. There waa a hole in Bridges's bead, and blood was flowing from it and from Barnett's breast. It waa in trying to separate them that I got all this blood on me. Bridges got up and waa going away when Barnett struck him sgaln with the milk pall. ' Taen for the first time I aaw Mas. Barnett. . 8 he me and aVuck ma here on the bead, raising this lamp. She broke the hoe over Bridget, too." The reporter asked Mra. Bridgea new it ban-pened that Mrs. Barnett was badly cut about the head with a hoe, or other blunt instrument. t "If Bridges struck her I do rnot know it. They ssy I brought a revolver from 'the house, but aa. God is my judge I did not go back to the house after hearing the first shot, and I bad no revolver at all." Mra. Bridges' a (countenance showed a marked change when the reporter told her that Barnett and wife .were probably In a dying condition. She aald ttst ahe saw them walk back .'toward their house,' and seemed Incredulous that the injury sustained by them was so serious. Beyond a subdued excitement, manifested chiefly by the rapidity of her speech, she showed no great emotlon,except one, when she exclaimed, "And they have arrested: me, who did nothing only at a peacemaker, and who wis an Innocent witness of the affa'r." She explained the fact that her husband went armed by saying thit he huckstered through the country and was out much at night. Among ibe neighbors gathered by the tragedy ihle morning the sympathy Lay with the Barnett, and Bridges waa severely critic lied at a dangerous and turbulent man. It was stated that he bad made' several attempts to do the Barnetts Injury, and that yesterday he lay la wait' for Lews Groves, a neighbor, because he bad once appeared as a w ltaeet against him in a suit wherein Barnett waa tbe complainan t Still then were a few who condemned the course of both men, and characterized them as quick of speech and temper, and more ready to resent a fancied alight than to extend the olive branch. Mra. Bridges la a woman of frail phyalqus and, modest speech, and the reporter was struck with ber mournful msnner when the alludsd to the degradation of ber arrest, and the troubled life ahe bad experienced while a resident la that neighborhood.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 06 Jun 1884, Fri,
  3. Page 4

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