Lindbergh departs from New York

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YOUNG ADVENTURER STARTS ON NON-STOP FLIGHT OVER ATLANTIC OCEAN TO FRANCE Youthful Airman, Who Received His Early Training at Lincoln, Sets Out Early Friday on Unmarked Air Trail From New York to Paris in His Ryan Monoplane. HALIFAX. N. S., May 20—.(By the Associated Press) — Captain Charles Lindbergh pas.sed over IVlulgrave on the Strait of Anso, which beparates the mainland of Nova Scotia from C^pe Breton island, at 4 ;05 p. m., Atlantic daylight time, He was flying high and the markings on his gray monoplane could not be seen. LINDBERGH ON WAY TO PARIS ST. JOHNS, N. F„ May 20^ -<I. N. 8.1 A large airplane passed oil Port Aux Basques at 3:30 this afternoon. The plane was too far off shore for Identification. Port Aux Basques Is on the south eastern extremity of Newfoundland. An airplane passed over Fortune at 4:55 this afternoon. (By the Associated Press.) ••Lone Slim” LlndeiAergh was Paris-bound today In his Ryan monoplane and a little over four hours after he hopped off from Roosevelt field. Long Island, at 7:52 o'clock this morning an airplane airplane believed to be that of the ^flying fool" was sighted ten miles of Meteghan, Dlgby county. Nova Scotia. , Lindbergh was sighted at Halifax, Mass.. shortly before 10 o'clock this morning, eastern daylight time, heading for the Atlantic ocean, flf- tean miles away. His plane was roaring along at one hundred an hour and he was flying low. Reported over Metegan. Nova Scotia, at 1:25 o'clock, Atlantic time, th® trans-Atlantlc filer had successfully passed over two hundred hundred miles of sea that lies between Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, where his course on the "areat Circle” Circle” would then carry him to Newfoundland. Newfoundland. "Ixine Slim" was apparently apparently on his flight schedule. Weather Clearing. The early part of hls journey over land and sea was made In shifting fogs and mists. Reports from Newfoundland Newfoundland and Nova Scotia stated that weather conditions were clearing. clearing. while over the broad jump of the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland, a high pressure was causing causing Ideal conditions for flying. Tlie flying log of Lindbergh's plane follows: 7:52 a. m.—Left New York for Paris. 9.05 a m.- Sighted over East Greenwich, R. I. 9'45 a. m. -Sighted over Halifax. Mass. 12 25 p. m. Reported over Meteghan. Meteghan. N. S. 1:05 p. m, Rejxjrted over Springfield. Springfield. if. 8. Lindbergh is Able To See Ahead Only By Using Periscope NEW YORK—(API—The Ryan | monoplane, ''Spirit of St. Louis,” ; In which €apt. Charles A. Lind- < bergh Is wlngine his way to Paris, i is of metal, with wings of wood and weighs 5,000 pounds. It is a single-seated plane, with an enclosed cabin from where the pilot peers through a perLscope and steers his course from a set of elaborately mounted mounted Instruments on a board before before him. The plane has a wing spread of 46 feet and Is 28 feet long. The huge motor at the nose of the plane obscures front vLsion and the glass-enclosed cabin permits side view only through windows. The craft carries no radio or gear for landing at sea. but Is equipped with a pneumatic raft. Its gasoline capacity is more than 425 gallons and Its max- I i imum speed Is 123 miles an hour, j I The total cost of the craft Is es tlmated at II5.M0. I that N. the make to here Le flares to a Le arrangements CAPT. CHARLES LINDBERGH. Youthful flier, who received his first training at iancoln, mJm hopped off early Friday from New York on a non-stop flight to Paris. 20 Band Concerts Are Planned For Summer Months here sea tlc the Associate region the half a miles but at which is the Identifying number of Captain Lindbergh's New York to Paris plane. Miss Alice Gray and her sister. Miss Blanche Gray, were In different different parts of their home when they heard the plane flying over. Rushing Rushing to different windows they watched It as It passed. Both as- | serted that they saw the number j Friday morning. He expects the first concert will be given Sunday June 5. Sixteen concerts weie given given last summer. Twenty band concerts is the pro- r ram mapped out by CJommlssioner iilla.spie for the summer, he said Mother of Young Flier LIQUOR CHARGES AGAINST SIXTEEN NORFOLK PEOPLE

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  1. The Lincoln Star,
  2. 20 May 1927, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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