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DMZ - here liHB he was 1959 ac North Korean Intruders...
here liHB he was 1959 ac North Korean Intruders Slain On Anniversary of 1950 Attack '^ ~! ., mnes |P°rled four North Korean in- · - · · - i n uutia in;i c niucu Hi L\u iiili'I Cy ( on the eastern front] fire fights 3',i miles south of the and today while South Korean cities observed the 18th anniversary of the Korean War with ceremonies and parades. The South Korean army ic- ilemilitarized zone. No South Korean casualties were reported. SMU, and Chinese Bodies Army spokesmen said Hie in- jfilti-alors wore South Korean ·larmy fatigues without insignia. Two Russian light machine guns and a cairiera with film were weapons were recovered from the sea bottom. The United Stales and South Korea have denied that any o their navy vessels were sunk North Korean patrol boats las weekend. Fouud on Shores ^ --^dSaised to ..,,.,,, ._ _ 20 the number ot North Korean iiUAO KONG (AP) -- More infillrators killed in five clashes wind, decomposed Chincsclin nine days .--, ..^vun.j'u.ii.u v ^ u n i L a u ! i n niin; iii:. M^cro fl a°n a d C {C 0 K h n C n Sh0tre r f J ln a war «"nivenary speech raiX h M r 11 ? , ? E °, i3y ' in Scoul ' Soldier-President .S LVf» M-o ^«!S lune ^ cc Park caucd for unily since Friday. One of the that of a years old. I T rl n V » lhc mass All but two of the 16 bodies were hound around the waist and neck. They arc believed lo have been victims of lhe violenl strife sweeping China's soulhern (province of Kwanglung as a rc- |sult of Mao Tsc-lung's "cultural revolution" purge. Hong Kong police estimated that the bodies had been in the .iwater as long as a month. economic programs while defending the nation from threats. He accused uf turning the entire land inlo military camps . and scheming to launch a gucr- ."!" wal st| r i||a war against South Korea as believed le-jthc viet Cong is doing in Soulh lhc vinlonl Vietnam. Foreign Minister Choi Kyu- hah echoed that North Korea'in- tends lo "take over the whole of Korea by force." r e s Mr **?«· j" one o ^ World in Bonin Islands Ceremony Slated rrarkprf Pi-.n-iVw n .,,i^ j j ' ' aa Iour tvorl " K°TM al1 i"- The North Korean news agen mm HiJ^ n .h cx ». lodeijri " ld! infers were killed in two brief cy did not explain how the men died on the eastern frnn HTM fiohic 11:, ,,,;].,,, ......u, ,,* i ..j f Si. Mark's Relics Given lo Cathedra! CAIRO (AP) - Relics of Mark returned to the land of greeted by lens of thousands jubilant Egyptian Christians be fore Coplic Pope Kyrollos V took Ihem lo an undisclosed Wednesday. a restitution ceremon Paul Vf (o a new $2.3 million cathedral dedicated to the sain who brought Christianity to Af rica. The relics in a velvet wrapped box will be laid in a marble m a u s o l e u Wednesday. ago when North"'Korca"n Com- T^usiS munists attacked along the 38lh parallel, reaching the South Korean capital in three days. loud knelt kissed the ground. Shouting "God has given us n jback our beloved St. Mark," al! T , OKYO A P ) - American'| ah "' lc ' 1 Scol ,''' s nlain . strecU,| r cc officials left Tok- . movie films against com-jthc : of , - .,,,,,,,.«,,,, ... . I' 5 main [ streets,(received Tok-i", l l ( ? mo TM M'ns against_com-|the pana | delegation 1 ^.{° r ceremonies mark-i"' V"f lK ^?«^« l ";!bn«.«lil « from Itily : ... , .pjdL-iv uur ociovea 01. w a r K , me cm ll!l" y ,,^ a " s ! crow : d nibbed Kryollos after from Iho . ,, ---··'-.'-·"" " *"j martyrdom Monday. They were , I V C M * ^u-u«y jrtii Tnc relics are a gift of Pope orea by force." iimcaujy. An Amarillo policeman stop- lum eisewnere Government agencies across f u ,- c ^'P 1 ,' 3 " J cl carrying ped a i n *.*.,,«*.-.. l,«l.i :_. .' I uiC rCliCS tOUChcd ihft ninwav whi^h U'fl« ., ...^ ... the aircrKft. and many -;.-- "-....^,., t » ,,, a ,K-j v"",Y, «·,,,: V 7''"""-inrougni it iron Italy. h re t"m lo Japanese con-' ' Norlh ^ orca cc ' cb .faleJ thcjihe papal gift is only a small lro1 cf °»! Bonin and Volcano' war a n n i v ersary with rallies nart on ih«- «in*'* /. m » t n . [trol ,,. island and three other a speeches demanding U island's in the central' lvi , lhdraw a l f r o m ^"^ Kme * In North Vielnam, the Coi liltle Pacific, ] "" *"" * J t » n - u i u i i i , uit The Bonins include Two Jima ! i? u n i s l , ? ar !, y ncws r"Pcr 1 --- in one of the bloodiest^ 3 " n "" 1 '" 1 '' e "^ rl '"" U.S. part on the saint's r e m which have been kept in for centuries. It was not known saint's bones were » more' , | t h a n 6 . 800 Americans and 19,000;^ e " f ' c h c h l J i m a , m a i n is- ThcSo U lh Kor «" ceremonies lan(l of t h c B °"i^, has civilian were a ^parture from past gov- "habitants-some 200 native c [ n m p m P? !lc v of nuiet nonob- it" "it" ·V"jc;'"."'l SL Marlc recording to legend the United Slates j w ent to Alexandria in GS A.D. peace in Asia and an d was dragged to dealh in streets there. Two years ialer two Venetian seamen are sup,:-- " --v j, «ci3 v i t u i i i i i - .. · - - 0 - - |!oscd to have stolon all of the [inhabitants-some 200 native c r n m c n t I* !lc - v , of ^uiet nonob-jbody except the head from in residents, most of them rfc- sc "' ancc - A spokesman said the!Alevamlria church and Uken it scended from Westerners who . a . cljvlt '^ wcurc (les ' gnc ' 5 to w ' arn to Venice. , * n l _ j :_ .1 » t i . .. II niv niinliA Ihi t U n »*:t:i: A . * Jeff, student scpndcd from Westerners who f. cu TM'^ wcurc " es ' gnc5 to w ' arn ^ ^ ' M J " M£ e ±^V, h gf}, te »±S SJJS. j'"' * v i i c v v v u da UIC I Some 6,000 former islandcrs! ar " l!stice ? cU shakier, of Japanese descent are expect- Tcnsi °n along the DMZ has '--· ·- --·- · - - - steadily built up since a .Vorth Jj,'S^l'^-i" «KSf; ,,, ," *" urh " onc W lo Uicir KC Mr*.i^TM "^ teTM e TokTM ,^.^!?l«« and^u^-i .!, tt HT ilo Odessa;j n 7d C rC "'an Heart Transplant Prospect Dies CAPE TOWN, South Africa Korean commando leam invad- ·« TM°TM^'g ^i£i,V:" ;"?"S :^-"",-" r - nards next heart transplant pa-! J w u r ** young BOJS trimlPRESIDENT NAMED ...^ .,...,,, ^,(.,,^,,.1 i.ui ^.-niuii; . ^ .. , ._ _ .j,.--.. .... . :Wednesday will be at Chi Chii D r - nard's next heart transplant pa-! 3 ^. 0 "* Jima but the event also will be "order clashes since then lient, died in Groote Schuur the house i marked on I\vo. where a small ij 1 . 31 -' 0 takcn NIC lives of at least Hospital Sunday, it was learned garrison of U.S. airmen and j h v c Americans and 30 Soulh Ko-'loday. .Coast Guardsmen man a navi-, r c a n s - Twenty-two other Ameri-i Liebenhcrg had been in the ;gation stalion and an emcrgen- can . s n a v c l**n wounded. (hospital since mid-April. He got 'cy airfield. I North Korea released what Unsteadily worse in the past few ^ sai[J wa . s a Photograph of lhe;wccks. Hospital sources said imperialist spy ship"preparations were begun at. . mrr twice to perform a Fred Robason of ofiWoodland has been [president of '.he I; Optimist Club. ! V » \ ; m. V v . . . ,:·-;""-·. TMwnci pnoiqgrapn was narnara aireaay nan net-den in» Thj club meek a « p.m. eachjreleised depicting what Northiformed open he.rt surgery Monday at the Fastndge Bowl. iKorea elaimerf were weapons, ; Lichenberg. S * n" , of cement in 1967.

Clipped from
  1. The Amarillo Globe-Times,
  2. 25 Jun 1968, Tue,
  3. Page 28

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