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B.Y.U. Motion Picture Studio Finish 'The Lost Manuscript'

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Czerny - Peter - A TENDER MOMENT is recreated when Joseph Smith...
A TENDER MOMENT is recreated when Joseph Smith Jr. (David Westbfrg) looks after his wife, Emma (Elizabeth Cannon Funk) who is recovering from a personal tragedy in 'The Lost Manuscript*. The movie recreates the period when Joseph, aided by Martin Harris, begins translation of The .Book of Mormon. BYU Motion Picture Studios Finish The Losf Manuscript' ByLYNNTILTON After three years of research, technical work, production, and editing, Brigham Young University's motion picture studios has brought forth "The Lost Manuscript," an account involving.translation of the Book of Mormon. The 45-minute color film, originally titled, "The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon," requires three interior sets and two outdoor sets as well as filming on location in New York and in the studio's back lot. Reed Smoot, cinematographer for the production, said studio workmen constructed a rise "on studio property and built a replica of the Smith's Palmyra home on the elevation, adding instant lawn. "We couldn't use the original house because of large trees in front of the New York home, an asphalt sidewalk and a paved road that weren't there during the time the production represents," Mr. Smoot said. Cornfield Transplanted He added that crew members transplanted an entire cornfield onto the backlot for filming and built a split-rail fence along the land leading from the studio home. "After the corn matured we harvested it; it was very good," he added. He said the script encompassed about an 18-month period but the shooting took just a few months. "We caught the tail-end of summer and filmed through the first snow last year," Mr. Smoot said. Mr. Smoot, also Book Beat Do you miss your Sunday drive? Has the gasoline shortage, and the Sunday closing of gas stations, wrecked your weekends? And even if you stay at home on Sundays now, do you find that a long afternoon gets boring when the games are over? Don't despair. Help is on its way. 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Milland The autobiography of an urbane and charming movie star, Ray Milland, who has also been a director. cinematographer for "The Great American Cowboy," an academy - award winning film, said one technical problem involved shooting without revealing Mount Timpanogos in • the background. "We were fortunate because the trees obscured the mountains for us, except the winter scene. For that we had to play close attention to camera angle," he said. Historical Accuracy Required Mr. Smoot added that meticulous attention to historical detail was necessary because of the nature of the story. "We could have no fictional details," he said. "The most exciting time was when we recreated the day Joseph went to get the plates. It was very exciting because, by chance, we filmed it on the anniversary day tha he did get the plates," Mr. Smoot said. He reported that care was taken to find a spot on Hill . Cumorah that fit the description given by Joseph Smith in his account concerning the golden plates. The film will be available for general church usage, though the emphasis has been placed on use in the LDS Seminary system. David Westberg stars as Joseph Smith, Jr. with Eric Server as Martin Harris and Louise Fitch as Lucy Mack Smith. Judith Olauson portrays Lucy Harris and Elizabeth Cannon Funk is Joseph's wife, Emma. Technical Cost Involved The screenplay is by Douglas C. Stewart and Scott M. Whitaker is story editor. Wetzel 0. Whitaker produced and directed the BYU production. Others invovled in the technical production include Robert W. Stum, Reed Smoot, William Grant Williams, Sharrol T. Felt, Peter G. Czerny, Donald W. Fish, Stephen R. E. Aubery, Douglas G. Johnson, Thomas R. McDonald, L. Grant Stokes, Peter N. Johnson and Grant R. Keate. Technical assistance was also provided by Karl E. Wesson, Jacquelyn G. Shamo, David K. Jacobs, Terry G. Shellenberger, Ruth Roberts, Cathie McCIellan and Yvonne Robertson. Premiere showing of "The Lost Manuscript," is scheduled for Tuesday at Brigham Young University, room the his other Mr. are He of will Mr. Mr. Salt for He Of Michener

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Herald,
  2. 27 Oct 1974, Sun,
  3. Page 47

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