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 - , JULY 20, 1932 IVEiAND INCIDENTS OF ; THE...
, JULY 20, 1932 IVEiAND INCIDENTS OF ; THE IINCOIN COUNTY WAR (By J. M. MILLER) .cation that is given below. The following is a continuation of to have been prepared chiefly by the the story _of the "-Warriors of Seven! Mormon Colony that Chisum looked Rims'; and,the Lincoln County War, I tipon wjth favm . and encouraged to Iff James ij. >«Uer, one of the old ,„,„„,„. -•thners of eastern New Mexico: >.,'.Continued from Yesterday) • -, !fhe ' following day (April 2 . Chisum attacked the house. They] i settle on land he had formerly ' claimed. After their representatives ha( ' Sis " ed irg. honest mei ware the e^uss 'of people-; he Hked^to^-seej eome^tO-this section and when he saw .such people, who were honestly struggling to dj loir'''themselves, he considered :it^ his duty to assist them, not with words alone but with means. .: And this he has steadily done notwithstanding there were seven families of us, consisting of .twenty-four ^persons, to feed and clothe. There was no in- It seems j ducement held out to him except that "we woud pay him what we .owed him as soon as we could produce it arid no security but our word offered or required. AVe ask you, Messrs. Editors, what we could do less than defend Mr. U)e store at n O swell, and to Martin . , )e sore a O swe, an o an commenced shooting at about 7uO °r,g anches w ho was a respected citizen, 800 yards and the men in Beckwith^ among the Mexicans, and they gladly house returned the fire. This caused added" their testimony to the same we uuu .. it was shown to Heis- C hisum against thosa foul aspersions Jones, who then had charge of Sept. 6, 1877. upon his character and disposition, when we are twenty-tour living witnesses that he is liberal, generous, and kind-hearted to all honest men, as we know he is antagonistical and junrelenting .towards thieves. We have never heard a single persprrwith a reputation for honesty in our midst added their Chisum's men to lose courage, and e f fec t they refused to advance further, say-j RJQ ing .that .they were not going to get: killed idr ?3Q a month, that they had' - ....._. . been hired to herd'cattle and not to Editors INDEPENDENT: j speak of Chisum except in terms,xof :, tight. Chisum then raised a flag sirs: j praise and gratitude. v of truce, and sent word for Johnson j ,„ your rirst issue you p U b;j S h e ,il Immigration is constantly inereas- vto come out lor a conference. Chisum' a 1( . Uer " sl g iieu O y olle .^ lul -e v :- ^O/.L- ! in S this v 'cinity. No less than three ,'offered to compromise, but Johnson ue j lecling upon t n e C i iaructel - O f John farmers from Seven Rivers have.tak- , said he could not act for any one but b ciji , um> Ol Wjllen lie t(JOK 11O 110 .} en up ranches here within the past 'himself. He told Chisum that some t ce aml uo one> w ouv unowiedge, ! three weeks ' and a halt ' do;zen ° th " .of the men in the house had claims hab ' taken to contradltl 'era, Americans, aie negotiating for ,for money against Chisum and ,VVyhe le>Ut(j Ule tammllieb allu lalsellO odb! lands ' Each and ev ! ly one o£ . th - em ;.and they would have to be satisfied, wll , ch k C011tajneu/ excepl OIie irmr , I have either come at the soUcitatiou of J before that business was settled. I)L UliU iLClll : which implicated Major Win. Brady,' Jolm CWsum, .or have been encourag- Chisum then said he would turn on o(]1 . shel . uf T])e ,,. ijor plonU)Llv , ed by Him to settle here, by offers of jtlie.water and give back the horse?. ^ ^FhaticaUraemed"tharpm-dM! a88i8tance - v He and Wylie. then withdrew their of ^, oyies statement, leaving a lie' No, Chisum wants' to monopolize no ,,Aid w,ent down to the river betweell h , m al]d L ' ewis p axtoll lo more land than the law allows him. j when they proceeded to round up , v> . a , low aiul (1 i ges .t 7ji e W hole ie. j He invites honest men to settle about .tbeir cattle. A few days later Ghisum ' er \ n spiH . and in ' fac[) is as dc yoid!h>m; but he does strenuously object the lie Avhich has Ueeu! to living . in the neighborhood of j thieves. ••'"•"' , ; "'. JACOB HARRIS, of 14 men '"Andy" Bovle. as '^e tone or the letter and the nn, deputy'sheriff, went .low,, tp W^ »'' essi011 wlli(:l1 il is illlem]e<1 l " co "- .took the smallpox. . ol - lruUl as : . ,On May 7 Buck Powell returned na ,j d ..wjtlu^warrantSj.. and gettinK together '| ^ ESRA T. LEG, deputy sheriff, went .dpyvo tu WJ'Lie —-—•• ••"—'.-• - •••--• -- ESR^ T . LEB ind Chiaum's camp'to arrest Chisum, vey. u that Cliisum wishes to moil- Representing twentv . rour pel . s ons, Wylie and Highsaw. But Chisum's, ""'"'^ two or three Hundred niilesj .^..^ fmmeajate " vicinity ot men. had in the ' meantime gone toj«« «« Pecos river for his stock Chisum's ranch. lo'ttth SprinE, River, except ' Chteum! ™»^- owosmg nnm.grat.on, perse- Kpuu«.ii K. i* hj ... .:,.,,*;,!„ ncw.'MiiifiT'c nn/1 ii = in*r fivei-vi was too sick to J)e moved, a;iJ! prepared to defeiid themselves in, ... *•' ' r r -- ' • ' ' ' '-i '• ppnntrv Chisum's house, which was strongly j counn j, cutiug newcomers, and using every; endeavor to drive .them from the This slander, we find, is the undersgned, having read the above communication, take pleasure in endorsing its sentiments.....We have known John S. Chisum for 9 . , , built to withstand- Indian attacks, i-n! being industriously, circulated \ (eyer SJnce he , ]ag lived jn New May 10 Andy Boyle's . posse got to.! Chlsum'a ellem . ies ' mos f ol wl } 0 ° 1 a '' e Mexico) and know him to be a good Ghisum's ranch. Wylie, who was ini^beteu to Inm lor then- subs lance ^ - ^ ready ^ ^^ &Qge charge, sent Charles Moore with a 'and are using, these subtile means ^ hon to Uelp th e mse i ves -, message to Andy Boyle, telling him 1 to premd.ce publ.c sentunf^ againrt ^ that'in the house >vere some persqps "»" '« no .other, reason hap that . ^ .hQ were not mixed up in the' mat-. »« 0 ^ ects totheir lons?I PeyinT know o£ tllose , vho came her e Qf there was an attack, inno-:«Pon him. killing, Tent persons might be killed. Andy Celling his stock. Boyle sent an aswer that he did not! We, the undersigned, driving off and arrived at >lio are now in good circumstances | with houses, lands, cattle, horses, and ium lifted from the j whom John Chisum lifted from the it he did noti We, the undersigned, arrived at^.^ buj . who are nQW villi£yin& him , •want to kill anybody, but expected -\ .Chisum's ranch, South Spring River,, ^ a > sma n_ min <ied rascal will ever to serve his warrants. Wylie theft about the middle of March last, and to serve his warrants. Wylie theft about the middle of March last, and] r — ay acts Qf kindness or an ungrate- agreed to meet Buck Powell 2nd R..! camped at Us mouth about four miles ^ d . Qg bj( . eg - the hand whicll {eeds >t Benkwith half way between, the'distant. W.e had stock, wagons,, ^^ Moj . e than Qne that we jj no - w house and where the posse .farming implements, seeds, etc., but . ^ pl . aye d upon John Chisum until ed and to 'pay them ' wliat .lie f wasj>yere out .pf money and l )rOTISlons - i ney are in easy circumstances, and 1 owing: them. This was' :4one, and We were forced to go to work and .put nQw upllold atld susta m a band of t,hen Wylie said that'.Highsaw ; had Agreed to surrender. But, .he "changed his mind and left by the.jjack door. ^.The posse returned to Seven. Rivers stopping en route at Chisum's' camp, •qrhere Chisum himself was, and ef- fjecting an adjustment of the -claims that some of the men in the posse tyad against. ,. Chisum. Andy Boyle then servefljiris'warrant upon Chisum l|nd placed him under bond, as he was ' still too sick with smallpox to be moved. -1 John S. Chisum did not reply to tjiis letter himself, although the Mesilla INDEPENDENT in publishing it, had extended an invitation to the'ather side to make a statement. But some' of .Chisum's friends and Neighbors' who felt that his attitude had' heen 'misrepresented, got up and sept to the INDEPENDENT the vindi- We were forced to go to work and .put ^ ^.^ _ __ ^ ^ jn crop to supply ourselves with pro- tl) ; ieyes who are robbing him. visions for the co_ming year. We found that we were on Chisum's hog ranch and feared that we would in r terfere with him. We visited the ranch and consulted with Mr. Chisum, who received us cordially, welcomed us cheerfully, and told us to go on with our planting, . should not interfere- that his hogs with us, and moved them to Bosque. Grande. We soon found that we could not take out our acequias in time to get in crops, and again consulted Chisum. He immediately offered us all the land we wanted in his acequia, plenty of water, all the breadstuffs and other provisions we required, in short, free access to his store and supplier, on our own time; assisted us to purchase land and houses, and to Ouild new dwellings, remarking that hard-work- HBISKILL. JONES, MARTIN SANCHEZ. (To-be continued). rt _^^__ At all times. Catfish, Buffalo, trout, red snapper, Dressed hens and friers. Fin & Feather Market i'03 S. Main. " Phone 833. Free Delivery. —Adv. . AKMOL1* 1'KASSFEB CO. Phone 23; 419 N.'TIrglnla General transfer, moving, packing crating and storing of household goods. WE MOVE ANYTHING.—^Adv ~ Q : Record Want-Ada Get Results ; .Record Want-Ads Get Results

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