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Seemingly Negative on title 9 - T« Frwt · Athlttic Ivs Co/leges Face Rights...
T« Frwt · Athlttic Ivs Co/leges Face Rights Issue (Editor's Note: A revolution is brewing in college athletics. The women have joined up, and there's nothing the men can do about it; The government has stepped in with a law called Title IX, and lo hear some tell it,, the day of big-time college'ath- letics is either over or on the way out. Here is the first of a five-part series on the role of women, who are going from "bake sales to half the pie.") By FKED ROTHENBERG AP Sports Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - When it comes to 1 college athletics, women have always been good sports. The men had their training tables; the women had their bake sales. The men traveled in jumbo jets; the women drove Volkswagen buses. The men became campus heroes on. Saturday; the women cheered them on. The history of collegiate sports reflects that men have been handed their programs, f a c i l i t i e s and e q u i p m e n t on silver platters. The women polished them. , But those days appear just about over because of a law which says: "No person in the United States shall'be excluded from participation in, be denied the' benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance..." The law is Title IX of the 1972 Education Act, and it means that any high school or college receiving any federal funding for any reason risks losing tha money if it does not provide equal athletic opportunity for women. To some, that means major universities will have to spend millions they don't have on ^women's athletics; to others, it means an end to big-time college athletics. For all, it will mean some new emphasis on ·women's athletics and very possibleless moneyfor men/ ''«-Title"lX' already'h'as-meant i new athletic scholarships and ·new money for women's sports 'at the collegiate level. When all the changes occur, the face of collegiate sports may be changed forever. What is abundantly clear in Title IX is t h a t universities must provide teams, coaches, facilities and some scholarship aid to women who wish to participate in competitive sports. Whether the women have the . same athletic skills as the men is irrelevant; equal opportunity must be provided. It would seem that in complying with Title IX colleges have three choices: (1) Pay for the increased women's programs by cutting funds in other areas of the university; (2) Pay for them 'by cutting spending for men's athletics: or (3) Find more money somewhere. W h a t e v e r happens, new money for women won't always be provided willingly. "The government has no business getting into the athle- tic business," says Big Sky Athletic Commissioner John Ronning, who claims Title IX "will be a serious threat to intercollegiate athletics through diversion of funds to women's programs." The same subject drew a slightly different reaction from Katherine Ley, president of theAmerican Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. She said Title IX "does more for women than anything since women got the right to vote." So why can't we switch on the tube this Saturday, settle back into an easy chair and watch women knock each others' brains out? Well, besides the pervasive reason that these things take time, money and inclination, it's becauseCongress passes laws and the executive branch enforces them. One bit of testimony to the obstacles the women's sports movement faces is that title IX has been on the books since : . 1972-unenforced-while women have remained on the sidelines-uninvolved. "I'm surprised we haven't been taken to court for foot'dragging'" says one knowledgeable insider at the De- partment of Health, Education and Welfare, the federal charged with writing the enforcement regulations for Title IX. He finally proposed last a scries of tentative enforcement regulations that were designed lo gauge the public reaction to Title IX. Interested parties ahd until Oct. 15 to ment. Now that he has those comments, it will study them write a series of final regulations. They will be completed early next year, and then President Ford for his signature. If he signs it, Title which was passed two ago, will at last become a that the govenment can force colleges to comply with. Since almost every college receives federal money, and since few can do without dollars, very few will have choice but to comply with IX. A violation in any on campus conceivablycouls mean a loss of all federal for the school. M a n y colleges across country aren't waiting for final regulations. Their budgets for women's sports already soaring. New Mexico Friday's R e s u l t s Class A S l a t e S e m i f i n a l Carrizozu 2-1. Hoy 20 Dial. I A A A A G a l l u p IS). A l b u q u e r q u e l) Los A l a m o s 2U. F f i r m i n g ! on u West Mesa 20. Sania re (i Disl. 2 A A A A Del Norlc -ii». Valley o E l d o r a d o 20. M a n z a n o . li G r a n t s 15. R i o G r a n d e 0 D l s t . .1AAAA H i g h l a n d -i-i. Las Cruces 0 M a y f i e l c l 27. Sandia 13. " Dist. I A A A A Carlsbiul 22. Hoswcll li Clovis 12, Gmklard 7 Dist. , I A A A Azlct n. K i r t l a m l C e n t r a l 2 1 Be I en 40. S h i p r o t k !i D i s t . 2 A A A R a t o n HO R o b e r t s o n ft West Las Vegas 2(i. A l b . A c a d e m y 7 D i s l . : i A A A Cohrc 7, Ttilarosa 7 . D e m i n g lli. Socorro 14 S i l v e r City 6. Gailsden It D i s l . ' 4 A A A A r t e - ' i a 51. L o v i n g l o n U P o r l a i a s 20. Tiu-irmtari 0 Dist. 2AA . " · C l a y t o n J9. Santa Itnsa, 2AA ; i , . , . Dist. 3 A A Hatch 30. Lordstnirg "0 D i s t . " J A A ' Dexter 33. Texico 0. 4AA El Paso C a t h e d r a l :t. A l a m o - Rordo 0 Cilwia M. Los Lonas H Springer 20. Xuni l-i T or C 20. Ruirfoso 12 M o r i a r t y 0. \ V i n g a l e 0 Ariiona Class AAA C e n t r a l ; i f ) . Tollcson 6 C o r o n a d o 13-. C h a n d l e r 0 East 14. S o u t h M o u n t a i n o Marcos De X\7.a 28. Kofii 6 Maryvak 1 46. N o r t h li . Weslwood 20. McClintock 14 Paradise Valley 2 f i . W a s h i n g - Phoeni A n t e l o p e 26. W i e k e n Bagdad 10. W i l l i a m s tj Benson 2)i. C l i f t o n (i Morenci 21. S a l i u a r i l a (i Thatcher 2 f i . Willcox 7 D u n c a n 27. B a b o q u i R o u n d V a l l e y fi. St. Show Low -!li. Alchesay fi M o h a v e 20. C a m p Class C M e N a r y 24. Seligman H Sports Big Bout NFL Turn to p. 9 Bv The Associated I'ress l i . i n . N a t i o n a l K o o t b a l l League Denver at B a l t i m A l l Times KST Cllieajio vs. Cireen Ray al Sunday. Nov. Ill . M i l w a u k e e . 2 l . m . i l o n s l u n 'al H u i t a l o . I p . m . San F r a i i t i s e n al Dallas. 1 - M i a m i at \e\v O r l e a "'San U i f R o al K a n s a s c i l y . I I ' i l l s b n r s l i al '' Cleveland al New E n g l a n d . I A t l a n t a al Los Angeles, New Mexico, Arizona C a r l " l l a y d e n :«). Phoenix ion o St. Mary's 41. T h i i n d e r b Mesa jfi. Casa G r a n d e Iti A l h i i m b r a 4 f t . West C a m t - 1 1 ) a t k llil, B r o w n e 8 Cortez :i:i. .Moon V a l l e y 17 Sunny slope 31. Prescott 14 A g u a Fria C l . Hrcenway C h a p a r r a l 22. Scotlsdale Saguaro 4 ( i . A r c a d i Brophy 19, Glenilale ( Pcoria l l i . A p o l l o 1! Viinia H. Tempo 10 A m p h i t h e a t e r 27. c a Saluiaro 20. Santa R i t a i! Chullii 1 4 . " Tucson 7 Sunnyside 26. Pueblo (i S a l p o i n t e 14. IJuena 10 .Hincon 12. Palo Verde 0 Class A A Douglas 45. Globe 12 Sabino 24. Canyon Del Oro ill Coeonino 45. Tuba C i t y 0 H o l b r o o k 32. Winslow 8 P l a n s l a f t 17. K i n g F l o w i n g W e l l s 30." Bisbcc 14 San M a n u e l 42, Nogales Class A Lake Havasu 4 t i . Honrgade Buckeye 2:1. M i n g u s li Coolidgi! 3:!. Ajo 0 Eloy ,!(. G i l b e r t V.l - ' · ' . Gerard 42. Phoenix I n d i a n - - 1 : P a i i c r " " 7 ; ' Dysnrl 0 P a g e ' -:i.i. Cliinlc 0 '' ; J ' S a f f o r d 23. M i a m i 13 Class H l l a v d e n :i7. St. Johns I C h r i s t i a n fi3.

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