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LATE SOCIAL AFFAIRS Details of Tuesday's G-arman-American G-arman-American G-arman-American G-arman-American G-arman-American Charity Ball.' THE LIST OF BOX-HOLDERS BOX-HOLDERS BOX-HOLDERS Banquet of tha Bankers1 Club Is Largely Attended. Amataur Minstrels to Appear Tuesday Evening It Austin Dearborn Seminary Alumnae Election. At the Auditorium Tuesday evening at:? o'clock Ellis Brooks and forty muaieiana will strike the first chord of "Die Volkunnr." and with it Inaugurate the third annual German -Americun -Americun charity ball. Everything Indi cates that thla ball will present the most brilliant assemblage ever gathered front oer rasa-Amsrtcan rasa-Amsrtcan rasa-Amsrtcan society circles. Tickets, admitting a geatlemaa and two ladles, cost $10. and are for sale at the secre tary's offlce, room 713 8chUler building. Carriage arraagemenla are the same as last year. Guests may arrtv In their owa com veyeacea; approach the Auditorium from the east end of Congress street, and may depart in those of the association, for the use of which the following low rates will be charged Passengers to all depots. 25 cents. Chicago avenue north. Eighteenth street south. Halsted street west, coupe, one or two passengers, 60 cents; carriages, three or four passengers. 11. North arena north, Twenty-Sixth Twenty-Sixth Twenty-Sixth street south Ashland avenue west, coupe, one or two passengers. $1; carriages, three or four passengers. Sl-uO- Sl-uO- Sl-uO- Sl-uO- rullcrton avenue north. Thirty-Ninth Thirty-Ninth Thirty-Ninth street south. "Western svenue west. coup, one or two passengers. $1.30; carriages, three or four passengers. $2. Belmont avenue north. California avenue west. Kitty-First Kitty-First Kitty-First street south, coupe, one or two passengers. $2: carriages, three or four passengers. 12.50. Carriage tickets will be for sale in the foyer. Supper will b served a la cart in all the restaurants of the Auditorium snd the Annex, after II o'clock. Tb aactioa sale for choice of boxes was held Tuesday evening. Mr. Harry Rubens a. -ted -ted as auctioneer, and the figures shown express express louder than words the success with whl.-h whl.-h whl.-h he was met. The prices bid for first sod second choice exceed those of say other charity ball of this as well ss of sny prevl- prevl- uus year: Toe box holders are: lwxen. Name. J7 Joecpa Thrr 1 KJward 6. llhlein.. 1 Mrs. I'oorad 81 pp. . . J7-K J7-K J7-K J. Iw l'J Kdmuad J. Lhaaaan li Kebna ll-Kodolf ll-Kodolf ll-Kodolf Brand S Ernet ToaetU in Andrew K. Lrirht rV-Mtrbarl rV-Mtrbarl rV-Mtrbarl Bra ad W-Iir. W-Iir. W-Iir. K. A. Meaning... X-lftrtd X-lftrtd X-lftrtd Mayer Atnouata. s- s- tie 46 Ki 1US Other boxes were sold for prices varying from to SO to the following: John Krmnz. Levy Mayer, Leo Schmidt. Charles H. Wacker. Wm. K. Juergena. Jacob Helasler. Mrs. Cbrla-ttsn Cbrla-ttsn Cbrla-ttsn Lirhteoberrer. Emll Rosenbaum. K.ilad-lner. K.ilad-lner. K.ilad-lner. Frank Hecht. John B. Grommea, Oscar Foreman. Leon Mandel. Ludwlc Wolff. Peter Scnuttler. Jacob Birk. and Oscar Mayer. A "souvenir" containing among other things a history of the association, a group picture of the directors, and a beautiful allegorical pic-lure pic-lure pic-lure on the subject of "Charity" will be distributed on the night of the ball. The several committees oa which hare largely depended the success of this yesr's liall are the following: Hall. Banquet, and Supper Committer Fred M. Srbrotdt. rhalrmaa; Lee Wanpeld. Fred W. Iioldafrk, William 11. Beam. Hesry barthol-tMr barthol-tMr barthol-tMr Pn Committee C estate F. Fischer, chairman: chairman: w'alter H. hlu-baella. hlu-baella. hlu-baella. Dr. William lirssert. A. Wahersdorf. Ins- Ins- and Dsnee Committee 'WIHIsm F. J u-rrera. u-rrera. u-rrera. chairman: linen T. Petersen. PnutiiHt Committee Leasing Rosenthal, rhalr-auau: rhalr-auau: rhalr-auau: Kdiuuud ii Lett man a, William F. Juei-ene. Juei-ene. Juei-ene. S.roir Committee Gustare F. Fischer, itistrman. A. Vt'eltersdorf. John Kortllog. The reception committee, comprised of the V ai l of directors, mill be as follows: 51 . r liana Kwh'nbiirg. Leasing KoeenthaJ. A. Woliersdorf. lo Wamoetd. tluatave F. Fischer. Henry Kartbolomay. Kred W. Moidenwctk. William 1 1 it. Floor Committee John Koelllng. chief; Iul Hrunn, Martin U. Cshn. Karl Ktiel. Walter J. Enale. Kdmnnd H. Le-bmann. Le-bmann. Le-bmann. Fmil II. iWman, Jacob llelasler. Arthur Knil. William F. Juergena, John Koelllng. Edmund B. Lebmann, Walter R. Mta-feaelis. Mta-feaelis. Mta-feaelis. Mano T. Petersen. William H. Hfbn. Fred M. Schmidt. Adolph Ewer. Arthur Flelsrhmas, Kurne Rang. Henry Rang. Jr.. Kichard G. Scbmld. Peter Srhuttler. Jr.. Walter Srhntiler. Joba B. York. this Btki:nv n.t n. Has Ha a ac t at Kinsley's fer tnanx-trnller tnanx-trnller tnanx-trnller tkel. A: Kinsley's last erening a banquet was given by the Bankers' Club In honor of Hon. Jamei II. Eckels. President John J. Mitchell presided, the company being nested at a number of small tahk-a. tahk-a. tahk-a. handsomely adorned mlth rose. Toe tallowing mean wsseffered: Blue points. Coneomme Plammery. Hocse-d Hocse-d Hocse-d ora vers. Sale a la Jesn Bart. Fillet of beef. Bayard. Artirh'ik- Artirh'ik- heart, with rsnllflower as cratis. Bankers' punch, lloast Philadelphia squab, with cress Bsr le due Jelly. Small aspic of foir-rras. foir-rras. foir-rras. Lettuce salad. Glares. Cake. Crackers. Cheese. Colfee. Ph-rTf. Ph-rTf. Ph-rTf. gautrrnes. Claret. fbampafne. Cognac. Lktueura. Clgara. After the dinner Mr. Mitchell Introduced Ir. Eckels, who made an appropriate response, response, which met with mu.-u mu.-u mu.-u farOr. Later remarks were made by Mr. Lyman J. Gage and Mr. E. S. Laeey. Those present included : y V. HaSer". O. P. llMr.r. fl. M. Shaw. U F. luillnaa. K- K- I. Hultoerl. 11. J. rireei. J . ICa-k. ICa-k. ICa-k. B. T. I lJ k Ir.a. J. !. SrBraea. - j Hialr T. at. Jwkan. tv. I. -. -. Atrert. F. M. hii.mnt. t. Ketly. Roa. IKOrt. W H Urtnluai:. kL U. Keltn, trsuo Hrnlih. F K. rirrwo. J- J- A. Knta. o. K. Tall. J w luHi:rr. H- H- K Ken. O. H. Talrott. K. K llrrant. K. H. Ijury. jk. Txr. Ira l.n. R. B. Laiarov. lt Tlhies. W. K fotna. - T. Utar. A. an Vtttaea- Vtttaea- . I'gsu. J- J- O..Lantaxa!, In. j f. .'rart. J- J- A. Ljrse. H. A. nsre. -. -. W i rak. kL T. Lawrenve. J. K. Wslaa. 11 lr-kui. lr-kui. lr-kui. h' I- I- I-e. I-e. I-e. L. A. Wattoe. w. v. iiwnkr. Ka nim. sr. L. K laasl. niry aUr.a, srncin. Oranaer Karaelilrua 'er. B. W. Watsoa. W. T. Kentoa. A. J. Kd-ir. Kd-ir. Kd-ir. J. H. Wllhnr. K. o FurMiaa. Heal. Allea, fi. M. Wllaoa. o t r M-rm M-rm M-rm n. J. A. IiavkWia. tl'undad. 1. K. Knrcaa. L. W. Hoaeva. J. M. ttark. J II. F-iraai F-iraai F-iraai J. 1- 1- Watcraaaa p. . Vatealine. lttn Faram. '. L. lr. T- T- T. Jnfcnson, ITj llaseT F. J- J- fo.tth. t N. Mrrla. Jaa H. !ilber.Ja;e le.t. !. It. II. HaH. .- .- A. Mar. W. H. Ixe. T. T. Wafaoa. J. C. Hro-. Hro-. Hro-. A. ataehajr. T. J. Lefrna, J M. aravta. J.r.NfKMn. j. n. lrd. a. KOivM. Joha Mclrea, A. W. FVrre. lmilu Aaanh. H. C. M-Leau. M-Leau. M-Leau. J. E. Msaee. J. 11. Caaarrvo. It- It- N. May. i. Ivsrva. In. O. liaai;;3a.N. A. Mayer. II. II. WaJea. J. A. rM J- J- J- J- Mitchell. f. Ik rasa. !. at. -naMinsJ- -naMinsJ- -naMinsJ- Nae'.y. io W. Law. S. s. rounr, J. O. or. taid. f. B t'onaeuo. A. M. IjnrK B. M. rr. F. A. PKier. K- K- R. Hall. It. A. Pesraras. Hon. J. H. K. T. ItaehlU. 1- 1- X. Perry. fckeis. K. X. llerrKS. f. f. Be O. M. Iala. -. -. inrMa.- inrMa.- W. T. !!-', !!-', !!-', A- A- M. Hatha- Hatha- C. W. Wahr). J. T. Talbert, child. - MOItiS BIBXT CORK. -sanaaaBBBsaBBn. -sanaaaBBBsaBBn. " ' Thla Tlsse II Wilt Be l ard hp- hp- Asaateara t Aestln. When the curtain rises In Library" Hall. Austin. Taasday evening the Oaks Club mia-- mia-- mia-- st re la will for the third lime be presented to the nubile. . Oa this occasion thej will be BMor resplendent tbaa before, for. coeabfsed with the near scenery that the Oaks Club has recently placed in the hall, there srilt be set special scenery I augment the performance of the blackened clubmen. " . ' '. Ta roatnmes wiU b sxceptionally bril- bril- liaat. being- being- of colored sllka and pliiihss, la the eld eolasilal style: t . ' H. H. Reardon will occupy 4 he center of the circle aa interlocutor, Te and men will be "Jack"- "Jack"- Badger, Harry Brown, and Walter Gardner at the bones, whll Rudy Henry, Btlaa Wbltlock, and Walter Gun thorp will look after the tambos. The vocaUata will be J. P. Garner, H. B. Saunders, Harry Btal-wood. Btal-wood. Btal-wood. George Plther. Harold Rossi ter, Charles Horton, Allan Plther, Morgaa Prioe, and Charles Stratford, while George Robertahaw and Frank O' Co nor will act as pages ant as sist In the general work of the evening. The Men's Club Orchestra will provide the music The minstrel programme will be aa follows: follows: Overture Orchestrs and company "Sweet Kathleen",,,,,,,, George Plther "8asao Brown",,, ,, ,...S. WhKlock "Every American Girl's s Queen",,, .J. P. Garner .'14?u "'Jt'"' J i 2?" ".-.I ".-.I ".-.I " warrr Brown The King s Mtnatrel'1 II. B. Maunders "Tell Me Ooee Again",. ...Harry 8talweod "The Colored Sport" Rudy Hoary "My Mammy's Lullaby" G. Robertahaw Conclusion "Th Brook Ira Handicap." letre-duclng letre-duclng letre-duclng Messrs. Henry. Badger, Brown, Whltlot-k, Whltlot-k, Whltlot-k, and company. The second part will open with "Tell It to Him. He Never Heard It," interpreted by Messrs. Henry, Badger, Bauaders. and Gardner. Gardner. This will be followed by the Oaks' Quartet, Quartet, composed of Messrs. Stslwood. Plther. Gardner, and Bannders. la character selec tions. Then there will be given a few momenta momenta with Rody Henry as comedian and mimic, to be followed by Master Frank O'Conor and his Luclnda, introducing Masters O'Conor and Robertahaw. The whole will be concluded with an afterDlece. "The New Era Restaurant," In which Rudy nenry ana jack Badger will give several banjo selections and songs. Tho cast for this la: Jim Grubs Alexander Appetite.. Loilypop Freeh Artxona Pete W'eary Warflee. . . ebencxer Crystal.... Joe Hunger Simple Oewdrep Clenilna Fuszywig.. Soraphlna Snowball. Mrs. Heafear Rudy Henry Jack Badger . . . Harold Rosaiter ...Walter Gardner Walter Ounthorp J. P. Garner Allan Ptther i Harry Brown ...Charles llortoa Morgan Price Silas Whltlock DEARBORN BEMIXARV ALl M K. Meet In Annual Seaaloa O Ulcers. and Eleet Dearborn Seminary Alumnae Association bold Its annual meeting yesterday afternoon at the seminary buJMing, So. 2141 Calumet acuue. The meeting consisted of s musical eat-crla eat-crla eat-crla In merit, provided by the pupils of the seminary, a reunion of the alumnae, and a business meeting and election of officers. The Booth Town Mandolin Club, under the direction of W. L. Haxea. furatahed two ae lections. lections. The feature of the afternoon was the exhibition of posters and poster work by the pupils, which was arranged by Miss Carrie Nee ly. aaalated by Miss Whitehead. Miss 'ry Angell gave two piano numbers. Uaxt's rhapsody No. 14 and a Schumann nocturne. Two vocal selections were by the Misses Min-netts Min-netts Min-netts and Kenneths Taylor. Following the entertainment and during the rerptlon and reunion light refreabmenta vvre served. To better commemorate the name of the founder of the seminary. Zuenglla Crever. the reunion la almays held on his birthday. Jan. 1. At the business meeting it wss decided to devote the funds of the society to some depart-men! depart-men! depart-men! of work st the Chicago University, the srecLal department to be decided on later. The fund la derived from the voluntary contributions contributions of the alumnae and usually amounts to shrut 1400 each year. Heretofore the money bits been devoted to supporting some department department of work at Hull House, sack ss providing providing s soup kitchen or defraying the expenses expenses of the pharmacy. Tbe following waa the result of tbeflertion of officers for the ensuing year: Prealdeat Mrs. Cyras Hill. Vice Presidents Mrs. Henry Chappell. Mrs. Edarin Lobdeil, Mrs. William Derby. Jr. JlMord:n Secretary Mlaa Sturteraat. Corresponding Secretary 11 taa Het-a Het-a Het-a Irske. Treasurer lisi Carrie Neely. aatase Hlsar Xolea. Mias Csrslyn SkeMlag of netrott. Mich., la vla-ittng vla-ittng vla-ittng Mias Carrie Wilt. No. M St. Jamee place. Mr. snd Mrs. William If. Buraet of the Chicago Bach Hotel left Thursday for Virginia Hot Spriags- Spriags- Mla Gertrude Jaeaon of No. 3712 Ijike aveaue gave a rhaAng-dtah rhaAng-dtah rhaAng-dtah supper after an Informal dame Friday evening. Mrs Alma Hamilton Sbufelt of No. 2C3I Pral-lie Pral-lie Pral-lie avenue has gene to New York to spend the rt-mnUidcr rt-mnUidcr rt-mnUidcr of this winter. -Tbe -Tbe msrriajce of Miss Margaret Hlckey of Chicago to Mr. Harry A. Bradahaw of Milwaukee took place in Milwaukee Jan. 2. Ma Sardow entertained the members of tbe C. C. C. C. from Z until S o'clock Friday afternoon, afternoon, at No. iH.I J(TtrBon avenue. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Cable and family, with a party of frlenda. left yesterday in a private car (or Virgin-a Virgin-a Virgin-a Hot Springs, where they will remain remain MUM time. Tbe Oaks Club of Austin gave a flewer re tll Ion Tuesday evening at the clubheoue. It waa led by Miss Luella Fitzgerald. About sixty cou-pies cou-pies cou-pies were preaent. Mrs. F. I Fiaber. her son. Theo. and nephew, Arthur Wadswortb. are sojourning In Southern 'alforn!a. and expect to riait the Sandwich Islands before returning. Jin. ChaHcs Fits Simons of Ne. ll Ashland boulevard entrtalaed at luncheon yesterday afternoon, twelvo ladles Mnf present. Another luncheon for ehrhteen ladies will he given on Friday at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Frederick I'llman of No. 2X2 Forty-Eighth Forty-Eighth Forty-Eighth street gsve a muairakv yesterday ntocniag rem-pllmsntary rem-pllmsntary rem-pllmsntary to Mlaa Mary Aaaell.- Aaaell.- the yoans: lOanlste. A feature of the morning waa William William Armstrong's lecture oa "1'npubltsbed Inter Inter lews with Great Mush-tana." Mush-tana." Mush-tana." Over giwsts were present. At the home of Mr. snd Mrs. Fred Warbsmuth. No. Grovflaad park. Mr. Loeie C. Warbamuth t-fltertaincd t-fltertaincd t-fltertaincd last evening at a rhildren'a party, at which some thirty youngsters made merry after tbe faahton of their elders. The affair was is bonor of Mr. Warbsmuth's little niece. There were ilw In attendance some of Mr. Wachsmuth's older friends, who bad just as much fun as did the little ones. Mrs. George M. Mac Donald rntertarned at her residence. No. 217 Forty-SM-ead Forty-SM-ead Forty-SM-ead Forty-SM-ead Forty-SM-ead place, last evening, evening, a number of friends and relatives in honor of her husband's fortieth saniversary. There were tblrty-nve tblrty-nve tblrty-nve plates laid, snd after the rovers were removed tbe entertainment consisted of r-ards. r-ards. r-ards. music, and dancing. Mr. MacDoaald wss the recipient, not only of tbe congratulations of bis .'rten. but of many Interesting presents. Mrs. H. Temple Bellamy and Mrs. William H. 1 hompaoo were at home from 4 till clerk jrrsterc'sy. st the resideace of the former. Ne. 137 East Thirtieth street. In honor of the Marquise Marquise de Pateatad of France. A aa latins I" re-rctviaa' re-rctviaa' re-rctviaa' aad at the tables were Mtedamea B. Mat-teon Mat-teon Mat-teon Powell. John Iiewland Them peon. Ruasell Wlnterbotham. Rmeat M. Stlrea. Law rears Wilbur. Wilbur. H. M. Crltrbelh Hlr herds. W. H. Lesslg. Misses Spmance. Henley. Rand. The table wsa. done la pak aa green. Announcement has been made by the directory ef the Chlty Club, Ne. 314 ladiaaa svenne. that the opening ball will he given at the clubhouse either duriag the last week of thla praseat month or tbe early part ef February. Arraagemeeta are nearly completed for the leaugvrartos of a series of mnwk-alea mnwk-alea mnwk-alea Immeniately alter the opes -Ins -Ins bell, aad these arraaeenieats led lea la to these in charge of the pree-ramase pree-ramase pree-ramase that a very lane nemher ef the members have musical asd ktersry leanings. Tentlnar Cat hi faw La-nals. La-nals. La-nals. Wbea the Insulated strand or the "cor of the cable, as R Is henceforth called, panes frets this operation. It must go to tbe testing-room testing-room testing-room testing-room to determlae If the Issulatlen Is really perfect, or If a little electricity can at ill escape from the copper. It would be useless t make this test In the air. since, wren Without Without an Insulator, the current does net pass readily Into air. It must be tested uader water. In the moll urn la which It la to-' to-' to-' bo employed. Shallow tanks filled with water receive each section, aad after a section has lain twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours In the water In order to com to the sum temperature as to water, th teat Is applied. If th effect which ought to be produced oa this galronometer by- by- passing passing Into tho cor a certain wuantlty of electricity electricity doe not result, the electrician knows that lbr Is a flaw, aad that th Insulation la Imperfect that is, that th electricity la enrapiag. " ' . Thar is nothing that can he measured with boot accuracy than electricity. The laws which govern its How la a body are per feetlr understood. Th elect rtctaa knewa how muck a pours la. H can draw It out. measure it. treat 1U la abort, aa if it were water la a pipe. A leak la an electric wire la dealt with almost aa a leak In a watarplpo Is. aad can be located quit aa exactly. When one located, ft la easily repaired. . . Mortality- Mortality- fro nkMli( Cssgb. WheoflTog eeosh annually destroys shout lives Is every 10,o Is &glad, . .

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