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 - -EL PASO HERALD-POST, Tuesday, January 1, 1963...
-EL PASO HERALD-POST, Tuesday, January 1, 1963 Section A—Page Eleven. EL PASO HEKALJJ-^UST, Tuesday, ja.uutu.y *, ±w m _^ Description of All Floats in Sun Carnival Pageant * ......... ....._,.._._ ...u,.. _ -n, M «,rf, nf white and blue net LA PLAZA - Member, Of in creating the flag, with other UNCLE SAM'S HAT-A Urge Eighty units were entered in the Sun Carnival Parade today. The theme was "Texas Under Six Flags." In the parade wre 20 large floats including one carrying the Sun Queen and Duchesses, seven floats bearing 39 Sun Princesses, one Princess on a white horse, 24 bands, and miscellaneous marching and automobile units. The parade units, listed in order of appearance: Police escort: Texas and New Mexico State Police, El Paso City police and firemen. County Sheriff's Department, U. S. Immigration Border Patrol and Shrine Motor Patrol. 424th Army Bands, Ft. Bliss. resented New Mexico State Uni versity, North Texas State Univer sity, Deming, Ruidoso, Marfa and S'ly UGIuing J\uiuu3v, jviaiiu «*UM it.«j »w .w- ..~—- • -, ^ Pecos. Sponsors were the Ameri- Spanish conquest, entered by the can Furniture Co., J. C. Penney Co., and Safeway Stores. Navajo Tribal Band, Windoi Rock, Ariz. MONARCH OF THE OLD WEST—A huge buffalo, the animal that roamed the Western Plains by the millions, was the "monarch" depicted on the City of El P;:so float. Five pretty Indian mtidens in costume were hunting the buffalo. Backdrop for this silver, purple, blue and green float, was a thunderbird flying over mountains in the sinking sun. The float was constructed by City Sun Carnival Band: 65th and firemen. "' """' Deputy parade marshal: Denny Color Battery 1st Missile Bat- Lane, Downtown Kiwanis Club, talion, 40th Artillery, 1st Missile and Mrii.^Lane Brigade. Massed Colors. Ft. Bliss. President James C. Orr of Southwestern Sun Carnival Assn. and Mrs. Orr. American Federation of Musicians Band. Recording Industries Trust Fund, Local 466. Joyce Shelley of Silver Cily. N. M.. "Miss Rodeo America of 1963." Parade Marshal's Escort: El Paso Sheriff's Posse. Parade Grand Marshal: Raymond L. Telles, U. S. Ambassador to Costa Rica, and Mrs. Telles. El Paso High School Band. SUN QUEEN'S FLOAT—This shimmering 60-foot long float in the traditional gold and white on this 32-foot long float. The col- colors, bore Sun Queen Martha — - u — 1J — J " ll "'" v """> Charlene Green, her Lady-in-Wait ing, and Duchesses. A court setting emphasized a large golden crown. The tow unit of the entry carried the six flags that have flown over Texas — Spanish, French, Mexican, Texan, Confederacy, and United States. The Queen's float, as in past years, was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Fabens, Juarez, Fort Stockton, _.._ __ Fe. They were sponsored by Bassett Na tional Bank. Western Gas Service INDIAN CANOE—T his Sun Co., Zork Hardware Co., McKeon Princess float of blue and white Motor Co., Morton Foods and In- featured a lake scene with six ternational Wrestling Enterprises princesses riding in a 21-foot ca- Deputy Parade Marshal Bil noe. Large pine trees were the Adams, East El Paso Rotary, background. The Princesses rep- and Mrs. Adam" as State College. Princess on white horse: Miss Rowena Yazzie. Navajo Nation. El Paso National Bank, was vivid with gold, white, red and orange. The backdrop, held by two large gold lions with red manes, had the coat of arms of Spain above the crown used in the coronation of Isabella and Ferdinand. Front and rear sections carried out eight-point design of the Spanish crown. Live figures included Don Juan Onate, Spanish soldiers, Apache Indians, missionaries and Indians being converted to Christianity. Bowie High School Band and Ysleta High School Band. KACHINA DOLL—Before Texas became a state it was the home of Tejas, Omanche, Apache and other Indian tribes. The Indian influence on the Lone Star State inspired the theme of this float, sponsored by the Downtown Kiwanis Club. The Kachina doll, image of Indian spirits, stood 14 feet tall in front of a tepee. Dominating colors were black and white. Tularosa, N. M., High School Band. FIRST AMERICAN—Three attractive Indian maidens in costume, representing the first American residents, led a golden horse or theme was gold and white. The entry was sponsored by the Falstaff Brewing Co. Pershing Rifles. Texas Western College marching unit, PIRATE RAFT—This blue and ^old decorated float bore six Sun Princesses sailing on a "raft of treasure" with one of the princesses sitting on an overflowing treasure chest. Princesses on the Rifles, West Tex- «««•*«» °*« Zuni, N. M.. High School Band. LOS CONQUISTADORES — This 48-foot float representing the th drawn by four white horses. Th background was a large French gate. Princesses in the carriag represented William Beaumon General Hospital, Mesilla, N. M. Anthony, N. M.; Yslefi and t' Lower Valley. Sponsor;, v.-ere t Big Eight Stores and Super markets. Lions Club Community Bund o Elkhart County, Kansas. Deputy Parade Marshal Wil liam Chesak, Downtown Lion Club, and Mrs. Chesak. MARDI GRAS—Carnival gaie ty was suggested by this Down town Lions Club float, 50 by Drill Team." feet > in redl w ' hite and E ° ld co1 ors. An advance unit represented CORTEZ MEETS MONTE- a j ac k-in-the-box that popped in ZUMA — The history making and out At tne front O f the main conquest of Mexico by Cortez f , oat was a ferris wllee! and King was the subject that inspired this Rex Qn g throne Behind him was El Paso Natural Gas Products bede( . ked with - ew Co. entry. At first friendly, Aztec j> nrt - , „,,» „« Te v as zuma) became the captive and enemy of the little band of con quistadores. At rear was a large yellow sacrificial altar on which the Aztecs immolated their cap lives, including some unfortunate Spaniards. Gadsden High School Band, Anthony, N. M. MONTEZUMA — One of the biggest and most striking floats was this 80-foot entry by Biggs Air Force Base. Blue was :he predominating color. Its cos- :umed figures portrayed the conquest, conversion and civilization Of the Indians by the Spanish conquistadores. Biggs personnel juilt the float. PIRATE SHIP-A large reproduction of an actual ship was the Southern Union Gas Co.'s float— „ two-masted vessel with white sails, topped by a skull and cross- jones flag, plowing through dark jreen waves made of foil paper md white angel hair. The ship was 25 feet long and 16 feet wide. Light green, black, lavender and purple were decorative ;olors. SPANISH COLONIAL COACH- Old-style stagecoach used in the Americas in the colonial period, an entry of Barrera Taurina, El Paso's bullfight fan club. FRENCH CARRIAGE-Another ;un Princess float, a carriage A merry-go-round in motion v. r a at the rear. Lions members buil the float. Surges High School Band. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE The Popular Dry Goods Co,' float featured a French court sci ting in front of eight column: arranged in a semi-circle at the rear. Live figures of Napoleon and Josephine in costume domi nated the setting. In the center was a gold fountain, connectet to a fleur-de-lis and a balustrade in white baroque. In front were two urns with ostrich plumes arranged like bouquets. A pulling unit was covered with a fleur-de- lis decoration. Gold and white were the predominating colors, Carlsbad Cavettes, marching unit, Carlsbad, N. M., High School. Frenship High School Band of Wolfforth, Texas, ARC DE TRIOMPHE-A 4) foot blue, white and gold float suggesting the French influence entered by the El Paso Hotel and Motel Assn. The Arch begun by Napoleon to commemorate 'rench victories was reproduced at rear, complete with golden tatues. Fountains were reprodnc- _d in front and four girls in golc costumes represented actual figures on the fountain. Two hun- Fabens High School Band. MEXICO PROGRESS - Mexican farmers, businessmen, cow- wys and officials were pushing a large peso, the Mexican monetary unit, on this float sponsored jy the State National Bank. Silver and white were the dominat- ng colors. The big silver peso ivas 10 feet, six inches tall. Also riding the 60 foot float were 10 ;irls in Mexican native costumes. The float was designed by Joss Aceves. E! Paso High School Drill Team and Sponsor Corps. Deputy Marshal John H. Jagoe Sr,, Downtown Rotary Club, and Mrs. Jagoe. ^^ dred yards of white and blue net were used to create the effect of water in the fountain. In the center section were two girls in French period costumes including Marie Antoinette wigs. Wink High School Band. Deputy Parade Marshal Herman Bond, Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Mrs. Bond. KING LOUIS XIV — A Junior Chamber of Commerce entry, period of French rule over Texas. At rear was the king on his throne, surrounded by courtiers, beautiful girls, and a court jester. All were in period costumes. At front was the French Temple of Love, a monument with 10 pillars. Colors were purple, gold and white. Colegio Panamericano Marching Unit, Juarez. OXCART — A Princess float, in green and yellow, depicted a Mexican desert with six Sun Princesses riding in an oxcart pulled by a large brown and white ox. Princesses were from Artesia, Roswell, Carlsbad, Alamogordo, Silver City and Las Cruces. They were sponsored by Price's Creameries, Inc. Jefferson High School Band. EL SOMBRERO — An El Paso Electric Co. entry, 32 feet long, portraying a Mexican desert scene dominated by a huge Mexican hat. Three pretty girls in native costumes danced around the sombrero. Cactus and other native plants "grew" in the desert. Colors of the float were those Downtown Rotary Club, directed by Dr. H. Schreck, designed and built this entry representing a si typical scene in Mexico. At center was a small bandstand of the type that is seen in many plazas. Boys and girls circled it in opposite directions in the Mexican custom, and a dancing couple were in lively action. East High School Band of Memphis, Tenn. Deputy Marshal Oscar Davis an Mrs. Davis, Five Points Lions Club. TEXAS FLAG — This Five Points Lions Club float displayed what was said to be the largest Texas flag ever made. Twenty- five members of the club carried the 30 by 50-foot flag, and other Lions held other regular size flags that have flown over the Lone Star State. BLUEBONNET - Large shells decorated with various shades of blue, symbolizing the Texas flower, were occupied on this Princess float by the Sun Princesses representing Albuquerque, Santa Rosa, Hatch, Van Horn, Tucson and Truth or Consequences. Sponsors were Guarantee Shoe Co., Hanley Paint and Glass Co., Chelmont State Bank, Echlin- Irvin-Crowell and Co. and the Food Mart. Irvin High School Band and Sponsor Corps. EARLY PIONEER LIFE-HoS- pitality ot Southwestern pioneers was the theme of this float entered by La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution. An old adobe of the Mexican Flag-red, white j ho , JSe was ^ background. In and green. | front was a barbecue pit and picnic table. Children in early day garb were doing a square dance. Dominating colors were white, red and green. Bel Air High School Band. BIRTH OF THE LONE STAR FLAG — The large and handsome Standard Oil Co. of Texas float showed Santa Anna, just after his capture at the Battle of San Jacinto, chiding victorious Sam Houston because the latter had no flag for his new nation. Houston is said to have taken immediate steps to get a flag. Other figures included 23 pretty girl employes of Standard. Two girls sat under a white star, holding red and blue cloth to be used in creating the flag, with other girls holding the cloth. Girls on each side of the float carried the six flags of Texas. The 72-foot float, with 20 wheels, was hinged to handle bumps smoothly. Roswell, N. M., High School Band. MEDICINE WAGON-Built and entered by personnel of William Beaumont General Hospital, this float featured Sie medicine man of the 1860s. This character, who offered Texas pioneers "cures" for every ill, stood on the back of a medicine wagon giving his spiel to a group of early day prospective patients. He wore a stovepipe hat and a long-tailed coat. BURSTING COTTON BOLL—A Princess float appropriately sponsored by the Cotton Merchants of El Paso, carried Sun Princesses from Texas Western College, Clint, Fort Hancock, Deli City, and La Mesa, A large Confederate flag was the backdrop. Princesses sat on bales of cotton and near an open cotton boll, in a plantation setting. Loyola Legion Drill Team, Mt. Carmel Mission, Ysleta. CONFEDERATE BEAUTY The beauty portrayed by this White House Department Store float was that of the Old South. The 42-foot float, in white, gold and silver, had sides decorated with five-point stars. Focus of attention was a 14-foot curving stairway with balustrade on which stood three girls in Scarlett 0'- Hara type dresses, another girl sitting at the top, and a Southern gentleman, presumably Rhett Butler, at the bottom. Shrubs of greenery, baroque decorations on the balustrade, and a magnolia tree with blossoms added to toe atmosphere. Anton, Tex., High School Band. YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS — An authentic Civil War period surrey with coachman in red coat and top hat bore the "Yellow Rose of Texas," Miss Heidi Dohm, in this vehicle-float sponsored by the USO. An honor guard of six Confederate soldiers followed the surrey. Miss Dohm was chosen as the "Rose" for her volunteer service at the USO center for service men. Austin High School Band. Marine Corps Color Guard. UNCLE SAM'S HAT-A large red, white and blue Uncle Sam's hat was centered on this princess float and six Sun Princesses stood around the brim. A big American flag was background for the float, which was decoiited in patriotic colors. Princesses represented West Texas State College, University of Texas, Ohio University, Sul Ross, Texas Tech and Rice University. Sponsors were Kemp Motor Co., Southwest National Bank, Finance Trust Co., Furr Foods, Inc., and Southwestern Portland Cement Co. £1 Paso Technical High School Band. LAW WEST OF THE PECOS— That colorful old character, Judge Roy Bean, was inspiration for this entry by the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. Bean, a live figure, stood on a relief map of the Texas state leal, with » prisoner whose fat* was being discussed ty the "Law" and a sheriff. At rea.- w«s a replica of the Jersey Lily car. On edge of the float were 13 suspended stars for the original colonies and SO stars representing the itatei. Authentic costumes were worn. Colors were white, tan, brown and green. Lordsburg, N. M., High School Band. COVERED WAGON - A chuck wagon of the type used to feed cowboys on the early (lay ranges was the entry of the Hills Brothers Coffee Co. Deputy Marsha] Jimmy An- getos, 29-30 Club, and Mrs. Angelos. OLD FT. BL1SS-A float showing Ft Bliss at the time Texas entered the Union was the entry of FL Bliss. On fte front was « cannon which was fired by six io\- diers dressed in uniforms of the period. Behind the foMiers was a copy of the Old Ft, Blisi Replica. A U. S. flag with 35 ttars also decorated the float whict was predominately red and white. Cobre, N. M., Consolidated High School Band. (Pony His*, entered by Bob Canafax. Skydivers, in convertible. Eastwood High School Band. Calliope, El Maida Shrine. El Paso County Sheriff* Reserve.

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