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 - TALL, AT A. un-jentood. Profit your Hats of our...
TALL, AT A. un-jentood. Profit your Hats of our bin-jrcUllO and $18. suitable of $18. $16. new Cheviots $8. easy cheap it is date style. ) JJ BLAZE AT B10E Four Blocks in tha Center of the City Swept Away, v Entailing: a Loss Greater Than That, of the Fire oMSSO. Flames Were Discovered in the Swet- man Buflding, And Before the Axrlral of the Fire Department, Had Gained Such Headway U to be ' " Uncontrollable. A Detailed List of the Losses and Insurance. Heroic Efforts of the Fire Department and Citizens To Commence Be-! building at Once. TCloxl, MVs., Oct. 12. Sreclnl.Bi'oxi haii pgaln been visited by a conilugriMon more sweeping In extent and entailing a flnaclal loss greater thaa that of the Are of Jane. 1S8!. Tbl-s morning about 2 o'clock a pri vate watchman discovered fl.iine Issuing from the two-story building of Jas. W. Swetman. located on !s Christian street, the main thoroughfare, and la the most densely populated portion or ine city. The alarm was eounucti ana me Are department turned out in quick order, but the flames had gained such head way that it was Impossible to save me building, and the effort of the Are- men were directed to those adjoining. tTlm weWn -fcul.dinff. was occupied by J. W. Swetman as a drug store, wua sleeping apartments on the second floor. oecunled by his family, and to rapidly - . , . . did the flames eat their way that the family were only aDie to rapiuiy gaiuer a few garment of clothing and make their escape. Another portion of this building on the first floor wa occnpled by John W. Hei:y as an oyster saloon. Adjoining the Swetman building, and on the west, the fire quickly communicated to -the engine room f Mecnaal'M1 Coinp.inv, and from that to ine Masonic Opera lloue. a large frame structure. Continuing on its course west on Pass Christian street, the two buildings owned by John Eisterter, one occupied by J. H. Murphy as a blacksmith shop, and Ihe other by P. Farrar as a lunchhouse, were consumed, as was also the tin shop belonging to Dan Markey, and a small residence, both in the rear, and owned by John Eistctter. Crossing Magnolia street, the storehouse and ! 'I ig of Miss St. Tuall was soon in ds-bes. The fire in Its eastern course was checked with tho burning of the market-house of Felix liorries, by the most desperate and heroic work on the part of the firemen anl citizens. Beforo this time, however, buildings were burning in all directions, and It looked as if the larger portion of the city would be consumed before the wrjth of the Aery monster was appeased. Opposite the opera house the large two-story business house and dwelling of S. Picard was In flamed, and the flying cinders and the Intense heat almost Immediately ignited the residence of "V. K. M. Dukate on the east, and a cottage on Magnolia street owned by .V. v.iSwdica and occupied by F. AV. Eaton. With the destructiou of the last named building, the flames were checked oa Magnolia street, although the house south of it, occupied by T. E. Collins, was badly scorched. ' On the south side of Tass Christian street, the residence of Mrs. Rich and a small building adjoining, occupied as a candy store were being rapidly reduced to asbe, only to be followed in quick succession by the building coeupled by Joseph Lawrence as a shoe ehop, and the barber shop of J. Klik, both owned by George Ohr, Sr. From the barber shop the next to fall before the Aery demon wa the large two-story building owned by Charles Bedding, and occupied by him s residence and grocery store. South of Redding's a cottage belonging to Dr. J. J. Lemon, and occupied by Mrs. Kelry, was burned, as was also the two-story cottage adjoining, belonging to George Ohr, Sr. Ou the north side of Paw Christian street and east of the Swetman building, four small buildings belonging to Geo. Ohr, Sr., were destroyed. One wjls without a tenant and the others were occupied by Sing Lee, laundry; II. Elkel, merchant tailor, and Mrs. Ohr, groceries. The fire in this direction was checked at the building owned by Mrs. Amare and occupied by Keel & Jennett, grocers. This building was damaged to the extent of about $100, and it seemed at times beyond the power oz Human beings to save the .buildings, and it was only by a most superhuman effort that the flames were checked at this point. The destruction of this building - wo aid have been aurely followed by .?ie J oris of nvinj-more, and with this appalling fact t.uing them in the face, the firemen worked with redoubled vigor and until -their hands and tLVs were scorched end. blistered by the devouring element. In the rear of the property last . destroyed stood the famous pottery of Geo. Ohr, whose shop during -the past several years has been visited, by hundreds of vtetors from other sections and from almost every state la -the union DE. J. H. MALOEEY & SOB, Offlceat Josephine, Corner Camp St. nnct 13 lUronnf, Wear Canal St. - Four first prizes awarded for best dental wo. Bvautiful Artificial Teeth loaerted with or without exttactln the m-ta. Teeth treated and filled U the most scientific manner. In. stnnUn.'oqayare of toothache. Operations without, pain, re, est charges. o3 lylstp ' - . ( - cceklng relics la artistic pottery. ' In few moments the toll and work of Ohr, the artistic potter. was reduced to ashes. In the rear of the opera house the planing mill - of John . 8. Horkness & Sons, together with a large amount of finished work and lumber, were destroyed In the upper story of the opera house were Uie lodgerooms of the Masons and Knights of Pythias. The regalia and all the paraphernalia, of the orders was completely destroyed, only the. secretary and treasurer's boka of the Masonic order being saved. On the ground floor was the office of th Postal Telegraph Company and the watchmaker shop ot B. M. Root, both suffering a. total loss. Fortunately there was but little wind during the conflagration, else the damage would have been more than doubled. As It was. houses several! blocks away from the seat of the Are were Ignited by flying .trtllAi.. onrl If Mil 1V thO oVMPftt I surveillance that many other buildings were not added to the conflagration. The Convent of Mercy, situated some distance from the scene, was ou Are twice, but ' before gaining a headway the flames were extlngusued. .During tlie height of the fire and until It was under control much excitement prevailed among rest dents in the neighborhood. Houses were emptitU of their contents and vehicles of all sorts were pressed Into service to am in conveying tho roods to a place of I eafety. In many instances this was found I . . 1 to De unnecessary, xiouaeuum nc piled helter-skelter In every direction, and when daylight came the scene presented cannot be described. Hie area of tlie fire covers a large por tion of four squares in the heart of the city, and as the buildings destroyed were all of wood there was but little resistance to the flames. A survey of the burned district shows the destruction of twenty-seven buildings, aggregating a loss, with their contents, estimated at $73,000. The origin of the fire is unknown. The losses are given as follows: J. "V. Swetman. SOOO; insurance. $4100. S. Picard. $2Mi00: insurance, $15,000. W. K. M. Dukate. j JN500; Insurance, $l.v. I ' Masonic Ixnlge in opera heese, $GjOO; on parattiernalia. $."V. Knights of Pythias, $1000; insurance, $V . :vrir. Ohr. Sr.. S5000: no Insuranc. John R. Harkness & Sons, $3000; no insurance. .Miss St. Trail. $7000; Insurance. $2000. George E. Ohr. $3000; no insurance. II. Klkel. 1J0: insurance. $1000. J. Kilk. $400; no insurance. Joseph Lawrence. $.V0; no insurance. Mrs. Kieb. two houses; loss unknown. Ran Markey. $2.Y; no Insnronce. Mechanics' Steam Tire Company. $250; no insurance. J. II. Murphy, $100; no insurance. Felix Borries, $400; no insurance. X. Volvedieh, $70O; no Insurance. V. W. Katon. $4X; no insurance. J. Elstetter. $I0tO; no insurance. Eleetrict UgUt Company, $000; no Insurance. . K. M. Knot. $400: no Insurance. 1'. Ferrar. $800; no Insurance. The Insurance is Mivlded among thefol- 1'iniuK ruuii"anir-.- v u. w . .uvuiii o nru pIm. RoyaJt $400; Hartford. $34 0; Amer- owing companies of E. W. Morrill's a gen- Fire. FJ34.: l'noe-ntx. ot Ixirnlon $i.'75: Phoenix, of Itrcokljn. $2-": Uan- castiire. $)0: Queen. $15(10; Liverpool. Ijoirlon ancl ;lole. $3. XX): Mechanics and Trader. $320O. In but few Instances were any portion of the contents of the burned buildings jwved, and then only in a damaged condition. There is a coi-rMerahle lews la the wny of outhouses, stables, fences, etc. The Eiectrie I.I eh t Company also lost about fOU) In the destruction of poles, wires, transformers, etc. Many of those- hunie-1 out ril! commence rebuilding at once. The loss is a severe one to our people and to many it Is the loss of all their .oreessions. It Brown's) Iron flitters Yon Seed!" HY5IEXEAL. Hotv Pipe. Natches. Miss., Oct. 12. SneHaI.l Postmaster A. L. Howe, of Natchez, was mnrrleil yesterday afternoon In Louis ville, Ky., to Miss Eugenia llpes, of that city, and expects to reich Natche to-morrow, with his bride. The groom Is a brother of the late Dr. George Howe, of New Orleans. NECROLOGY. Jacob Hurst. Meridian. Miss., Oct. 12. (SneclaL) After an illness of two weeks, Mr. Jacob Hurst, an old and popular loewmotive engineer, whose headquarters have been In this city during the past eight years, died at his residence to-day, at the advanced age of 70 years. He was connected with the East Tennejee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad. Robert S. Dixon. Natchez, Mt., Oct. 12. (Special.) Hon. Robert S. Dixon, for many years a leading citizen and an ex-alderman of this city, died at his new home in St. Louis at 10 o'clock this morning. Mr. Dixon was a native of Canada, and 05 years of age. He was & Mason of exalted rank, aud well known to the order throughout the state. His remains will be brought to Natchez Sunday for Interment. ELECTRIC SPARKS. Deputy Marshal Adolphus Meyer has been arrested at Sitka. Alaska, on n charge of embezzling $2000 of the public funds. A Boulder, Colo., dispatch says that Mrs. Fred llawkes. who ehot and killed her husband's paramour, Trlxie Lee, and Mrs. Win, Bryant, Mrs. llawkes mother, accused of being an accessory, have been acquitted of murder. Warden Charles W. Itnrston, of Sing Sing prison, died yesterday. A Kearney, Neb., dispatch says: The Buffalo County National Bank closed its doors to-day. The closing was caused by a $10,000 judgment against the Bands Clothing Company, In which the bank was Interested, and a couple of directors demanding their deposits. The striking spinners at Fall River will return to work on Monday at 10 per cent reduction. John R. Wilson Is now sole owner of the Chicago Evening Journal. A Hartford. Conn., dispatch says: An attachment of $50,000 has been served on School Fund Commissioner Olney by State Comptroller Staub. for alleged mis-, management of the school funds. The Reimer family at Dalton, Ohio,' have been held to court on the charge of conspiracy in the recent fire there. , . Ton want a ' first-class breakfast. ' dinner or supper for 10c. A good cup of coffee, with rolls or bread and . butter, for 5c. Go to Model Restaurant. A Big Draamtte Explosion. Taooma, Washington. Oct.' 12. The steamer Chi; cat haa arrived from Alaska, bringing news of the explosion of u big dynamite magazine at TaJcn. forty miles from Juneau, on Sept. 2H.. Manager James Avery sustained a langeroas cut on the head and great rocks were thrown In the midst Of the workmen, but none of them were Injured. - Thawklng out powder with ; candles caused the explosion.; ; . ; . , ' t '.- . "IVm ' - . " ' ' . Brown's Iron 'Bitters " ' " : - Yos Near S. or S. . on a -Tie

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