Roosevelt Dies From Brain Hemorrhage

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Roosevelt Dies From Brain Hemorrhage - 99TH Roosevelt Dies From Brain Hemorrhage...
99TH Roosevelt Dies From Brain Hemorrhage Weimar Falls Despite Grim Himmler Order to Hold It BT REYNOLDS MCKARD. WEIMAR, C CRM AN Yt U.W Weimar, cradU of tht German republic which Adolf Hitler mashed In hli rU to power, aur-lendered aur-lendered aur-lendered Thursday to tht men of LU Cen. George S. rtlon' Third army who entered Iht city and completed iU occupation at 10:20 a. m. tit wii a bloodless conquest, ne-otiated ne-otiated ne-otiated by a German bicycle courier. The 80th Infantry dlvlilon occupied occupied Weimar which had ur-rendered ur-rendered ur-rendered to the Americana despite ,9th Races order Issued only Thuraday by Gestapo Chief Jlemrich lltmmler that no town or city of Germany waa to aurrender on pain of death to German official. An infantry column led by Col. N. A. CoMello of Arlington, Va.. paraded into the old rity. Hut most of the populace did not aee the entry because they deliberately deliberately turned their bocka on our troop and flared sullenly at the ground. The house of Fran Lhut, the musician, was one of the few historical historical monument in Weimar which remained intact. Russian Tanks 115 Miles From Berchtesgaden Ti"VTV"' Ml Marshal Feo- Feo- Anr Tnlbukhin'a Third Ukrainian army has punched bis hole in German flcirnsea went or cnnn, unuviui rfimatrhM laid Thursday. and llerhn reported Soviet armor hod reached a poini onwern Krems and Mclk, 11 J miles from Berchtesgaden. Kovirt trooni virtually com pleted the occupation of Vienna, and dispatches from the Ruwian ranlial said "Moscow'i cum may salute the freeing of the ancient Austrian capital lonigni. Oder Iuh Expected. Northwest of Bratislava the Russian! were fighting within sight at least of the Vicnna-Ftrucnn Vicnna-Ftrucnn Vicnna-Ftrucnn hifihwoy, last eccape route for the Germana northward out of the capital. Moscow dlspalcnes said me en-rirviomont en-rirviomont completed. Washington Shocked by Death News WASHINGTON. D. C tPI The death of Preident Franklm D. Rocwevrlt shocked Wahington to Its foundations inurauay. From the man who now will become president Vice President Harry Truman down to the least of the city's people the news was overwhelming. Mrs. Roosevelt, after dispatching a widowed mothers message of strength to their four sons in the service, prepared to fly to Warm Spring. Funeral at Hyde Tark. Thm ranila! nrpnarfH fop a --!-- --!-- --!-- --!-- --!-- " funeral in the east room of the White House Saturday. The burial of the only man to iirv three terms at nrMlricnl only to die in the third month of his fourth term is to be at Hyde Park. N. Y. That Is the home for which he ald last year all that was within him cried out for. A cabinet meeting was called ; , ; - Death at Warm Springs; Cabinet in Session-Truman Session-Truman Session-Truman Expected to Take Oath Soon IIY I. HWtOI.D Ot.lU.K umdm cTvKr.i r.A en I'risidcnt Franklin D. u nnnvtyrtifllv orrhage, at 3:35 p. m. (CWT) A White Mouse tatcmeni viz...;.i.nt Tmmnn called to the White House and The necretary of state has been a cnuinei meet ing has been called. Th frtiif t?wipvelt lv - I,.. kni ninVif sfept away this afternoon. he would warn 10 ao. "Bless you all and all our She eijrned the messape momer. Carrara Falls To 5th--British 5th--British 5th--British 5th--British Thursday of u cerebral nem- nem- at his nummor cottase here. aaiu; has been notified. lie was informed by Mrs. Roosevelt. ... In the Rprviro have been sent tlllicVl nil id thflt thf nri'SKlont He did his job to the end, as love," added Mrs. Roosevelt. Funeral fr!cri Will be held Saturday afternoon in the East room of the White Houe. Interment Interment will be at Hyde Park Sun- Sun- cay afternoon. detaurd ar-rnr.remrnll ar-rnr.remrnll ar-rnr.remrnll or exact tim- tim- have been decided upon as yet." Ifarrv S. Truman, former sen ator Mlmnurt county ludce and onetime Kansas City haberdasher, by Mr. Roosevelt'i death moves

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  2. 12 Apr 1945, Thu,
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