Death of FDR

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Death of FDR - : :. . . DECATUR, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, APRIL 12,...
: :. . . DECATUR, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1945. 8 PAGES PRICE 5 CENTS. ' ' ' : " ' ' : d) Capital is Shocked By Announcement Washington, April 12 (AP) The death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt shocked Washington to its foundations today. From the man who now will become become president Vice President! Harry Truman down to the least of the city's people the news was overwhelming. Mrs. Roosevelt, after dispatching dispatching a widowed mother's message of strength to their four sons in lervice. prepared to fly to Warm Springs. Funeral Saturday The capital prepared for a funeral funeral in the east room of the White House Saturday. The burial of the only man to serve three terms as president only to die in the third month of his fourth term is to be at Hyde Park, N. Y. That is the home for which he laid last year all that was within him cried out for. A cabinet meeting was called immediately and Truman was present 10 years ago an obscure county judge in Missouri. He would become the 32nd president time. They were identified by Admiral Admiral Ross T.' Mclntyre, the President's President's personal physician, as Dr. James Paullin of Atlanta and Dr. Howard Bruen, a navy commander commander who was at Warm Springs with the President. Dr. Mclntyre said that the news came to him like a bolt from a clear sky. He had talked to Warm Springs this morning and the President President was all right at that time. "There was no apprehension this morning," Mclntyre told reporters at the White House. Fainted During Portrait Painting Mclntyre told this sequence of events: The first word he had came in a phone call from Warm Springs at 3:05 p. m., Washington time. He was told that the chief executive had fainted while having his portrait portrait painted. It was then that he phoned Dr. Paullin who made a high speed trip from Atlanta to the Georgia resort. The" President had planned on coming back to Washington the first of next week and Mclntyre had planned on going down to him this week for two or three days of golf. said: TAKES OATH HARRY TRUMAN Mrs. Roosevelt Feels Sorrow For the Nation . Washington, April 18 (AP) Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt said, vhen informed of the death of the President: "I am more sorry for the people of the country and the ' world than I am for us." Truman Takes Oath Before Justice Stone Washington, April 12 (AP) Harry S. Truman of Missouri was sworn in as thirty-second thirty-second thirty-second President of the United States at 6:09 p. m. (C.W.T.). Solemnly he repeated the oath of the nation's highest office brief hours after Franklin Delano Roosevelt Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage at Warm Springs, Ga. Truman is 60. It was a moment of significance to America and a warring world The transition in the nation's leadership leadership came when Allied might was nearing victory in Europe and when preparations for permanent peace even now were underway. Tremendous Task To Truman, one-time one-time one-time Missouri county judge, falls the tremendous task of shaping that peace so largely largely patterned by Roosevelt. ' Truman, his hand on a small black Bible whose pages were edged in red, repeated the oath after Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone. The scene was the cabinet room in the Executive offices of the White House, where for more years than any other President, Mr. Roosevelt had presided over momentous momentous meetings of his key advisers. advisers. They were there tonight to watch the former senator fo) U1WG WORLD MOURNS ' "-. "-. "-. s. r Franklin Delano Roosevelt IP F. D. R. DEATH fD) MTlM Death Came at 3:35 After Hemorrhage By D. HAROLD OLIVER Warm Springs, Ga., April 12 (AP) President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died suddenly at 3 :3o p. m., Central War Time, hemorrhage. Commander Howard Bruenn, naval physician, made this announcement to reporters shortly after White House Secretary William Di Hassett called a hurried news conference conference to announce the death of the nation's only fourth-term fourth-term fourth-term chief executive. Mr. Roosevelt died in the of Pine mountain where he had He was 63 years old. Dr. Bruenn said he saw he Was in excellent spirits at 9 Complained "At 1 o'clock," Bruenn chair while sketches were being made of him by an archi-, archi-, archi-, tect. He suddenly complained of a very severe occipital headache (back of the head). "Within a very few min utes he lost consciousness. He L7"3 1 u today of a massive cerebral Little White House on top come for a three-week three-week three-week rest. the President this morning and :30 a. m. of Headaches added, "he was sitting in a Springs March 30. He had been underweight underweight and his doctors wanted him to take it easy to see if he could not regain the poundage at which he felt comfortable. Hi)

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  1. The Decatur Daily Review,
  2. 12 Apr 1945, Thu,
  3. Page 25

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